Hot and Wet

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It’s a hot day so I decide to spend my lunch hour from work reading in the shade outside. I get comfortable and am quickly absorbed in the story about a seductive farmhand who is trying to seduce the farmer’s daughter.

Totally lost in the steamy, romantic story I’m startled by cold drops of water hitting my hot arm. I look up and see that the spray came from someone washing a car in the lot next to my little park. The car washer is a man, about 25 years old with dark skin and thick, short, dark hair. He smiles at me and apologizes for spraying me with the water.

I laugh and tell him, “no problem, it actually felt really good!”

I start reading my book again and after a minute I realize that now when I am picturing the farmhand in the story he looks just like the guy washing cars and the farmer’s daughter looks just like me. I can feel my pussy getting wetter than usual and I sneak a glance at the car wash guy and wonder what he smells like. He has gorgeous, muscular arms and I can see that he has a nice body underneath those shorts and t-shirt. He looks over and catches me staring at him and I smile before quickly looking back down at my book. I hope he doesn’t know that I was imagining him naked and lying on top of me!

I’m finding it impossible to read my book now and each time I look over I catch him smiling at me. I give up and walk over to him and ask if there is a bathroom inside the car wash.

He says, “sure, let me show you where it is” and then turns off the water and starts walking inside.

I follow him, staring at his gorgeous ass and strong legs while he walks inside the air conditioned building. He turns down a narrow hallway and points to the door at the very end, then moves to the side to let me go past him to the door. As I walk by him, my body brushes against his and it’s like pure electricity through my body.

I stop and turn slightly to look him in the eyes and say “thanks” before I go in the door. Once I am in the bathroom I turn on the water and quickly wash my hands and face, trying to cool myself off. “What the hell are you thinking?!” I ask myself, “you can’t be flirting and fantasizing about some guy you don’t even know and it’s your lunch hour, you have to go back to work soon!!”

As soon as my insides start to calm down I dry off and open the door into the hallway, hoping he’s gone so I can just sneak out and head back to work early.

I open the door and he’s still standing there waiting for me. He looks my body slowly up and down with this sexy little smile on his face and says, “you still look really hot. I have an office back here that is air conditioned and has a couch if you want to kick back and cool off for a little bit.”

“Oh man!” I think, as I feel my pussy absolutely start to throb while he just stands there smiling at me. I can’t even remember the last time I had sex and I’ve pendik escort never just met up with some guy and I don’t even know his name, how can I possibly be considering this?!?! Before I say anything he reaches out and takes a hold of my hand and walks me towards another door, he opens it and I walk into the room with him. He leads me to the couch and sits me down, and then he opens up a small refrigerator and gets out a cold bottle of iced tea. He goes to hand it to me and then stops and instead of putting it in my hand he brings it up to my neck and rolls it across my skin. The feel of the cold and slightly wet bottle against my hot neck gives me goosebumps all down my arms and I gasp out loud! With a little chuckle he rolls the bottle across the front of my neck and slides it down my chest to the area just above my cleavage. It feels so good against my skin and I can’t help but smile and tell him, “ahh that feels amazing!” He stares me in the eye while he rolls it across my chest and up the other side of my neck.

When he starts to bring the bottle back across my chest I can feel my nipples get really hard and I glance down and realize that they are totally poking through my shirt, I look back at his face and see that he is staring at them too. He asks, “Is this too cold for you? I can stop.”

I tell him, “No, it feels amazing and would feel even better though if I took my shirt off.”

He quickly sets the bottle down and pulls my shirt up over my head while I reach my hands behind me and undo my bra and pull it off. I don’t have huge breasts but they are a solid size C and my nipples are huge, taking up about 1/3 of my breast.

He picks the bottle back up and runs it across my chest and down around my nipples and they are instantly hard. It feels good but almost painful and I gasp! He puts down the bottle and then he starts to run his finger in circles around one nipple and watches as it gets harder and harder until it is the size of the nipple on a baby’s bottle. He leans his head down and runs his tongue in a circle around it and when he takes my nipple gently in his mouth we both let out a quiet moan at the same time. Wow, the vibration of his moan on my nipple sends a shooting heat down to my pussy almost making me cum right here and now!

He moves over to the other nipple and gently repeats the circular motion, now with his tongue, until this nipple is just as hard as the other one. His soft suckling satisfies the ache he has caused in my nipple but it is just intensifying the ache I feel in my pussy! I run my hands along his shoulders and upper arms, feeling his tight, muscular body and the heat radiating off of him. I tell him, “I really want you to kiss me right now” and he moves his body up mine and stops and looks me in the eyes while he gently traces my lips with his tongue. Oh my god this guy has just completely melted me! His lips touch escort pendik mine and I finally taste his sweet mouth with my tongue, the kiss becomes so passionate and I can’t help but wrap my arms and legs around his body and twist my fingers up in his thick hair, pulling him as close and tight against me as possible.

I can feel his hands on my breasts, softly touching the sides of them, and all around them, cupping them, squeezing them, his fingers pulling softly on my nipples. We break from our kiss and he leans back and pulls off his shirt, showing me his strong broad chest. My hands reach out and stroke his nipples which are hard and dark. I look up at his face and his eyes are so dark and intense with passion, his smile so sweet and sexy. Without a word he leans down to kiss my lips again and I lift my hips when I feel him pulling my skirt down. I reach down and unzip his shorts and feel him wiggle his hips and kick them off and away.

I can’t believe I am on this couch making out with this guy and we only have our underwear on! It’s my lunch hour for god’s sakes, what am I doing?! A small wave of panic starts to hit me suddenly as I realize what I am about to do.

He looks at me and asks if I am okay, “we can stop if you want to, I would understand” he says. I can’t believe what a nice guy he is. Talk about a random stroke of luck to run into a sexy, sensual and apparently good hearted guy like this. I don’t know him, I don’t even know his name but all of a sudden I am hit by such a rush of pure lust for him and I know this is exactly what I want!!

Without a word I slide my hand into his boxers and feel his hard cock, I give it a squeeze and watch his face as his eyes shut and he lets out a low moan. He reaches down and slides my panties off and then removes his boxes too. I lay back on the couch and pull his warm body down on top of me. We kiss and rub our bodies against each other, his leg pressed up against the heat of my pussy feels so good and I start rubbing my wetness against his thigh. I can feel his hard cock against my leg as he slowly starts kissing his way back down to my breasts, taking one nipple in his mouth at a time, his tongue tasting everywhere, down my belly and to my belly button where he stops and runs his tongue in circles around it before kissing right in the center of my belly button. He kisses lower, teasing the silky smooth skin of my shaved pussy and spreads my legs open with his hands as he slides down further until I can feel his breath on my clit.

I look down and see him looking at my pussy, spread open like a flower right before him. He takes a deep breath and smells my essence, letting out a small moan at my horny scent. He looks up at me and stares into my eyes as he takes a long, slow lick of my juices. Oh man, this guy is unbelievably HOT! It feels so good, I lean my head back and moan, my hands caressing his head, pendik escort bayan encouraging him to indulge.

He licks my juices, taking his time to really taste me and then begins to lick and suck on my clit. It feels so good, I’m so hot and wet! I don’t speak but my moans of approval encourage him. He spreads my legs further and I can feel him lick from my clit, down across my pussy and further down to my asshole where he stops and gently sucks the entire rosebud into his mouth. It feels unbelievably erotic and I can’t control the gasps and moans anymore, I say “don’t stop” and he doesn’t, he sucks and teases my asshole with his tongue and puts a finger inside my pussy. That does it, I’m suddenly hit with the hardest orgasm of my life and feel the hugest burst of pure pleasure radiating from my pussy all the way down to my toes and to the scalp on my head. My pussy starts gushing cum, which has NEVER happened to me and he stops sucking my ass so he can cover my spurting hole with his mouth and eat every drop of it.

“Amazing!” is all I can say to him.

He lays his body on mine and kisses me again, his tongue tastes like me, such a turn on to taste my cum on his lips. I lick and suck myself from his lips, tongue, chin and cheeks as I feel his hard cock rub against my hot and soaked pussy.

My hands move down to his ass and I tell him, “please let me feel you inside me”.

His cock is hard and thick as he starts to push it inside of me. He moans, “you are perfect!” and pushes slowly until he is buried as deep as he can go. Just the feel of him makes my pussy juices gush, coating his cock.

I squeeze my pussy around him, getting a feel for his size and he feels just right. He wraps his arms tightly around me and holds me close as he starts to move in and out of me, his hips rotating round and round, in no hurries, making love to me. I cannot believe my luck to have found such a restrained guy and I am so living in this moment!

I can feel his cock getting bigger and harder, his movements get faster and he starts kissing me again, hot breath on my face, I can feel him getting close to cumming and it is such a turn on. My pussy reacts to his faster thrusts and the hot friction, I can feel myself getting close to cumming again so I reach down and start rubbing my clit. Mmm it feels so good and I can feel a wave of pure pleasure start to hit me, my pussy tightens on him as the orgasm hits me and I feel his body tense as he pushes as deep inside of my pulsating pussy as he can get, his cum spurting deep inside me. We’re both trembling, covered in sweat, our bodies slippery against each other and it feels like heaven.

He looks me in the eyes and kisses me softly before laying his head on my chest and listening to my heart. I hug him tightly to me and then suddenly notice a clock on the wall that says 12:55. I start laughing and he looks up at me and says, “what?”

“That was the BEST lunch I have ever had” I tell him, “thank you!”

He laughs too and said, “no, I am the only one that ate, next time it’s your turn!”

–to be continued–

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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