Heat of the Night

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It was summer and we seemed to be going through a heat wave. All day the temperatures had ranged from hot, to very hot, to too hot. Not that we had to worry about excessive humidity – there’s wasn’t any. The air was so dry that it sucked the moisture out of you as soon as you stepped outside.

We lived a couple of miles out of town, our house being on the main road. Easy for people to find us as ours was the only house for about a mile. That’s not to say we didn’t have neighbours, because we did, but their houses tended not to be on the main road. You had to take little side roads to find them.

On this night, this hot night, I was home alone. The parents were visiting friends and would be away for a couple of days. I was lying naked on my bed, thinking rude things about the weather. It wasn’t that it was too hot, the air conditioner took care of that. It was the dryness that was annoying me. I was restless and just could not get to sleep.

Thinking about how dry I was brought to mind our swimming pool. A nice big pool, full of cold, wet, water that would drive away this infernal dryness. I decided a dip would not go amiss.

I headed outside, turning on the lights by the pool. Then I dived in. Did you read where I put on a bikini? No? That’s because I didn’t. Why should I bother? There was just me and a few scattered sheep and any miscellaneous wild animals that happened to be about and who cared if a rabbit was watching?

I swam a little, and then just floated. The nice thing about swimming at night is you don’t have to worry about sunburn. I just lay back in the water, flicking my feet every so often so that I drifted around the pool.

I could hear the noise of the traffic, not that there was much. An occasional car and once a heavy truck went past. A motor-bike came roaring along, a big one by the sound of it. I heard it sweeping past our place and forgot about it.

After a few moments something started nagging at me. It took a while for me to work out what it was and then I became puzzled. It was the motor-bike. I’d heard it approach and pass, but I hadn’t heard it fade off into the distance. Thinking about it, it seemed to me that the bike had slowed after it passed, then the engine had got a little louder and stopped. Had the bike stopped outside our place for some reason? Did the rider have a problem? Maybe he was knocking at the front door even now?

I ataşehir escort stopped floating and drifting and stood up, fortunately being in a relatively shallow part of the pool. Turning to look towards the house and road I gave a small scream.

There was a man, certainly the rider, standing at the end of the pool, watching me. I know he was the rider as he still had his helmet on. Did he know how ominous he looked, dressed all in black leather (in this heat, the maniac) with a black helmet and dark visor?

The scream probably gave him a clue as he reached up and took off the helmet. The rider was in his thirties from the look of him. He was handsome enough in a weather-beaten way, and had blond curly hair that gleamed under the pool lights.

“Ah, I’ve startled you. I’m so sorry, that was not my intention. I was passing and I thought I saw a body floating in the pool. It would be irresponsible of me to pass by if I could possibly help so I stopped to see if there was a problem. You can imagine my surprise when I found myself watching a water nymph, a veritable naiad, disporting herself in the pool. All I could do was stand here and watch.”

“Um, yes, well I was just taking a midnight swim to refresh myself,” I muttered, crossing my arms over my breasts and hoping the water was deep enough to cover other parts, though I had a dreadful feeling it wasn’t. Not caring about the odd rabbit seeing me was one thing. This guy was something else entirely.

He didn’t move, just stood there, contemplating me.

“Ah, everything’s fine. You can continue on your way,” I suggested.

He shook his head slowly.

“How can I continue on when you have enchanted me?” he asked. “I am yours to command, your slave. Would you be so cruel as to just send me away?”

“Um, yes, I think I would,” I said with a giggle.

“Then if you insist I must be off. But first, come. I would pledge my troth to you.”

He held out a hand to me, plainly expecting me to come out of the pool. Was he nuts? Did he think I was going to walk out of the pool naked? From the way he was standing, waiting, the answer was yes.

“And just what does pledging your troth entail?” I asked.

“It’s quite simple. I will take you by the hand, lead you over to the soft green grass, and worship your body with mine, leaving you with the promise that you can call on me for assistance kadıköy escort bayan at any time.”

That made it plain. He wanted to make love to me. For a second I wondered if he was just having me on but only for a second. That man wanted me and he wanted me here and now. What does a young lady do in a case like this?

I don’t know what the young lady does but I know what I was doing. I was slowly wading through the water towards him, taking his hand when I reached the steps and let him draw me up out of the water. With that accomplished he turned and escorted me over to the lawn, helping to ease me down onto the grass, grass that felt cool and soft beneath me.

Do you know what the hell you’re doing? The question thundered through my mind. It seemed to me that the answer was no, but I was doing it anyway.

Standing over me, he stripped. He had quite a good body, too, for a much older man. He was at least twelve years older than me but he looked fit, what you might call comfortable in his skin. I could see he was tanned and from the way his muscles flexed when he moved I suspected he was strong. Not muscle-builder strong, but tradesman strong, muscles naturally built by doing hard work.

He settled onto the grass next to me, his hands starting to touch me. Rough hands, in that they were hard and calloused, but gentle hands, in that they knew how to touch me. He stroked my skin, not starting with my breasts or groin but resting a hand on my tummy and then going exploring.

His hands moved up towards my breasts, reversed and drifted down towards my mound, stopping before he touched my mons. Hand drifting up again, his head bending to lightly brush his lips against mine. I could catch a faint smell of mint on his breath as his lips passed lightly over mine.

It was a distraction. When he lifted his head again I found that his hand had captured a breast and was stroking it, rubbing my nipple around in little circles with his palm, before his hand drifted over to sample the other breast.

Distraction time again as he lightly kissed me, but I could feel his hand moving, my loins tensing slightly, knowing it was heading in that direction. Rubbing across my mons, pressing firmly, moving closer to the heart of me. I couldn’t help but give a little gasp when his hand closed over my mound, squeezing a little.

He was leaning over me, his tongue escort maltepe tracing a line of dampness from one nipple to the other, while his hand rubbed back and forth along my pudenda, bringing it to a sweet life. I arched my back slightly offering my breasts to his lips, becoming subtly aware of his hardness leaning against my side.

My hand sought him, found him, closed around him. Long and hard, burning with an inner heat, I traced the length of him, making it his time to gasp when I scratched lightly over the ball at the tip. I smile – it wasn’t all one-way traffic.

I knew what was coming and I was ready. A foot snaked down between my legs, hooking over an ankle and drawing my legs further apart. He rolled on top of me, settling between my thighs, his erection pressing against my mound.

He looked at me, waiting, and I knew what he wanted. With a couple of fingers I eased my lips apart, taking hold of him with my other hand and steering him into place. That done, he pushed home. I mean home, sliding all the way in with one long firm stroke, while my body yielded happily, welcoming him.

That’s when things really became interesting. He pulled back and thrust in again, while I rose to meet him with a little cry of pleasure. Again and again, and he was taking me, riding me hard, driving in non-stop while I bucked under him, pushing up to meet and welcome him, relishing the skin to skin contact.

Oh, my. He kept on going, showing amazing stamina for an older man. Well, not that much older, really. He was still fairly young, but those extra years had certainly given him some useful experience. It was blatantly obvious that he was enjoying what he was doing to me, his smile almost ferocious in its pleasure. Not that I could talk, or rather, I was talking too much, babbling out the delights he was bringing to me, asking for more, demanding that he never stop.

He had to stop eventually, of course, but not before I learnt a bit more about how a man who knows what he’s doing can pleasure a woman. He lifted me to the heights and held me there until I was almost screaming, before he drove home with a finality that brought the world crashing down around me, a climax rushing through me, lifting and draining me, leaving me lifeless and full of joy at my rebirth.

I sighed afterwards, holding onto him. It was late and I closed my eyes for a brief moment. When I opened them again he was gone. I must have slept for a moment. I listened, sure I could hear the sound of a motor-bike fading away.

I walked slowly inside, taking a quick shower to wash the chlorine from the pool off me, and went to bed. Now I could sleep, drifting off with no worries.

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