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I probably would never have thought to describe myself this way, but in recent years a few special friends have come to describe me as a reliable and well-rounded, handyman.

Now that does make my smile as I am a man who has dedicated his entire life towards trying to protect, help, and serve others, but I guess I’ve always tended to simply see myself as a slightly geeky but hardworking and educated man that somehow always manages to find a way to get things done.

I am happily married with six grown, beautiful and successful children ranging from 19 to 30. I have three smart, creative, and strapping sons. I also have three intelligent, attractive, and extremely curvy daughters – or as I jokingly refer to them – the reasons I am an expert marksman with well over a 1,000 rounds of ammo at the constant ready! There is more to share about them, but I’ll save that for another time.

My bride is beautiful, sweet, and kind with a warm, winning smile, bouncy blonde hair, and very large breasts topped with extremely large nipples (38DD with nipples that stand out nearly an inch when erect – which, by the way, is often). It amuses me that while she typically turns heads of my male friends, it has been curiously arousing over the years to have several of my female friends be the ones to actually approach me to confide that they find her sexy, want to fuck her, and would even entertain engaging in a threesome if that’s what it would take to get to see, touch, and suck her magnificent nipples and tits. Mmm, it still makes me hard just thinking about it! Unfortunately for them and for me, my bride is very reserved, shy, and sexually conservative and therefore would NEVER go for that.

Due to various health and career challenges she has been experiencing the last five plus years, my wife’s interest in and energy for sex of any type has regrettably become progressively diminished to the point I count myself very lucky if we have sex once a month.

As for me, I’m a 5′ 8″, thick and wavy salt and pepper haired, 52-year old quick-witted, creative, and slightly snarky, blue eyed man with a “dad-bod”. I have always had an extremely active libido and had thought age would soon come to my rescue help reduce those urges, but if anything, it seems my sex drive has actually increased… and I have the callouses to prove it. Because my first two wives were unfaithful, I still flirt with ladies but deliberately choose NOT to be unfaithful to my current bride. As such, I have resigned myself to simply taking matters into my own hands. To elaborate, I typically masturbate about once or twice on most days, although there always seems to be one or two days a month when I peak-out and actually make myself cum three, four, or even five times a day (typically on a “work from home day”).

I’m nothing if not an eternal optimist so, I while I truly miss and long for sex, I choose to think it is good that I am a visually stimulated man, with ready access to Literotica, internet porn, and a VERY active imagination to help “inspire my frequent handywork”.

Recently, my self-proclaimed handy skills took on a whole new meaning thanks to a very dear, long-time, female friend, whom I’ll call, “Patti” for the sake of this story. Patti was about 10-15 years younger than me but we were thick as thieves and therefore we would often chat on social media about anything and everything. She was having a hard day. Well, to be more accurate, yet another hard day. The simple truth is that her hard days strung together into many years, thanks to her abusive ex and the financial mess he left her in. Patti is a short, feisty, energetic, educated, hard-working, caring, single mother. Patti also happens to be extremely friendly, flirty, and attractive with dark hair and large breasts that closely rival my wife’s right down to the ever-present, large, protruding nipples. Did I forget to mention that Patti is one of the women who has repeatedly expressed an interest to have sex with my wife and also with me?

Patti worked two jobs and was an amazing mom who routinely put her children, family, friends, and coworkers before herself. About the only thing larger than her ample breasts was her generous heart. She had several minor projects around her house that needed more time, attention, and money than she could realistically afford at this point in her life and was understandably frustrated. I’ve always had a soft-spot for helping others but especially folks as big-hearted as her, so I took a creative look at my busy schedule and created an opportunity to swing by to help.

My schedule didn’t mesh well with hers but I was eventually successful at persuading her to let me swing by to provide some help. She told me where she hid the spare key and left me a note of kartal escort some things I could attempt to do while she was at her second job: replacing and upgrading outlet and switch covers; installing shelves; repairing a wobbly table; and troubleshooting a small leak from the washing machine.

It was summer in Virginia so I arrived in a tee shirt and gym shorts at the agreed to time, figuring I’d have her place to myself for about four hours – which would probably see me finished and gone well before she was supposed to return home. I jumped headfirst into the list and was completing things in quick order until I got to the washer – it needed a new drain hose and clamp. I also noticed it contained a load of clothes that appear to have been recently washed but not removed to the dryer. It was then I also noticed she appeared to be low on laundry detergent and a few other household items. So, I ran to the hardware store and then a nearby grocery store. I returned with my items in no time and realized I was quite a bit ahead of my anticipated schedule. Because of that, I opted to surprise her by finishing-up the laundry she had started. As I waited for the washer to finish I decided to try to be even more handy by dusting and vacuuming to help pass the time. As I finished it occurred to me I had not checked the dryer to verify it was empty. It was not. So, I folded the clothes and placed them on top of her dryer just as the washer finished.

I swapped out the clothes -all hers – and thought I’d have some fun seeing if I could figure out where the folded clothes went. You can probably already sense where this is heading. I enjoyed browsing through her closet, smiling as I took mental note of dresses and tops I’d already seen Patti wear and some I WISH I could see her wear! Then I advanced to her dresser where my eye caught a few of her perfume bottles (she always smelled delicious), so of course I treated myself to pausing to smell them – yummy! Finally, into her dresser. I literally laughed aloud as I thought how long I’ve flirted with her about wanting to get into her drawers. I know, “dad humor”.

My curiosity peaked as I perused those drawers finding many arousing items ranging from thongs and lacy panties, to assorted, beautiful bras, and even a few dildos and vibrators she had told me about in some of our more open dialogues (told you we were close). I was adjusting and pressing against my growing hard-on when I was interrupted by the annoying buzzer sounds of the laundry machines beckoning me to come swap out the clothes. Obviously I had enjoyed spending more time in Patti’s room than I thought.

I swapped out the clothing, being sure to not put the two bras into the dryer but instead to place them over her shower curtain rod to air-dry (I’m married and have three curvy daughters so I’ve learned a few things over the years).

When I finished, I looked at my watch and realized I still had about two hours before Patti was supposed to be home so I thought the handyman could justify returning to enjoy her sexy lingerie for some “first-hand inspiration” while attempting to relieve my now throbbing hard-on. My vision has slowly declined over the years but fortunately my hearing has not, so I had just enough time to return her unmentionables and yank my underwear and gym shorts back up over my pre-cum dribbling, fully erect cock and race out to the living room just as Patti walked in, early but obviously somewhat sad and frustrated.

I gave her my standard, two-armed, bear hug and peck on the cheek while straining to not grind my bulging cock against her. She thanked me for my chores and explained her meeting ended early and her last project was not as well received as she had hoped. I placed my hands on her shoulders and steered her downward to sit in a nearby kitchen chair and told her to wait while I fetched her a cold water. She thanked me but then looked puzzled as I twisted off the top and handed her the bottle.

She looked around as if beginning to notice more of the work I completed while trying to apologetically explain she thought she was out of water… and detergent… and then broke out in tears as she noticed I had purchased those things and some flowers for her. She tried to stand up to hug me but I forced her back down, stepped in front of her, and straddled her legs, as I faced her and began massaging her tense shoulders. I worked one, then the other, before switching to massage her head and play with her thick, luscious hair.

Her eyes were closed and she exhaled soft, audible sighs of approval and gratitude. I moved behind her to gain a better angle to massage her neck and back all the while leaning forward to take-in the beautiful view of her ample cleavage slowly heaving up and maltepe escort bayan down inside her sexy, v-necked, sleeveless top. Well, okay, okay, I also moved so the tent in my shorts would drag against the back of her chair and not be waiving so close to her bountiful breasts and pretty, pouty, little mouth.

I asked how her massage was feeling and she dreamily said, “lovely” but that her feet and legs were also aching. Ever one to serve and please, I moved back in front of her, sat cross-legged on the floor and gently but firmly knocked her reaching hand away from her pretty little open-toed, high-heeled shoes, telling her, “I’ve got it”. As promised, I removed her cute shoes, placed her left foot on my right thigh (without her shoes, her petite frame could not quite reach the floor) while methodically massaging her right foot. She once again closed her eyes, leaned her head backwards, and exhaled with slightly more audible approval. I kneaded, massaged, and caressed her small foot and progressively worked my way up her well-toned calf. Her breathing gradually began to deepen causing her wonderful breasts to heave even more noticeably. I inched my advance to her knee and then to the lower part of her thigh. As I did this, her dainty little left foot gradually increased its pressure on my right thigh as she incrementally shifted herself in her chair, slightly parting her knees more and causing the hem on her already short skirt to edge up higher across her golden tanned thighs.

Then, without a word, I let go of her right leg and placed it onto my left thigh before gently lifting her left foot off of my right thigh and using my elbows to subtly edge her legs a little wider apart. I began to not only see glimpses of her lacy parties, but also to see and smell her wetness begin to dampen them. It was all I could do to keep from erupting in a massive orgasm myself. I repeated the same careful attention to her left foot, calf, and lower thigh.

Patti began to drawn in deeper, more ragged breaths, that gradually became augmented by increasingly more audible and passionate, breathy, guttural moans. These sweet, symphonic cues enticed me to edge up from my sitting position onto my knees before grabbing both of her ankles to plant both her feet back on top of my thighs as I now used both of my hands to simultaneously massage the fronts, backs, and sides of both her thighs. My strong hands edged progressively higher and higher up her thighs while slowly but deliberately edging them wider and wider open.

Patti began moaning loudly and then lunged forward to dig both of her hands into my thick, wavy hair, as she tensed and cried out she was soon going to cum. To which I huskily replied, “Yes, you most certainly are!” I leaned forward and began to lick one thigh and then the other as I worked to press, stretch, and pull the topmost parts of her thighs to make her now drenched pussy open and close all the while taking painstakingly deliberate care to not actually touch her pussy.

Explosion! She convulsed and screamed as her beautiful, sweet smelling pussy gushed splash after splash of glorious, waves of prolonged orgasm! I had never actually been with a squirter and I found my aching, full balls nearly following suit! Patti cried my name out over and over again and then let go of her tight grip on my hair to reach up and basically rip open her blouse and front-clasping bra to free her breasts and frantically start tugging and twisting her enormous nipples! My heart and breathing was racing almost as fast as hers. Even in my wildest fantasies, I had not experienced anything more erotic or exciting!

She barked for me to start sucking and toying with her nipples hard, a request I gladly accepted! She then surprised me yet further by tearing her very soaked panties to one side to allow her to stuff both hands into her hot, drenched pussy. She had often spoke of her ability to not only cum easily but also frequently and now, I was hearing, smelling, and seeing it first hand! Amazing does not begin to express that experience! I assertively nibbled, licked, sucked, and playfully bit one elongated nipple while simultaneously rubbing, pulling, and twisting the other with my hand, exuberantly alternating back and forth between both glorious titties. Patti came hard… again… and again… and again! I sincerely lost count as I was so deeply enthralled in the entire experience but I’d have to guess it was at least ten times! Her panties, skirt, chair, the floor beneath her chair, as well as parts of my own tee shirt and gym shorts were all soaked with her abundant juices.

By all rights, I should have exploded in my own massive orgasm (or possibly, several orgasms) a looooong time earlier but I was truly having escort pendik SO much fun concentrating all I had to help add to her pleasure that I essentially became numb, almost like a complete out of body experience, to my own biological stirrings… but trust me, I was most definitely hard enough to cut diamonds!

As her last geyser orgasm finally began to subside, I edged upward to grab her head firmly with both hands while kissing her deeply and passionately on the mouth between her panting, gasps for air. I attempted to kiss my way downward, with the fullest intent of dancing my tongue across her swollen and throbbing clit before alternating digging it deep inside her juicy pussy, but she grabbed my face, pulling me back up to hers as she breathlessly purred, “no… no… no, I need a break and it’s YOUR time now.”

I stood-up before her as her hands reached to my hips to pull my shorts down. She smiled and playfully queried if I had already cum after seeing the massive wet spot on the front of my shorts. I giggled as I told her, “no” and explained that outside part of the stain was from her while the inside was from my trademark plethora of pre-cum. I went on to explain how I have always created large amounts of pre-cum whenever aroused, so much so that I routinely soak through both my underwear and pants. As I explained all that, I firmly pressed her hands downward after she had successfully lowered my shorts enough to expose my glistening, rock-hard, thick cock. I wrestled lightly with her to prevent her hands from grabbing me. I then used my “dad voice” to tell her to be still as I used my left hand to lightly lift her chin while playfully slipping my left thumb inside her mouth to force it open wider. Keeping my left hand in place, I then used my right hand to sweep a long string of dangling pre-cum from my throbbing cock and playfully paint it across her beautiful, pouty, small lips, and then across the top of her talented tongue. Her eyes flashed with excitement before rolling back into her head, presumably in preparation of finally getting to fulfill her longtime fantasy of sucking me off and swallowing my cum (Patti has shared for years her love to taste cum in general and the chance to one day enjoy mine in particular).

I told her to keep her eyes closed. I scooped another long string of my prevalent pre-cum and once again used my finger to paint it across her inviting mouth. I repeated my orders to remain still and to keep her eyes closed before gathering one more fingerful of my ample lubrication, but this time I painted it across her delicious, long, dark red nipples. This caught her off guard and caused her to jerk and squirt out yet one more small orgasm. She obediently kept her eyes squeezed closed but I could feel her tongue wrestling with my thumb in her mouth – seemingly dancing back and forth as if struggling to decide between wanting to suck my thumb like a cock and wanting to jut it outward as if in preparations of accepting a large load of my hot cum.

I repeated my command to be still and not look while I reached my right hand down to also insert my right thumb into her mouth and then use both hands to spread her mouth open wider and take total control of her head, preventing her from lunging forward towards my cock pointing directly at her. Slowly and deliberately, I then gently rotated my hips so as to finally permit the engorged head of my rock-hard, still lubricating, cock to trace lightly across her wide-stretched lips. I then pressed my raging hardness slightly inside her mouth all the while using my thumbs to prevent her from closing down upon and actively sucking on my cock, much to her dismay.

She moaned and I then backed up, removing my cock from her pretty mouth, before bending down and slowly retracting my thumbs so my hands could once again firmly but gently cradle her head while I leaned-in to fully kiss her. As my prolonged kiss subsided, I bent to softly whisper in her ear that it was the most glorious pleasure to be her “handyman” today as I tucked myself back into my shorts before then telling her what would please me most was for her to head into her bedroom, gather her toys and camera, and pick back up where she left off earlier while I let myself out, locked her home back up and then went back to my home where i most certainly assured her I would to continue my handyman skills on myself like most every day, but with MUCH more inspiration and passion!

It made me smile as bright as the sun to write to her later that I came harder and longer than I could ever remember… well, and also that I sincerely hoped she might soon swallow enough of her pride to allow her to feel comfortable enough to seriously consider inviting me over anytime she was in need of more handyman work. She thanked me profusely but then countered by saying if I was indeed serious about being friend enough to want to lend a hand at helping her out, I needed to understand the only other thing I could do to possibly help her cum more was to allow her to swallow my cum…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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