Home Sweet Home

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Aaron walked into the house and set his bags on the floor. He let out a heavy sigh of relief. It was nice to travel but there’s no place like home. That feeling of relief was quickly replaced with disappointment that no one was there to welcome him. Aaron set his keys on the end table and noticed a tape player there with a note. “PLAY ME” was written on a paper heart. Curious, Aaron pressed play.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Aaron heard Sasha’s voice and smiled. “I’m so glad you’re back. I’ve missed you. Notice the ribbon under the cassette player. It leads to your very special Valentine. Enjoy.” The recording stopped.

Aaron had been busy and had forgotten it was Valentine’s Day. He wondered what the surprise could be and picked up the purple silken ribbon. His eyes followed its shimmering length. It lead out of the foyer and into the living room. Like an eager child Aaron followed it. It ended on the couch, wrapped around what looked like a photo album. The note on the top read: “For whenever I’m not around.”

Aaron flipped open the book and found that it was full of pictures of Sasha. Starting at the beginning Aaron scanned through them. Each page contained large full-length black and white photos. As Aaron moved from page to page Sasha was wearing less and less clothing. Aaron paused on the last couple of pages. His eyes took in Sasha’s slender form. Aaron viewed Sasha’s arms outstretched above her head. A look of utter need was captured in her eyes. Aaron’s gaze continued down the soft curve of Sasha’s neck to her breasts, which were covered by an oversized heart, decorated in the fashion of a box of chocolates with the words “Happy Valentine’s Day” scribed in cursive. He looked down to Sasha’s slender waist to the luscious slope of her hips and buttocks. Aaron’s eyes followed along her hip to her midsection but Sasha’s mound is hidden from view by her smooth crossed legs.

Aaron turned the page. Sasha was sitting in a chair, legs apart with her heels resting on the legs of the chair. Her head was released back as if she was swept up in intense pleasure. Sasha’s right hand was at her throat. Her left hand was between her legs. Aaron felt a rise in his pants. He knew that she had to be dripping wet at that very moment. He wanted to crawl inside the picture and lick where Sasha’s fingers were. He traced a finger down the photo as if he could feel her warm skin. He caressed Sasha’s breasts, down her tummy and over each leg. Aaron looked down at his crotch then groaned, acknowledging how easily Sasha could arouse him. Aaron closed the book. A yellow ribbon caught his attention.

Aaron followed where it lead. It ended in the kitchen where it wrapped around two wine glasses. He took them, but the ribbon didn’t stop there. The end of the yellow ribbon was tied to a green one. That ribbon wound through the house until it joined with a blue ribbon and then with an orange one. All of them lead to Aaron’s bedroom and disappeared under the door.

Gathering all bursa escort of the ribbon over his arm Aaron placed a hand on the door. He felt a tug on the ribbon. He smiled then pushed the door open to see Sasha standing there. The orange ribbon joined with a red one and draped across her semi nude body like a sash.

“Surprise,” Sasha exclaimed. She held her arms out to Aaron.

“Wow,” was all Aaron could say. He stashed the wine glasses by the door then gathered Sasha into his arms. He held her close for a moment before allowing his hands to roam over her hips and thighs. He bent his head to inhale her scent. Sasha kissed his neck.

“I never expected this,” Aaron mumbled into Sasha’s neck.

“I wanted to surprise you, Aaron.”

“You did. I didn’t get you anything. I feel like such an ass.”

“You’re back. That’s my gift.”

Holding Sasha at arm’s length, Aaron noticed for the first time how she was dressed. A satin hunter green bra, cupped Sasha’s breasts. Aaron watched as they rose and fell with her breathing. His gaze continued down to the matching triangle of material between her firm thighs. Aaron reached out to touch her but she took a step back. A little mischievous smile spread across Sasha’s face and her eyes twinkled. Aaron took a step forward. Sasha took two steps back.

“Playing hard to get are you?” Aaron was humored by the game.

“Well you didn’t think it would be that easy did you, Aaron?”

Aaron lunged out and grabbed Sasha’s wrist then yanked her into his body.

“Now don’t move.”

“Or what?”

“Or this.”

Leaning down and capturing Sasha lips with his, Aaron kissed Sasha, hard at first, then gently before he slipped his tongue between her lips. Aaron felt Sasha’s body relax but he held her firmly. She answered his kisses with her own, tasting the inside of his mouth. Every muscle in Aaron’s body was aware of Sasha, especially the fullness of her breasts. Sasha pushed herself against his body. Aaron moaned. Sasha bit down into his lower lip then pulled away. Both were trying to catch their breath as they looked into one another’s eyes, knowing instinctively what the other wanted.

“God I’ve missed you,” Sasha said. She touched the side of his face. Her thumb moved over his smile.

“I’ve missed you also…but how much have you missed me I wonder.”

He placed his hand over Sasha’s mound. His fingers inched their way under the hem of her panties. She was wet.

“Yes I see that you have,” he said smiling down at her.

“I want you,” Sasha said. She worked open the buttons of Aaron’s shirt. He helped her push it off his shoulders. She touched his torso, moving over every inch with her fingertips before she kissed him. She planted small kisses over his pecs before seizing one of his nipples between her teeth. Aaron sighed and watched her intently as she alternated the feeling of her teeth and then her lips on the sensitive surface of his nipples.

Aaron’s bursa escort bayan knees weakened when Sasha’s hand found its way into his slacks. She cupped his cock. It responded and grew warm and hard at her touch. Their lips meet again. Between fervent kisses Sasha said, “I’ve been thinking about this the whole time I’ve been waiting for you. I thought you’d never get here.”

Together with hurried fingers they removed his slacks. Sasha kissed down his stomach before positioning herself on her knees in front of him. She leaned her head down and kissed Aaron’s cock through the material of his underwear. Her hot breath on him was an exquisite tease. She wasted no more time and slid his underwear off.

Aaron closed his eyes and relished in the feeling of Sasha’s moist lips stroking over the length of his shaft. She used her hands to increase the pleasure and the length of her strokes. Eyes opened Aaron watched Sasha’s cheeks cave in as she sucked and sucked and sucked. Aaron pushed his hips forward, increasing the depth of the head of his cock inside her mouth. Sasha responded with a soft moan.

“Sasha, let me fuck you.”

Sasha continued her attentions as if she didn’t hear him. Her lips were swollen and wrapped seductively around his cock. Aaron enjoyed the sensation of her blowjob a moment longer before grasping her by the shoulders and pulling her to her feet. He covered her mouth and face with kisses while pulling her panties to the side. His fingers found her clit. Her hand covered his. They rubbed her throbbing center together. Their kisses grew hungry. Sasha moved her hips back and forth looking for more contact, more pleasure from Aaron’s fingers.

Their bodies moved against each other in a sexy dance. Aaron’s penis slipped between Sasha’s legs. He rubbed his cock against her hardening clit. He was covered with her juices when, without a word, Aaron scooped Sasha up into his arms and carried her to the bed. Aaron laid her down then closed the distance between their bodies with his. Resting over Sasha’s body, his left arm held his weight and his right hand explored Sasha’s breasts. He liked the sight of them.

“Those pictures Sasha….gosh!” Aaron removed Sasha panties, pushing them the rest of the way down her legs.

Sasha blushed. “Well I wanted to give you something….personal…for Valentine’s Day. Something so that you could have me around….whenever you wanted.”

“Well you made a good choice.” With that Aaron kissed Sasha’s cleavage, licked up from one delicious peak to the other. Aaron hooked his fingers into the straps of her bra to bring them down and reveal two wonderfully dark nipples. He used his thumb and forefinger to twist them both.

“Now I’m going to tease you a bit.”

Sasha moaned then said, “Tease me, baby.”

Aaron kissed all over Sasha’s stomach with loud playful kisses. She watched Aaron leave no inch untouched. He slipped one hand under her bottom while his tongue trailed down her thigh escort bursa then up. He bit into her hip. Sasha lifted her hips enough to brush her mound over his face. Aaron kissed her pelvic bone, ignoring the way her hips were moving. They continued to rock, beckoning his mouth between her thighs. Aaron put his face inches from her dripping pussy and blew on it.

“I don’t know how much more I’m going to take,” Sasha whispered.

Aaron kept going as if he didn’t hear her. He licked his thumb and pressed it against Sasha’s clit. Her hips thrust up making her clit roll under the pressure of his thumb. Aaron took his finger away. Sasha whimpered.

“Taste me…please. I want you to.”


Without hesitation Aaron licked up and down on Sasha pussy. Her sweet scent filled his nose. Pleasure shot right to Aaron’s cock. He positioned his body so that his hips were near Sash’s head. This gave him greater access to her pussy which he licked harder and faster as the sounds of her pleasure grew.

Sasha reached for Aaron’s cock. She stroked him expertly until he could feel precum drip from the head of his cock. Sasha let out a long throaty moan then stuffed her mouth with Aaron’s erection. The sounds of her pleasure spurred him. He split her soaked pussy lips with two fingers. He stroked them inside her. In moments the two of them were in sync with one another, in and out and up and down. Lips, tongues, hands moving on warm flesh and wetness until their breathing and pulses quickened.

The need to fill her grew inside him. Aaron moved Sasha onto her back. Holding both of her legs by the ankles Aaron pushed her sexy legs open. He gazed down at her glistening pussy. It looked well licked. He couldn’t wait to see it looking well fucked. Without touching his cock, Aaron positioned himself at Sasha’s hole. He watched the head of his cock work her outer lips open. She was so wet that his cock entered her easily. Rhythmically Aaron fucked into Sasha, inch by inch. Warmth and wetness enveloped him. Aaron looked down at Sasha and watched the expressions of pleasure and desire play across her face. He wanted her so much and had her at the same time. The feeling was overwhelming. He bent down to kiss her mouth. This deepened his penetration as her ankles rested on his shoulders. Sasha squealed. “I love it!”

Her verbal praise encouraged Aaron to keep fucking. The more she moaned the harder his pushed, increasing the pleasure for both of them. Aaron gathered his composure but was past the point of wanting to hold back. He drove the weight of his body down into her petite frame until he felt himself fill her completely. Her body jerked as the first signs of her orgasm took hold of her body. Aaron rode the wave of her orgasm long enough to enjoy it uninterrupted until his own hit him like a collision with a brick wall. It was a rush that was electric and mind numbing. His seed mixed with her juices. Aaron lowered his body enough to keep the heat between them but was careful not to crush her under his weight.

As his cock subsided inside her, Aaron reflected on all that she had done for him and to him this evening. He was reminded of what a very special woman she was. He said, “Be mine.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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