He’ll Get Hard Remembering This

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I slump before him in one swift, fluid motion.

I pull him forward, and his dick hardens on my hot breath. I’m licking him now, and I feel him stretch as he enters my mouth. My lips part further and he moans.

It’s intoxicating, this power I have over him. He stands precariously before my mercy. I am taking him, drawing in whole and engulfing him, and I am not inclined to cease. He shakes, and I feel his hands tighten in my hair.

We are perfectly reversed. I it is I who kneel before him, and yet it is he who prays in ecstasy to me. I suck harder, working my tongue back and forth, twirling his shaft round in my mouth, flitting over the head. His demureness breaks in sharp intakes and gasps of breath. This compels me, countercommanding me, along with the pleading of a palm, to increase my ministration. I feel myself moisten, and I cannot help but smile, a mix of wry pleasure and giddiness at how turned on we both are.

Fellatio is an overtly and implicitly sexual act, purely carnal, filling one with a certain rush separate from penetration. I could feel him tensing as I moved my head back and forth, back and forth, looking up into his eyes. My lips formed a perfect ‘O’ around his cock, and we were both conscious of the slightly wet sound of the sucking, an undertone beneath our moaning.

Neither here are wholly master ataşehir escort or servant. I am in control, and knowing it makes me wetter still. I soothe my own aching by inserting a finger downstairs. I begin to rub my clit, slippery already, in time. I swear I felt his dick bulge as he noticed what I was doing. His own measure of dominance is there too, standing in front of me, tall and imposing, expectant as I serve him. He worships me, his goddess, and I grant him my favour, bowing in turn.

I’ve increased my speed, both for myself and for him. I move him round and round, lubricating him for what is to come. I start to work the shaft, and I more firmly grab his ass. Slowly I slide it in and out, going at the head. I can’t help but feel personal satisfaction, a big part of the turn on, at just how big and hard I have made this man. I push a bit further, little by little, and then, all at once, I take him by surprise, fully deep throating him.

He moans, louder again, before suddenly quietening in slight embarrassment. This spurs me on, and I work him faster and faster, harder and harder. I can feel him shaking, vibrating with pleasure, unable to contain himself. It’s so good, and so fast. I look up and he can barely meet my gaze, his eyes are rolling back into his head in elation.

I’ve told him that I don’t kadıköy escort bayan want to swallow, that I don’t like it. A simple ruse. Far away I feel him start to say something, but I know what it is before he can stutter it. His dick is beginning to swell, and there’s a salty taste on the edge of my tongue as it flickers around the swollen head. He tries to tell me again, with more urgency in between his ragged breaths, and I moan all the louder, tightening my grip on him. I can feel his nervousness, his inner desire to spurt all over me and down my throat, clashing with his sweet concern for me. I’m going to give him what he wants, and so much more.

I want him to get hard just thinking about this. Taking one hand from his ass and the other from my clit, I grab my tits and rub my cleavage already taut nipples with my own juice. He’s still trying to warn me, trying to hold on, but just unable to tear himself away. Good. I want him to explode with all the sexual tension that’s building.

The fantasy for him must be overwhelming. The girl who foreswore what is about to happen is bringing it on with all haste. I shove his cock between my tits, not letting it loose from between my lips for even a second, and begin to pump up and down, feeling his cock engorge to almost bursting point. I love this feeling, of sealing escort maltepe his fate and controlling his desire; fuelling it, becoming his erotic reverie. I moan, feral, and I can almost see in his mind the realisation that I must be unaware of what is to come on a conscious level, and that my libido is fully in control. Frankly, he is not too far from the mark. I no longer care, it feels so good, and I feel so forceful. I am going to make him cum, and I bet I can do it in seconds.

I am in overdrive. His dick is so hard, riding up and down between mounds of tit and in and out of my hot, hungry, gaping maw, ready to devour him. Like some succubal nymph of legend told by fearing priests, I have come for his seed. One last time it expands. I am licking him all over, sucking for all I am worth. His hands, loose a moment before, have tightened in my hair. And then, he cums.

I take it all, swallowing his hot cum as it rushes into my mouth, down my throat. I gulp it down, and for a moment his cock is free from my lips’ vice grip. Like a cannon he sprays my breasts with it too, and it dribbles down my tits, hot and thick, before I take him back into my mouth, determined to get every last drop. I keep sucking, and more semen issues. He looks taken aback somewhere in his mind, but is too busy crying out in absolute euphoria, unable to process anything but pleasure. His dick continuously spasms, and I continue to caress it. Eventually some of the bliss is a little too much for him, so I give him the occasional break while I dip a finger into the load on my chest and gently lap it up.

Delicious… exquisite.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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