Hot Meeting with Bartender

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This is a fantasy I have about a bartender at a local tavern. She just started working there and only works a couple times a week. I am really trying to get with this woman and hope sometime soon my fantasy becomes reality.

Beth first began working at the local bar a couple months ago, usually on the weekend and one night through the week. I first noticed her one weekend and became instantly infatuated with her. I don’t know what it was about her that caught my eye, she is tall, around 5’10”, has long black hair that reaches the middle of her back, wonderful piercing dark eyes, some wonderful curves and usually doesn’t wear a bra. Ok, I admit that the last part is what caught my eye, her breasts don’t look overly large but she has wonderful nipples that seem to shine no matter what she wears. Talking to her I found out that she isn’t married but does live with a man and has for several years.

I found myself always being at the bar whenever she worked, it didn’t matter what was going on, I just always found a reason to be there. I met the guy she lives with and he seems like a nice enough guy, but I still wanted a hot night with his woman. I began talking more to her when he isn’t around, but made sure to talk to her when he was there as well, trying to give the impression of wanting to be friends, even though I wanted so much more. He seemed to be at ease with me talking to her, he wasn’t jealous at all, and as a matter of fact he even asked me a couple times if I was going to be at the bar when she closed so she wouldn’t be alone.

I worked second shift at the time so it was easy for me to be there on nights when she had to close the bar, and I would agree to be there to help her if she needed it. The nights she closed there were few people there and it was easy to talk to her. I began to talk with a little more flirt in my tone and she seemed to like it, she smiled and even seemed to flirt back a couple times. I went slow, I didn’t want to scare her off and I even thought that by moving slowly I might stand a better chance at reaching my goal, getting this fantastic woman in my bed for what I hoped would be the first of many wonderful experiences.

Summer arrived and her outfits changed for the better. She would wear shorts and on very humid days a tank top that really showed off her great tits and always-hard nipples. I finally figured out that she got off watching guys ogle her hard nipples. I know that some women actually hate bras, but I could tell from her reaction that she loved the attention being braless gave her, I know I always looked and every other guy and several women also noticed. I tried to be casual about it, making eye contact first then letting my eyes wander to her great rack and proud nipples.

One night I had gotten off work a little early and was looking forward to stopping at the bar earlier then normal, talking to some friends that usually weren’t there when I normally arrived. I pulled up to the bar and bursa escort found the parking lot almost empty. I walked in the door, looked around noticing two other people and Beth greeted me, asking why I was early. I slowly took in the outfit that she wore, a sheer tank top and unusually short shorts.

I walked to the bar, composed myself and told her that work was slow and I left early, then I asked her where everyone was, kidding her that she has ran them off so we could be alone. Beth told me that it had been slow all night and she didn’t know why. We made small talk for about a half hour and the two other people in the tavern left. I turned to Beth, smiled, and told her that only we were left. She smiled back at me, came around the bar and joined me on the other side of the bar, sitting close to me. We continued to talk and I just kept looking at her in her hot and very sexy outfit.

I especially enjoyed asking for another beer, I would watch her closely as she walked around the bar and bent over the cooler, to grab me another beer, then walked back to her bar stool and sat down beside me. When she walked away from me I was mesmerized by her long sleek legs and when she walked back I couldn’t take my eyes off her tits as they bounced with every step, tonight was the night I thought to myself.

I sat there and drank a few more beers until I finally had to go to the rest room. I returned a few minutes later and saw Beth at the front door, closing the shades and locking up. I asked her what she was doing and she told me she was closing early seeing how it was a slow night. Beth then added that I could stay and drink, she didn’t mind, she just didn’t want a bunch of people walking in around closing time.

I figured that I better make a move if I was going to, so I finally got the nerve up to comment on her outfit, telling her how sexy it was and waited for her reply, hoping it would help me decide weather to continue my pursuit. Beth smiled and told me she wondered what I would say, then added, that she had picked that outfit just for me to see what kind of reaction she would get. I smiled at her and told her she looked really hot and totally sexy, and any man would be happy to have her on his arm and in his bed. Beth gave me a surprised look that worried me a little, and said, “in his bed huh?” My fears were quickly put to rest when she smiled and said we don’t have a bed here, then winked at me and added that there were several tables.

My heart leapt to my throat and I stood up and walked over to her, taking her tightly in my arms and kissing her deeply. Our tongues fought each other and we kissed even deeper, my hands running across her back, her hard nipples poking my chest, while our crotches ground against each other. We kissed for what seemed like hours, our tongues exploring each other mouths and lips. We finally broke our embrace and Beth asked what took me so long. I was speechless and responded I wasn’t sure, and didn’t bursa escort bayan want to loose her as a friend. Well, she continued, I have talked about you with my ol’ man and he didn’t have a problem with us. Beth then told me that she is in an open relationship with him and he didn’t care, as long as I didn’t take her from him. I was again speechless and just smiled at her, taking my hand from her back and running it along her arm.

My hand rested at her upper arm and I took my thumb and ran it across her nipple, making goose pimples appear on her arm. Beth moaned and reached down and rubbed the lump growing in my jeans. I moaned and asked her if the door was locked tight. She nodded and flashed me a dirty look and reached and pulled her tank top over her head allowing her tits to hang freely. I immediately leaned over and sucked one nipple into my mouth. Beth moaned and grabbed my hair and pulled my face hard against her breast. I continued sucking her tit and took my free hand and unsnapped her shorts. Beth shimmied her hips and helped me slide them down her legs. She stepped out of them and stood before me wearing a silky thong and nothing else.

I smiled when Beth complained that I was over dressed and gladly took of my shirt and jeans. My cock was tented against my shorts and I told Beth to get to her knees and suck me. She smiled at me and took no time getting down, gnawing at my meat through my shorts. I let her suck at my cock for only a few moments then pushed her away and removed my shorts, my cock springing back up. Beth took my cock into her warm mouth in a second and began to suck my cock lick a real pro. I held her head and slowly began to face fuck her, sliding more and more of my cock into her wet mouth. She tried to moan but my cock blocked most of the noise. Beth sucked at my cock and licked at the shaft causing my knees to get weak.

I stumbled back and sat on a bar stool, Beth slithered across the floor and took my cock again deeply into her warm, wet mouth. My cock jumped from the blowjob she was giving and soon I felt my cum rushing up my shaft. I held her hair and forced my cock down her throat, my cum shooting from the tip forcibly. She swallowed like a pro and didn’t loose a drop of my cum. My cock began to shrink and Beth let it slip out of her hungry mouth, allowing it to slid from her tongue sexily.

Beth stood up and moved close to me, she then guided my knee between her legs and humped her pussy on it. Her skimpy thong was soaked from her juices allowing her pussy to slide against my leg. The look she had on her face was priceless and I knew I had to please this beauty soon. I reached down and moved the thong to the side, letting her bare pussy rub my leg. I was raising my led whenever she got close to the knee, rubbing her pussy slit. Beth threw her head back, her long hair flying through the air; she looked so sexy I knew I had to have her. I picked her up and sat her in the bar then pulled the thong escort bursa off her.

She shuddered a little from the coldness of the bar on her mound, but I quickly warmed her with my mouth. I pulled her to the bar edge and licked at her wetness, she moaned lowly and humped my face. I went straight for her clit and attacked it with my tongue. Beth’s hands guided my mouth and forced her pussy into my mouth. I flicked and rubbed at her clit and Beth responded by moaning louder. Her legs tightened around my head and I knew her climax was close. I brought a finger to her wetness and fingered her sloppy pussy with one, then two fingers. Beth moaned louder and then her legs clamped around my head, I continued my licking till finally I was rewarded with her tasty juices flooding my mouth. I lapped at her pussy as her contractions subsided until finally moving away from her pussy and smiling at her, my face looking like the preverbal glazed doughnut.

I held her tight and lowered her to the floor slowly her body close to mine. My cock was beginning to recover and the feeling of her body and the wonderful aroma was defiantly helping. I held Beth tight to me and my cock grew, wedged between us. Beth held my rising cock in her hand and looked at the pool table, saying it had always been a fantasy of hers and would I mind helping her? I moved her quickly to the table edge and laid her back slowly, letting her legs hang over the edge. The table height was perfect; her pussy was at the perfect level for a great fuck. I moved closer to her and slowly slid my cock into her. Beth moaned as I fed my cock slowly into her tight pussy. Her pussy tightened around my meat as I slowly began thrusting into her.

I moved with slow, deliberate strokes, wanting to make this last as long as possible. I fucked her deep and slow, using all my meat to please her, withdrawing almost completely then sliding back in. Beth moaned more and I could tell she loved my fucking. Her legs wrapped around my back, pulling my cock deeply into her wet pussy. I began fucking her harder and faster, driving my cock into her, Beth moaned louder and more as I fucked her. Her legs grew tighter around my back and her pussy clutched my cock, I knew she was close to cumming again.

I fucked her harder and deeper wanting to make her cum again. Beth began thrashing on the table and her pussy grew even tighter around my cock. I thrust into her deeply again and felt my load rushing up my shaft. I leaned over and kissed her deeply as my cock unloaded into her pussy. My contractions subsided and her pussy released the grip on my cock. I slowly stood up and backed away from her, my cock making a popping sound as it slid out. I pulled Beth to me and held her tight; she was shivering from the combination of her orgasm and the coolness of the room.

We held each other and kissed again, softer this time. We finally broke our kiss and held each other when we noticed the time, almost 1am. Beth pulled away and handed me my jeans, saying we better get dressed, the alarm would set itself. I pulled her tight and kissed her deeply again, asking if this was a one time thing? She responded by grabbing my cock, stroking it and saying I hope not.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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