Honey’s Surprise

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It was a lazy Friday afternoon. The sun was slowly setting and shades of twilight began to creep across the sky. In the dreamy state between sleep and awareness, I dozed on the porch glider. The sun-warmed wood was smooth and soft beneath us.

We were bathed in the soft glow of the dwindling sun. I sat on his lap as we slowly rocked back and forth on a porch glider. I remember resting my head lightly against his shoulder, dozing. He shifted, almost imperceptibly, and I felt his hands move from their former position where he had clasped them about my waist to move underneath my shirt. He slowly ran his fingers up my torso, from my soft and trembling belly, on and up until the calloused fingers of his left hand teased the undersides of my breasts.

His right hand was just as busy, moving beneath the flimsy barrier of my skirt to trace circular patterns on the sensitive skin just above the triangle of jet-black curls separated from his questing fingers by only a thin scrap of silk and lace.

By this time, I let out a soft whimper in anticipation of his fingers inside me, but he merely chuckled and continued to tease me, sliding his hands over my thighs instead, still tracing pendik escort that circular pattern with his fingers.

I could feel the hard length of him beneath me, attesting to the fact that he was not immune to his own teasing. I squirmed on his lap, wanting to reach between us and rub that lovely cock of his, but, guessing at my intentions, he circled my wrists with his hands and drew my hands up and over to clutch at his neck as he bent his head and began to kiss a path from my shoulder to my ear, unbuttoning my shirt at the same time.

“Hold on to me, Honey,” he whispered in my ear, “you’re going to need it.”

I moaned as his tongue did devilish things to my ear. I tilted my head to the side to give him better access to my neck, and ended up pressing my head hard against him as I arched my back helplessly when he abruptly grasped my aching nipples and playfully bit the place where my shoulder joined my neck.

“Please…” I panted, gasping as he continued to play with my nipples, alternately teasing me by tracing those damned circles around my breasts, flicking them with his thumbs, and plucking at them.

“‘Please…’ what, Honey? ‘Please, stop?’ Or ‘Please, escort pendik more? Tell me what you mean.” He smiled as he began to move his hips beneath mine; rubbing me with that cock I wanted so desperately inside me.

“Please…” I begged mindlessly, “please… I want… to come.” My eyes were tightly closed as I strained upwards trying to entice him into giving me what I needed.

“Perfect, Honey, just perfect,” he shifted again and unzipped his pants with unsteady hands, drawing my skirt up as he worked. He was nearly as desperate as I was, because I knew how much it aroused him to hear me beg and moan. As he pushed my skirt up high enough to bare my ass, his hands tightened on my hips convulsively as he stopped and stared. “What is THAT?” he asked, momentarily stunned.

I could feel the heat of his cock as it was released from the confines of his pants and he positioned it. The wetness from my pussy dripped directly on the head of his penis, which had first caught his attention. The memory of silk and lace covering my mound caused him to look down and to notice my panties for the first time.

“Surprise,” I choked out, nearly incoherent with pleasure at the thought pendik escort bayan of that orgasm so near at hand. The panties—crotch-less panties, to be precise— had been worn for the express purpose of easy-access sex. I had planned an elaborate seduction, but that would have to wait for another day, another encounter… because I needed to be fucked, NOW.

God, why had he stopped moving his hips?

I nearly wept with frustration when suddenly, he shifted, and my cry abruptly turned into a moan as he pushed into me with one sure thrust and bit that sensitive spot on my neck. My whole body arched involuntarily, as my inner muscles contracted around his cock. As he fucked me, the glider swayed with each rhythmic thrust and the tension wound up tighter and tighter within me. When his hand moved from my breasts down to rub and torment my clit, I came. My muscles clenched around his cock, causing his own orgasm. As he groaned from the intense pleasure of his own release, I could feel the warm splashes of his semen deep inside me. My pussy pulsed around him, milking him for every last drop.

I was sprawled across his lap, like a limp rag doll, exhausted but giddy. I felt him smile and press a kiss onto the top of my head. His hand reached down and his fingers traced the opening of the crotch-less panties, causing my extremely sensitive pussy to twitch.

“Thanks for the “surprise,” Honey.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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