How Long Had It Been?

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How long had it been? 4 years? She had moved on, to another man, another job and another state. Now 61, I had started a new job and was dating a petite 47 year old blonde from Minnesota so Kennedy’s email caught me by surprise. It was near the holidays and she and her husband still had family in Indiana. The email stated she and Paul would be in town to visit their relatives. It went on to say she wouldn’t mind having a drink like old times. I never could say no to her. I replied “text me when you get into town”.

I was nervous, should I bring my girlfriend, would her husband be there? All I could think was my date and I would dress to impress.

It was the Wednesday before Christmas when I got a text. “Paul is having dinner with his children and can’t make it for drinks. Can you still make it? Are you dating? I’d love to meet her.”

I had already let Nicole read our previous emails and now showed her the recent text. “You two meet and chat over drinks. I’ve seen the pictures of her you kept. I trust you. Don’t stay out too late, the roads are supposed to get slick. Love you”

“I love you too baby”. I grabbed my coat gave her a kiss and was out.

It was cold for December. My car hardly got warm by the time I pulled into a parking spot at Seasons 52. I liked the high class feel of the bar and it’s where I had met my love, Nicole. I sat at the bar; Mark said “hey bud, Bud Light?” He knew my name but maybe “bud” was just his shtick.

“I’m expecting a friend, could you have a Stagg Jr. on the rocks ready when you see a tall black woman come to the bar”

“Sure thing, bud.” He said.

I was sitting facing the door when I saw Kennedy walk in. She was as I remembered her. Almost 50 but her skin was flawless. She had grown out her afro and there was more gray. Hey, I have gray but Nicole doesn’t seem to care. Wearing a long black leather coat she was stunning. She saw me, smiled and took the seat beside me. Mark turned and handed her the bourbon.

“I hope it’s ok.” I said.

She took a sip, “Mmmm, takes the chill off.” She flashed her signature big teeth smile. Before I could finish my light beer she was ordering another drink. She said she was happy out west.

I said “You look great, how’s Paul?”

“He’s fantastic! We are going on a cruise in January. We now get to do all of the things we couldn’t when we were raising children.” I saw the happiness in her eyes, something I hadn’t seen in years. Another drink, “So where is your girlfriend tonight?”

“At her apartment, she knows what I’m doing this evening.”

She leaned closer “Does she?” and smiled. I asked for another round. “Remember when altyazılı porno you told me about your sex life?”

I thought I knew where this might be going. “Yes”

“Are you still a little freaky?” she asked, looking into her glass.

“I haven’t told Nicole about my past if that’s what you mean.”

“One more!” she said to Mark. She was matching me light beer for single malt bourbon. “Are you up for some fun? We have a suite, you know where it is. You’ve been there before. Wait in the parking lot. I will text you and let you in. Be there at 10.” She downed her drink, took the check, wrote the tip, handed it to me to pay, stood and left. Mark looked a little confused as I signed the bill.

I went to my car. It was only 9:00. I should go to my apartment and call Nicole. I decided to text her and say I was a little buzzed but was ok to drive. I headed toward the suites. The cold was sobering. I was about to cheat on my girlfriend. Why do I live a hedonistic lifestyle when I know conservative is better?

I pulled in and waited for her text. “Come to the west door I will let you in.”

She opened the door to let me into the hotel. Still in the long leather coat, I was lead to the elevator. She handed me an ice bucket “Fill it. Come to room 211.” As the doors opened she turned and opened her coat to show a black bra, black panties and black stockings. She smiled and turned toward their room leaving me with an open mouth and an empty ice bucket.

I found room 211, she was waiting outside of the room. A finger to her lips and she inserted the card. We entered, she again reminded me to stay silent.

“Hey baby, I got some ice. Are you ready?” she said.

“Yes baby” The room was lit with several candles. I noticed a half empty bottle of Jefferson’s whiskey near the TV. She poured a drink over ice. The other thing I noticed was Paul. He was tied to the bed with cuffs on his wrists and ankles. She had blindfolded him with a scarf. He was naked.

She dropped her leather coat and looked at me, again a finger to her lips. She was beautiful in the flickering candlelight. Her voluptuous body held by the black lace lingerie. I was in the entry way and watched her crawl onto the bed. Lifting her glass she took a big drink. A look over her shoulder at me and she kissed him, feeding him the bourbon. “Taste good baby?”

“Yes Ma’am” he replied.

I knew why she invited me and this scene was so erotic, I was glad she was sharing. I removed my shirt and tie. Bound, he couldn’t move so she kissed all over his body. Lips, face, neck, shoulders, even his feet and toes. She moved up his body to his amatör porno nipples. Her pink tongue darting out to the left one, her left hand across his chest stimulating his right nipple. I remembered how hard I would get when she would lick my nipples. I saw Paul’s flaccid cock move as it lay across his leg and heard him moan with pleasure.

Kennedy sat up, reached behind her and unclasped her bra. She removed it, turned to me and smiled. Her breasts were bigger than before. The years were definitely being kind to her.

Leaning forward she put her large breast to Paul’s lips. He licked then sucked hard and she pulled on her other nipple. She held his head as she fed her husband. Kennedy looked over her shoulder at me. With a finger wag she motioned me over. I pointed to myself, kind of saying “Me?”

“Come here” she silently mouthed.

I walked closer. She moved to the end of the bed. Leaning over, she licked his penis. She waved me closer. Paul was starting to grow. With her forefinger and thumb she started to lightly stroke him and he got hard. He wasn’t as big as me, he was maybe 5 or 6 inches erect but he had a big head on his penis. He did have a very nice looking cock. He shaved his cock and balls. She moved his cock towards me. I took her place and lightly stroked her husband with two fingers.

“Do you want me to lick your ass baby?” she said grinning.

“You know I love that, baby” he replied. Kennedy pointed at me. I got between his spread legs. Lifting his balls I stuck out my tongue and licked his ass. He was clean and tasted of soap. He moaned when I pushed my tongue into him. Kennedy tapped me on the shoulder and signaled me to stop. “Don’t stop baby, I love your tongue.”

She pulled off her panties. I could smell her. “Paul, we both know you look at other women.”

“What? No I don’t!”

“You gonna talk or are you gonna listen?!” Kennedy leaned close to his ear, “I’ve looked at your phone.” He was silent. “Paul, you asked if I had ever been with another woman. You said the idea of that would be hot.” She stood next to the bed and sipped her drink. I was fascinated as to where this was going. “Maybe a threesum, you said, bring another woman into our bed. Paul I love you and I will let you have your fantasy. Tonight I invited a guest for our threesum.”

“Take off the blindfold, at least let me watch! I want to see her!”

“NO! This will be MY fantasy too!” He twisted against his restraints. She put her moist panties in his mouth. “Do you like how my panties taste? You know you love it, my nasty man.”

Paul was bound, blindfolded and had her panties in his mouth. arap porno She sauntered to the bottle of whiskey and poured another drink. Smiling at me she took a sip.

She crawled onto the bed and straddled his head facing me. She took her panties from his mouth and lowered herself on his face. “Lick me.” Paul started to lick her shaved black pussy. “That’s it baby.” Kennedy started to grind herself on his lips and chin. His face was shiny with her juices. I watched as she leaned forward. Her huge breasts rubbed his stomach. She rocked forward and back on his face. Her breasts swayed with the motion, her nipples were getting erect from the friction. Her eyes were closed as she rubbed her tits against him.

Leaning back she spread her arms and grasped the headboard. Holding herself up she moved her pelvis over Paul’s head. He moaned as he drank her copious juices. “Now our guest will get you ready for me.”

I took his cock as she had between my thumb and forefinger. He was so hard. Softly and slowly I stroked him. In the candle light I saw a drop of precum appear. I touched it and watched it string as I lifted my finger. I wanted to put on a show for Kennedy. I licked my finger, she smiled. Again I started to lightly stroke Paul. I know how to edge a penis. I squeezed up on him and another pearl of precum appeared at his sexy cockhead. This time I stuck out my tongue and slowly licked his erection from his balls to the crown of his big head. I licked the drop of precum and put my tongue in his hole. I circled his head and then took him in my mouth.

When we were dating I had told her that I liked to suck cock but she had never seen me do it. I looked up at Kennedy and her eyes were wide as was her smile.

I thought Paul was close so I pulled off of him and just held him gently. Again I softly stroked him. I let go and went back to kissing the side of his shaft down to his balls. I took each one separately in my mouth. My finger stroked his ass as I licked his balls. I squeezed his shaft and again he started leaking precum. The clear fluid dripped from his opening and began to run down his shaft. I licked up his shaft to the head of his cock.

Kennedy had seen enough, she was ready. Lifting herself from Paul’s mouth I saw her honey string from his lips to her pussy. She waved me away. I backed away and watched as she spun around. She looked at me as I held his erection. I inhaled her arousal. I held him and she lowered herself onto his cock. She started to fuck him, her big black breasts bouncing with her motion.

I took what was left of her drink and downed it. I put my shirt and tie back on. Grabbing my coat I looked back at their coupling. She had her hands on his chest playing with his nipples as she rose up and down on her husband’s cock. Damn, she looked good fucking him. She turned to me, lust in her eyes and smiled. She always loved being naughty. I smiled back and left the hotel room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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