Have You Ever Had That Feeling

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I grew up in Hawaii and really enjoyed the music of a local group here during my teen years; Cecilio and Kapono. Couple of local guys who sang with their hearts. We used to call them “C & K” and loved to listen to them jam every night at the Territorial Tavern. Hey, how many of you guys and gals out there remember that place, huh? If you do, then you’re as old as I am. Anyway, one of their big time hits started with the title to this little litany… “Have you ever had that feeling…” what a rush!

I had just returned from a three day trip to Frisco and had the airport cab drop me off at the restaurant straight from the airport. Luckily Niki had just pulled up so I flipped my cases into the trunk of her car and turned around in time to meet a flying, squealing embrace of legs and limbs. God it felt good to be back in her arms once again. It’s what I live for each and every day. Our first kiss was a soft tender brushing of the lips that spoke volumes. That was followed immediately by a joining of our lips and tongues that spoke of our need for each other’s touch and lust. What a rush!

The restaurant was a favorite of ours as we could always find a booth that offered privacy and intimacy as well as great tasting fare. We were seated towards the back of the restaurant in a fairly private booth that was blocked from the general view of the restaurant by a huge planter box. It gave us a great deal of privacy yet let us see the rest of the room through the foliage.

As our waiter seated us, we decided to both sit on the same side of the booth. I would not let Niki sit by herself and deprive myself of her touch and smell. Three days without her near me was like being in exile to me. As we sat, our thighs touched and I was instantly hard. She looked over at me and smiled demurely and gave me another one of her soft and tender kisses. Then she slipped her left arm under my right arm and pressed her left breast into my arm and leaned her head on me. I think I almost burst out of my pants at that moment! Have you ever had that feeling… What a rush!

We placed our order then made small talk as we waited for our dinner to begin. I couldn’t help but to softly caress the side of her breast that was leaning on my arm. I could see through her blouse and bra that her nipple was getting hard. Niki isn’t large so she doesn’t need to wear those heavy duty support bras that some women need. As I’ve told her many times, I prefer breasts that are proportionate to the woman that they’re on. And Niki being on the slim and petite side, had smaller breasts. But, her breasts fit her body type perfectly. Besides, I can only fit so much into my mouth at one time! Ha! Her bra that night was very sheer and very sexy. She tilted her head up to me and our lips met in a very soft, sensual kiss. My heart was beating so hard, it felt as if I just completed a 100 meter dash. What a rush.

Our order started to appear too soon for my liking. We had to put our feelings on hold as we dined on smoked oysters and octopus for our appetizer and Manoa greens with roasted lamb from the Big Island. Damn that was some good food. It also gave us an opportunity to cool down a bit.

As our waiter cleared off the remnants of that great meal, we sat back and relaxed over a cup of Kona’s finest. We shared the events of the past several days between ourselves and generally caught up with each other. As we talked, Niki rested her hand on my thigh and started to slowly draw her hand up and down with her finger tips caressing the inside of my leg. She knew from past experience that I enjoyed this low key sexual play very much and would be returning the favor shortly. Which I did by rubbing my right arm slowly over her left breast. That caused her nipple to harden once again. I could feel her little, firm nub right through her bra and her blouse. I love her nipples. They aren’t very large however they are ataşehir escort connected directly to her pussy and make Niki squirm with delight whenever I caress them. That thought caused me to harden below. That in turn caused Niki to giggle and move her finger tips to my hardness. Knowing that I was probably terribly confined, she slowly unzipped me and reached in to adjust my position. She reached into my briefs and touched my shaft; the warmth of her hand felt so pleasurable. I turned my head towards her and we shared a slow, passionate, tongue dueling kiss. She was moving quickly beyond low key! Have you ever had that feeling… What a rush!

I reached over with my left hand and slowly rubbed my finger tips against the sides of her breast, moving slowly to her nipple. I glanced at Niki and saw that she had leaned her head back slightly with her eyes closed and her mouth partially open. As my finger tips reached her nipple, she grabbed my penis with such intensity that I thought she would cut off my blood supply! I caught her extended nipple and rolled it between my finger tips, which solicited a soft moan from her lips. After a few minutes of pleasuring ourselves, Niki withdrew her hand from my pants and zipped me up, and gave me another one of her soft, mind blowing kisses. Have you ever had that feeling… gawd!

After paying the bill, we practically flew home and raced up to our apartment. Not even bothering to unpack or even turn on any lights, we were throwing our clothes off as we moved into an embrace in our bedroom. I think I left my briefs on the kitchen table while I saw Niki’s thong go sailing towards the washing machine. Always practical, my Niki. Our apartment is in one of those condominiums that have floor to ceiling windows that have a mirrored surface on the outside that let you see out but no one can see in. As we moved into our bedroom, the lights of the town were spread out before us which added a mystical feeling to our reunion.

We pressed ourselves together with her arms around my neck and my hands all over her back and her ass. The feeling of her tits and her body against mine were indescribable. My dick has at full mast and she spread her legs to accommodate me between them. I felt my cock rubbing against her labia as we embraced each other and met in another tongue battling kiss. I felt her nether lips slowly move back and forth over my dick as she moved her hips back and forth. I was so hard. I looked at Niki and saw her tight smile as she whispered how much she missed me. How can any man want more than this? I lusted after this woman who set my soul on fire. What a rush…

I placed both of my hands against her ass and lifted her slightly. She wrapped her legs around my waist and trapped my penis against our stomachs. She slowly dry humped me, sliding her vaginal lips up and down against my dick again and again. She shuddered briefly as she enjoyed her first orgasm of the evening. Small as it was, it gave her pleasure to do so. She reached down between us to grab my shaft and bring it to the center of her being. She rubbed me slowly up and down her slit to give my penis some of her lubrication. Then she placed me at her opening. I pressed very slowly into her to give her vagina time to accommodate me. Moving slowly also drew out the pleasure that we both received as I made my way into the depths of her passion.

One of the best parts of our love making is to watch her face as I enter her. She closed her eyes to focus on the feelings of my penetration into her vagina. I could see how much pleasure she received from the feeling of my penis as it made its first foray into her vaginal opening. As I bottomed out and pressed on her clit, she sought my mouth and we locked lips again in a soft, passionate kiss with our tongues embracing themselves and sliding over each other in our mouths.

I enjoyed my first penetration kadıköy escort bayan of the evening so very much also. It is such an exquisite feeling that I always get from my initial penetration into Niki’s pussy. As I cross from her opening into her vagina, she grips me tightly as if to never let me go. I feel it roll down my penis as I move deeper into her. My penis revels in her warmth and wetness. Such a feeling that is so difficult to describe yet so wonderful and fulfilling to experience. I move slowly in and out of Niki as we sway in the middle of our bedroom, bathed by the lights of the city below us. Have you ever had that feeling…

I walked us over to our bed and placed Niki down on the edge of our bed; draping her legs over the side. I moved in and out several more times before withdrawing. Niki grabbed for me to put me back in. But before she could protest, I moved up to cover her mouth with mine to trap her complaints with a passion filled kiss while I gently palmed her breasts. My kisses moved slowly down her neck to the valley that separates her twin charms. Then I moved slowly to her right breast while my hand continued to play with her left nipple. I slowly dragged my tongue across the bottom of her right breast, then up and around. Repeating as the circle drew smaller and smaller with each revolution. Niki was gasping and moaning by now, trying her best not to shove my head directly onto her nipple. I finally reached the center of my attention however instead locking my lips on her nipple, I hovered over it and exhaled my warm breath over her nipple, sending her into orbit. My Niki has very sensitive nipples! I finally claimed her nipple with my lips which kept her in orbit for awhile longer. I tenderly clamped down with my teeth which started her moaning all over again. God how I love this woman.

I moved over to her neglected left breast and tried to repeat the same however Niki had other plans. She grabbed my head and dragged me directly to her left nipple; moaning and groaning the whole time. I got the unspoken message and got to work on her neglected twin.

I slowly worked my right hand down to her labia. My Niki loves the feeling of being bare and so do I. I slowly caressed the insides of her crotch being carefully to avoid her labia for now. I sense that our being apart has built both of us up to a high level of lust for each other however I wanted to see if I could make her explode with her next orgasm.

I moved my head down to her pussy and replaced my finger tips with my tongue. I bathed the sides of her labia with my tongue causing Niki to grab my hair and press me into her. I spread her labia with my fingers and slid my tongue up and down her inner lips, being careful not to touch her clit. Niki tossed her head from side to side, moaning and groaning and trying to stuff my head down her love canal! I continued to just tongue her inner lips then screwed my tongue together as best I could and slowly pressed it into her vagina. Niki lifted her pelvis off the bed in an attempt to push me further into her. She cried out for me to put her out of her misery and fuck her but I resist. I withdrew my tongue and licked my way back up to just below her clit. Without delay, I clamped down on her clit with my lips and used my tongue to lick it back and forth. Niki’s thighs clamped down on my head as she lifted off with a major orgasm! Her vagina shot her female cum directly into my face which I quickly lapped up as fast as I could. I find her cum to be slightly viscous and mildly salty; I like it. No, I love it. I’m turned on by being able to make her cum so strongly and by lapping up my Niki’s cum.

Her thighs relax as she reaches for me to draw me back up to her. We moved up onto the middle of the bed and spent the next several minutes kissing passionately as she came down from her high. She reached for my cock escort maltepe and directed it to her opening. I cooperated this time and entered her. Again, I purposely slid slowly into her, enjoying the sensation of her warm wetness. I bottomed out and held myself as deep as I could possibly go. The sensations rippled through my groin as I laid down to cover her body with mine. Our tongues met and lovingly caressed each other.

She grew impatient and began to thrust upwards with her hips, begging me to make love to her. I teased her by slowly withdrawing almost all the way out, then slowly making my way back into. I watched her face as we made love and she again is focused on the feelings that emanated from her vagina. I watched my cock push into her vagina, rubbing against her labia. As I bottom out, I try to make sure to rub her clit between us as I grind my hips into her. Niki’s eyes are shut and her head leans to one side. I kiss her lips gently and receive her wet tongue in return as she searches for mine.

I reached around her back and gently raised us both into a sitting position. I don’t know how but she’s still impaled on my cock. She used the opportunity to continue our kissing and rubbed her tits against my chest. Her legs are tightly locked behind my back as she began to move up and down in my lap. How I love this woman.

She pushed me onto my back and took over. Her hips ground slowly into mine as she moved my cock in her from side to side, then up and down. I can tell that she’s focused on her clit and rapidly trying to bring herself to another orgasm. Her breathing becomes shallow and rapid as her grinding movement change to a humping movement. Niki raised her hips and drops them down as fast and as rapidly as she can. All of a sudden, she breaks stride and jams her pussy down on my cock and arches her back; crying out to me that she’s cumming. I feel her ejaculate once again cascade from her vagina and bath my cock and balls in her juices.

She lies down on me and we cuddle for a few minutes as she catches her breath. She notices that I’m still hard in her and haven’t cum yet. She raises her head and looks me in the eyes knowing what’s next. She knows that after I’ve made her cum several times, that I’m primed to really give her a ride and a load and a half of my nectar when I cum.

She slides off my cock and turns around to offer her behind to me. I kneel before her and enter her pussy with a quick thrust this time. She cries out in satisfaction and begins to move back into my thrusts. I start to fuck her rapidly and hear the slap, slap, slap of our groins as they savagely meet. I reach forward to fondle her nipples and Niki cries out her pleasure. As I begin to approach my threshold, I pull out and move Niki to her back and enter her with a single thrust again.

She reaches her arms around my neck and places her legs behind my thighs so she can also meet each of my thrusts into her. I can’t believe how good this feels; how it always feels to be inside this woman. We’re fucking like there’s no tomorrow now. Niki’s head is moving from side to side as she cries out her passion to me. I can feel a warmth start to build in my groin and my cock become more sensitive with each downward stroke into my love’s vagina. I hammer Niki’s vagina until I finally can’t take it any longer and savagely slam my cock into her vagina for one last time. God, I can’t believe how good it feels to empty myself into her. She’s shuddering and shaking with her own orgasm. I feel her warm fluids surround my cock again. I feel as if I have poured my soul into her. She wraps me into her embrace and keeps me in her as long as she possibly can. I cradle her head and bring her lips to mine for more gentle kissing.

As we come down from our orgasmic high I softly tell her how much I love her and missed her so much over the past several days. Her eyes tear and she places a finger on my lips as she says that her heart knows that already. We roll over onto our sides and I hold her tenderly to me as we begin to fall asleep.

Have you ever had that feeling…of being the focus of another person’s love? I have. What a rush it is!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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