Hello Nurse

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You sit on the paper lined table, waiting to be seen for your annual checkup. The office was god awful busy, the wait in the lobby was long and you can see this taking all damn day.

Just then the door opens and a nurse in light blue scrubs comes walking in, holding a clipboard and blood pressure cuff and stethoscope. In her late 30s, light brown hair, nice curves. Hmm, you think, this doesn’t suck.

“Hi, I’m Denise, I’m going to get some vitals and info out of the way before the doctor comes in. Sorry for the wait, our database is screwing up and we have to take all info down manually, so I apologize for the delay.” She says as she puts her clipboard down on a counter and pulls the blood pressure cuff out and walks towards you.

Maybe it won’t take all day, you think, as she takes your arm and wraps the cuff around it just below the sleeve of your Polo shirt. “You have nice arms” she says as she fastens the Velcro.

Is she flirting? You wonder.

As she positions the stethoscope, ataşehir escort bayan and puts your arm under hers turning your palm up, her left breast rests perfectly in your hand. You notice it and look at her, immediately preparing to give a quick “sorry” and for you to both shift slightly to remove the awkward situation, but she is nonplussed and actually shifts to keep her breast exactly where it is.

You look at her and she smiles directly at you, never losing eye contact. You notice she’s not even pumping up the cuff. She leans in a little bit, pressing her sizable breast into your hand more, the full weight of it resting in your hand now.

You smile back and squeeze. Her nipple hardens against your palm. She smiles and leans in closer to you, her face now inches from yours while managing not to move her breast from your hand.

“MMM” she whispers “Would you mind taking my temperature?”.

You chuckle and she undoes the tie of her scrubs and moves your hand escort kadıköy to her waist while removing the unused cuff from your arm. You take her guidance and slip your hand inside the waistband of her scrubs.

Your fingers find no panties and some trimmed pubes. You slide your fingers past the hair to find her lips, sliding your fingers in to open them, finding a wet, hot slit.

She gasps and squeezes your arm. Your grab her other shoulder and finger her hard and fast, incredibly thrilled by this sudden, unbelievable experience. Her eyes close and she bites her lip as you pleasure her with your digits.

Her breath quickens and she opens her eyes and looks directly into yours. “Make me cum, make me cum on your fingers you dirty mother fucker!”

You increase your pressure and speed and soon she is gasping and biting her lips to muffle a cry as her knees buckle a bit and she comes. Once she regains her composure, she says “I’m going to go out in the hall and change your maltepe escort status to testing…that will guarantee us some privacy. Have your cock in your hand when I come back!”.

She ties up her scrubs and exits. You drop your pants and boxers and take your raging hard on into your hand.

The door opens back up and a nurse in her mid-40s, Italian motherish, walks in and screams. You jump and reach down to pull up your pants. Another nurse and doctor run in as you are buttoning up and trying to explain.

You tell them about Denise and stammer and stutter and try to apologize. Once things calm down some you tell them about Denise asking you to ‘disrobe’ and they tell you there is no Denise that works for them. You insist she is real and describe her and they say they have no nurses near that description and they inform you they will no longer see you as a patient and ask you to leave.

“What the hell kind of day am I having?” You think as you walk a walk of shame to the lobby.


A busty, light brown haired woman drives across town…light blue scrubs in a bag in her trunk, she changed in the parking lot behind the clinic. She laughs her ass as she drives back across town to her job. She loves her new lunchtime hobby of playing nurse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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