Hotel Shower

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I sat in the chair, the hotel room is plush, with so many fine things, the antique furniture, the four poster bed, It was as though she were a child in a playground, there was a playful mood, she moved around the room discovering what there was in it, the mirror – she checked her lipstick finishing with a mwwwwwah looking directly at me in the reflection, a cheeky smile developing.

How do I describe her, physically, ideal, a slim waist, one of those asses that as you follow it, it just has to be watched, not a wiggle just a perfect movement from walking, hips you just want to run your hands down, every time you see them, a perfect curve on each side, and firm breasts, about a handful sitting pert whether she wore a bra or not.

She stood there leaning toward the mirror, the image, well god you had to see it, black heels, bare legs, and a long leather coat almost to the floor but raising a little as she leant forward, I could see the shape of her ass out behind her, any man could see she had “charm”.

“Could you pour me a drink please?” she said.

“What would you like Helen, a lager?”


“Guinness?” He was taken aback a little. “A stout girl! You don’t look it.” A Guinness was in no way the image she portrayed he would have imagined her as a white wine spritzer type of girl, or even a bottled beer fan once in a while, but maybe that was his fantasy to see her lips around something.

“I am.”

“O.K. a Guinness it is,” I took it from the mini-bar and poured it for her, as I did he watched her move about the room my eyes flicked, drink, her, drink, her, mesmerising. She was walking around the large room with each stride she took I could see an ankle, a calf muscle, a knee, a thigh, all enticing pieces of flesh.

I handed her the drink.

“Thank you hunny.”

“Anything else I can get you?”

“Could u put the shower on?” She asked.

Wow. It was all I could think, I love that she is a little forward, not dominating but forward.

“No problem”

I went to the bathroom – rushing a little, as I hated not being in the room with her.

As I switched it on, the steam flowed from it in waves, falling downward, around the spray, it was immediately hot – I let it run over my hand, it nearly burned me.

“Lay on the bed with me while we wait for the shower to warm up.” She said.

If I told the truth we wouldn’t need to, but second thoughts – Who wouldn’t lie, so they could lay with her for a while.

“I’ve put out some body wash for you, and some perfume for after.”

“Oooooo, baby, presents, for me?”

She somehow curled herself onto the bed and stretched out at the same time enticingly – how come women can do that, unconsciously, and yet men just look awkward doing anything!

I climbed on the bed and lay down beside her, I could near taste her perfume at the back of my throat. Feel her movement as she took every breath, I was on my back, and she snuggled in close to me.

She leant over me. I looked into her eyes – trying to spot her intention. They were looking straight back.

She stared back into my eyes, they were telling me to kiss her, softly.

I lifted my hand and placed it gently on her cheek breaking our stare only to see where my hand touches her soft skin, I oh so gently touched her , the back of my fingers brushing her soft cheek, beckoning her forward. I lifted my head to gently kiss her for the first time today.

Our lips touched and electric pulses travelled through me – after so long knowing her and not kissing, I wanted her to feel the same. She responded but so gently

I heard an ‘Mmmmm’, sound so faint.

It’s a reaction, but so soft it enticed me to kiss harder.

I gently push with my lips and get a positive reaction. I back off a little, and ease my tongue out and gently trace around her lips, feeling my way, as my eyes are closed, my mouth drinking in the taste of her, my hands feeling the softness of her face, my lips feeling the softness of her lips, my chest feeling her light weight upon it absorbing all the information to hand to treasure it.

I kiss all around her lips, kiss the corners of her mouth, and feel her tongue just escaping her mouth, not wanting to disturb what I’m doing to her, but wanting to be involved in the play.

“I need to shower!”

And the moment passes…

The pendik escort leather of her coat squeaks a little, as I sit up to let her go to the shower, She climbs off the bed. I was leaving the option of whether I go in with her up to her – if she let go of my hand I leave her alone – if she holds it I go in.

She keeps hold of my hand and half pulls me from the bed

I walk into the bathroom behind her, still holding her hand, in her heels she is nearly as tall as I am.

I wrap my arm around her waist and walk up close behind her I pull her collar down and kiss the nape of her neck her head falls forward I lift her hair and place more kisses on her neck a little to the side and whisper in her ear “Do you want me to stay?” “Yes, yes I do.”

With my hand round her waist I ease open the buttons of her jacket, The bottom one, the second one next, the middle one, the fourth one, the fifth has been open all along.

The coat is undone, but only just open, the paleness of her flesh only just exposed against the black of the leather.

I turn her slightly so she can see herself in the full-length mirror Her head leans back but she still watches in the mirror as I kiss her neck.

“Are you getting warm with all this steam Helen?”

“Yes… Very hot!”

As I kiss her neck I tell her to take her coat off – by asking her to do it, it’s her agreeing that’s what she wants to happen. Her hands go to her lapels, her elbows against her side, she opens the top to expose her breasts, but not her nipples, she looks directly in the mirror at me, it’s the first time I will see anything that wouldn’t normally be covered by a bikini, my anticipation is palpable.

She stares into my eyes and I stare back She opens her coat at the shoulders keeping it close at the waist

“Mmmmmmm,” is all I hear from myself, as she exposes all her breasts to me, and drops her coat into her arms just above her waist.

I’m not looking at her breasts – I’m looking straight into her eyes She turns her head to kiss me. After a while of passionate, tongue filled kisses, and sideways glances at the mirror drinking in the shape and curves of her, her whole body follows and turns “Mmmmmmmmmm.” Again escapes my lips.

She wraps her arms around my neck and we passionately kiss, deeper more lustful, the coat drops to the floor, soft leather quietly squeaking into a pile. I place my hands on her tiny waist and pull her right in to me kissing slowly she seems so fragile, so slim, all the confidence it must have taken to be naked under that coat is removed by the way her head dips into my shoulder and she holds me tight, passionately, she not so confident she has just done it for me, that makes it ten times more erotic and immediately I start to pulse. The eroticism of the situation – me fully clothed, her naked against me, she raises her arms to my shoulders holding my head.

How can I avoid it –I look in the mirror and close my eyes to burn the image of her naked except for heels, from the top down, her arms curled around my head Her shoulders raised slightly to hold her arms Her shoulder blades visible, tensed under her skin, The ribs in her back, down the narrowing curve to her waist, where my arms wrap around her tightly. The gentle, exquisite shape of her ass, with just the slightest hint of a tan line, diagonally across her cheeks. Down her thighs with the shape of regular toning exercise or maybe regular walking not big but toned under the skin. Her calves gently shaped and taught, as she stands not on tiptoe but stretched up in those black heals.

The entire image burns onto the inside of my eyelids, god I want to kiss that back from top to bottom, then down the legs coat her nakedness in kisses.

She kisses me more passionately – perhaps she thought my concentration ought to be on turning her on, I kissed her back, she pulls apart from me a little as we kiss, maintaining our contact at the lips, she undoes the buttons of my shirt, she pulls my shirt out of my trousers and pushes it back over my shoulders, not breaking our kiss amazingly the kiss is just getting more passionate, she unbuttons my trousers, undoes the zip.

Pushes my trousers over my hips they fall to the floor I would move them with my hands, but they are taking great pleasure just by touching the skin around her waist, her head moves away from my face and nuzzles into escort pendik my neck, I can feel all her body against mine, her thighs, her stomach, the pressure of her breasts, flattened against my chest, and her rigid nipples, almost biting into my skin, telling me her passion.

She kisses my neck.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm.” Escapes me again.

Oh how I love that, she kisses firmer on the tendons of my neck, hooks her fingers in my white boxer shorts, and starts to push them down. They slide over my ass ok, but the front gets a little stuck, you wiggle them a little and they are released, and you push them down, you tease by moving your body all the way down as you push the shorts to the floor – but it is the most excruciating tease as you look and then move straight back up my body.

I step out of them, and we stand and kiss naked flesh to naked flesh finally.

I lead her to the shower – open the door, she steps in stretching her arms to test the water, Its just right, you step in and I watch as I stand behind you, The water flattens your hair to your body, water falls over your skin in tiny droplets, I love a wet body and wet hair.

I love the way water flows – as a child I would watch droplets race down a window, as an adult, I watch droplets cascade like a rolling ball, sucking in the next downhill droplet, and depositing a trail of tiny droplets behind, from a shoulder, down the curve of a pert breast, the pause on the nipple before the leap off like a base jumper on his latest mission.

I watch them roll down your chest between your breasts as you nipples stiffen further and your hands wash the water all over you.

I pick up the sponge and the body scrub. Squeeze some onto the sponge and rub her shoulders. As I do the soapy bubbles roll down her back, in and out of all the curves, like a child on one of those giant slides you get at the fairground, the bubbles speed up as they travel over all the curves, of her shoulders, down her back, roll over the top of her ass, move back in on her cheeks, the underside of her ass, then speed up over the less curved areas of her thighs and a final bump over your calves.

I kneel down behind her and rub her legs with the soapy sponge The backs, The sides, The thighs, The calves, “Mmmmmmmmmmmmm.” I hear it, but this time it’s not me.

I look up and see you have stretched your arms up against the wall as though you are about to be searched by the police. You open your legs a little.

“I need you to eat me baby.”

I’m taken a back by her saying that, but as I kneel there behind her, there is nothing I want more.

I run my hands up each calf to her knees, as I do she leans into the wall, my hands pass and rub up her silky, slippery thighs. Her ass rotates outwards and upwards, towards me. “Eat me baby, now, I need it right now. You’ve got me almost there already.”

As her ass rotates I slide my hands up and spread her ass cheeks. I can see her pussy is wide open her outer lips are engorged, full, the soft delicate inner pink skin is there, open, exposed, with water trickling across it, just that sensation must be near intolerable, as I watch her I notice little movements, her hips oscillating back and forth opening her pussy more it seems with each rearward movement.

What do I do first, touch her, lick her. As I hesitate she takes my decision from me

“For fuck sake if you don’t eat me now I’m going to collapse.”

I extend my tongue and make first contact with her pussy lips, she immediately drops down, part from final relief that she will be licked, part from desire that she needs more pressure, but her knees bend and her ass drops down on me, her pussy smothering my mouth, how does a girl get so turned on? Her pussy was moving back fast and forwards slow against my flattened tongue. Dragging across her clit then down her lips, with each pass I could taste her more, it started off almost sweet but with each pass a more musky taste became apparent, she was leaking juices all over my tongue, each backwards thrust caused a ‘meeewing’ in her.

I needed air, I moved my mouth away from her pussy I could see its openness, her inner lips exposed her soft skin full, she was horny. I raised my hand and eased two fingers into her soaking wet pussy. As I slowly pushed my longest two fingers inside her, she raised up, to make sure they didn’t enter her too fast. She pendik escort bayan was sensitive.

I made sure they faced forwards curled them around and rubbed her g-spot, she lowered herself slowly back down on my fingers. I love the feeling of a G-spot, kind of like the roof of your mouth – the soft skin covering the harder under layer and sensitive, oh yes sensitive, (not that the roof of your mouth is anywhere near as sensitive). But the feeling to touch it is very similar.

As I curled my finger along it, with each pass I could feel her stomach tense, and her back arch a little. I could see her ass tighten at the end of each stroke, along with a throb and a pulse in her pussy, and I swear a little more juice on my fingers.

“Oh god keep doing that and there’ll be as much cum as there is water.” I slowed and held my fingers still inside her, her body moved, involuntarily,

“Why have you stopped?”

“I just want to watch you, carried away with being turned on, moving in a way that no one else sees”

“Don’t you stop now… Don’t you dare stop now…I’ll never forgive you… and you will never see me like this again if you stop now…make me cum. I need to come now”

The desperation was palpable in her voice, and the glare she gave me as she finished saying it staring at me as her mouth, slightly open, gasped for air. Her pussy still clenching, and releasing, at my still fingers, the rise and fall of her ass as she slowly tried to ride them.

I turned my fingers around inside her and stood up, my forearm over her ass, my fingers still inside her pussy. I reached for her face and kissed her as she stayed in the same position, only moving her head to accommodate the kiss, she cut it short.

“Now make me cum, or I will never forgive you.” The words were direct but not harsh, there was even a hint of coyness in them, if that’s possible while saying that. There was a plea, a longing, a begging, a wanting, a needing and a demanding all rolled into one.

I found her cervix, some women love to have it manipulated, some say that by tickling or moving the end of it just immediately spreads the sensation through the whole of the stomach, the hips the pelvis, the ass, and makes it all ten times more sensitive. She was no exception.

I placed a little pressure on it pushing it backwards a little, towards her ass, she near sat down on my fingers and hand, she was trying to get that much pressure on it, I think she was on tip toes.

I flicked it back and forth a little and there it was.

“Oh baby,”


“Oh yeah… I’m gonna.”

“Gonna what baby…Say it”

I carried on sweeping my fingers backwards and forwards inside her, my knuckle brushing her g spot at the front of the stroke, my fingertips brushing her cervix on the back of the stroke.

“I’m Gonna cum baby…I’m gonna cum… All over your hand baby… Oh yeah… Oh fuck baby I’m cu…u…u…u…ming.”

At that point it became a combination of moans, attempted statements, and profanity that even I don’t use. It’s safe to say that she was lost inside her orgasm, I’m not sure if she knew it was me, the selfish side of me needed her to know it was me.

As she started to come down from it I knelt down and supported her, she was still in the heavy breathing stages, her legs were only just supporting her, so I cradled her waist as I did I leant down and gave her one of those ‘don’t forget it was me you were with’ kisses the ones that are always through the heavy breathing, with dry lips and tongues from the exertion of orgasm, the ones that you know can only end with the words “I Love You”

As her legs gave way I pulled her backwards into me and lowered myself on to the floor of the shower, thank god these hotels made them as though they are a small room on their own, we were in a position of almost spooning but with me sat on the floor leaning against the wall and her on top of me, protecting her from the hardness of the tiles.

We lay for what seemed a lifetime, entwined in arms and legs, almost foetal positions around each other she expanded and contracted as her breathing started to slow a little. But in my arms, with me wrapped around her.

Only then as I came back around from being totally absorbed in her did I feel the water trickling over me. The sensation as its little rivulets formed tiny puddles in available spaces between her skin and mine. The tickle as one would overflow and there it was – I was a child again watching water trickle down a window, cuddling up to someone I love without hesitation. Feeling nothing but love.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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