His Visit Ch. 1

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His Visit…Chapter One

She laid in her bed thinking about him in the next room. She pictured him in her mind, laying there in his boxers under a thin sheet. How many times had she fantasized about him? Countless!! They had met online and talked on the phone for months. Now here he was under her roof and in the next room!

Slowly, she got out of bed and being as quiet as she could tiptoed out of her bedroom, down the hall to the guest room were he slept. Holding her breath she silently opened the door and looked in on him. By the thin light coming thru the window she could easily see him on the bed. He had the sheet pulled up to his waist laying on his back with his left arm bent over his head and his hand under his head. His right hand was hidden under the sheet. Slowly she realized his right hand was moving under the sheet. Suddenly it dawned on her, he was stroking his cock.

At first she was unsure what to do. Should she back out and close the door or continue to watch as she had fantasized about countless time? As she stood there with her mind racing between doing what she knew was right and giving in to her growing arousal, she looked at his face and was stunned to see him staring her right in the eye.

Embarrassed to her toes for being caught watching him, she started to back out of the doorway.

“Katie” he said softly. She looked back at his face and saw he was smiling.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to intrude. I was just…ummm…well …curious.” She stammered. Noting that his hand continued to move under the sheet stroking his cock.

“Do you want to know what I’ve been thinking about?” he asked softly. As if mesmerized by his voice she slowly nodded her head. “I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve been fantasizing about just this very situation. Thinking about it made me very hard.” He told her as he flipped the sheet back to reveal a nice hard, swollen cock extended from the opening of his boxers with his hand wrapped around it.

Subconsciously, she licked her lips watching his hand move slowly up and down the length of his throbbing hard on. She stood rooted to the spot on the floor fascinated with watching his hand stroking slowly up and down the smooth length of his shaft.

“Katie, come closer if you want to see better.” He whispered to her. She quickly looked at his face to see his smile still in place, his left hand still tucked behind his head.

Moving ever so slowly she moved toward his bed until she was standing next to the bed by his knee. She could see the precum glistening on the head of his cock as he stroked it. Again without thought she licked her lips. She became aware of her body reacting to what she was watching. She felt her pussy tingling as it grew wet with her juices.

Still she stood with her hands at her sides watching his hand as it now slid over the head of his cock and easily glided back down eased by his precum lubrication. His cock appeared shiny and slick each time his hand passed over the head, spreading more precum on it. She felt her panties begin to grow damp as her pussy began to pulse with her own arousal.

“MMMMM…see what you do to me.” He moaned softly. “Just having you here watching me stroke my hard cock makes me even harder.” He watched her intently noticing her breathing had become faster and her nipples hard as she became bursa escort more aroused by watching him. “Would you like to help me?” he asked her.

As if in slow motion she nodded her head, while at the same time she slowly moved to kneel on the floor beside his bed. She watched her hand, as if it belonged to someone else, reach out and tentatively touch the head of his cock with her right index finger. Feeling the warm moist precum on her fingertip she brought the coated finger to her lips. Her tongue flicked out over her fingertip and back into her mouth carrying with it her first taste of him.

Extending her hand again she reached for his cock. Seeing her hand move toward his cock again he let his right hand fall away to rest by his side. She encircled his throbbing hard on with her hand. Loving the feel of the warm, hard, moist feel of him, she slowly began to slide her hand up and down the length of his shaft. His sudden intake of breath was followed by a low moan from his throat. Telling her he was enjoying the feel of her hand on his cock.

“Does this excite you?” he asked.

She nodded her head as she turned to look at his face. “I’m wet.” She simply said.

“Would you like to do something about that?” he asked.

Now unsure she simply looked at him without answering. He continued to smile as he said, “Would you like to touch yourself while you stroke me? I would love to watch you, like you watched me.”

Driven by both a desire to please him and the need growing in her own body, she nodded again. Then slid her left hand up her own thigh under the edge of the tee shirt she was wearing. She felt her skin under her fingers warm and soft, sliding up over her stomach until she felt the hard nub of her right nipple under her fingers. Tentatively, she touched herself, softly pinching her nipple between thumb and forefinger. The affect was a jolt of pleasure that shot through her from her nipple straight down to her wet pussy.

He watched her hand under her shirt as she palmed and caressed her own breasts. Moving from one to the other, unaware of the soft sighs coming from her lips as she did so.

Her right hand continued to stroke him, each pass over the bulging head spreading more and more precum down the shaft. Making her hand as well as his cock slippery and wet. Letting her eyes drift shut, she began to let her left hand slid back down her stomach. Her need growing with each stroke of her hand on his cock.

She let her fingers slide under the top of her panties to continue their descent to her wet pussy. Now throbbing as she felt her clit growing, aching to be touched. Her finger moved over her pussy feeling the juices spread over her nether lips just as she was spreading precum over his cock.

Moving very slowly and carefully, he turned more to his side to allow him a better view of her left hand. Still his view was obstructed by her tee shirt and panties. All he could see was the slight outline of her hand moving, caressing her pussy inside her panties.

“May I watch you touch your pussy?” he asked. Not wanting to embarrass her or make her feel self-conscious.

In response to his request, she moved her left hand to untie the ribbons on either hip that held her panties up. Once untied she pulled the panties from between her legs but as she went to drop them on the bursa escort bayan floor his left hand reached out and took them from her.

He took her damp panties as they slipped from her hand, placing the damp part against his mouth and nose. She watched as he inhaled deeply. A deep moan soon followed as he exhaled. Then she saw him press the material against his mouth as his tongue licked her panties bringing him the first taste of her into his mouth.

“Oh my God,” he groaned. “You smell and taste so sweet.” He looked at her, seeing her green eyes in the dim light and a small smile that slightly moved her lips. “Now, may I see that beautiful pussy better?” he asked again.

She took the hem of her shirt in her left hand and raised it over her head. Only removing her hand from his cock long enough to remove her shirt before she reached out to continue stroking him.

Now he could see her taut nipples standing erect on her breasts. It was his turn to watch in fascination as her left hand moved back down to her pussy. She turn slightly toward him as she opened her legs wider to allow her hand to slide over her pussy. The light reflected off her pussy lips as she moved her hand showing him how wet she had become. The sight of her touching her wet pussy made his cock twitch in her hand.

She watched his face as she let her finger enter between her pussy lips making contact with her swollen, aching clit. This time it was she that moaned as her finger began to make small tight circles over her hard clit. She saw him lick his lips as he brought her panties back to his face again sniffing and licking her honey from the silky material.

Faster she began to rub her clit, letting her finger dip into her, now very wet, pussy to lubricate her finger on her clit. She couldn’t stop the moans coming from her lips as the sensations began to build in her pussy. Her hips started to move in rhythm with her fingers fucking her pussy.

She sat back on her heels, allowing him a totally unobstructed view of her hot wet pussy as he watched her fingers slide deep inside her vagina then out to rub harder and faster over her clit. Her breathing became pants, her moans louder and more intense. Instinctively, he knew she was going to orgasm.

“Oh Baby, I think you’re going to cum for me, aren’t you?” he whispered.

Lost in the haze of her sexual state she moaned louder and answered him, “Yes!”

“Good.” He told her. “I would love to watch you make that beautiful pussy cum for me.”

Encouraged by his voice and his words her hand moved faster as she rubbed her throbbing clit harder. She could feel the tightening sensation in her belly. She knew she was going to cum. She knew he was watching her masturbate and she didn’t care. Her juices, now dripping down her inner thighs, covered her hand and her pussy and made a gentle sucking noise every time her fingers plunged in and out of her vagina.

“Oh yeah!” she moaned louder. She began pushing for her orgasm, wanting it, needing it. Her body demanding it. Her breathing was sharp and erratic as she gave out little high pitched moans indicating she was on the edge of her orgasm.

“Yes, Baby, I want you to cum.” he said simply, but it was the catalyst that pushed her over the edge.

Her head fell back, she arched her back, her finger now moving escort bursa fast and hard over her clit as she cried out.

“Oh my God, Yes!” before the sound dissolved into a mix of scream and moaning. Her body shuddered as her juices flowed freely and copiously from her pussy. He could see her honey flowing over her hand and down her thighs.

Her left hand on his cock still stroking him but now it too was wet and running with his precum. She never stopped moving her hand on his cock when she orgasmed.

Driven by her lust now and without conscious thought, her left hand continued to rub her pussy and clit. Her right hand stroked his cock. She bent forward and touched the tip of her tongue to his swollen, wet cock head. She began licking him as she would a dripping ice cream cone. Over and around the head of his raging hard cock. Tasting his precum over and over again.

She turned her head slightly to look him in the eye. His eyes were now glazed over in his own sexual haze but he watched her intently as she licked at his cock. He saw her press the head of his cock against her lips, painting them with his precum before parting them slightly to suck the head of his cock into her mouth.

Now as her hot wet mouth engulfed the head of his cock, it was his turn to drop his head back and moan loudly in pure delight at the sensations her talented mouth gave him. He began to softly whisper words of encouragement to her as he moaned. Telling her how good it felt, how wonderful her hand was stroking him as her mouth sucked the head of his cock. He could also feel her little tongue licking and caressing his cockhead in her mouth. Sudden he felt the familiar feel of his balls tightening, signaling to him he was about to cum.

“Baby if you keep that up you’re going to make me cum in your mouth.” He groaned. She slid his cock from her mouth as she whispered back to him, “Good I want to taste you in my mouth. I want to swallow your cum.”

He felt her mouth close over him again but this time her own moans vibrated through his cock as she once again brought herself to orgasm by fingerfucking her pussy. It proved to be his undoing.

“Oh God Baby, you’re going to make me cum.” he gritted out between clenched teeth. He looked down at her to see her stick her tongue out rubbing the head of his cock against it while her hand moved faster and harder up and down his shaft pushing him to cum. “I’m going to cum Baby…riiiiggght… now!” he growled low and deep in his throat as he watched the first hot spurt of his cum shoot over her tongue up into her mouth.

As soon as she felt that first hot spurt of his cum she closed her mouth over the head of his cock and sucked deeply. Swallowing as much as she could. Her tongue licking over his cock trying to catch every drop. Her hand had tightened on the base of his cock when he announced he was coming then slowly moved up and down his shaft milking him into her mouth.

When she no longer felt his cock pulsing with his ejaculation she gently kissed the head of his cock. He lay gasping to bring his breathing under control. She smiled at him, unaware that a drop of his cum glistened at the corner of her mouth. For the first time he reached out for her, very gently cupping her face in his hands, he sat up. He brought his face close to hers, smiling into her eyes as he gently kissed her mouth tasting both her mouth and him on her lips.

She watched him as he backed away from the kiss. She smiled at him not knowing what to say. He understood her shyness and whispered, “Now it’s my turn to drink you.”

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