Honeymoon with Mom Ch. 10

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One year ago…

As befit a yacht outfitted for orgies, the tanning couch on the aft sundeck of Katmandu was plushly upholstered and big enough for half a dozen people to use at once.

At this moment Nicole and Mai Jacobsen lay on their sides in the center of the couch, kissing passionately and caressing one another’s naked bodies in the warmth and brilliance of the midday sun. They mirrored one another, each with one leg outstretched and the other cocked high at the knee so that they could be easily penetrated from behind. Marc Jacobsen was fucking Nicole while Brandon’s prick was deep inside Mai’s pussy.

The two well-hung young men, each inside the other’s mother, fucked the women in rhythm so that with each thrust into their pussies Nicole and Mai were pressed snugly against one another, their tits and tummies rubbing together wonderfully.

“Oh yes,” Mai breathed. “Your son is an fine young stud, darling, with a beautiful cock. You should be a proud mother.”

“Mmmm…I’m a very satisfied mother,” Nicole replied. She squeezed her pussy muscles around Marc’s prick, holding him in place for a moment to luxuriate in the thrill of being so completely stuffed with cock meat. After several seconds she relaxed and he began pumping his hips again. “Thank you so much for inviting us along on the cruise.”

“Don’t be silly,” Mai said. “I can’t imagine party fucking without you two now. Brandon’s become one of my favorite partners, and you…” she reached up to fondle the redhead’s tits…”I couldn’t keep you from my other friends. I would be depriving them of some extraordinary fucking.”

There were at least two dozen guests along on this week long island-hopping cruise, all either personal friends or business associates of the owner. As busy as everyone had been with fucking and sucking ever since they’d left port, Nicole hadn’t yet met the young man who owned Katmandu, a certain James Andrews. She had made the intimate acquaintance of quite a few other new playmates however.

They included Lindsay’s biological father Sean, a wealthy European banker. Right now father and daughter shared a low deck couch a few feet away from Nicole. Lindsay lay on her back with her father kneeling between her thighs. Her small, firm ass was elevated by several cushions so that Sean could easily enter her. His hands were on her knees, holding her slender white legs high and wide apart. His hips rocked gently as he pushed his big cock into her clasping pussy and withdrew it very, very slowly.

Lindsay’s eyes were closed and her mouth slightly open in a dreamy expression of pure bliss. As Nicole watched, Lindsay’s younger brother Tony walked over to join the incestuous coupling. He touched the tip of his cock to his sister’s lips. Without opening her eyes to see whose cock it was, Lindsay snaked her tongue out to circle the head of the cock. The young blonde woman uttered soft, low cries of pleasure as she continued to mouth only Tony’s cock-head, moving one small hand up and down the whole length to urge him toward a creamy explosion.

Another nearby deck couch was occupied by Althea Carole and her daughter April. In spite of her aversion to snobbery Nicole admitted to being impressed that this Mr. Andrews moved in such circles. Althea was easily the most famous person on the boat, a world-renowned and award-winning Hollywood actress for at least two decades. Now in her early forties, at first glance she and twenty three year-old April might have been taken for twins rather than mother and daughter. Both were tall, blonde and slim with the kind of arched cheek bones and pixie noses that cameras loved. They shared an elegant, almost regal carriage, a way of seeming to glide rather than simply walk into a room or even up a ship’s boarding plank.

Ever the attention-loving performer, Althea had entertained the assembled guests in Katmandu’s lounge on the first night of the voyage with a live show. Ascending a small stage hand in hand with April, mother and daughter had stripped one another and then engaged in a long display of sixty-nine and mutual masturbation, all to the smoky strains of a live jazz ensemble.

That had set the tone for the week very nicely indeed.

Now mother and daughter writhed naked on their couch, hands clasped tightly and those long movie-star legs scissoring around one another as they elegantly rubbed their dewy pussies together.

Mai followed Nicole’s gaze, smiling ironically at her friend’s open-mouthed fascination. “Quite scandalous, I’m sure,” Mai purred. “Fortunately James assures the absolute privacy of all his guests.”

“Who is this fellow?” Nicole asked. Brandon peered at her over Mai’s shoulder, rolling his eyes.

“Christ, Mom. James Andrews only owns half the fucking Internet!”

“Speak respectfully to your mother,” Mai chided, slapping güvenilir bahis Brandon playfully on the ass. “Just keep that lovely cock moving, hmm? Your son exaggerates, Nicole, but perhaps not that much. James has done extremely well in online commerce. Unless I’m mistaken he skipped college to go into business for himself, and somehow managed to make a fortune on the Internet while everyone else was losing theirs in the dot.com bubble collapse. Excuse me, dear…may I borrow my son for a little while? I’d like to do a double.”

“Of course,” Nicole said. She and Mai both rolled away from their fuck-partners.

“Lie on your back, darling,” Mai instructed Marc. When her son was in position she planted her knees on either side of his hips, facing away from him, then reached behind to grasp his rigid prick. She guided the shiny purple head up between the cheeks of her small pear-shaped ass, positioning it against the bud of her asshole. “Nicole has such a wet, wet pussy,” she breathed. “I’m sure she’s adequately lubricated you for Mother.”

Marc held on to his mother’s hips, steadying her as she relaxed her anus and pushed herself slowly onto his prick. After a moment’s resistance the head disappeared inside her all at once, slowly followed by more and more of the giant throbbing stalk of his cock.

The sight of her best friend taking Marc up her ass never failed to astonish Nicole. “I don’t know how you can stand it,” she said for what must have been the tenth time.

“Ah…I’ve told you before, sweetheart, the biggest…unngggh…cocks make the v-v-very best ass-fucks.” Mai grimaced and screwed her eyes shut as she forced herself further and further down on to her son. “You truly don’t know what you’re missing.”

“I’m going to have to trust you on that,” Nicole said.

“As you wish.” Mai lay back on her son’s broad chest and unfolded her legs out straight. Marc brought his hands up to fondle her breasts. He pinched her nipples and tugged the elastic tissue up taut while she wriggled against him. Her legs spread wide apart and her hairless pussy glistening wetly in the bright sunlight, she beckoned to Nicole’s son. “Now, please, Brandon.”

Brandon beamed proudly at Nicole and climbed on top of Mai, driving his hard fuck-meat all the way into her cunt with a single stroke.

“Aaaiiiii! Aahhh, aaahhh, aaaiiieeeee!” Mai screamed. Althea and April, who’d moved from grinding against one another into another session of mother-daughter pussy-licking stopped momentarily and raised their heads in alarm. Nicole understood that. Anyone who didn’t know Mai Jacobsen would have thought from the noises she made that she was being tortured.

Nicole knew that her friend was coming from the intensity of being penetrated by two big men. The redhead pushed two fingers into her own melting pussy and frigged herself excitedly as she watched Mai thrash and shake between her young lovers.

Only Lindsay was oblivious to the spectacle, as Sean kept up his deliciously slow fucking of his daughter. Her father was the most expert and patient swordsman Lindsay had ever known. Having him inside her was almost an out-of-body experience for the young blonde and she would remain in an erotic trance until he brought them both to simultaneous, thundering climaxes. She was dimly but pleasantly aware of Tony pushing his cock in and out of her mouth. A dozen men could have lined up to take their turns between her tender sucking lips and she would have drowsily swallowed their loads as long as Daddy’s cock was in her.

Nicole could identify with that, she mused ruefully.

“There’s insatiable, and then there are the Jacobsen women.” Nicole looked up over her shoulder, startled by the unfamiliar male voice. The tall, deeply tanned stranger smiled disarmingly and offered her his hand. “James Andrews, ma’am.”

“Oh!” Nicole felt herself flush. She could see this amused him, and she had to laugh at her own sudden and unlikely modesty. “Nicole. Nicole…Crane,” she offered, rising to her feet.

“Charmed,” Andrews said. He was clean-shaven, with clear blue eyes and close-cropped hair almost as dark as Mai’s. So powerfully built that had her friend not just explained his business to her Nicole would have guessed him to be a professional athlete, he was also younger than she’d expected, probably not yet thirty years old.

Wearing only deck shoes and blue yachting shorts, Andrews seemed absurdly overdressed on this voyage. Nicole felt shy again and casting her eyes around the deck didn’t help much. Everywhere she looked people were naked and engaged in sex of one kind or another in couples or groups. “T-this is quite an impressive ship, Mr. Andrews” she stammered.

“James…please.” His eyes followed hers. “It’s a nice retreat from the world,” he said with a shrug. “Have you had the tour?”

Nicole türkçe bahis shook her head.

“Well then, allow me the privilege,” James said, offering his arm. He glanced back at the threesome humping and thrusting away on the tanning couch. “It looks like Mai is going to be greedy with the guys for a while, and you’re far too beautiful to sit neglected.”

Katmandu surely was an impressive pleasure barge, boasting several sundecks and a large pool, an extravagantly appointed top deck and three intimate cocktail and dining areas in addition to the large open air lounge where Althea and April had performed. From the instant she set eyes on James Andrews, though, Nicole’s main interest was in a tour of his stateroom.

In that as in everything else the handsome young billionaire seemed eager to oblige her. It wasn’t long before she found herself standing in the middle of what she’d have taken to be the luxury penthouse in a big city high-rise, except for the magnificent view of the rolling sea and distant ocean horizon beyond the wide round glass window. The walls were sheathed in ebony wood and white onyx, and a king-sized berth dominated the bedroom.

James stepped up behind her, closing his strong arms around her tiny waist and reaching up to fondle her big round tits. Nicole lifted her face to his and they kissed.

His simplest touch thrilled Nicole, but the sex obsessed redhead was already desperate for more. She sank to her knees on the carpet before him “Curiosity is killing me,” she admitted. “It feels like you have a tree growing between your legs. I have to see, please?”

James just nodded and smiled down at her. Nicole reached out to caress the bulging outline of his cock and balls through the thin nylon fabric of his shorts. She untied the drawstring, hooked her fingers into the waistband and began tugging them down.

Her breath caught in her throat as the thick root of his cock came into view. She kept pulling…the garment was half-way to his knees now, and there was more prick yet to be revealed.

The cloth caught on his cock knob as his fuck organ started to swell. With a last impatient yank Nicole pulled the shorts to his ankles.

“Dear God!” Nicole’s pulse pounded in her temples as James’s cock sprang free and kept growing as she watched. Half erect it was already bigger than Marc’s, and he was by far the heaviest hung guy she’d played with. She didn’t waste a second. She leaned forward and kissed the throbbing meat hammer, moving her lips up and down its length before sliding her mouth over the head. If I don’t get him in me now he’ll get too big, she thought.

It took both of Nicole’s hands to cradle James’s massive balls as she slid her moist lips eagerly down his long thick cock. She paused when he was half inside her, breathing deeply through her nose and sucking greedily.

“Go, baby!” James encouraged her. She pushed her head forward again, cupping and flexing her tongue against the underside of his shaft as she took more and more of him. He grunted with pleasure and rocked his hips. He was half-way down her throat now.

Nicole loved to suck cock more than anything on Earth. Luke Gable would swear to her that she was the best cock-sucker in Greenleaf, better than Laney Moore or Lucille Aldrich. Since Lindsay and Mai had freed her of her old hang-ups she’d never gone longer than a day without at least one hard cock gliding in and out of her hungry throat, and after she’d taken her own son to her bed she’d been able to indulge her passion for sucking at almost any hour of the day or night.

She had even, finally, managed to deep-throat Marc Jacobsen.

Now, though, she almost choked on James’s cock. Several inches short of the root she had to give up and pull her mouth off of his prick. “I’m sorry,” she said meekly.

“Sorry?” James looked incredulous. “For what? Darling, you’re amazing. No one has ever been able to do what you’re trying to do. I guess I’m just…too big.” He looked sad as he said it.

Nicole’s heart welled up inside her. She looked tearfully into his eyes. “James,” she said determinedly, “Don’t let me pull back this time. Hold my head down if you have to.”

James stared at her in disbelief, speechless. Nicole swallowed his cock-crown again and bobbed her head, working his fuck-rod back down her throat. A few inches from the base she gagged again. Steeling herself, she focused on breathing slowly and steadily.

Instinctively Nicole reached between her legs to frig herself. A torrent of juice flooded over her fingers and she plunged them up into her pussy in rhythm with the bobbing of her head. It more than helped…in fact she felt herself rushing toward an orgasm as she took in another inch, and another…

James put his hands on the back of her head, stroking and tangling his fingers güvenilir bahis siteleri in her long red curls, steadying her. He teasingly massaged her earlobes. That triggered something deep in Nicole. Both her mouth and her pussy opened completely to him. Her lips brushed against the silky skin of his ball sack.

“Christ! I don’t believe it!” James yelled aloud. “Ahh, yes!’

Nicole came on her fingers then, her body suffused with waves of sensual pleasure and something more…a womanly pride. She believed now that she could handle any man on Earth.

After a brief rest to catch her breath she began to move on him. “Mmmm, mmmm!” she whimpered as she whipped her head up and down, just a little bit at first and then in longer and longer strokes until her lips rode the entire length of his cock on every stroke. She sucked at his prick feverishly, her cheeks hollowing as she increased the suctioning sensation around his prick. James’s cock throbbed violently in her mouth and she knew that he was about to spew a great shower of spunk down her throat.

“Yes, doll, yes!” he grunted, lunging forward. Jism sprayed from his cock in long, thick ropes, drowning and soothing the straining tissues of her throat in a seemingly endless, creamy reward.

Nicole didn’t withdraw her mouth from James’s cock until she was sure that she’d vacuumed the last dribble of cum from his cock. Then she rocked back on her heels and sighed contentedly.

“No one but me,” she purred. “No one has ever sucked your whole big cock but me.”

“No one but you, darling.” He lifted her in his arms and carried her to the bed. They lay together, kissing and touching and licking, exploring one another’s bodies as curiously if neither had ever been naked with a member of the opposite sex but with all the expertise of lifetimes of fucking.

Nicole couldn’t keep her hands or mouth away from James’s cock and especially his big balls. She held and kissed and licked his nuts, trying to swallow them whole. It wasn’t long before his prick was hard again. A daring idea was taking shape in her imagination. She gazed up longingly at him from between his legs. “You know what I’d like?” she said.

“I’m afraid to ask.”

“I’d like you to fuck me up my ass with this big fella.”

“What?” James sat bolt upright. “Seriously?”

Nicole nodded earnestly. “I’ve never been ass-fucked. Mai says the bigger the better, so I’m guessing that taking you in my ass will be the best ever.”

James looked uncertain. “No one’s ever…”

“Don’t tell me…no one’s ever been able to ass-fuck you properly, right?” Nicole laughed. She wrapped both hands around the stalk of his prick and started jacking him off. “This big guy sure wants to try. He’s like steel just at the thought.”

Nicole didn’t wait for James to answer. She scrambled to her knees and spread her legs wide, presenting her flowering pussy and the milk white globes of her ass for his inspection. She felt brazen, and forced whatever fear she had from her mind. “Come on, baby. Slip me the meat. A few long thrusts up my wet cunt should get you slicked up.”

James got to his knees behind her. She shivered with delight as he rubbed his huge cock back and forth across her pussy lips, then eased it into her drooling cock socket. She humped back to meet his cock-crown and almost changed her mind about the whole thing when he started fucking her pussy. It felt so good and right to have him in her pussy channel, she didn’t want to let him go.

James pulled out of her pussy and gripped her fleshy ass-cheeks. He poked the tip of his cock hard against her tiny asshole and pushed. “Get ready!” he warned.

“Yes, yes! Fuck my ass!” Nicole hissed, relaxing her muscles as best she could to ease his entry.

James thrust forward and fucked his massive cock into her stretched anus. Nicole shrieked from the pain, nearly collapsing on to the bed. Ungghnh..Owww! Please, please…oh god..OH YEAH BABY.” The pain disappeared suddenly, driven out by a fiery ecstasy beyond anything she’d experienced.

James fucked his prick rapidly in and out of Nicole’s ass. Her body was on fire. Mai was so right, she thought, and just when she believed that nothing could possibly feel better than a huge cock up her ass James reached around and played with her clit. He pinched and tickled and rubbed her hard little joy button until she pled for relief?and then he shoved three fingers deep into her pussy and massaged her g-spot until she exploded in the most violent orgasm of her life.

At that moment James came inside her, hot globs of cum blasting from his cock and splashing against the inner walls of her ass.

Nicole’s trembling legs gave way and they both collapsed on to the bed, James lying heavily on her back.

“That was incredible,” James muttered.

“It was,” Nicole murmured, close to passing out from the beautiful agony of it. Her head swam and she saw spots before her eyes. “Ass-fucking. Where has this been, hmmm? Could be a whole new way of life.”

“Could be,” James agreed. “A whole new life.”

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