I Love to Tease Him Before He Cums

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‘She loves to tease me before I cum’ I see. It’s late at night and the organized person that my boyfriend is, he’s asleep next to me on the bed. We are in our bedroom and I am reading what he wrote on Literotica. It was his first attempt at erotic writing, and even though he is an amazing writer I don’t think he did a lot of justice to the erotic part of his story. I know it’s because of our poles apart sexual drives.

As you might have read in that story, unless you turn him on yourself he never gets horny. I on the other hand am poles apart. He’s shifting in his sleep. As much as he wants to catch up with his routine, I know that he slept in the day and he can’t sleep. He won’t admit that though.

I think I’ll have a little fun tonight. I keep my phone aside.

He turns and lays on his back, hands up under his head. I slowly pull down the sheet. He doesn’t notice. I pull it down further. He is so muscular. His upper body so evenly toned throughout and even in this dim night light I can make out his abs. Oh God I want him on me right now.

I am so horny at night. I pull his sheets further and he shifts a bit but doesn’t get up. There it is. The thing that instantly makes me wet. I slide down my hand to the centre of my sexual desire. Yep, definitely wet.

I keep rubbing it while I look at his dick, so small and soft right now. It is so cute. The fact that he has no idea of this turns me on so much; I am shaking! This is such a rare kind of pleasure!

I slowly slide my finger inside me. This desire is definitely getting out of hand. He turns in his sleep towards me and his little dick drops to one side. That is it, it makes me go so hard. I put two fingers inside me deep and start rubbing vigorously. My other hand is touching my hard nipples, flicking them, twitching them and what not.

As I slide my fingers deeper, I have already wet my fingers with my juices. With each movement now something deep inside me sends sensual pleasure all over my body. I love masturbation, in fact I do it secretly a lot of times.

I am barely controlling my cum, I know I am about to. It’s right on the edge and each penetration of my dual fingers is getting it so close. This feeling of when you’re about to cum and hold it a while is the best I tell you.

He never gets it but I know what his dick wants more than he does. I try controlling it with everything, I am slightly sweaty and already breathing so fast. I hold my breath in, while I flex my thigh muscles. This feeling is getting uncontrollable.

Every muscle in my body wants to be flexed right now because that is giving me so many orgasms. I lift my pelvis and move it up and down with the movement of my penetration. I arch my back a bit and pull my head back. Oh boy this is gonna be so intense I can feel it.

My legs are shaking in this position, my back rests on the pillow while my legs mobil porno are keeping my hips in the air. I am on my toes. The orgasms pass all over my body from my clitoris to my head. I shake and cant hold this cum inside me anymore. I go really hard and fast.

It releases and I squirt! Oh my God! I squirted! I can’t believe I did that and with just my hands!

I can’t get my lower body down back on the bed, it was so fucking good for me I wanna absorb all the after orgasms as well. The body is at its peak energy at this moment, my heart pumping tons of blood all throughout while I am breathing so heavy.

My muscles go from maximum power to tired in that one second of total absolute pleasure and I finally get down, still shaking a bit. I bring out my fingers and there is a thick layer of viscous clear fluid on them. It smells heavenly.

I put my fingers in my mouth. I lick my hand like I do with his hard erect dick. Oh I am so dreaming about his hard and erect dick right now, dripping with precum and full of desires to make me go crazy. I imagine telling him in the morning that I squirted. I still cant believe it, I look down at the sheets, yep, they surely need a good washing.

Hehe, I giggle. Of all the times during the day, this after orgasms time is when I’m in the best mood. Completely satisfied and happy. All the day’s hard work wearied off my body and a new pleasurable pain in all the muscles.

I turn to him to look at that cute dick again. Man, have I been messy, all the sheets have been pulled away from him.

He’s gotten a little hard I must say, I think he is dreaming of me. I smile. My baby. I look at his face and he’s looking right at me.

‘You do that a lot?’

I skip a beat. He saw it. Shit. Although I am a little happy he did.


‘This sheet snatching at night?’

Ohhh. I sigh.

‘Sorry babe, lemme get you covered up’ I straighten up and pull his sheets up to his chest. He looks at me so adorably right now, a little sleepy a little awake.

I pull the sheets a bit up and his boner shoots right up under them. I giggle.

‘Honey you’re more up than you’d know’ I say.

‘Oh is it..’ he looks down and I see the perfect opportunity to grab it.

‘This thing is interfering with my desire…to keep my baby from catching a cold’ I hold it through the sheets. I can feel it growing harder and bigger by the milliseconds.

‘You might wanna not hold it if you want it to go down dear’

‘I know’ I keep holding it, and give it a few shoves. I look at him deep in his eyes.

‘Oh I see’ he rests on his side with one elbow supporting his head. He looks at me with his smouldering eyes. Eyes that say, I know what you want baby and I am so ready to give it to you.

I am still holding his dick through the sheets and almost sitting next to him now, with my mofos porno legs folded. He slides his free hand on my thighs. He slides it up to my belly button, I know he loves it. He touches it and pinches it and I squirm.

He slides further up. He slides his hand over my big breasts and wanders his index finger around my nipular areas. He rubs one and I am instantly erect down there. He pinches it and I jump a bit. He smiles.

He goes up to my jaw and holds it. He squeezes it and brings my face down to his and puts his tongue in my open mouth. My erection is back and so is his. He is harder than ever, I can feel it and there is already a spot at the end of his dick on the sheet.

I pull away and he throws down the sheets with his legs.

‘You wanna have some sex baby, I’m up anyways’

‘Naeh, I’m good, let’s go to sleep’ I tease him.

‘Okay, lemme just get back from the washroom…’ he begins to tease.

He was in midsentence when I bite his lower lip. Hehe, I giggle and leave it; suddenly aware of my desire that was that biting.

‘YOU ARE SO DAMN ADORABLE!!’ I scream and start kissing him so hard. He doesn’t resist but what shows me he’s loving it is the fact that his hands have slid around me and he’s slowly putting me on my back. He of course, is sliding over me.

He adjusts my hair before resting me head and I fall in love with him again.

He keeps kissing me while I suddenly feel my clitoris being rubbed. I hold his head with both my hands to keep me steady. He keeps rubbing his dick on my clitoris before he finally penetrates.

His hands on either sides of me he starts a motion down there, vigorous enough to show his desire yet gentle enough to not hurt me.

I can’t keep my hands off his body. I keep touching him, sometimes his ears, sometimes his neck, sometimes his nipples. I love him.

Suddenly he whispers something in my ear.

‘Hey, I love you’

I start laughing.

‘Now you say it mister?’

‘Yeah and also be quite ma’am the neighbours are gonna hear you’

‘It’s hard when you do that and ask me to keep my mouth shut’ I point to the undergoing sexual act.

‘Then lemme do this and ask you to keep your mouth shut’ He slides his tongue back into my mouth. I love when he becomes so romantic.

His tongue slides in and around mine like they’re gonna mix. His wet tongue touches every part of my mouth deep and lovingly, in a way it’s the same for his dick as well.

This place right now is the place I love. Making love.

I can feel his dick getting harder and the heat between us is getting beyond the ordinary. The desires are so evident. My vagina is a flooded tunnel now with a big metro jamming into it every now and then.

‘Are you liking it?’ I look at him innocently and ask. I open my eyes wide and pout. My innocent face.

‘Oh naughty america porno stop it, I know the naughty girl beyond this face, its no use’ his words say something but the smile on his face and eyes say something else.

‘You want me going deeper?’ he asks sincerely.

‘Oh shut up and fuck me like a whore already!’ I smack his butt.

I know that words turn him on more than anything. This mere sentence has made his motion so violent already, and I know it’s what he loves. He’s literally rocking me and the bed starts creaking.

And there it is, my sexual desires are so aroused to the point of no return already again.

‘I am gonna cum!!’ I scream and the bed creaks harder and I release it. Wow, I can never stop it even for a bit when he’s inside me. I can feel the excessive fluids down there around his penis making this so pleasurable for him.

I look at his face and he has closed his eyes. He’s so lost in the moment. He is in a sexual bliss.

I look down and my juices are dripping out and down all around his balls and dick. The bedsheet is ruined now and I love the fact, hehe. I giggle looking at all of this.

Suddenly goes even faster and I suspect he is gonna explode. Time for fun. Wait, he is in fact so damn right like always, I love teasing him before he cums.

‘Hey’ I call out to him. He opens his eyes.

‘Are you about to?’ I ask.

‘Nope’ he lies.

‘I know what your dick says mister, come on naaa let’s play with it a bit naaa’ I insist.

‘There is my girl alright, I thought you got changed at night’ He mocks.

‘Shut up and let me jerk you off naaa!’ I say and pull him out. He’s throbbing; Oh My God. And dripping wet, better than any lube ever.

‘Honey do it already please oh my god!’ he screams.

I start jerking it off really fast and steady.

‘I am about to cum’ he declares.

‘You wish’ I say and leave his dick, no contact at all. He instantly tries to hold it with his hand and I bat him off.

‘OH COME ON, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?’ he looks away. Yet his trembling body shows who’s having orgasms all over.

‘Here, cum here’ I say as I put his whole dick in my mouth. Secretly, I wanted to do that all this night. It feels so good against my tongue.

As soon as a few shoves he cums. His hot semen goes right down my already wide open throat. He looks at me with pleasure. I know I satisfied him. As much as he doesn’t understand what’s edging, I know his body does.

He cums for a whole 30 seconds before he pulls out. I was almost about to choke when he did that. I swallow twice.

‘That cum was tasty’ I say smacking my lips.

‘You have become a little slut baby’ he says and comes down and kisses me on the lips.

‘I love you my little slut’ he says after the kiss.

‘Oh I am slutty?’ I giggle.

‘Yep, look at what you did to the sheet’ he points.

‘What, how did you know I …’ I turn to him as I say and he’s already tucked in and has back towards me.

‘Goodnight baby’ he says and turns off the night light.


I close my eyes and keep wondering and smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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