Hotel Rendezvous

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Taking you in my arms, I sweep you into our rented hotel room and locking the door, pull you close for a deep kiss. It has been so long since our first meeting and I savor the taste of you on my lips. With our bodies pressed tightly together, our tongues frantically probe each other mouths. Pushing you against the wall, I begin to nuzzle your neck, hearing you moan and I can smell the sweet scent of your perfume.

Roughly, I begin to pull at your clothes, yanking your shirt out of your jeans, and then begin to slowly unbutton your blouse as you do the same to me. Gazing into each other’s eyes, I watch as you unconsciously lick your lips signaling to me that you want me as much as I want you. Pulling off each other’s shirts, we fling them across the room. Leaning in for another passionate kiss, I feel the soft lace of your bra against my chest.

Breaking apart, we mirror our motions with each of us now working to undo one another’s jeans. Our hands are a jumble as we pull at belts and jean clasps, finally managing to undo the others jeans and finishing by slowly unzipping each other’s pants. As I feel you grasp my pants and begin to pull them down, I whisper, “Just the jeans, my love, leave my underwear on.” You slowly slide my jeans to the floor and there is no mistaking the large bulge pressing against my underwear.

I slowly pull your jeans down to the floor while leaving your black silk panties in place. Gently, I run my hand over your panties and am pleased to find they are already wet with desire for me. Kissing you again, I feel your pelvis press against me while you slowly rub my bulging manhood with one of your thighs.

My desire to see your naked body overwhelms all conscious thought I have as I reach behind to undo your lacy, black bra. Pulling it off you, I watch as your breasts fall free. I can’t resist as I lean in to take one of your nipples in my mouth, roughly sucking it, feeling it grow hard. Your head leans back against the wall and you moan loudly as I continue to ravish your tits. Your fingers are entwined in my hair and pull me hard against you willing me to take your breast in my mouth. Reaching behind you, I slip my hands underneath your panties to feel your smooth skin as my hands run up and down your ass.

Unable to stand it any longer, I grasp the hem of your panties and pull them down your toned legs. I’m rewarded by seeing your dark pussy hairs glistening with your lust and can’t resist as I cup my hand against your wet snatch. I continue to lightly feel your pussy as you reach over and pull my undies down freeing my cock which is fully erect and throbbing with desire. When you grasp my dick and begin to stroke it ever so lightly, I moan and pull you close for another long, passionate kiss.

Breaking apart, I begin to pull you toward the bed when you pull pendik escort back and shaking your head say, “Not yet, lover, I want to shower with you first.” Completely in your power, I let you lead me into the bathroom. I simply cannot get enough of seeing your gorgeous body as you lean into the tub and turn on the tap. I gently run my hands over your back and ass as you work to get the water temperature just right. You pull the valve and the shower comes alive as the hot water begins to spill into the tub.

Stepping inside and closing the shower door, we take a brief moment to luxuriate in the wet spray hitting our bodies. Pulling you close, I hungrily kiss you again as the water beats down upon our naked bodies. With our bodies pressed together, I can feel your heart beating rapidly as I run my hands up and down your back. Reaching down, I grab the soap and lather up my hands. Once covered in soap, I begin to run my hands over your breasts, your nipples erect with desire.

You raise your arms above your head and keep them against the shower wall while my hands continue to soap your breasts and stomach. Leaning down, I take a nipple in my mouth tasting the bitterness of the soap against your hard nipple. Taking more soap in my hands, I begin to clean your beautiful pussy, the soap cleaning your juices off your trimmed pussy. Lightly, I begin to finger your wet pussy lips and you lean back against the shower wall and moan softly as I probe a little deeper. Pulling you away from the wall, I turn your body so you are facing away from me.

Pulling you close to me, your back against my chest, I reach around and begin fingering your delicious pussy again. As the water from the shower hits you on your tits and runs down your stomach and legs, I can feel you growing wetter. Knowing you can trust me to support you, you lean into me with your weight and taking one of your legs, place your foot on the edge of the tub to open your pussy to my probing fingers. As I find your clit and begin to massage it, you moan and lean your head on my shoulder and I can feel your body shudder slightly.

Turning your head towards mine, we lean into each other for a soft, yet deep kiss. Your moans become more pronounced as I alternate between rubbing your clit and probing deep in you with my fingers. Taking my other arm, I drape it around you and take one of your full breasts in my hand, massaging your nipple and feeling it grow hard as the water continues to beat down on us. Our kiss deepens and my moans join yours as I feel you grasp my rigid cock in your hand and begin rubbing it against your thigh. When I feel your body begin to grow taut, I begin to finger your erect clit harder, faster.

Breaking our kiss, you begin to gasp as your orgasm begins to build. I whisper to you, “Cum, my darling.” You stroke my cock escort pendik faster and I feel your other hand rubbing my ass and when your orgasm hits, you cry out loudly and your body grows rigid as your clit retracts and your cum begins to flow. Your body begins to shudder and you lean your head against your chest, your wet hair covering your face and shoulders as your orgasm rolls through your body. Finally, you stand and turn and without a word lower unto your knees. The water from the shower hits my stomach and rolls off unto your head like rain in the summertime.

Gently, you take my erect cock in your hand and looking up at me, begin to lightly lick the tip. Kissing the tip of my shaft, you then begin to lick the length of it, slowly running your tongue up and down my dick. Cupping my balls in your hand, you lightly squeeze them and wrap your soft lips around the head of my throbbing dick. Ever so slowly, you slide more of my manhood into your eager mouth until I feel my cock against the back of your throat.

With your lips wrapped tight around my shaft, you begin to move your head up and down my thick cock. My hands are holding your hair and guiding your face up and down my cock. My moans of pleasure grow louder as you lovingly caress my shaft with your lips and tongue. I can feel your hands on my ass as you hold me tight against you. You begin to suck my cock harder, moving your mouth over my cock faster and faster. My balls swell as they fill with cum and I know I’m moments away from orgasm. Holding your hair tight, I roughly force you to suck me even faster, shoving my entire cock in your mouth, fucking your face.

With a roar, I cum and shoot my hot seed deep in your mouth. Continuing to hold your face over my cock, you’re forced to take all of my jizz in your mouth. Eagerly, you continue to suck all of my cum as it continues to pump in your mouth, a few drops spilling out of your lips to mix with the bath water and running to the drain. Spent, I reach down and pull you to your feet.

Pushing you against the shower wall, I lean and kiss you deeply and hungrily, tasting the remains of my cum on your tongue. Squeezing your beautiful breasts, I begin to kiss your neck. Whispering in your ear I tell you how wonderful you make me feel and that I want you to feel that good too. I kiss you deeply once more, then work down to kiss your shoulder, upper chest, in between your breasts, running my tongue slowly down your stomach as I begin to lower myself to my knees. Moving further down, I kiss your pelvis and lick your thighs.

I can hear you moan as you anticipate what is to come. Taking one of your shapely legs, I drape it over my shoulder to open your pussy wide to me. Leaning in, I can feel the heat from your cunt even with the water from the shower beating down on my head. I can’t wait pendik escort bayan any longer and plunge my face deep in your snatch. My tongue moves frantically licking the width of your wet pussy lips. Rubbing my chin against you, I find your clit with my tongue and feel it again begin to grow hard. I can feel your raised foot run across my back as you move your leg further on my shoulder to open your slit even wider for my tongue.

As I continue to lick and suck your clit, I take a finger and plunge it deep into your soaking wet twat. You grab my head and with your hands tightly holding my wet hair, pull my face deeper into your snatch. My actions become more frantic as my tongue and teeth continue to drive you into a passionate frenzy while my fingers drive deep in and out of your pussy. My other hand reaches behind you to grab your tight ass. Finally, you cum and I can taste your sweet nectar as it runs in my mouth and down my face. Your hands hold me tight against you to make me lap up every drop of your cream.

Your cum is like a drug to me and I cannot get enough of you as your orgasm finally subsides. With one final kiss on your pussy and your cum on my lips, I rise to my feet and kiss you once again very deeply, hungrily. I still have not had enough of you and, grabbing your ass, pull you off your feet, sliding your body up the shower wall. You know what I want as you reach down to grab my dick which has again grown rock hard and guide it to your cum soaked snatch.

Sliding your body down slowly, I can feel my cock slide so easily into you. You wrap your legs around my legs as I guide your body up and down my cock, my fingers digging deep in your ass as I fuck you against the shower wall. Gazing deep in your eyes, I’m unable to speak as the water cools our hot bodies as we make passionate love in the shower. It feels so wonderful to be in you, to feel my cock drive deep inside you, our bodies pressed together so tightly.

I can feel myself begin to lose control and begin to lift you up and down faster. You bury your face in my neck and your cries of ecstasy signal to me your orgasm. Hearing you cry out my name and feeling your body wracked by shudders is enough to trigger my strong orgasm. For the second time, I pump my load into your body, my milky cum shooting deep inside you. Our bodies slowly stop rocking as our respective orgasms begin to fade. As I pull out of you, I lower you to the floor and pull you in close for another slow, deep kiss, the water from the shower washing our sex from my cock.

Taking the soap once more, we tenderly wash each other for a second time. Turning off the water, I open the shower door and grab one of the hanging towels. Slowly, I wrap the towel around your dripping wet body and begin to dry the water off you. Handing you the towel, you wrap the towel around your naked body and I take another towel and begin to towel myself dry. Wrapping the towel around my waist, I take you by the hand and lead you toward the bedroom where we will soon begin to get dirty all over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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