Hard Lessons

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Part 1

Some wonderful sensation was drawing Marilyn Milano out of her deep sleep. It took a moment for her sleep-fuzzy mind to recognize what it was – someone was tenderly licking and sucking her right nipple. She smiled inwardly. Jonathan must be having trouble sleeping.

The feeling of Jon’s warm, wet lips and tongue on her rapidly hardening nipple was exquisite, and Marilyn gasped quietly in response. Jon paused briefly, probably checking to see if she was awake or not. She kept her eyes tightly closed, and he returned his attention to her sensitive nipple.

Marilyn was floating in that peculiar half-awake, half-asleep state where every sensation was miraculously heightened. Her body responded with a will of it’s own, and she put her arm around Jonathan’s neck and pulled him closer, arching her back and pushing more of her eager tit into his mouth.

Now he knew she was awake and that she was enjoying what he was doing. She felt him sucking harder, and he gently began to nibble on her pencil-eraser sized nipple. Marilyn moaned, urging him to continue.

Jon pulled back from her breast, and she groaned in protest. He quickly consoled her with a lust-filled kiss. The taste of his lips and the sensation of his tongue exploring her mouth quickly fueled her passion, and she trapped his tongue in her mouth, gently sucking it.

She knew that drove him crazy. He had told her once that it reminded him of what she liked to do to his cock when she had it in her mouth. He confirmed his enjoyment by moaning into Marilyn’s mouth, and he began tenderly caressing her long, luxurious hair and tracing the curve of her face with one finger.

She pulled her lips away from his, and leaned back so she could study his face in the moonlight streaming through the window. She couldn’t make out the beautiful clear blue color of his eyes, but she could see the desire that they reflected.

Jon shifted his weight slightly and Marilyn could feel his firm erection brush against her leg. That one tiny bit of contact made her shudder with anticipation.

Marilyn was still trapped in that twilight between waking and sleeping, and every move and every feeling had an amazing fantasy-like perfection to it. She involuntarily hissed, “Oh yes, touch me baby.”

Her lover’s hands wandered over her body, stopping to gently tweak each pink-brown nipple to full attention. Even though her pussy hadn’t been touched yet, she could feel herself growing wet between her legs.

She reached down and ran her fingers over her moist labia, then moved her hand over to stroke his hardened cock with her wet fingers. Jon’s hips thrust forward, grinding his erection into her palm.

Her clit was aching for attention, so she begged him to touch her there, half- moaning and half-whispering in his ear. Jon kissed her again and slid his fingers down her stomach, teasingly slow.

Finally his hand moved down through Marilyn’s neatly trimmed pubic patch, and she moaned loudly as his fingers trailed down over her sensitive labia. She sucked in her breath through her teeth as he parted her aroused pussy lips and effortlessly slid two fingers into her slippery wet slit.

After wetting his fingers, Jon lifted them to Marilyn’s mouth where she sucked all traces of her sweet fluids from them. “I know you love the taste of your pussy,” Jon huskily whispered.

Marilyn murmured her agreement, and Jon moved his hand back down between her legs, quickly burying his two fingers back inside her cunt, clear up to his knuckles. With his thumb he began flicking Marilyn’s already hardened clit.

She was moaning uncontrollably, her hips rocking back and forth, fucking his fingers. She gripped his cock tighter, and stroked it’s full length with the same rhythm as his pumping fingers. Marilyn loved the feeling of every bulge and vein of his rod sliding through her fingers. She marveled at how something could be so hard yet so silky soft at the same time.

Jon once again leaned over and clamped his mouth over Marilyn’s ripe nipple. The tongue lashing of her tit and the amazing feeling of his fingers fucking her was pushing her quickly over the edge toward climax.

He sensed that she was going to come but apparently he had other ideas about how she was going to get there. He abruptly pulled his hand away and repositioned himself, and Marilyn could feel his swollen cock pressing against the entrance to her aroused pussy.

Marilyn spread her legs wide and locked her top leg over his, expecting him to enter her. He pushed forward slightly, rubbing the head of his cock over her clit, not quite entering her, before pulling back again.

Between the precum oozing out of his dick and her free-flowing lubrication, Jon’s cock head stroked her clit with a delicious wet friction. Marilyn tried to move against him, but he held her still and began to move faster, caressing her excited clit harder with the silky smooth end of his tool.

Each stroke of his cock over her clit brought her escort kartal closer to the release she was seeking. Marilyn felt the climactic waves building in intensity and washing over her, and suddenly the hot tide of sensation pulled her under.

Her back arched wildly against Jon, and her entire body shuddered out of control. Marilyn could feel her pussy contracting and spasming, and she cried out with the dizzying force of her orgasm.

Just as the sensations began to subside, Jon jammed the entire length of his rampant cock deep inside her sopping wet cunt. He was more than ready to come, and he fucked her wildly like an undisciplined animal.

He kissed her hotly as he reached his goal. Marilyn could feel his cock swelling even larger, filling her even fuller. Just as he exploded and emptied his milky white cum into her, Marilyn climaxed again.

They lay there breathing hard, and they fell into a satisfied sleep with their arms and legs loosely entangled.

A few hours later when they woke at dawn, Marilyn smiled sleepily at Jon and said, “Good morning…again!!”

His sandy blonde hair was a tangled mess, and she ran her fingers through it as she kissed him lightly on the lips.

“Just in case you didn’t notice,” Jon said, “I love you, baby.”


After each of them showered, they sat down for a quick breakfast together before they went their separate ways for work.

As Jon ate his cereal and toast, Marilyn surreptitiously studied her boyfriend of six years. She swore he just got better looking every day. He was a big man, but there wasn’t an ounce of fat on his bulky frame. He was six feet two inches and two hundred twenty pounds of pure muscle. He was physically intimidating, but his soft blue eyes revealed the deep river of kindness that ran just below the hulking surface. Marilyn liked to think of Jon as her gentle giant.

Marilyn felt a rush of warmth as she thought that in a few more months, they were going to take the big plunge and finally get married. By September, she would be Mrs. Jonathan Emory. They had been living together for over four years already, and it would be nice to make things official.

Jon had promised her a ring by the end of summer. Marilyn had found out by accident that he already had the ring and that he was planning on giving it to her on her birthday in July.

Marilyn couldn’t be happier. She had been head over heels in love with him from the first moment they’d met, and now she could just imagine the years of bliss that stretched out before them.

Her mind wandered back to the first time she had ever laid eyes on Jon. It had been almost seven years ago, when she was just 24. She had been temporarily staying with her parents after her roommate had run off to Chicago with her boyfriend, and had left Marilyn high and dry without her portion of the rent on their shared apartment.

It had been very early in the morning, and Marilyn had been awakened by the sound of sirens, which was a rarity in their small rural town, especially given that her parent’s home was several miles out into the Indiana countryside.

She had jumped out of bed, and looked out her bedroom window. She had been horrified to see that the closest neighbor’s house appeared to be burning. Marilyn had instantly feared for the safety of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence, her parent’s kindly neighbors.

Marilyn had pulled on a long robe over her short nightgown, and jammed her feet into the first shoes she could find – a worn pair of sneakers. She had run from the house and raced across the newly-tilled field that separated her parent’s house from the Lawrence’s property.

As Marilyn had gotten closer, she was immensely relieved that it wasn’t the house that was burning, but instead it was the Lawrence’s barn that was on fire. Just then, the fire truck from Springville’s volunteer fire department had sped up the driveway, and Marilyn had seen a man jump from the still moving truck.

She had heard the fireman shout at Mrs. Lawrence, asking if there was anyone inside the barn. Mrs. Lawrence had replied that there were no people inside, but there were two horses and a week old foal that they hadn’t been able to get out.

Marilyn remembered looking at the crackling barn and thinking that the horses couldn’t possibly still be alive inside that blaze. But the fireman had broken out into a full run towards the barn, quickly disappearing inside. Marilyn had been terrified, frightened for the brave man’s life.

It had seemed like an eternity, but a few moments later, the two full grown horses had come galloping out of the barn, apparently unharmed. Another minute later, Marilyn had seen a sight that she would never forget.

Backlit by the growing flames, Marilyn had seen the fireman, his face covered with soot, carrying the helpless young foal in his arms. She had thought he had looked larger than life, one of those heroes who got their picture on the front of hometown newspapers because maltepe escort of their selfless feats of bravery.

He had set the shivering foal down in the barnyard just as his fellow firefighters began pumping water on the barn. Mrs. Lawrence had run to the man, thanking him profusely, but his eyes were locked on Marilyn. She had thought he had the kindest eyes she’d ever seen, a startling shade of blue.

He had said a word or two to the Lawrence’s, but Marilyn couldn’t hear what they were. Then he had walked toward her, a broad smile on his smoke- blackened face.

He had stopped in front of her and had said, “Miss, would you like me to have the guys hose you down when they’re through?” With that, he had turned and ran back to help extinguish the barn.

Marilyn hadn’t known what he had meant until she’d looked down at herself. Her sneakers and her robe had been covered with mud from the knees down, all from her run through the dark field.

She had gone home laughing, her head filled with images of the funny-brave volunteer fireman. She hadn’t known until later that she had just met the future love of her life.

Their life together hadn’t been perfect. There had been periods of financial troubles as Jon’s contracting business had gone through some slow times, and there was the time he had totally wrecked her precious 1968 Mustang. It had been an accident, but Marilyn had been devastated.

She had helped her father build the car, and since his death four years ago, the sentimental value of the car had been priceless. Now instead of just missing her dad she also missed the car that reminded her of him. The wrecked frame of it still sat in the large old shed that sat in the very back of their large backyard, waiting for the time when they could afford to rebuild it.

But there had been so many more good times than bad. She and Jon were the best of friends, not to mention the best of lovers. He made her feel safe and loved, and he was always there when she needed him.

Suddenly, she realized Jon had stopped eating his breakfast and was staring at her. “What are you grinning like an idiot for?” he asked.

Her face immediately turned pale pink when she realized she’d been caught daydreaming. “Was I grinning? Well anyway, if you must know, I was just thinking about how lucky I am to have you.”

“No, I’m the lucky one,” Jon said with a sincere smile. He leaned over and gave her a sweet peck on the cheek.

“So what’s on the agenda for today?” she asked.

“Today me and the guys are replacing the wood floor in the office area of the Presbyterian church. And don’t forget, honey, that I’ll be a little late coming home tonight.”

“Oh that’s right, Darren’s celebration. Well, I hope you have a good time. And if you’re not too late, I’ll wait up for you,” Marilyn said in a deliberately seductive tone. “I want more of what you gave me this morning.”

“In that case, I won’t be late at all! After a couple of beers, I’ll be outta there. Darren will just have to celebrate without me after that.” Darren Hollis, a master carpenter and Jon’s best employee, had become a first-time father the day before and he wanted to celebrate by buying drinks for all his buddies down at Garvey’s Tavern after work.

Marilyn’s eyes were drawn to the clock above the kitchen counter. “Hey baby, it’s getting late. We’d better move it!”

The quickly cleared the breakfast dishes and raced upstairs to get dressed for work.

Marilyn put on a few fast touches of makeup, and pulled her waist-length dark brown hair away from her face and secured it with a pretty tortoise shell barrette. She dressed for her job as Dr. Coltrane’s office manager in a knee length navy blue dress. She added a wide red leather belt and matching red pumps. Her legs were naturally tan, and since the weather was warm she left her legs enticingly bare.

“You look beautiful, Mar,” Jon said, looking her up and down appreciatively. He was dressed as usual for his contracting job in a pair of well worn blue jeans and a black t-shirt. His leather work boots were huge, and Marilyn often joked about him looking like bigfoot’s little brother when he was wearing them.

“And you look so sexy,” she said.

“Sexy? Dressed like this?”

“Yes. You look like a hard working man and there’s nothing sexier than that!” She reached out and gave his large bicep a playful squeeze for effect.

They walked outside together, and shared a passionate goodbye kiss and a hug. Their hug was a little awkward due to the fact than Jon was nearly a foot taller than Marilyn, but they managed.

They wished each other a good day, and Marilyn climbed into her red ’69 Chevelle. She grinned at him through the window as her car fired up with a meaty growl. She waved, and sped off with a roar of the powerful engine.

Neither of them knew that the kiss and hug that they had just enjoyed would be their last for a long, long time.


Jonathan pendik escort bayan Emory sat in the driver’s side of his ancient pick-up truck and idly watched his fiancee drive away. He smiled as he thought about what a truly unique person Marilyn was.

She had inherited her pretty, petite form and her frighteningly volatile temper from her Irish mother. From her Italian father she had been gifted with her dark coloring and her love of fast, powerful cars. He wasn’t sure which parent had given Marilyn her endless passion, but he thanked each of them silently anyway.

Jon had meant it when he had told Marilyn that she looked beautiful. To him, she always did. She was a tiny thing, only five three, and she weighed in at only a hundred ten pounds. She had a pretty face, with large, penetrating dark brown eyes, high cheek bones, a pert, slightly upturned nose, and a wide, sensuous mouth.

Marilyn’s body was his obsession. She had flawless olive skin, a tiny waist, and perfect breasts. At least Jon thought they were perfect. They were on the large side of medium, and were topped with large, pinkish-brown nipples. She had lovely, toned legs, which were joined at the “V” of dark brown hair at her snatch, which she always kept impeccably trimmed. Her pussy was sheer heaven. She was smoothly shaved around her labia, a delightful entrance to her unbelievably tight hole.

As far as Jon was concerned, there was only one other woman in Springville who even came close to Marilyn’s beauty. That woman was Carrie Jenkins. Jon would never admit to Marilyn that he found Carrie attractive. Marilyn and Carrie actively disliked each other, and he knew that Marilyn would not be pleased with his thoughts of Carrie.

Carrie Jenkins was a pretty 24-year old who was a regular patron at Garvey’s Tavern. Jon had first met her when she was 15 or 16, back when he’d had a few dates with Carrie’s older sister, Laura. He remembered thinking even back then that Carrie would be a heartbreaker when she got older. Even at her young age she had been a terrible flirt, not to mention pleasing to the eye.

Carrie had developed an immediate crush on her sister’s handsome older boyfriend, and through the years she let Jon know how she felt every chance she got. She had made it clear that she was available to Jon any time he wanted. Jon had never taken her up on her offer, at first because she was too young, and later because he was with Marilyn.

Jon was surprised at how difficult it was to continually resist Carrie’s advances. She looked like a Barbie doll come to life, with platinum blonde hair, a lean slender form, and large round breasts that she dressed to accentuate to the fullest. It seemed that she just oozed sexuality from her very pores.

He recalled the time when he and Marilyn had run into Carrie at the movie theater one Saturday afternoon. Carrie had run up to him squealing with delight, and had thrown her arms around him like they were long lost lovers.

Marilyn had not been amused in the least. Jon had thought that Marilyn was going to try and kill Carrie right then and there, but he had been able to extricate himself from Carrie’s grasp and pull Marilyn away before she lost her temper completely.

Carrie had apparently enjoyed that little scene, because since then she had flirted shamelessly with Jon whether Marilyn was with him or not. One of these days, Jon feared, the two women would end up in a full blown cat fight.

Jon shook his head, clearing his mind of thoughts of the two sexiest women in town. Time to get to work. He started his old Ford pickup and pulled out of the driveway.

It only took about 15 minutes to reach the heart of Springville, and he drove into the parking lot of the Presbyterian church. His crew of four workers, including Darren Hollis, was already there and waiting for him.

They got right to work, doing the dirty job of removing the old wood floor in the office area in preparation for laying the new floor. It was hard work, and the day flew by quickly.

Later in the afternoon, Jon took a break and gave Marilyn a quick call at the doctor’s office, just as he did everyday. He asked her how her day was going, and she replied, “Quiet and uneventful. Just another day in a small town. It’s time for us to seriously liven things up, baby.”

Jon laughed. The slow pace of small town life was a common joke between them, and Marilyn was referring to their favorite antidote for it – a hot sex session to stimulate the senses. Jon went back to work happily anticipating their time together later that night.

He and the guys called it a day at about 5:30, and by then Jon was ready to relax and have a beer or two. They all headed over to Garvey’s Tavern, and it wasn’t long before Jon found himself in the middle of a raucous impromptu party. Apparently Darren was so happy about the birth of his first son that he was inspired to buy rounds of drinks for everyone in the bar.

Jon enthusiastically joined in the celebration, downing one free beer after the other. He and everyone else in the place was having a great time, and he quickly lost track of how many brews he drank. He was already very buzzed when about an hour later somebody started putting shots of whiskey in front of him.

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