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(Note: This isn’t finished yet, but it’s a taster piece. Let me know what you think, and I hope ya enjoy).


The bus stop was empty as when I walked in, blown about in the wind that was beginning to pick up a bit. The clouds had started gathering around lunch time, so it was likely to rain soon. The sky was dark, threatening, with a static tension that hung overhead. The air was heavy with humidity, the scent of pure ozone that I could almost drink in. Soon the rain would be a relief from the merciless heat of the sun today.

Temperatures were hitting 100’F daily, and humidity was high at 50%, making college that little more excruciating.

Today wasn’t much different, except for these dark tall clouds. I felt the pressure of them lowering above my head, closing in.

I sat in the shelter of the bus stop, the bench still searing from the earlier sunshine, but I didn’t mind as it cooled gradually.

The first patters of rain were thick heavy drops, hitting the ground with a splash, and steaming on the pavements and tarmac road. Then the rain really began to pour. So much so, that vision was difficult beyond 50 paces.

Great stair rods of rain, striking down to the ground from the heavens in the bucket loads, causing small clouds to rise from the floor, steaming columns over any metal or dark surfaces, harbouring most of the heat of the day.

The plants glowed strangely, in a green shine that gave an odd shading the rain and surrounding air.

The clouds were still gathering, growing darker, looks like this could turn into a good thunder storm.

Slapping footsteps approaching to my left snapped my attention sideways to see a tall man sprinting towards my direction.

I watched the approaching figure, mildly interested in the sight. As he grew nearer, and began to speed up right towards me, I pondered the thought of leaving before he reached me.

That thought became more prominent as I saw he was looking at me, as he sprinted towards me, seeming on some sort of mission.

I stood up and took a step away debating whether to turn tail and high tail it out of there, or to stand my ground.

He got within ten paces and I decided flight was the best course of action and turned running in the opposite direction into the pummelling rain.

The fact that he was now chasing me, made me glad on my choice to run. He was fast, almost as fast as me, but it would be stamina to prove to winner today.

I ran practically blind with the rain hitting my eyes, but I kept going, using what knowledge I had of the local area to keep him that distance away from me or more.

I ran through the town, slipping now and then on the smooth wet pavements and catching myself with my hands, driving my legs forwards at a punishing pace.

My lungs felt sore, but the burning sensation was easing as I got a rhythm going.

The man was still chasing me, and as I ran around the corner of a building, I flattened myself to the wall hiding as he ran past, then I ran back using a different path through town, while he pendik escort cursed and turned to chase once again. Yeah, he was definitely after me.

As I ran back to the bus stop the sound of the man chasing me had faded away to silence so I sat down to catch my breath.

I was drenched to the bone, my hair slicked back to my skull, my clothes stuck to me, leaving little to the imagination for any who might’ve seen me. I cursed under my breath.

Suddenly, as I was beginning to relax, I was tackled from the bench to the floor and wrestled onto my front, my arms pulled behind my back and tied together at the wrists. I yelped from the impact and kicked out at my attacker, twisting this way and that, fighting violently, blindly like a cornered animal.

The man cursed at me as I must got a few good kicks to connect, before he hauled me up on my feet and began pushing me forward towards the darker side of town.

The rain increased, the sky darkened and a lightning strike hit in front of us. The wind began to howl through the now empty streets and I shivered, adrenaline still pumping through my veins.

I pulled on my restraints but he kept pushing me forward. Neither of us had spoken a word yet, minus the few muttering curses.

As we walked deeper into the darker side of town, people began to appear, on street corners, hoods up, looking up to stare at me and leer at me, sneering at me, spitting on the floor I walked on. I was an outsider here, I didn’t belong in this place.

The man hurried me past the watchers and down a few narrow alleyways.

He unlocked a door to a beat up apartment and shoved me inside before locking the door behind him. I say lock it, there were two dead bolts, three key locks, four latches and a door wedge. Damn.

I looked around quickly for any way of escape and deflated to realise there were no windows, no other doors in sight, everything was sealed. The only light came from dingy lamps missing lampshades.

The apartment was a total mess, with mail scattered everywhere, old pizza boxes, random articles of clothing, a lady’s thong hung over one of the lamps. I scrunched up my face on seeing that. Gross.

“Welcome to your new home, slave.” He growled as he approached me slowly. No way. He had to be kidding me.

I laughed, “Call me that again, I dare you.” I smirked up at him, his glaring eyes darkened dangerously and my heart beat faster, feeling the challenge, and wanting to meet it head on.

Sure, I’m just a kid, kinda short, not much on the bones, but I have a dominant personality. I will not be treated as a lower in the hierarchy. No chance.

He stood in front of me and lowered his face to glare into me my eyes, “slave.” he whispered.

I felt myself shiver, adrenaline picking up yet again. He wasn’t going to get away with that.

With my arms rendered useless I simply shoved him back with my shoulder and kicked out at him violently, at least I hadn’t gone nuclear yet.

He stumbled and growled in anger and pushed me back. I lost my balance and fell on my backside, not escort pendik so gracefully might I add.

I yelped and winced from the impact and looked up at him with a small pout, for some reason, this was bringing out my playful side.

I stood up without the use of my hands and smirked up at his glowering figure.

“Hey, why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” I said in a slightly childish voice with a wolf grin on my face. If only I had the use of my hands, this guy wouldn’t even know what hit him.

He didn’t say anything, but instead pushed me into what could have been a living room, with a little TLC it wouldn’t be so bad, but that thong just wasn’t pretty.

He went to make me sit on the sofa, but as he pushed me I ducked under his shoulder eyeing the couch warily, “Dude, I am not sitting on that, I really don’t want to run the risk of catching something.” I said, eyeing the sofa, as if it might attack me, there was probably enough germ power that you could have called it a sentenent being. I raised an eye at it, before turning to the man who was pinching the bridge of his nose frustrated.

Then he dropped his hand with a sharp breath, “In that case your first chore starts now. Clean up.” He grumbled and I turned to face him fully.

I gave him a sweet smile, itching for my hands to be free, “sure, just untie my hands first.”

It was now his turn to look wary. His eyes scrutinised my face for a few moments and I squirmed under the heavy gaze.

“Fine, but if you try something, I’m tying you up again, only next time you’ll feel like a Christmas turkey.” I raise an eyebrow at his phrase and he glared so I let it drop, he was going to untie me, he can say any stupid analogy he wants.

As soon as my hands were free I pushed him over and ran for the door.

I unlocked the locks, pulled the latches, freed the deadbolts, and just as I was about to remove the door wedge his body slammed into the back of mine, pinning me to the door with a loud thump. The air was knocked out of me and I coughed struggling to get air back into my lungs for a moment as he breathed down my neck.

His hands were either side of my waist, his legs between mine and his face was next to my throat.

I realised slowly what an intimate position this was, and that his breathing was a little faster. He didn’t move, didn’t say anything.

For a moment, I didn’t know what to do. But as sense came back to me to move, his knee pushed forward against the door, pressing against me and I flinched.

What is he doing? At first I thought it was just to regain some space to push away from me, but as his body surrounded mine closer than a sheet of paper, and his lips brushed my throat, I knew he did it on purpose.

I shivered as he pressed his lips against my throat and he skimmed his nose into my hair breathing in deep.

“What are you doing?” My voice wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be, and I mentally winced at how weak I sounded.

He didn’t respond, but his chest rumbled something like a dog’s purr, but oddly I felt a pendik escort bayan strange tingle from that sound.

I trembled as his hands left the door and enveloped my waist, one sliding down low over my hip, the other slowly sliding up, over my rib cage, his hand splayed, the pressure even, up further to my chest. I froze as his hand claimed my breast, seizing it and massaging it slowly, digging in his fingering not to be painful, but I almost wish it was, I was enjoying it too much.

His lips kissed my throat, his teeth gently nibbling. I shivered a little more closing my eyes and leaning back against him a little.

His hand resting on my hip slid down lower, around to the front of me, slid down between my legs and his fingers pressed and rubbed low and I gasped pushing back against his hand.

“Slut.” he chuckled into my ear, massaging and rubbing a little harder, a little quicker and I couldn’t think coherently as I moaned, leaning my head back.

“I-I’m not.” I grumbled hoarsely, I wined a little in my throat, moving against his hands. I felt like I was on fire. “I haven’t had any action for a while.” I muttered out and he chuckled again, pulling me back against his body.

Damn it. How did I end up in this position? I shouldn’t let him do this, but damn his hands are so talented. And it’s been so long.

He slowed his hands to a painful pace, sensual, I grew a little impatient. My blood was boiling under my skin now. “How long is a while?” he asked in my ear, his voice was a little breathy and he seemed to be enjoying taunting my body like this.

“Nearly two years.” I growled, opening my eyes to look at him over my shoulder with a glare. His eyes were dark, coloured with heat and lust. The sight nearly got to me, but I held myself as steady as I could. His eyebrows raised slightly in surprise.

“No wonder.” he muttered to himself and suddenly pressed his fingers hard against me and I gasped a moan. My hands climbed the door above my head as I pushed my backside against him. I smirked a little as I heard him grunt and felt him grind into my ass. He was hard, really hard, it felt like a steel rod was rubbing against my ass.

I whimpered as the sensations were now getting the better of me. He suddenly span me to face him, and fireman lifted me over his shoulder and strode down the hallway. I winced as his shoulder dug into my hip a little.

I was thrown down onto a bed and before I could react he pinned me down on the bed with his body. He attacked my lips harshly and I whimpered half surprised half in need. His hands pulled my hands over my head and held both of my wrists in one hand, while his other pulled my t-shirt up quickly. He pulled it over my head, parting our lips momentarily before attacking mine once again. His hand lowered to my shorts, undoing the button and lowering the zip just as quickly.

He pulled my shorts off and as I sat up to grab them back he pushed me down, his hand on my chest between my breasts pressing my back down on the bed.

He looked at me pointedly before backing off a little to take off his shirt and shorts. He remained in his boxers as he climbed back over me.

He kissed my throat, and my hand sought out the steel I’d felt earlier. When my hand found it, I almost moaned. God he was huge…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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