Heads and Tails: Her Story

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Formally posted as ‘Forbidden Fruit Ch. 01 Her Story’.

This story is a joint writing effort with author Fireball XL5. I’m writing here about her side of the experience. You’ll definitely want to compare it to his side!

I can feel the electricity in the room as I watch his hand reach out to me, the beat of my heart and the blood rushing through my veins. Taking a deep breath I try to focus on the wall behind him, trying not to be too obvious that I want his touch, need his touch. For weeks now I’ve tried to show him in many different ways that I was interested. I remember catching his eyes and holding his gaze while we were in our meetings together, I’ve pressed myself closer than I should when we part ways with friendly hugs. I even got the nerve up to invite him here for some friendly conversation after the office party. I’m not going to blow it by coming on too strong.

My thoughts race inside my head as I take in my surroundings, though it is my home, everything looks different with Mike in the room, brighter, more electric. It’s like seeing something you’re doing but you don’t realize it’s happening to you, I’m sitting here imagining all the things I should be saying to make this moment stop, but the words just won’t come out. He hasn’t said anything to make me want him to stop, he hasn’t said “Are you sure” or “Just tell me to go” . I was so scared he would, that he’d offer me a way out, a way to let myself continue to live this life without passion as I have done for so long. Praying that he wouldn’t and very glad that he doesn’t.

Watching his hand reach out to me is like watching a movie in slow motion, I want to press my breast against his hand and move my body closer to his. Finally I can feel his hand upon my turtleneck, I draw in a deep breath and bite my lip, relishing the first wave of heat course through my body. Letting myself take in the first touch of his hand, I close my eyes and allow my other senses to take control. As my head lays back I feel his fingers slowly trace the roundness of my breast, the outline of my bra, my breathing is heavier now. I can tell that my body is beginning to awaken to a new sense of self, as if a need that has never existed has awakened in me and I have to feed it, nurture it, and he is the feast I must partake in.

I lean forward and I feel his hands run across my breast until he finds the nipples. I whimper as he allows one hand to stay on my breast and removes the other; it is the loss of that one hand, that brings an anguished gasp from my lips. In it’s place a moan comes forth, as I feel his lips on my mouth, the slight pressure is all I need to let my own basic instincts take over. His tongue slips to my lips to slide gently across them, letting my own want to take control. I taste his tongue with mine, letting the sounds of passion escape my throat. Our kiss is like a dam just beginning to open, allowing only a small trickle of water to escape. We kiss gently and slowly, but yet with a deep need we both want fulfilled. I feel my body press closer to him and my throat allows more sounds of desire to spring forth and as our kiss deepens, it takes me by surprise at its sweetness along with its sense of power hidden beneath it.

His hand is caressing my neck, I can feel the texture of his skin as he runs his fingers across it. His touch reminds me of butterflies flying through the air and resting ever so gently on an outstretched hand, soft and welcoming. Yet I hesitate, when I feel his hand pull at the material of my shirt, just like the butterflies would if they were presented with a new place to land, not knowing if it is safe, but wanting to find out what comes next. My mind takes control of my senses and forces me to take a moment, gives me another chance to end this torment of emotions, I pull back from our kiss and look at him. Closing the part of me that is still grasping to reason I hear myself say “Yes” and let my lips return to his pulling him to me and letting him lead us in the dance.

When Mike’s hands glide up the sides of my body, my breath is suspended, as if a cap has been placed on a bottle and with the continuing movements of his hand along my ribs, the cap is slowly released and I am able to suck in more air. When those hands come to my breast, once again my mind sits back and lets everything else work for me. His hands stroke my breast through the material of my bra, feeling the texture of the design, as if he is outlining them, trying to determine the pattern, but I know that he is allowing me time to adjust to his presence, his ownership of my body. Taking the next step I lean toward him, and hear my sigh of longing as his hands reach behind my back and quickly unclasp my bra. I give a whimper of anguish as he leaves my lips and I watch him as he gazes into my eyes, he lifts my bra, allowing both of my breasts to be free of their confinement.

I can feel the tension in my body, the deep pit of longing starting to bubble up, as my nipples are touched by his hands and rubbed by his fingers. The pit ataşehir escort awakens deep inside me and once again my mind is stirred to awareness. Grasping his wrist I look deep into his eyes and tell him “We shouldn’t”, I hear myself say these words, but everything in my body is fighting me, urging me to keep quiet, to let this new wonderful thing happen. He relents and removes his hands from my shirt and explores my body through the protection of the material. My breasts continue to feel the friction of his caresses, only increased by the turtleneck I am wearing. Knowing that he will stop when I ask him to, I give in to the trust I have grown to accept from him and I lean back. With a smile I take my hands and slowly lift my shirt, exposing my breast to his gaze, wanting him to see me and wanting to see his approval in his eyes.

I stare, as I watch his head come down to meet my breast, allowing myself to bask in his kiss as he places his hands on my breast and a sweet torment of emotions begin when the kisses stop just short of my nipple. My body feels so hot and my breasts ache for total freedom, to be released from the confines I have placed on them, I grasp the hem of my shirt and pull it free from my body, taking my bra along with it, not caring or knowing where it lands. My breathing is heavy and I feel my chest heave and my legs press tightly together, his mouth is devouring my breast, his hands knead and press them, his mouth continues to kiss and tease. Letting myself relax and giving my body to him, I fall back on the couch.

I know I will never remember if I spoke or not, for words did not seem to matter and if I did I myself would not have heard them. I saw myself, as if I were floating above this scene of love making, saw a woman who was flushed with passion, desire and need; at the same time, seeing a man gazing down on her beauty, taking in every inch of her, reveling in her perfection. Then as if I had control of my surroundings I allowed myself to float back down and to feel his arms caress my body. His touch running across my arms, pressing against my hands, then combing through my hair, it is everything I had imagined, as if I’m being worshipped or sculpted into a fine piece of crystal.

I long to touch him, to worship at his body, to place myself against him as an offering. With a smile on my face and a gaze of longing in my eyes, I find myself bringing my hands to his shirt, unbuttoning it and pulling it off his arms and down his body. I know it isn’t possible, but for me time stood still, and as I drank in the chest that faced me, I noticed the hardness of it the firmness of his body. His nipples had harden during the touching and kissing he had given me and I longed to have my body pressed tightly against him. I scooted myself to his chest and placed each hand under my breast, hoping that he did not find this foolish, but wanting so much for our bodies to meet, to get to know each other. When I felt our nipples touch, the muscles in my abdomen tightened and I felt the moisture of my body try to ease its way out of its hiding place.

Our kiss became more demanding as our bodies fused together and our nipples were the connecting puzzle piece to this complex tangle we were experiencing. We paused from our kiss to inhale great gulps of air and I felt myself falling back onto the couch. With my hair cascading down the side, and my breast heaving, I watched, with heavy lids, his body come up to tower over mine. Like a movie in slow motion I watched as he brought both hands to my breast. Caressing one, while kissing and kneading the other. I tried to move my body to his mouth, wanting him to take the nipple and draw it deep and suckle it, but he avoided my attempts to manipulate the moment. His kisses snaked across my breast as I felt a wave of hot liquid churn through my body, while riding this wave his kisses and hands made love to my breasts. After driving me through a torment of emotions my body lifts itself, trying desperately to have his mouth and tongue suckle my nipple, and finally getting what it wants when I feel it being covered by a blanket of hot velvet.

My head turns left then right as I feel his mouth and tongue work on my nipple, his hands crush against my breast as my body begins its own dance. I feel my teeth bite on my lower lip and I tangle one of my hands in my hair, tugging on it, trying to hold back the sounds that rage up from my stomach. His hand pushes my breast and his tongue laps and licks at the contours of my nipple, finally I can no longer hold back the sound that was tied back and as I let the feel of him rock my body, I hear myself cry out his name. My hand moves to grasp his head and press him deeper against my chest. I lay there basking for a moment in the electric charge that courses through my body, but soon it is replaced with a tingle. This tingle is like a small tickle deep in my gut, realizing the cause is from a new caress, my body thrusts its pelvis to him, and I realize this new caress is his hand gliding up and kadıköy escort bayan down the material of my jeans.

My mind does not know what is happening, it tries to stir back to the moment, to push through the fog of desire, and to force our actions to cease, but I don’t allow, I must win this battle. I feel his hands creeping up to the hot place between my legs, my body squirms beneath his touches and begins to move itself in a long known dance that every woman deep inside them knows the steps to. My pelvis thrusts toward him and back down again in quick succession, one right after the other, lifting then falling, wanting something to press into it, needing something to press into it. My legs, on their own will, open for him, I see myself spread before him offering myself to his hands, longing to feel him pressed tight against me. I feel his hand push against my jeans, but the contact is not what my body wants, it wants more, it was skin upon skin, not the protection of denim. A sound escapes my mouth, I can only describe it as a deep groan of frustration as I realize that his touch is what I want and my clothes are a barrier that must be removed.

That one thought is what allows my mind the crack it has been seeking, I hear myself tell him no as his hands move to my waist to begin the work on my jeans. I bite the inside of my cheek and close my eyes, praying that he won’t stop that he will be able to tell I do want this but, am scared of the fire burning inside me. I gently push his hands from my zipper and work my teeth against my cheek and then my lips, as the frustration of my decision begins to weigh down on me. He moves his hands to my stomach and presses his touch along it, rubbing my skin, making each inch of my body feel his desire for me. I arch my hips to him as he covers those too with his fingers and makes paths of heat course over me. I allow his hands to run down my legs and he helps with the removal of my shoes and I take a moment to breath deeply and take stock of the feelings rushing through my body.

My lips feel swollen, not just from his kisses but from my own torture that I forced upon them, from the biting as I held back the words to stop this from happening. My lids are heavy and I wonder if my eyes look full of the passion I feel. My head is tender from the tugging I had been doing and I can sense it is mussed and lies in tangles underneath me. I see my chest rising and falling as my breath comes in quick gasps, trying to take in the much needed air but not seeming able to get enough. My arms feel heavy, too heavy to lift yet, I know I can, I’ve run my hands through his hair and I’ve helped participate in this love making, letting my hands feel his body while he covered me in kisses. My breast seem more sensitive then ever before, with each touch of his lips, tongue and hands they stirred to life, each new sensation causing a different electric shock to my body.

My stomach churns, but not in a bad way, but in the way your body tightens before opening up that first present under the tree, knowing that what you want is there and wanting to savor the moment when your eyes reveal its secret. The feelings of my body are nothing compared to the flood of different things I feel between my legs. I can feel the wetness that every sense has caused, and as each one began another soon followed. I know I am moist, such a small word for such a potent subject. My pussy is hot and I can feel my pulse beating inside it. The muscles contract on their own and the texture of my panties and pressure from my jeans, only makes the muscles long to escape and see what new feelings will be found. My legs are like jelly, as if no control of them is allowed me, they open wider on their own for his hands and it is those hands that bring me back to what he is doing next.

His hand has returned to the button of my jeans and I gaze into his eyes, knowing he can read what I am thinking. I run my hands along his shoulders and across his collar bone, tracing small beads of sweat and watching his chest heave as he comes back to my lips to kiss me. This time I take control of my needs, sliding my hand down my body, pausing for a moment to graze my nipple with my nails, I let my hand open the button and zipper of my jeans. I bring my other hand to his head and press his kiss deeper into my mouth and let our tongues taste and stroke each other’s, while our kiss becomes hotter I let my hand press against my wetness and I feel a shudder pass through my body.

Our kiss ends for a moment as we sit back and look at each other, gauging the distance it will take before we cross the next bridge. His smile beckons me on and together we work to remove my jeans from my body. I blush as I remember the panties I had picked out that morning, and I think to myself, that I must look girlish to him, but I also feel they are my last barrier from anything happening, like a fortress against an army, waiting to storm the castle walls. My hands tangle in his hair as his fingers curl back and forth escort maltepe across the band of my panties. I watch his eyes focus on my mound and I close my legs when he presses his fingers against me. I want this but I know that we shouldn’t give in. I can smell the sexual heat coming from my body, the scent is heavy and strong, I breath it in and it surround me.

I hear myself tell him “No” but, I also feel how my body is moving, the motions of my legs and my hips are telling him “Yes.” His lips continue to torment my mouth and my tongue, while I continue to fight this desire to leave my legs spread wide for his advancement. I feel his hands run a marathon between my breast and my pussy, resting for moments on my mound only to leave again and tease and taunt my nipples. The muscles of my body clench and release in a motion long known by women, and long missed by myself. I know now that at this moment my legs win the battle and I spread them wide for his hand. I lay there gasping and waiting for that first touch, anticipating the first contact of skin on skin. I groan when I realize that he isn’t ready to remove my panties, I fight an urge to rip them from my own body and let myself lay nude for his inspection. I can feel myself gaining more courage and I want this to move quicker, I want to feel his touches against my wetness.

Moving from my lips to my jaw, Mike leaves soft, gentle kisses and makes his way to my ear. I shiver with delight and a small giggle escapes my throat as I turn my head and become accustomed to these new shivers, so unlike the others. They remind me of feathers being run across your body trying to tickle you in a slow torment, before your body gives one great shiver. He senses I cannot take much more of these little nibbles, so as not to lose the mood, he quickly comes back to my mouth and sucks on my tongue. I feel the texture of his tongue and feel his hand sweep down to press against my pussy.

I am somewhat embarrassed by the wetness I know has covered my panties and I turn my head so he doesn’t see my blush. I turn my head back and see him watching me, knowing he saw my blush and saw me gnawing on my lower lip, he kisses me again and I watch his head move down to each breast. He pauses to give each one a kiss, as if a promise that he will return to them but, must go for now because he is needed else where. “Oh, god!” I cry out as I know I want this but, I can’t allow it, I just can’t let this happen. I force my mind to take control again and make my legs close against his quest for my sweetnessMy body arches up as I feel his mouth and tongue move along my thighs, alternating from one to the other, my knees relax and my legs open up for him again. His tongue and mouth continue to make love to my thighs licking them until I hear myself moan his name.

I feel the cool air from the room and the hot breath of his body mingle together as he pulls my panties to one side, exposing my lips to the beauty of the moment. When I feel the presence of his tongue first touch my opening all thought and reason leave my body, I grasp his head and push him against my pussy, relishing the feel of his tongue and the heat of his breath letting it bring me to a hot, boil of liquid heat. I realize that I have held my breath and I release his head and let myself bask in this feeling, I feel more wetness seep from my body, as I take in more air. I lift my bottom to let him slide the panties from my hips, and hear myself plead for him to continue.

I let my head fall back, turning myself over to his ministrations, his tongue and hands are my main focus, and I close my eyes from the world around us. His tongue strokes my pussy and I spread my legs further apart, holding my thighs open, wanting to be a part of his advancement. My body begins to churn deep inside as his tongue swirls against my lips. He makes small tugs against my walls, using either his lips or his teeth, with which I do not know or care, only to feel him here with me is what I focus on, to feel his tongue taste me and stroke me. My moans and gasps blend together and I hear a throaty, hoarse sound break free from my lips. His mouth is making love to my mound and his hands continue to move across my body, keeping my thighs and legs awake and not leaving them out of this pleasurable dance, we are creating.

I cannot see my wet lips or my swollen clit, but I know they are engorged with feeling, my body thrusts itself further to his face. My hips grind into his mouth, his tongue. I feel his fingers move up my sides and taunt my breast, pulling and plucking at the nipples, making them stand at attention. My head moves from side to side, thrashing back and forth as I feel him suck hard on my clit. Moisture flows thicker from my body as his mouth and tongue work as one to give my body the friction it craves, only to bring me rising up on the couch and falling back again. I scream out his name as his finger moves inside me. He uses his tongue and finger as one and lets them create a melody on the inner walls of my body and the swollen clit of my moistness. My body wants to scream out in frustration and at the same time beg him to continue this sweet torture, as he lets his finger enter me slowly teasing me until he finally relents and drives two fingers deep into the hot center of my pussy.

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