Highland Fling

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Anita wasn’t supposed to be vacationing alone. The trip to Scotland had been planned for months, a fifth anniversary trip, and her husband was supposed to be there. Three months before the trip he transformed from her “husband” into a “low-life, cradle-snatching, liar-cheater, asshole”. Whilst not an unknown transformation in the human species, this was a painful shock to her.

For weeks after she found out about the affair with his eighteen year-old blonde Personal Assistant, Anita figured it would be best if she canceled the trip but eventually decided to go on her own. At the very least, she could prevent her sleazebag soon-to-be-ex from getting his share of the money back.

The choice of Scotland had been a joint one; somewhere they’d never been that would be quiet, romantic, and scenic. They wanted to walk in the hills, breathe the clear air, and spend a day fishing on a quiet lake, or “loch” as they were called in Scotland. That vision looked inviting and very real as her driver picked her up from the airport and they made the three-hour drive north, up into the green and gray landscape of the Scottish Highlands’ mountains and forests.

By the time she arrived at Monroe House Anita was so tired she could barely focus. She had been awake for twenty hours and traveling for most of them. She checked in, made it to her room, and fell onto the bed exhausted. It was still only eight o’clock local time and her last thought before losing consciousness was that she could check the rest of the hotel out in the morning.


In the light of the new morning her room was a disappointment. Sure, the view was spectacular but the furnishings were ancient, rickety, and worn. The mattress was saggy and she had woken with an aching back. The bathroom, which was at least en-suite, was clean, but hardly luxurious, with its heavy white porcelain fixtures and worn brass fittings. Anxious to shower and wash away the last of her travel staleness, the shower took forever to warm up and lacked enough pressure to invigorate her.

Before heading down for breakfast Anita pulled out the brochure she’d been sent that advertised Monroe House as “a luxurious jewel in the Highlands.” The glossy paper spoke about golf, fishing, walking, and scenic tours to distilleries and other places. She read about the fitness room in the hotel, the sauna, and the pool… wondering where they might be and how luxurious they actually were. “Whatever,” she shrugged off her negative thoughts, “it’s better than working.”

Breakfast helped with her impression of the hotel but did nothing for her cholesterol. Skipping dinner the previous night had given her a huge appetite, and she easily polished off a large plate of fried food. She was contemplating what to do with her day when a large man in his mid-fifties ambled up to her table with a friendly smile.

“Good morning, Miss.” She vaguely recognized the man as the hotel’s owner, Angus, who had checked her in the night before. “And juss how does this fine Tuesday morning find you?”

He spoke with a soft whispering lilt that was soothing and almost musical. “I’m fine thank you. I was just wondering how I should spend my first day here. I thought maybe I’ll just have a look at the local scenery, chill out a bit.”

“Aye,” Angus nodded in agreement, “It’ll be good to ease yourself into things. I think you’ll find we haff a very relaxing place here for you. I hope you haff a very pleasurable stay with us.”

Anita smiled, wondering how you “eased into” anything around here, the pace of life was so much slower than she was used to.

“If you’d like,” he started to clear her table, “ah can haff my son drive you around a little. He hass to go into town anyway, and ah’am sure you’d love the drive over the hills and the view of the loch. It’s a beautiful day.”

She listened to his brogue and delighted in the unhurried way he delivered his words. Despite her disappointment in the accommodation, Angus’s pleasant manner and ever-present smile made it difficult to dislike the place.

“You know,” she dabbed at her lips with a napkin, “I think I’d like that very much.”

“Ha fine idea indeed,” Angus almost congratulated himself, “Ah’ll haff Alex meet you in reception at say… ten?”


Alex was a younger and slimmer version of his father. At almost six feet tall with broad rustic shoulders, short thick black hair, and a naturally innocent face, Anita’s first impression of him was favorable as he walked up to her and announced himself. “Ah’m Alex.” His voice was almost identical to his father’s. “Ah’ll show you around if you’re ready?”

As they drove around, Alex pointed out many of the local landmarks for her, stopping the ancient Land Rover at the side of the road frequently so she could take photographs. He showed no sign of impatience as she snapped away and enthused about the views. Quite suddenly, Anita was excited, relaxed, and a million miles from the recent turbulence in her life. Around every corner there was another calendar-quality view to enthrall her.

“Aye, bursa escort it’s a nice wee loch,” he said of one deep blue lake as she lined up her camera, “but the fishin’s much better at the one over the hill. It’s a fair hike to get there, but the view’s easily the best around here. Ah could show you later if you like, if y’er game for a walk.”

Anita, city girl that she was, felt a challenge in his words and off-handedly agreed to the deal. She could make any hike around here easily. All those mornings in the gym were not for nothing.


They met again mid-afternoon. Alex was still in his jeans and beat-up trainers, and Anita had changed to some new hiking boots and shorts. He looked at her with a wry smile and a nod. “Aye, you’ll be lookin’ juss fine for the walk up the brae.”

He drove them a few miles from the hotel and parked at the head of a well-worn trail. On the drive Anita chatted more than she had in the morning and found out that he was about to start his second year of university in Edinburgh. He helped his father around the hotel in the summer and was studying architecture.

“Do you have a girlfriend Alex?” she asked as they started up the steep trail.

“Och no,” he dismissed without embarrassment. “No one special anyway. Ah see some of the girls around here, but ah’m no gittin’ married anytime soon.”

Half-way up the trail, Anita decided it was steeper and harder than she thought. Her calf muscles started to burn and the fresh highland air was not as thick with oxygen as it seemed a half-hour earlier. Ahead of her, Alex plodded his way steadily upwards. She noticed that he was stronger and more muscular than she’d noticed before. He seemed to make the ascent without pausing, but she was determined that every time he looked back to see if she was still with him, that she was right there. Anita thanked the StairMaster for her ability to keep up.

Alex was impressed. The American woman looked good for her age, she’d told him she was thirty-six, and was definitely fitter than he’d expected. When he was able to, he was stealing as glances at her, enjoying the view of her cleavage as she climbed and appreciating the strong thighs he saw below her shorts. He liked the way her shoulder-length black hair blew across her face with the breeze, and as they neared the top of the trail he found himself surprisingly aroused by his thoughts.

The view was worth it. “There ye go,” Alex proudly announced as they reached the summit and gazed down at the unspoiled landscape of the valley. “Not a bad wee view.”

Anita looked around in awe at the deep greens and blues that were so vivid under the bright summer sky. It was one of the most memorable vistas she had ever seen and well worth the effort of getting there. The air was clear and full of oxygen again and she breathed deeply and started to retrieve her camera.

“Here, look.” Alex grabbed her arm and pointed to a clearing in the forest. “That’ll be a deer. It’s not every tourist gets to see one o’ them.”

As delighted as Anita was to catch sight of the flighty animal, after a few seconds she realized that Alex hadn’t let go of her arm yet, he still held it pointing at the clearing. More than that, she felt his forearm rest gently against the swell of her breast. It wasn’t an uncomfortable contact though, and when she became conscious of it she had no desire to stop it immediately.

When he let go she pondered the touch for a few seconds, taking another look at Alex as she did. Surely there was no way she could be excited by this innocent college kid from the middle of nowhere that spoke with the heavy accent? But there was no doubting it, she was.

“Ye care to walk down, or would ye just like to take in the view?” Alex extended his arm across the landscape, smiling proudly at his presentation to her.

The walk down into the valley looked fine, but when she thought about getting back again, she balked. “Maybe I’ll just sit and enjoy the view a while.” She walked a few yards and found a large flat rock to sit on.

Alex followed her and dropped himself down onto the same rock. This time it was their thighs that touched, and there was no doubting the heat she felt from the contact. Alex showed no sign of acknowledging the contact as he innocently explained what the hills were called and recounted times he and friends had come fishing in the loch.

Anita was thinking about something different now, something that involved Alex’s hands working all over her body. Had he shown the slightest interest in her, she would have been a willing accomplice in some wild outdoor lovemaking, but he didn’t. It dawned on her how much she had missed a male body next to her and just how long it had been since her last orgasm. An unnoticed smile crossed her face as she determined to pleasure herself that night. It was about time.


Back in her room, Anita had trouble deciding what to do before dinner. Her options were shower, sauna, or masturbate. Unfortunately, much as she wanted to, she was sure she didn’t have time for all three. bursa escort bayan She wondered about masturbating in the shower, but decided on the luxury of a sauna. She was on vacation, after all; she might as well pamper herself a little. Her calves were aching now and she hoped the heat would loosen them up a little.

She quickly stripped off, pulled a robe over her shoulders, grabbed a couple of towels, and then left her room and walked down the corridor, following the signs to her destination. The sauna was situated next to the fitness room. There was a tiny shower outside the main door and some hooks. Anita carefully wrapped a towel around herself and hung up the robe.

In keeping with the rest of the hotel’s facilities, the sauna was tiny. Sighing, she shook off the first wave of disappointment, resigned to make the best of things, and stepped into the small room. At least it was hot and steamy. She sat on a high bench that ran along one wall of the small pine-clad room. Her feet didn’t touch the floor, but she could easily reach the ladle and poured some water onto the heated stones.

As the heat began to wash over her, Anita breathed deeply and started to relax again. She wanted to let her towel fall free and sit naked, but figured the sauna was unisex, so thought better of it. Her pores started to open and her body began to moisten. This prompted Anita to smile at the familiar feeling, close her eyes, and lean backwards against the wooden wall. The day had started with disappointment, turned out better than expected and now she was really ready for the rest of this long-awaited vacation.

There was no knock. The door just opened and someone walked in. Anita realized that she had almost been asleep but as she sat up and opened her eyes, she found herself joined by the unlikely figure of Alex.

He came into the small sauna, closed the door and turned to smile at her. He was carrying a small toilet bag and wearing only a white towel that was slung low over his hips. “Miss Anita. I neffer expected yoursel’ to be here. Nice to see ye again.”

“Hi, Alex.” Anita sat up a bit more and tightened her towel around her, a natural reaction. “I can’t say I was expecting you either.”

“Nah.” He threw some more water on the stones and sat down on the bench opposite her. “But I like tae haff a wee sauna before I go out. It’s the best place to shave. What wi’ your pores wide open and all… gits you a really close shave.” He fished inside the toilet bag and pulled out a razor and a can of shaving foam.

Anita nodded and watched as he spread some foam over his face. What Alex said made sense to her. “You have a date tonight, then?”

Alex was dismissive as he pulled the razor across his cheek. “Och no. Ah’m just going tae haff a few beers. Ah doubt there’ll be any lassies tonight.”

She watched as he scraped away all of the foam and left the skin on his face smooth and fresh. She noticed that his chest was almost devoid of hair and in between his legs the towel was showing just a small sign of activity. The thought of him becoming aroused was a jolt to her own system and she began to feel the wetness between her own legs.

“That looks good.” Anita smiled as Alex leaned forward and wiped away any remnants of shaving foam with his towel. “May I?” She extended her arm, indicating that she wanted to feel for herself.

Alex leaned forward and allowed her to run her fingers over his cheek and across his chin. He felt very smooth. “I think I might have to try that for myself,” she said, only realizing she’d said it aloud when she noticed Alex staring back at her with wide eyes.

“Oh… sorry.” She felt her face flush.

“Och, don’t worry.” Alex leaned back and started to put away the razor. “Ah’ve heard about that, and ah’ve met a lass at university that said she shaved, too. Ah think it’s kinda sexy myself.”

The moment caught Anita unawares and she suddenly felt herself filled with an abandon and lust that she didn’t recognize. But she was a long way from home, on vacation, and who would ever know if she let that other side of her take over, just this once?

“It’s very sexy for me, too.” She smiled provocatively now. “Especially when there’s someone watching me while I shave.”

Alex’s jaw tried not to drop as she spoke, but failed.

“Would you like to watch me?” She leaned forward a little more. “I could borrow your razor if you’d like that.”

“Oh, oh aye.” Alex slipped off his seat and offered her the bag. “Maybe ah’ll just lock the door though. In case someone tries to come in.” He reached out and bolted the door while Anita unzipped the bag.

The tension in the air was overpowering the considerable heat as Alex sat across from her and she prepared the razor with a new blade. Anita couldn’t recall a situation that had been so sexually changed as when she pulled apart her towel at the waist and opened her legs. She looked down and saw herself, excited and exposed.

“Oh my,” Alex almost gasped. “That’s an awful nice wee pussy you have there.”

“I’m glad you escort bursa like it,” Anita smiled and reached down to stretch the skin around herself and expose her week-old stubble. She was looking forward to the next few moments and the most erotic shave she’d ever had.

She waited until their eyes met, and then began squirting foam onto her fingers. Alex’s eyes followed her hand as it started to spread the creamy white foam around her pubic area and continue its swirling movements until she had an even coverage. While she wiped the excess from her fingers, Anita glanced over and saw that the bulge in Alex’s towel was more noticeable and now resembled a tent pole.

Shifting one foot up onto the bench and opening her crotch wider, Anita stooped to examine the site of her work and gently brought the razor to touch her skin. Starting at the bottom of her crotch, she slowly pulled the blade outwards with small strokes that started at the edge of her lips and extended through to the start of her inner thigh. When she completed one side as far as the top of her pussy, she repeated the process on the other side.

Anita had let her husband watch her before, but somehow this was far more erotic; a virtual stranger viewing her intimate actions. As she completed each stroke of the razor her skin started to glisten as the heat of the sauna kept her pores open and gushing. Inside her pussy she was also gushing, but that was nothing to do with the sauna.

Alex looked over and took in every small movement of Anita’s hand and the razor as it wiped away the shaving foam and revealed a pristine pussy, her inner lips seeming to push outwards and open with the pressure of her strokes. His erection was now as hard as he’d ever known; a huge pressure that his towel wasn’t able to conceal. He wanted to touch himself, stroke away some of that pressure, but he restrained himself somehow and concentrated on Anita’s incredible show.

Once she had finished shaving down the sides of her pussy, Anita switched to upwards strokes with the razor and started clearing away everything above her swollen opening. Her arousal level was so high now that she barely felt the blade across her skin, but she could feel from the ease of the blade’s path that she was as smooth as she’d ever been. When she drew the blade up one final time, she took the edge of her towel and cleaned away the remnant shaving foam. Then she ran her fingers over the skin, feeling every inch of the shaved area. It felt slick with the sweat and her leaking excitement, but soft like silk.

“I… ah think it’s even better lookin’ now.” Alex could not take his eyes away from her crotch.

Anita kept her legs wide apart as she continued to let her fingers explore the smooth skin. “It feels amazing, my closest shave ever. Would you like to feel for yourself?”

It was only with the slightest hesitation that Alex slipped from his seat and stood in front of her. Checking her eyes to make sure that she really was inviting him, he saw a very sexy smile on Anita’s face. Then he looked down between her legs and brought his hand up to her.

His touch ran through her with a shiver of pleasure that continued as he let his fingers trace the same path that hers had. She sighed and closed her eyes as she felt a sublime mixture of rising pleasure and relief. When she opened them she was looking straight at the huge bulge in Alex’s towel and noticing that he hadn’t stopped feeling the skin around her increasingly aroused sex.

“It’s definitely smooth.” Alex nodded as he watched the movements of his hand. “Easily the smoothest ah’ve ever seen ah think. It’s such a nice wee pussy.”

“I’m glad you like it,” Anita smiled at him as he looked up at her. “Sure seems like you do.” Alex quickly retracted his hand, worried that he’d outstayed his welcome.

“No. No. It’s okay.” Anita grabbed him and replaced his fingers, against her lips this time. “It likes you, too.”

Alex didn’t need any further encouragement and delighted in being able to work his fingers up and down the length of her opening. Slowly he worked his middle finger inside her lips and began coating it with her juices. Anita sighed again as he slipped further inside with each gentle stroke of his finger. As much as she longed to feel the thrust of him all the way inside her, she loved the building excitement of his delicate entry.

By the time Alex’s finger was fully extended inside her and his palm started to rub gently against her clit, Anita realized she was much closer to orgasm than she thought. She had become so lost in the erotic atmosphere that she’d missed the early signs and was suddenly aware that she was about to come.

“You know,” she gasped for breath, “if you keep doing that I’m going to . . .”

“Is that okay?” Alex asked without halting the slow rocking movements of his hand.

“Oh yes,” Anita breathed.

Alex’s hand kept its slow rhythm, but now his other hand took some initiative and pulled away the towel from her shoulders, revealing her firm breasts and their erect nipples. Almost as soon as he wrapped his hand around her breast Anita felt all control run away from her and her every muscle was overtaken by the climax. His fingers took a firm hold of her nipple just as her body felt like it was leaving the ground.

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