Her Small Fantasy

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It was a cold blustery January morning when the alarm went off. Damn, 6 o’clock and it feels like I just went to bed. Not wanting to let go of the warm sleepy dream-like state, I curled up under the fluffy pink comforter, cuddling my pillow to my breasts, and my thoughts naturally drift to him. Actually, that’s an understatement, my thoughts always seem to drift to him, which can cause a lot of problems during the work day, but now that I have the opportunity to indulge, I let my mind flow.

Giggling girlishly underneath the pillow I start thinking of all the naughty things he makes me want to do. Slipping my hand over my tummy and up my chest to my perky 38C creamy breasts, my mind drifts to this past weekend. His hands and lips were everywhere, sucking my toes, nibbling my nipples, licking my clit… And… mmmm the delicious things he did to my asshole… BEEP BEEP BEEP! … Geez, switching off the alarm again, I give in to the inevitable and climb out of bed.

I shiver slightly in the morning cold, my flannel pj’s not protecting my naked body underneath. Picking up my bathrobe, and sliding my feet into fuzzy slippers, I open my panty drawer, ruffling through the mix of satin and cotton… insanely my thoughts drift to him again — which pair would he like? I smile as I pick out a tiny pair of baby blue satin panties, tiny primrose designs around the waistband and matching sheer silk bra, laying them both on the bed. Blue for some reason always makes me feel feminine and sexy.

Stretching lazily, I pad into the bathroom, hanging my robe on the hook behind the door, and turn the shower on to let the water adjust. I begin to unbutton my blue plaid flannel top, catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Smiling slightly, I notice the sparkle in my eyes that thoughts of him have put there. Shrugging my top down my shoulders, I shiver again in the cold, my nipples hardening against the temp. Reaching down, I gently run my warm hands over them, cupping their soft weight in my palms, lifting them slightly and sighing softly at the pleasure. Pinching my nipples between my fingertips, I give a little tug before sliding my hands down my tummy, admiring the soft feminine swell. Molding my hands over my hips, I escort ataşehir grip the waistband of my bottoms, easing them down.

I stop as I uncover my hips, and run my fingers around to my lower back… pressing on the tension there, arching my back – the morning light coming in through the window catches my hard nipples in its glint, helping the shell pink look like too bright strawberries against my creamy skin. Noticing them, I can’t help but reach up and stroke them, thinking of his lips and teeth teasing me there – driving me wild. With a little shiver, and not from cold this time, I reach down and slowly tug my pants past the curve of my hips, over my round buttocks, and facing the full length mirror watch as the soft swell of my pouty lips are exposed, stopping to stroke the small patch of reddish-blonde curls at the top.

Letting my pants fall to the floor, I kick them to the side as I stand in front of the full-length mirror admiring my body. Watching the soft curves and fluid grace as I slowly turn in a circle, showing everything. Bending over, I reach down to pick up my pants, pausing to watch my buttocks high in the air, blushing a deep rose as I think about what he wants to do to me there… licking, sucking… So deep… I shiver again, snapping myself out of my daydream, and dropping my clothing in the hamper, climb into the shower.

Stepping under the now hot spray, my body tingles as it gets used to the new temp change, my nipples hardening farther by the difference. Reaching for the shampoo, I gently being to wash my hair, lathering it up – suds sliding everywhere, and I spread my legs a little, loving the tingle as the subs slide down my shoulders, over my breasts, down my torso to my tummy. Some catching and staying on my left nipple, more forming a little pool in my belly button, and the more adventurous suds tangling with my curls at the apex of my thighs. Imagining it was his hands touching me, my body begins to sway slightly, wishing it was him I was brushing against instead a wall of water. Washing away the suds under the spray, I indulge in my fantasy, running my fingertips down my arms, my stomach. As much as my back I can reach – deliberately denying my breasts kadıköy escort and puss, like I know he would. Opening my eyes, I grab my mesh foamy, and liberally pour jasmine scented liquid soap all over it. Starting with my neck, I lather down my body, paying special attention to every part, even the tiny space between my toes, but leaving my now aroused puss for last.

First using the mesh foamy, I soap myself, easily slipping into every tiny little crease and crevice – then dropping the foamy, I return to explore and soap with both my hands. Stepping out of the spray, I glide my very soapy fingertips first through the curls, knowing that he likes them neat and trimmed and out of the way, I keep them extra soft for his cheek to rest on while nibbling on me. Spreading my legs even farther, I slide both hands down between my plump lips – smoothing the skin around and out of the way, I make sure to wash every tiny little piece – denying my clit the attention it’s begging for.

Leaning back on the wall for support, my knees weak with need, I take a deep breath imagining that I could smell his scent all around me. Just the smell of him always turns my knees to butter, and it was having an enormous affect on me now. Bracing my left hand on the wall for support, I gently take my middle finger and lightly circle around my clit – just once, teasingly in a tiny pattern. Shivering at the intense pleasure, my fantasy melts and I realize that the clock is ticking, and I need to still get ready for work. Looking down at my flushed breasts, aching soapy pussy, I realize that this is going to be a heck of a day.

Taking the detachable showerhead from the top of the shower, I briskly begin to rinse off, chuckling beneath my breath of what just his thought has the power to do. Holding the handle over my head, the relaxing massage of water glides down my satiny skin, gently whisking the suds from my buttocks, grinning slightly as they slide down the crack between. Becoming aroused again, I open my legs further as I slide one leg up onto the ledge to rinse it off. Realizing that I had dropped my foam meshy earlier, I brace the nozzle against my thigh, while leaning over to pick it up. I let out a loud GASP as the maltepe escort bayan force of the water works it’s way to my already swollen clit, making it swell further, my nipples peeking in response. Loving the warm tingly sensation, I give over to my needs – needs that he has caused me to have. Sliding down the back wall of the shower, I brace my legs on the edges of the tub, opening them high and wide – my tiny little clit so swelled it peaks out between my lips. Switching the nozzle to one continuous stream, I first tease my nipples with it, imagining its his tongue lightly circling around and around – then taking my nipple between my fingers, I tug slightly, wishing it was his lips instead – sucking hard.

Moving the showerhead down the center of my chest, I follow with my hand, stroking my moist skin, loving it’s softness. Aiming the stream into my belly button, I let out a small giggle as the sensation tickles my sensitive skin there. Panting in anticipation, my breath coming harder and harder as I deny my throbbing clit, I move the shower down to the top of my puss. The force from the water tantalizing. Not being able to deny myself any longer, I train the hard stream of water right onto the center of my clit, my back arching high and hard on contact – my knees bending further into my chest, making the tiny swollen head even more visible.

Moving the showerhead in small circles around my clit, I start to feel it. Starting as a tiny wave at my toes, causing them to curl. The tension and pleasure shoots up my legs, my hips moving unconsciously, bucking and thrusting against an imagined force. The pleasure shoots up my chest, settling at the very tips of my breasts, making them seem to hum with pleasure in time with my clit. My mind begins to lose focus as bright lights of color cloud my vision, my hips bucking harder, the pleasure building and building, reaching and reaching… I hear his voice, soothing in my mind, “Just let go, Amy. Just let go and let it happen.” At his command I lose control, my body arching and shivering uncontrollably, the hot water washing over my clit, making it scream with pleasure.

My body sleepy and relaxed after my intense climax, I reach over with my foot and turn the water off. Resting a moment, I finally open my eyes glancing over towards the bathroom door; I let out an embarrassed gasp at seeing him there – dressed for work. His pants open and stroking his very hard cock. Blushing scarlet, I stammer, “How how long have you been there?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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