Her Parent’s Toys

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Geri came home after the last day of her long summer internship at the horticulture institute in nearby Dalton Township. It had been what she needed to finish up her doctorate in the fall. She sighed as she knew she would spend several months computing and analyzing her studies there, not to mention lectures and papers throughout her final school year. But because there were 20 days left until she had to make the long drive to Texas to conclude her college career, she planned on doing absolutely nothing productive. That was of course after she finished up on her notes. This is a task that would take her the better part of the day tomorrow.

Geri dropped her keys on the table and started to head upstairs to shower. It had been a hot day and she desperately needed it. Her parents wanted her to learn the value of working hard. She had admitted that this added value had served her quite well. After all, she was going to finish her doctorate in three years, instead of the usual four, being given the title of Dr. next June at age twenty six. Her parents being well off could have just given her everything and anything. When she was younger it was so nerve wracking for her being surrounded by luxury in this home of 5000 square feet and a swimming pool on 25 acres, not counting the 300 acres of fields, and have her parents make her earn even the smallest things like a new CD. But she loved her parents and even thanked them a week ago for giving her this work ethic. However, both her and her parents have similar habits when it comes to letting loose. Of course that’s mainly what this story is about.

Geri had spoken to her parents this morning for probably the last time for the next few weeks. They had left for a planned trip to The Northwest Territories with their very close neighbor friends. By close, it should be clarified that they are swingers. They are joining other groups for a presumably bareback backpacking trip in the wilderness. Geri mildly winced at the thought knowing that she has had a few multiple partner episodes, but not in the scale of her parents. Of course she knows the son of her parent’s swinging partners as they had off and on dated since middle school. She had ended it last summer when she caught him hot and heavy in their backyard hot tub with a girl they had went to high school with. It was also the same day she had discovered that he had posted the nude photo she had give him on an online bulletin board. He had told her it was an accident, of course right after she punched him in the gut. They have not spoken since.

With her parents gone, Geri knew she could unwind, and do as she pleased. She decided to do exactly that. Because she has always had a fetish for nudity, even before she made it all the way up the stairs, Geri was halfway undressed. She planned on letting loose and not wearing a thing until it was time to write her notes the next day. She had been doing this for many years whenever she got a chance. She even thought about going to a nudist event or retreat once, but then decided against it. She was rather solitary in this behavior and didn’t share it. This was of course other than her parents coming home early one day several years ago and finding her sunbathing near the pool in such a way to avoid tan lines. She knew very well of their behavior, but was shocked when all they did was give her a warning about too much sun. She shrugged it off, and they would see her out there regularly after that. Geri had always been a little nervous that they would ask her to join their sexual Olympics, but they never did.

Because she had been anxious to get out of her dirty clothes, by the time she reached her bedroom, all she had to do was toss her clothes in the corner. Looking briefly into her wall mirror she examined her form. Her long light brown hair flowed down her back to about mid way. She turned around a bit and looked over her slender figure. She cupped her medium breasts as she examined her belly just to make sure the crap meals she had been having at the institute wasn’t going to her hips. Being satisfied at the moment, she looked down and pressed her hand against her thin shaved landing strip noticing that it will need a trim soon. She keeps the thin inviting patch because she never liked losing it all.

Geri smirked a moment after concluding that she looked good, and grabbed a towel from a hook near the door after deciding to forego a regular shower. Casually she flung the towel over her shoulder and walked downstairs and into the kitchen. Opening the door to the back yard, she tossed the towel in a chair. Her hips tightened and her back arched as she stretched out. She then decided to indulge in the exhilarating experience of using the outside shower her dad had installed many years ago. It was just a shower head behind the house that was fully exposed to the back yard. When she was younger he had told her it was used for people to rinse off the chlorine. It was soon after that she accidentally observed what it was really used for. Although she didn’t escort bayan have the standard reaction kids normally have when viewing their parent’s in action, but she didn’t go out of her way to think about it either.

Geri smiled as she felt the water spray over her naked body. It had been a long day and she was happy to get cleaned up. Her parents may not have intended for her to use this shower that could be seen as an exhibitionist’s dream, but that didn’t stop her from using it. Of course they knew about it too and didn’t say a word. Feeling the water wash the soap off of her body she smiled at the erotic feeling of being outside in such a way. Being completely comfortable this way in the private backyard, Geri always enjoyed the experience. As she finished up, she rubbed her hands between her legs. She had lingered there more than just a moment, but then stopped knowing that her usual ritual of self satisfaction would come soon enough in the lounge chair by the pool. But with all these things she was doing and still had to do, it was her way of building the experience.

When Geri finished, she dried off, and put her feet into a pair of tongs beside the shower area. She had been looking around a bit and noticed that her mother’s plants just outside the long glass windows to the side look dry. Standing near them she looked around and took a deep breath. The clean country air filled her as she walked around the yard. Being so secluded here, it had always been a relaxing and liberating experience for a solitary nudist. She smiled knowing she had always been completely free to be like this. Picking up a water pitcher she stooped down to the outside tap and fills it. As she walks along watering her mother’s flowers, she hums softly. Birds chirped softly nearby, and it almost seemed like they were whistling at her. After finishing she figured that the front plants needed it as well. After filling up on water again she headed around the corner of the house and to the front yard. Humming softly she serviced the front yard plants as well. Geri smiled as the birds chirped in the nearby trees. It was almost like cheering and whistling for her being able to maintain her health and tight female form.

With a sharp grin, she stretches her arms out with a smile as the warm air permeates her. As she started to walk around the house again, she saw that the blueberries along the side lawn were ripe. Geri skipped over to the back of the house and dropped her watering tool and picked up a small bowl. As her knees were bent, she gently ran her fingers along her skin between her legs from front to back for just a moment. Lingering around her back side, she thought a moment that she might give this some attention today. She doesn’t very often, but was feeling like she was building up an afternoon to remember.

Skipping over to the bushes she quickly picked some blueberries and returned to the house. After she set the bowl on the table by the pool, she sighed. She knew she was definitely building a fantastic climax to this ritual. In the past she would do it before she would go out on a date, so that she would be dynamite in the back seat later on that night. It was her way of teasing herself so much that not only could she pleasure with magnificent ability, but also to heighten her own experience. At the height of arousal she had even once been described as scary. But recently and after some unmentionable experiences in college, Geri realized that she needed to have some more control and rely more on solitary time.

However, this gradual build of need and want that would be created by walking around the yard in the nude, sometimes rolling around in the grass, and eventually lying down on a blanket or the lounge chair with a magazine, would give her intense orgasms. She never needed anything other than that and her own fingers. Her play time was definitely working today.

It was just then that she heard her phone ring. She had left it on the kitchen counter and decided to run in to get it just in case it was her parents. As she grabbed the phone, she accidentally pressed the button to take the call but frowned deeply as she saw who she had mistakenly picked up.

“Tim, yes they left already. Your parents and mine most likely all hand in hand in blissful anticipation,” I sighed, “Bye.”

“Wait!” Geri heard him say as she started to pull the phone away from her ear.

“Make it quick,” Geri sighed.

“I’m just kicking back in the backyard wondering what you’re doing. “Wanna hang out a while? I’ll make some steak.” he asked.

“You mean in the hot tub no doubt,” I said.

“Up to you. I just want to hang out,” Tim said.

“The same hot tub I caught you in last summer, kissing and getting a hand job from Suzy in?” Geri asked.

“Yeah well about that,” Tim started.

“The only reason why I’d want to see it again is to relive a fond memory,” Geri said.

“Yeah we had lots of fun in it,” Tim said.

“No actually I mean when I punched you in tuzla genç escort the gut and watched your naked ass fall over the back side of it, fun,” she snarled.

“Yeah you paid me back so let’s just hang out,” Tim said.

“What’s wrong? Not getting much these days?” Geri asked, “Find yourself another playmate.”

Geri set the phone down and steamed inwardly knowing that her ex-boyfriend had ruined her mood. She had to get back into it before she lost it completely. For just a moment she thought about what had happened between them. It was last summer and she had walked in on her boyfriend of over 6 years in action with a girl they went to high school with. She had always thought cheating was unacceptable and never talked to him after that day. Most people that she confided in told her that her reaction was a bit extreme. But she had her own beliefs and stood strong.

Still she would use him in her mind right now to get back in the mood. Geri couldn’t deny that their intimate time together was both magical and often extremely intense. It wasn’t just because of his decent size, but also the skill he possessed. She remembered the side of her face pressed into a pillow drooling, with her back side up in the air and hoarse from moaning and screaming so loud. The first time that had happened, she wept with joy and was unable to get up afterward. He could be so tender and they would make it last an entire night. Or as what happened one time, suspended on the roped hay lift in her barn, nearly fifty feet off the ground. She had enjoyed that so much that she rewarded him by sneaking under the table while they were eating dinner with her parents the next night and as she put it afterward, get a proper desert. She remembered him being so nervous and didn’t have the heart to tell him that she suspected that her parents knew about it.

“Damn he had skills,” Geri panted as she knew she was on track again, “But it isn’t enough.”

As Geri briefly rubbed between her legs again, she went over to the clothes dryer and started folding clothes. Sighing softly, she gathered her parent’s clothes up and went upstairs. She entered their room, which she thought of as more of a cave, than just four walls. She set the clothes down on the edge of the bed, and turned. But she did a double take as she spotted something unusual in a half opened drawer.

“What the…” she started to say as she opened the drawer, “Oh wow”.

She knew that her parents had an interesting sex life. She would sometimes hear them. Between the slamming up against the wall, to spanking, and so forth, it was not exactly a secret that she could hear through the walls at night and had occasionally and briefly seen. But this was a deep drawer. Her eyes widened as she opened it up fully. She started pulling things out, not thinking that it might all be in some kind of special order.

“What the hell is this for?” she said out loud.

Geri had pulled out a device with a long curved shaft, but it also had a smaller shaft nearby. She switched on a button that made it vibrate. Giggling a little in disbelief, she turned it off, and kept digging. A whip, three other wiggly dildos, a bunch of lotions, and one really strange looking thing sat at the bottom. She picked it up and looked it over. Her eyes grew wide as she examined it. It was elongated, but had what looked like a mouth at the other end. She flipped the button on the back and a long tongue slowly extended from it, and moved around rhythmically.

“Oh…my…Gosh”, she said as she turned it off, “Frigging horror film.”

Looking over the rest of the things, she found several large tubes of something. The entire stock of exotic toys should not have surprised her knowing how much adventure her parents had. But she never knew it had gone to such extremes.

“Slippery glide,” she started to read, then found a large pink tube, “Saliva lube for personal tongue number five hundred.”

Geri concluded that the substance was apparently used with the tongue massager. She remarked inwardly at the weirdness of it. And put it all back in the drawer. She knew that she was invading her parent’s privacy but was intensely curious and it got the better of her. Even though she had never used devices before, just holding them in her hand made her desires for her ritual self satisfaction progress.

Geri looked around the room some more and decided to open the closet. Pulling out some black leathery stuff she looked it over. There were various outfits such as Wild West costumes, doctor’s scrubs, a maid suit, and a police uniform. She thought it all very strange, but it did get her wondering what it would be like to use all that stuff.

As she was about to leave the closet and room, she spotted a meter tall black upright cabinet in the back corner at the end of all the naughty outfits. Again curiosity caused perhaps an error in judgment and she opened it.

“Oh you’ve got to be kidding,” Geri giggled.

As soon as the cabinet doors were tuzla kendi evi olan escort pulled open, a light turned on inside it. There was a mirrored back face with a glitter substance on the sides. But it was what the cabinet held that gave her such a reaction. Geri’s eyes widened as she made a mental count of over thirty devices both large and small, and one in the category of supersized.

The devices also varied in color. Geri casually picked a few up to examine them. A few would buzz, and others not. But she soon found the most peculiar one of all. It had a switch on the bottom but it didn’t look like the rest of the vibrating ones. The simulated skin was very soft. As soon as she took it off the pedestal it started to feel warmer in her hands. Geri was intensely curious and decided to press the button on the bottom, but frowned when it seemed to do nothing.

A bit disappointed that it seemed to be broken, Geri frowned a bit but kept examining the device. It now felt quite warm, as if it were the real thing. Running her fingers along the sides of it she was amazed at how it seemed to feel so real. As her gentle touch happened, it was then that the device started to work. She felt a light thumping inside of it almost as if it had a pulse. As her fingers caressed it, the pulsing became a bit faster. Proceeding to wrap her hand all the way around the device she stroked it up and down in her hand. It was mainly because it felt so real and it was making her desires for the attention she would give herself soon, completely skyrocket.

The device continued to pulse in her fingers, and she held it up to her cheek and rubbed it along it. Closing her eyes she imagined the real thing and the sensation she had once enjoyed. In the past she would often start slowly by gliding it along her cheek, across her lips, and then show off her amazing skill. As she pushed the realistic device along her skin, she sighed suddenly longing for a real one, thinking how much she would love to feel the end result of all the pulsing one would give. When it was done mutually with Tim, it would create the most intense endings.

“Dammit I miss his cock so much,” Geri sighed as she spoke out loud, “The look in his eyes when I would take every drop.”

She would never have him again for real, but Geri started to imagine it. As she did, she pressed the device against her lips and kissed the head. For a moment she imagined slowly descending to her knees and pulling his boxers down. Geri pressed the device into her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. She felt the fake pulsing as she tried to relive a fond memory. Slowly she began to press the device in and out of her mouth. It was slow at first, but she sped up faster and faster as she had done so many times for real.

Now at the height of her arousal, she quickly grabbed another one of the devices at random with the intention of using it on her wetness. But just as she put it in her hand, the special one she had been servicing suddenly changed. It began to throb and pulse wildly. A bit frightened, she pulled it out of her mouth. It was then that the device gave off its best secret.

“Ah, Oh my God!” Geri exclaimed as liquid flew out of the end of it into her mouth and against her face.

Lowering the device she watched as the remainder sprayed onto her chest then stopped. With her mouth wide open in surprise, she looked the device over amazed at its incredible hidden feature. It was then that she realized that what it had expelled was grape flavored and had the consistency of breakfast syrup. Laughing wildly, she looked herself and the device over in disbelief.

As the shock of what had happened started to subside, she began to think that she was going to have to use this thing again. She started to wonder if she could use it to fill herself in other places. Examining it some more, she saw that a red light was flashing on the bottom, which she thought might indicate it was empty.

“Sophisticated shit,” she giggled as she frantically looked around for the possibility of an instruction manual.

After several minutes of looking, Geri smiled as she located it and at the same time some extra bottles of what she would consider, flavoring. However, she realized that she wasn’t making sno-cones. After reading the booklet she was able to follow the instructions and reload it. This time she made it banana flavored, which seemed to her more appropriate. She would use this thing like it was real, when the time came. There were sentences in the instructions that interested her. She smiled as she read, ‘Official Real Friend flavorings are safe to consume and expel into vagina and/or the anus. Not intended for ears and eyes. Please see flavoring refill bottles for nutritional information’.

“Fantastic,” Geri smiled.

Just as Geri was about to leave the closet, she noticed that there were three more devices identical to the one she had in her hand. Pulling all off them off their pedestals, she reloaded them with different flavors and then grabbed a small, buzzing device as well. With all of these in her hand, she smiled widely as she left the room and descended the stairs. Even though she never had an interest in these kind of devices before, at this moment she found them quite intriguing.

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