Hiking With Kim

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I slipped my arms through the straps of my pack, locked up the truck, and made my way through the parking lot to the trailhead. I had a bit of a hike ahead of me and the temperature was in the mid-90s with high humidity. Hopefully the shaded trail would be cooler than this asphalt parking lot, I thought to myself as I weaved my way around the parked cars.

“More research today, Doc?” came a voice from behind me.

“Jim!” I said, shaking hands with my former college friend. “I thought they had you working the northern range this summer.”

“They do,” he replied. “I’m just down here for a week covering for one of the guys who had a death in his family. What about you? Still working on that paper about chestnut trees?”

“Well, the paper turned into a book. I’m going in today to get some photographs just below the rockslide on the Craig Cliff Trail. There was a good patch of saplings there last year and hopefully they haven’t fallen to the blight yet. I’ll be in there overnight and most likely be out by 4 o’clock tomorrow.”

“Good luck and keep an eye out. We might be getting some serious weather through here later today,” he warned. “Check in at the ranger shack before you leave. I’ll be there ’til five.”

“Will do,” I said, giving a friendly salute while starting into the woods.

Jim was a great guy and a close friend in college. He wanted to be a state trooper but somewhere along the line, the lure of the mountains took over and he traded in his ideas of patrolling the pavement for a life on the trails. A good move on his part, considering I knew his love for the wilderness. It was the same bug that bit me a few years back when I started out in marine biology and ended up teaching ecology at the state college. I got my PhD last year and I always chuckle to myself when I look back. Coming out of high school I thought washing dishes at Denny’s would be the highlight of my life, but my father was right all along. You can do a lot if you just apply yourself.

The trail followed the Bear River, which seemed a bit low for this time of year. The forest kept the temperature down somewhat but the humidity was unbearable. I soaked a cloth in the river and tied it around my neck several times to try and stay cool. If Jim was right, hopefully a front would come through later. For me, it couldn’t come soon enough. On the other hand, I hate setting up camp in the rain.

I passed several people on the way in. There was a guy with only one shoe. He said he lost the other in the river while soaking his feet. Then there were two guys sitting alongside the trail nursing a pint of Jim Beam. They asked me if I saw their friend along the trail, to tell her they’d meet her at the parking lot. “Sure,” I said as I moved along. I sometimes wonder………… Well, that’s a thought for another time. There was a family of four where Dad was demonstrating his knowledge of the woods. He didn’t quite have all his facts right, but that was okay. At least he was trying and letting his kids know there was more to life than video games.

I had been hiking for almost two and a half hours when I came to the Austin Loop Trail. A sign pointed to the left, directing the hiker. The Craig Cliff Trail went straight, however it had been closed off 15 years ago when a storm caused a landslide. A large portion of Craig Cliff let go, covering the trail up the mountain with huge boulders, making it impassable. The loop took you around the slide but added another half hour to one’s hiking time.

I was staying with the Craig Cliff Trail and continued straight on the now overgrown path for about a quarter mile. I passed the area of chestnut trees, which was the object of my trip. I then cut off the trail and set up camp in a small pine grove where my father and I always camped when I was a kid. I gathered as much down dry wood as I could before setting up my tent. The sky was darkening to the west and it looked like Jim was right. It was good to have dry bursa escort wood for when the rain set in.

It was at this point when I heard a voice. I thought I was hearing things at first, and went back to staking my tent. Then I heard it again. I walked out to the trail and looked in the direction I had come from. Nobody. I heard the voice again and now knew it was coming from behind me. I walked the 100 yards to the bend in the trail where the rock slide began. I looked up to see someone on the rock pile trying to make the descent on their butt.

“Are you alright?” I yelled up.

“What the fuck! Get me down from here,” the person replied.

I climbed as high as I could until I reached a huge boulder that prevented me from going any further. The voice was that of a woman. She continued swearing and cussing until reaching the top of the boulder I was standing under.

“Eddy, you bastard, I’m going to kill you when I get down from here.”

I poked my head around the side of the huge rock to see the face of a young, very attractive girl looking down at me. Her eyes were framed by her shoulder length auburn hair and her tanned skin was smooth as silk without a blemish to be seen. She wasn’t beautiful like a model or having that Barbie doll look. It was more of a friendly, natural, healthy aura that she projected. I will admit that I was quite taken by her.

“I’m not Eddy.” I smiled.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. I thought you were one of my friends,” she started to cry.

I felt a drop or two of rain on my cheek. “Come on. I’ll help you down.”

“I don’t know if I can,” she sniffled. “I sprained my ankle earlier and I can’t put much weight on it.”

“Which ankle?” I questioned.

“My right one.”

I took a moment to formulate a plan of attack. “Okay, slide over between these two rocks. Hold on to them while you lower yourself down and get your feet onto my shoulders. I should be able to get you to the rock I’m on from there.”

She followed my instructions and started sliding her feet toward me, treating me to a clear view up the leg of her hiking shorts. There was no time to get excited about her white panties with pink hearts, though in any other circumstance I would have had a hard-on ripping through my pants. Her feet made it to my shoulders. I started to squat down but realized this wasn’t going to work so I recommended she bend her knees and lower herself until I could get my arms around her waist. That worked and I soon had her standing next to me. The rain drops got a little heavier, followed by a rumble of thunder.

“Come on, We’ve got to get off this rock pile. Can you walk at all?”

“No but I can slide over the rocks like I did at the top,” she responded.

I held on to her shoulder and tried to steady her as her well rounded butt slid over each boulder. We were almost to the bottom when the sky opened up and the rain came down on us in sheets. She tried to hurry but I slowed her down if for no other reason, than for safety’s sake.

“You might as well take your time. I don’t want anyone getting hurt and besides, we can’t get any wetter than we are now,” I said.

We reached the bottom and I put her arm over my shoulder. We hobbled down the trail and reached camp. I started throwing the dry wood into the tent. The trees had protected the pile well, so I was relieved that I could soon get a fire going.

“What can I do to help?” My guest asked.

“Grab the end of that tarpaulin and tie it, just over your head, to that tree.”

I took the other end and tied it low so the rain would run off. The trees were no protection now as the rain had saturated their branches. We both crawled into the tent to wait it out.

“We look like two drowned rats.” I laughed. “I’m Ken Palmer.”

“Hi, I’m Kim Poulan,” she said with a smile that made her even more attractive.

“Ah! Same initials,” I said. I knew there was something I liked about her.

I reached bursa escort bayan into my pack and pulled out a beach towel. “Here, you better get out of those clothes. You can wrap this around you while I get a fire going. Just make sure you ring those clothes outside the tent.”

The rain had let up somewhat but I still had to keep the fire low. I strung up a line for drying whatever we could, before getting back in the tent to get out of my own wet clothing.

“I can hang these up while you get out of your wet clothes. Just pass them out when you’re ready and I’ll hang yours up too,” she told me.

“The rain has stopped.” Kim yelled. “It looks like there might be patches of blue sky.”

“If it clears at least we’ll be dry. It might get chilly tonight,” I told her. “Let’s get this tarp down and stoke up that fire.”

We had plenty of wood but I dragged in some larger logs and stripped off the bark, exposing nice dry wood underneath. I got some water and boiled some seasoned noodles, adding a package of tuna. We sat in our towels eating this mix off paper plates with whatever utensils we could find. I checked her ankle and it really wasn’t swollen that badly. It was hard for her to put weight on it. I told her I would check it in the morning before we packed out.

We talked for some time after dinner. Kim was from Springdale, about thirty miles south of my home. She was 18 and just out of high school. She was hoping to become a veterinary assistant and maybe a veterinarian someday. She told me she was hiking with two friends when they went ahead thinking she was kidding about her ankle. She made her way to the trailhead but the sign was down. She said she could see the clearing below the rocks and figured that was the trail. That’s when she met up with me.

“Your friends… Was one wearing a Harvard t-shirt and drinking Jim Beam?”

“You know them?” she said, shocked.

“I met then on the way in. They said they’d meet you in the parking lot. I didn’t pay much attention. They looked half drunk.”

Kim sat silent for a few minutes before speaking. “Where would I be if you hadn’t come along?

“You’d be on that rock pile soaking wet ’til a rescue party found you.”

“Those bastards…You said that I wasn’t even on the trail. It could have been days before they found me and most likely, dead.”

“Well, you’re okay now. We’ll find your friends tomorrow when we get to the parking lot.”

“They’re not my friends anymore. And I’m not going back with them. I’ll take a bus or find some other way, but it won’t be with them.” she stated.

We talked well past sunset. I could see that Kim was getting cold, even though the fire was blazing really well.

“We better turn in soon. We can get an early start in the morning. We may need some extra time if your ankle’s still bad. You take the sleeping bag. I’ll be alright in some dry clothes.”

Can’t we both fit in the bag?” she asked.

That would be pretty tight,” I said following her into the tent.

“What if we unzip it? Then we’ll both have a blanket. We can put the towels under us.”

“Might work,” I said. “But if you get too cold take the bag. I’ll be okay.”

Kim removed her towel and spread it on the tent floor. She was totally naked except for her pink heart panties which she put on earlier. I guess I should have looked away, but I couldn’t. I could tell earlier that her tits were large, but now, to see them in the dim lantern light; I was producing hard-on that I fought earlier. I spread out my towel and got into my underwear.

“I thought all you teachers wore boxers.” she laughed.

“Just in the classroom,” I remarked. “I didn’t know you were peeking.”

“I didn’t have to peek. They’ve been hanging on the line since we got here.”

Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t peek,” I said pulling the unzipped bag over the both of us. “Are you going to be warm enough?”

She laid down and drew herself escort bursa close to me. “I am now!” she kidded.

I blew out the lantern and rolled onto my side. Kim put her arm over me and drew even closer. “Thank you, Ken.” I don’t know what else to say. I didn’t expect to be here tonight.”

“No thanks necessary. I’m glad to have your company.”

We ended up in a somewhat spooning position. I could feel her warm breath on my neck. Here came that hard-on again, as her hand gently caressed my chest and stomach. My sigh of pleasure must have tipped her off because her hand moved slowly down over my briefs. She kissed my shoulder and began stroking the form of my now hard cock through the cloth of my underwear. Jeez, I thought. She was only eighteen, but certainly a woman. A woman I was very attracted to. I rolled onto my back and, putting my hand behind her head, pulled her lips to mine. Without a word, our tongues darted between each other’s mouths. She squeezed my cock as I caressed her breast with my left hand. I knew our passion would soon be out of control and did nothing to stop it. I pulled her on top of me with no resistance from her, except to adjust her right foot so her ankle would be comfortable. I picked up my lighter and lit the lantern.

“I just want to look at you, “I whispered.

I have had women on top of me before but none like this. She was absolutely beautiful in the lantern light. She smiled and reached behind herself, taking my cock and placing it between her smooth legs. I felt the warmth of her cunt slip over my manhood and ease its way down. It had been awhile for me and I knew I would cum quicker than I wanted. I placed my hands on her hips and gave a few weak thrusts. Her well rounded tits kept in time with me.

“Oh God, I’m going to cum soon, Kim.”

“It’s okay, I’m on the pill.” she said, rotating her hips.

I stared into her eyes and then slammed my steel hard cock as far as I could into her love hole. Faster and faster I pounded as her head fell back showing me her lovely, long neck. She squeezed her nipples. “Oh, fuck me,” she said softly.

Her young cunt was so tight around my shaft, yet her juices made it easy for my cock to explore every inch of that wanting hole. My thoughts were now pure lust. The animal instinct had taken over and tender love making had turned to greed. The head of my cock was now doing my thinking for me as I drove deep into her soaked tunnel. Again and again I thrust, Kim kept up the pace by shouting words of encouragement.

“Oh, Fuck! …….Give me that fucking cock…….. C’mon. Give it to me.”

At that point, my balls tightened and the rush of sperm raced through my shaft. I kept up the hard pounding of her begging cunt while warm jism blasted her insides.

“Oh yeah………Give it to me………..Oh shit, yeah……..Give me all you got.”

Spurt after spurt filled her hole. I could feel her squeezing the muscles of her cunt tighter around me, trying to prevent any means of escape. Her hands dropped between her legs and she rapidly worked her clit until her body tightened. She pressed her lips together, closed her eyes, and within seconds, let herself go.

“AHHHH…….FUCK,” she screamed as her body fell forward across mine. Her fingers dug into my shoulder with her left hand and pulled my hair with her right. She whispered into my ear. “I…….I…..” She was too spent to continue. Her breathing was heavy. I held her in my arms until she regained her strength. She rolled off me and onto her back, placing her hands over her face. My concern grew when I detected that she was crying.

“Are you alright?”

“Yeah,” she sniffed, “I sometimes cry after an orgasm. I don’t know why.”

I turned on my side and brushed the hair from her face. Kissing her lightly on the cheek, I said, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Oh no, you didn’t. It’s just sometimes I let all my emotions go at once. Please, don’t think you did anything wrong.”

I gently caressed her soft skin with my fingertips before pulling the sleeping bag up over us again. I snuggled close and kissed her. Nothing more was spoken that night as we both fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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