High School Harem Ch. 06

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(Author’s Note: All characters, whether described as such or not, are all over 18 years of age. This is a continuing series of fantasies harbored since my own high school years. I welcome any and all feedback. It’s why I write! Enjoy.)

Chapter 06: Angie, Lisa, Stephanie, Ann

Lisa Fisher put her car in park, turned off the key and turned to the teenager sitting next to her. Rick Thomas took a deep breath, wiped his sweaty palms on his swim suit and looked back at her, smiling nervously.

The shy, unassuming 18 year old senior boy and his 25 year old teacher were parked in the driveway of Angie Hill, one of Rick’s classmates. They had been “invited” to a pool party along with Stephanie Forney and Ann Hopkins, who were also in school with Rick. The pool party was merely a guise to bring all five of them together at once, for as reader’s of this series know, Rick, after coming into his own these past few months, had been fucking his way through the crème’ de la crème’ of his school.

He and Miss Fisher had engaged in a kinky three-way with Angie just this morning and it was her idea to throw the party. Ann and Stephanie were the last two notches on the bedpost that Rick had confided to Lisa during their frequent post-coital pillow talks. The busty brunette teacher was assisting her hung student in his endeavors, both to allow her ready access to his mythic appendage, but also out of genuine feelings for the kid.

What had started as purely a physical relationship between the two had bloomed into more. They both considered each other friends and Lisa often wondered if the tightness she felt in her chest when the bashful teen smiled at her was even more. Could she actually be in love with her young student? She reached out and stroked her fingertips over his temple, tucking a stray strand of his brown hair behind his ear.

“Relax honey. You’ve got this. The second we walk through that gate, every one of those girls’ eyes are going to be on you. Remember what Angie told you?”

Rick smiled at his teacher. “I do, but I am so not cool Lisa. This is like something out of a porn movie or something!”

Angie had confessed that she and her friends had been talking for weeks about the rumors surrounding the “new kid in town” (cue the soundtrack). After 11 years of teasing and ridiculing in school, Rick had blossomed during the summer before this, his senior year. His once pocky face was clear of the acne that plagued him and his once scrawny frame was now taut and muscular thanks to his summer laboring as a landscaper. The rest of his body had finally caught up with the eye popping cock he’d hidden out of shame for lo these many years.

The three young girls behind the back yard gate represented the culmination of many nights spent alone in his bed, fantasizing while he “wrestled” with his big teenage snake. The geysering tributes he’d launched in their honor would have filled a 55 gallon drum, so long had he imagined a day exactly like this one was shaping up to be. Lisa cooed encouragement to her young protégé’, reaching over and rubbing the fat sausage hidden beneath his swim trunks.

“Oh, baby, those girls are the lucky ones today. Once they get a look at this big dick, you’ll be beating them off, instead of beating off!” The two lovers both laughed at the lame joke. Rick looked at his teacher suddenly serious.

“You’re not going to take off or anything are you?”

“Not on your life hon,” Lisa answered, quickly kissing him. She removed her hand from his groin and then resituated her big natural boobs in her bikini top. “I wouldn’t miss out on this for the world.”

* * * * * *

Angie had gotten her friends over at her pool under the pretext of an afternoon lying out and drinking wine coolers. It wasn’t until they were there and working on their second fruity drink that she floored them with the tale of her morning. She took liberal creative licensing in describing the details, leaving out Miss Fisher entirely, but describing explicitly Rick’s fat dick and the fun she’d had playing with him. She also glossed over the fact that it was Lisa’s idea for them all to meet. She, Lisa and Rick had agreed that a semi-seduction of Stephanie and Ann would be much more exciting.

“Oh…..my…..God! I can’t believe you fucked him!” Stephanie exclaimed once the tale had been told. She was busy smoothing suntan lotion onto herself, working it over the soft skin of her bountiful chest and arms. The blonde haired, blue eyed teen was a little on the plump side, but it worked well on her, accentuating her best feature: her large breasts.

Her friend, Ann Hopkins, watched enviously as the large orbs jiggled beneath Stephanie’s hands. She’d always had small breasts and felt very self-conscious about them. This summer though, she’d had her own growth spurt, putting them in the big B to small C range. She finally felt as if she had the perfect sized accessories to accentuate her long legs and bubble ass. She took her sunglasses from her head and pendik escort shook her short, bobbed brown hair back, slipping them on and settling back in the chair. “That is, if she really did…”

Angie cut her eyes at Ann as Stephanie tittered behind her hand. “I did too! You’ll see!” While Stephanie accepted her role as third fiddle, Angie and Ann constantly went back and forth, waging a friendly, but competitive competition for Queen Bee of the high school. A much talked about topic at the school was which of the two would be selected homecoming queen in a few weeks. When Ann snorted her derision, Angie huffily put her own sunglasses on and settled back herself, whispering, “At least my tits are still bigger!” She smiled down her chest and palmed her firm C cups.

It was at that moment that the three girls heard the clack of the side gate and the creak as it opened. They all eagerly sat up as one and turned to greet the new arrivals.

Miss Fisher entered first, her brown hair pulled up into a ponytail, wearing a barely there red bikini. The twin triangles of material struggled to contain the bounce of her boobs as she walked forward smiling. While no bigger than Stephanie’s impressive chest, Lisa’s tits looked much larger on her smaller frame. The straps of the suit hugged her hips, tying in the slim swatches only just covering her twat and ass crack. She waved and headed over. “Hey girls, thanks for inviting us!” At that moment, she realized the “us” was a “me” and she looked back for Rick.

Rick was standing just out of sight of the girls on the outside of the fence, trying desperately not to hyperventilate. He could hear Lisa greet the three 18 year old goddesses of his dreams and then heard her call him. Taking a deep breath, he put on his sunglasses and shuffled through the gate.

Lisa was standing close, smiling at him and waving him forward. Over her shoulder he saw Angie, Ann and Stephanie arising from their chairs. At the sight of the girls’ bikinis, he stifled a groan and fought to keep his third leg from making its presence known. Angie and Ann both had on suits very similar to Lisa’s, made up of only enough cloth to not get arrested for indecent exposure. Stephanie’s was more modest, still a two piece, but covering her bottom completely, save for a stray cheek and wholly encasing her large bosom. As if a switch had been thrown, the threesome all flashed toothy smiles at Rick. He couldn’t help but smile back while still ducking his chin slightly.

“Hey ya’ll.”

Lisa took his hand in hers, giving him assurance from her warm grasp as the girls came over. The three exchanged cheek kisses with her while their eyes roamed over the tall hunk at her side. Rick was wearing long trunks, to his knees, but no shirt. His lean muscles rippled in the sun as he first tried to shove his hands in his non-existent pockets, and then placed them awkwardly behind his back. Stephanie and Ann smiled and said hi after greeting Lisa, but Angie boldly walked to him and slipped her arms around his neck.

“Hey there,” she murmured before kissing him on the lips softly. The warm feel of the curvy brunette’s body against his awoke the monster in his trunks. He could feel the rush of blood to his appendage as it swelled from the proximity of his new lover.

“Hi, Angie. How’s it going?”

She pulled back from him and took his hand, pulling him past her gape mouthed friends to the sitting area. “Better…now that you’re here.” Ann and Stephanie exchanged a wordless, pointed look at each other and followed, while Lisa hid a smirk behind her hand and brought up the rear.

“Can I get you a drink Rick?” Ann asked after Angie had ushered him to a lounger. Angie cut her eyes sharply at her friend as she took her hostess duty away from her. Ann smiled sweetly back at her while Stephanie and Lisa took their seats.

“S…su…sure! That’d be great!”

While Ann swished her way over to the cooler, hoping that his eyes were following her, Angie drug her chair right next to Rick’s and slid onto it. “I’m so glad you came today Rick. It’s such a nice day, don’t you think?” She brazenly adjusted her bikini top, drawing the eyes of the timid boy. “Be a dear and put some lotion on me, ok?” She lay face down on the lounger and smiled up at him. “Oh, could you undo my straps for me?”

Rick gulped nervously, but his eager hands reached over, untying the top and bottom straps of her top. He located the lotion bottle and squeezed some into his hand, not realizing that every eye except Angie’s was glued to him. He spread the lotion onto his hands then placed them on her sun warmed flesh, working it in. Angie hummed with pleasure at the feel of the boy’s strong hands and stifled a giggle, knowing her friends were probably green with jealousy right now. It was at that moment that Ann, walked up, and feigning clumsiness, managed to spill a splash of the ice cold wine cooler onto Angie’s back. She gasped and squealed, rolling onto her side, dislodging Rick’s hands. maltepe escort Her arm covered her bosom, but not before Rick was treated to an eyeful of the firm oranges bouncing with her reaction.

“Shit Ann!”

“Ooops! Sooorrrryyyy!” Ann replied, no one missing the sarcasm. She handed the drink to Rick, who thanked her, before she went over and sat next to Stephanie, who punched her playfully on her shoulder.

With the mood broken, Rick sat back on the lounger, nervously sipping the beverage. Angie was staring daggers at Ann, who merely smiled sweetly. To defuse the situation, Lisa bounced to her feet and came over, sitting on the lounger with Angie.

“Here, let me.” She upended the bottle and trickled it over the teen’s tanned back, then began to work it in. The experienced, warm hands of her teacher caused Angie to coo in pleasure. She stuck her tongue out at Ann when she knew Rick wasn’t looking and rested her head on her forearms.

Ann and Stephanie watched Miss Fisher slowly and methodically apply the sunscreen to their friend’s back. They each licked their lips, both wishing that it was them lying there. They were blown away by the sexy transformation of their teacher. While she often wore shorts and Ts to the drill team practices, the treasures now openly displayed had never been revealed to this degree. Silence lay over the group until Lisa chirped up.

“This is a really nice place ya’ll have here Angie.”

“Thanks Miss Fisher.”

“Make it Lisa and that goes for all of you. I’m just another girl enjoying the rays today.”

“Okay Lisa,” she murmured, luxuriating in the touch of her sexy, older teacher. She could feel a dampness blooming in between her legs as her nipples stiffened against the lounger. “We’ve got it all to ourselves. My parents won’t be back until Monday.”

“How convenient for us,” Rick blurted, then turned beet red as the four girls giggled. “I mean, how nice, you know, that, uh…” He trailed off and in his embarrassment, drained the rest of the cooler. He looked at the bottle. These things weren’t half bad. This was those two old guys on the TV, you know, one of ’em doesn’t talk? He placed the empty bottle on the table. “Can I have another one?”

“Let me!” Stephanie and Ann both answered, but it was Stephanie who hopped up first. She playfully pushed Ann back into her chair where her friend steamed silently. Once she heard Rick was coming over, Ann had envisioned herself slowly seducing the cute boy. This was not going to plan. Now she was competing with her sexy friends and maybe Miss Fisher, judging by the looks he was casting her way. Taking the bull by the horns, Ann swiveled and reclined her chair, lying on her stomach. “Rick? Be a dear and do me?” Her choice of words ensured that everyone’s heads jerked her way. She smiled sweetly and dangled the lotion bottle Rick’s way.

“Ssssuuure!” he stuttered and started to get up. As he leaned forward, his vision was suddenly blocked by two creamy orbs, packed together, a deep slice of cleavage between them. He raised his eyes to Stephanie’s mirthful smile. She leaned even further over, exposing more of her chesticles to his hungry gaze.

“Here’s your drink Rick!” she chirped pressing the bottle into his hand. Stephanie glanced over her shoulder at Ann. “Oh, here Ann! Let me! Let Rick enjoy his drink.” She took the lotion, absorbing Ann’s steely glare. Stephanie knew she was running third in the unspoken contest to bag Rick. Angie had already had him once and Ann was undeniably the most beautiful of the three. She decided to play it as slutty as possible and get back in the running.

“Pussy-blocked!” Ann thought. She was then shocked as rather than sit beside her, Stephanie straddled her prone figure, her legs on either side of her hips. She cast a surprised glance back at Steph who pursed her bright red lips and smacked an air kiss. Ann gasped in shock and sudden arousal as Stephanie ground down hard on her ass with her crotch. She then felt Stephanie’s hands sliding slowly up the sides of her torso, grazing the sides of her breasts before coming back together at the clasp. This she undid and parted slowly. Sudden realization of the motive behind Stephanie’s actions hit Ann and she quickly turned her head to look at Rick.

“Take me now Lord. It can’t possibly get any better than this,” Rick thought, his mouth gaping as he watched four of the hottest girls he’d ever laid eyes on rub suntan lotion on each other. He had a drink in his hand, okay kind of a faggy one, but a drink none the less; the sun’s rays warm on him and not a care in the world. He soaked in the sight of Lisa and Stephanie’s hands working over the tender, taut flesh of Angie and Ann. Angie was obviously enjoying the attention as coos of pleasure escaped her lips from time to time. He glanced at Ann’s face and she was staring right back at him. She raised herself up slightly, her flattened out breasts coming more into view, but the nipples still pressed against the towel. kartal escort She slowly lowered her glasses, her brown eyes boring into him and licked her lips slowly and sensuously.

Rick suddenly felt light headed. He didn’t know if it was the alcohol or the heat, but in reality it was the rush of blood to his dozing giant. He realized this as he felt it snake along his thigh, heavy and full. He would have turned beet red if he’d had the blood to spare. Though he knew the show was all for him and he would have been instantly attacked had he the guts to show the ladies his arousal, you can’t just undo 18 years in two months. He knew Lisa was going to be disappointed in his reaction, but he couldn’t help it. The bashful boy sat upright, and then stood, trying to block his rising boner with the wine cooler.

“Uh, where’s the bathroom?”

From her angle, Ann had the best vantage point. She saw the fullness in Rick’s suit and marveled at how long it extended down his leg. “Oh my Lord!” she thought. “He’s positively huge!” She opened her mouth to speak, but no words came.

“There’s one in the cabana Rick,” Stephanie said, pointing out the pool side hutch. She could not see what had struck her friend mute, but she could appreciate the tightness of Rick’s abs, tapering down to his shorts, the muscled V disappearing out of sight. “Need me to show you?” If he took her up on it, she fully intended to jump his bones in there.

“No, no, that’s okay; I’ll be, uh, I’ll be fine. Right back.” He spun and sped walked over to the cabana, going through the door. He shut it behind him and leaned back against it, eyes wide, his pulse pounding. Did he have time to rub one out, he thought. Naw, they’d know something was up. He took a deep breath, willing his heart to stop pounding and stepped in front of the toilet, struggling to remove his thickening pole. There was a small window at eye level and movement from the girls caught his attention.

(Cue the ‘Cars’)

Suddenly, he was Judge Reinhold, though not wearing a pirates’ outfit, watching as the four girls stood and as if on cue, removed their tops, dropping them to the ground. They turned and walked to the hot tub and slid into the water, resting their backs against the wall. Slight thickness turned into full on rigidity in his hand and Rick found himself slowly stroking his pud. Fuck, he thought. How am I supposed to hide this?

It protruded out, thick and throbbing, fully perpendicular to the ground. As he stroked, it hardened more to where it assumed its usual 45 degree stature. He had a sudden idea. He could see that the four some were busy gabbing, so he wrestled his cock back into his suit, took a deep breath, yanked open the door and in three long strides, dove into the pool. He swam the length underwater, and then surfaced on the side near where the hot tub was. He popped out of the water, forearms on the edge and looked up at the four bemused expressions peering down at him.

“Needed to cool off,” he grinned.

“I’ll bet,” Lisa chuckled. “Come and join us baby.”

The three girls giggled at Lisa’s sudden familiarity as Rick grinned bashfully. “In a minute. I promise.” He pushed away from the side and began to swim slowly up and down the length of the pool.

“Darn! I forgot my drink!” Stephanie said, stifling another giggle. With a big smile at the other girls, she rose, beads of water sliding off her smooth, tanned skin. She threw a leg out of the tub and exited, walking slowly towards her “forgotten” drink. As she saw Rick turn for another lap, her walk became more of a skip, setting her breasts jiggling. Rick’s eyes widened suddenly and he floundered, taking in a big mouthful of water, which he expelled forcefully before righting himself. He tread water and stared at the busty blonde’s passage.

Stephanie got her drink and then slid back in the tub, amused at the looks on her friend’s and Lisa’s faces. Lisa cleared her throat and took a drink.

“Ok, look girls. Let’s not be coy here. I think we all know what we want here.” She was pleased as they all nodded. “But listen, play it wrong and you might scare him off.”

Angie snorted. “That’ll happen,” she replied sarcastically.

Lisa smiled. “I’m just saying play it cool, ok?” They all grinned and craned their heads to watch as Rick got out of the pool.

The muscular youth ran his hands through his close cropped brown hair, wiping the water away. He looked up to see four sets of eyes on him. Confident that the coolness of the water had abated his turgidity, he grinned and walked towards them. The temperature did in fact work well, Rick had gone soft, but the moisture of the water accomplished something else entirely.

His cock lay against his right thigh, plastered there by his suit which showed every detail. The fat head stood out in sharp relief through the fabric, tapering to the thick shaft running up his leg. The girls quickly put on their glasses if they weren’t already wearing them to hide the hunger in their eyes as Rick came to stand next to the tub.

“H…How’s the water?” Just beneath the roiling surface of the water Rick could see the bobble of the girls’ breasts. He stood behind Angie, who craned her head backwards, smiling sweetly up at him.

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