I Dreamed About You…

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I dreamed about you last night, like you asked me to. Maybe I didn’t dream exactly what you asked, but I just couldn’t help myself. I walked into your room and it was dark and warm, like usual. I went to your bed and stood beside it for a second, watching you sleep. You were so beautiful. I almost slid into bed next to you without waking you up. That would have been nice, to fall asleep with you in my arms, and hold your soft body against me as I drifted off.

But you shifted then, still asleep, and the sheet fell away from your neck, exposing the soft skin of your body, the beginnings of your breasts, the thin red straps holding your top over them. I had to lean down then and kiss your neck, tasting your skin. You didn’t begin to wake up until I moved down your chest, feeling the gentle swelling of your breasts, nuzzling the valley between them. Even then you only looked up drowsily as I pulled down the red fabric of your tank top and began kissing your right breast, moving my mouth over its soft fullness. When I hovered over its center for an instant, then bit your nipple lightly, though, you gasped and picked your head up, your eyes pleading with me not to stop.

I did, but only long enough to climb into bed with you and slide under the sheet. You tried to pull me to you and kiss me, but I wouldn’t let you. Cruel, I know, but you minded less after I returned to your chest, kissing your left breast that I had neglected before. I went at it more fiercely this time, taking as much of it in my mouth as I could, swirling my tongue around your nipple as I did. Again I stopped, and your moan of protest quickly became one of pleasure as I slipped the tank top over your head and started again.

My hands moved up and down your body, rubbing the breast I wasn’t kissing, or caressing your back. A few times they ventured down the small of your back, even sliding around to the side of your waist, but no further. I could feel your hips twisting, grinding to reach my hand, but I didn’t think it was time yet. Almost, but not quite.

My mouth started sliding up then, up your torso, your neck, and around your chin. It was only then, when you pulled me to your mouth hungrily, that I realized I hadn’t really kissed you yet. You held me so tightly to you that I couldn’t have pulled away, even if I had wanted to. My hands, however, were free to do as they wanted, and reached down your leg, rubbing the insides of your thighs gently. Terrible teases, those hands of mine, moving upward steadily, then pulling away even as you pushed yourself down to meet them.

Finally, after fake hospital porno a few minutes of feeling you moaning and squirming beneath my touches, I couldn’t resist anymore either and slid my hand all the way up your leg. You almost melted under the touch as I rubbed you there, hard. I thought I could even feel a bit of dampness seeping through your shorts. Then my hand reached up to your waistband and slipped down under both layers of clothing, through the soft curled hair, to the spot where I knew we both wanted me to be. You were so wet that I easily slid one finger inside you, then two. I had stopped kissing you, and just stared down at your face, ecstatic and full of that mix of pleasure and pain that comes only from desire. You whispered, “Please,” and I moved away from your face, kissing my way down your body. When I reached your waist, I pulled off the last of your clothing, and moved down to kneel between your legs. I buried my fingers in you again, and my mouth quickly followed. I kissed and licked around the sensitive skin as my fingers worked in and out of you, faster and harder. I felt around the tiny folds of skin with my tongue, searching for the tiny bump within. When I found it, I was rewarded with another moan of pleasure from you, with more twisting and pushing that assured me I was accomplishing my goal.

I felt your hands than on the back of my head, pulling me closer to you, guiding me to where you wanted me to be. I was happy to follow, wanting what you wanted, wanting to send you over the edge with pleasure. It wasn’t long before I felt your hand pressing me harder into you as you moaned my name. You pulled me up to you then and kissed me deeply. Again, I was happy to hold you as you recovered, caught your breath.

Then you pushed me onto my back and pinned my hands above my head.

“Don’t move,” you breathed into my ear as you straddled me, resting your weight on my waist. You ran your hands down my chest, squeezing and rubbing around my nipples as I had done for you. Then you slid my shirt up, pulled it off of me, and put your hands back on me. My body rose up then, my hips thrusting up at the same time I leaned forward to make your hands grip me tighter. You forced me back down, though, again making your demands very clear. When you were satisfied, you leaned over and started kissing my neck. It felt incredible, but I was in agony as your mouth trailed down my body. You moved so slowly, but finally you reached your goal, and your mouth closed around my nipple. I gasped as you pressed yourself down, kissing fake taxi porno it so hard it almost hurt. Then you slid your mouth to the other side of my chest, giving it the same treatment. Again, I forgot your orders, and my hands wrapped around you, one feeling the smoothness of your back, the other pulling your head in even closer to my chest. You stopped again, then, and stared at me.

“Don’t make me tie you down.” I must say I was tempted to make you, but I dropped my hands and held them behind my head. I was well rewarded, because when I was done, you slid your hands down further. I shuddered as your hands closed around me, the feeling was so intense, even through my shorts. Fortunately, you didn’t wait long to remove even that small barrier, and I lay there beneath you, hard and waiting. Again, you closed your hand around me, and started moving it up and down slowly. Then you bent your head down, and kissed my upper thighs as your hand kept working. Your mouth moved up, trailing kisses around even as your hand stayed on my hard shaft. Then your hand and mouth traded jobs as you caressed me below and left kisses along the shaft.

I wanted you so much then it almost ruined the experience for me. Even as I was thinking how much I wanted to be inside you, you ran your tongue along my entire length, lightly, barely touching me. I moaned. The feeling was exquisite. Then I almost screamed in pleasure as you moved back down, this time taking me into your mouth as you went. It was incredible. I wanted so much to reach down and touch you as you moved up and down on me, caressing me with your mouth, but I was afraid you would stop if I did. Then you did stop, and I gave a little cry of dismay until I realized it was to give us both what we really wanted.

You wrapped your hand around me again and held me straight up in the air as you straddled me, moving up the bed so your knees gripped my stomach. Then you lowered yourself down onto me, guiding me inside you. Finally, you settled all your weight onto me, and I pressed into you as hard as I could. We both gasped and groaned at the sudden, intense feeling.

Once more, I couldn’t help myself, and I grabbed you around the waist to hold you still as I started working myself in and out of you, pressing hard into you with each thrust. You forgot yourself for a minute, letting me go, enjoying yourself. Then you did stop me, though.

“What did I tell you?” You took my hands in yours and pulled them over my head, wrapping them around either side of a bar in the headboard above me. Then, family stroke porno you pulled a strip of cloth from somewhere, I think it was the belt to your robe, and tied a quick knot around my hands. I pointed out to you that I could still move my hips, and pressed into you again.

“If you keep doing that, I’ll stop.” And to prove it, you pulled yourself off of me. I whimpered as I slid out of you, the sudden blast of air on me cold compared to your warmth. I knew you didn’t like it either, but I wasn’t sure you weren’t serious about stopping.

“But if you’re good, you get this.” And you slid back onto me, around me. At that point, I was going to do anything you said, as long as I didn’t have to be outside of you again. I promised not to misbehave any more, and you started. I stared up at you as you moved up and down on me, wanting to touch you and not being able to.

The feelings were wonderful. You went slow, you went fast. You did strange little motions with your hips that I can’t even describe as you made love to me. I just know they felt incredible. Once, you leaned back and I heard the sharp intake of breath as the sensation hit you. I encouraged you to stay there, and you moved on me from that position for five strokes, then five more and five more. You sped up then, moaning with every breath as something hit in just the right spot. Faster and faster you went, until you collapsed on top of me, breathless. For a few minutes I lay beneath you, kissing your neck, your shoulder, anything I could reach. Then you sat up again, and reached for my hands.

As you untied me and my hands jumped to your body, rubbing your breasts, you stared at me for a second, then leaned down to my ear.

“Fuck me,” you said, and I didn’t need to be told twice. I held your body close to mine as I pressed myself into you, pushing into you as far as I could. It felt so good that I had to stop for a second, but I knew I was almost finished. I couldn’t hold back any more. You could tell, too, and you slowly slid your hand down my side. You moved it around my leg at the knee, and slid it slowly up my thigh, even as you kept riding me up and down.

I started pushing back into you again as you leaned down to my ear once more.

“Come for me,” you whispered as your hand moved the last inch up the inside of my leg and closed around me again.

I really wouldn’t have needed the encouragement, but it drove me absolutely over the edge. I moaned your name and held you close to me as I erupted in you, writhing in pleasure. You kept moving on me, kept touching me as I squirmed until finally I fell back against the pillow, utterly exhausted.

Even when you slid off of me, I didn’t mind too much, because you moved up to lie down next to me. I wrapped my arm around you, and I could tell you were as tired and happy as I was. We drifted off together quickly, close and warm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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