I Want You to Seduce My Husband Ch. 03

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Hey, look… a third installment in a series! I’ve never made it that far before. I’m trying REALLY HARD to continue one series, rather than starting a new series. This after one of my “gentle readers” commented that I don’t have a good track record continuing a plot line. Guilty, as charged. Confession time: I have sexual ADHD and am constantly distracted by the next story that pops in my head. But don’t worry, I do plan to go back and add to those other works, and I have a folder full of other ideas to explore. But I’ll focus on Shelly and Scott for a bit longer. There’s a lot more story there to tell!

I found myself experimenting in this one, and would welcome your feedback. In this chapter, I rehashed a lot of what was already described in the two earlier chapters. I did that primarily for new readers coming into the series starting with this third installment. I’m curious to hear from you who have read the earlier two chapters: is that distracting? Would you rather the writing not reiterate those earlier works? And for you first time readers: is it enough to give you a sense of what has already happened? Does it compel you to go back and read the previous chapters, or do you feel it gives enough background that you can just read this story and simply wait for the next installment?

Please Let me know in the comments: I want to grow as a writer, and your comments help. And, as always, I truly appreciate your ratings, comments and email. Particularly those with thoughtful criticisms that help me develop my writing skills. – Yes


Madeline was sitting at her mother’s kitchen table when the first text message from her husband came in.

Scott: When are you coming home?

Maddy: I don’t know. Later. Why?

Scott: Your girlfriend is here.

Maddy: Honey, I told you she would be stopping by if it got really hot out.

Maddy: Their AC is on the fritz, and she’ll want to take a dunk in our pool.



Madeline put her phone down and giggled.

“What’s so funny?” her mom asked.

Madeline looked up at her mother, who was still unpacking groceries. They had both just gotten back from the local supermarket. Earlier in the week, Maddy had asked if she and her son Thomas could come over and visit for the day. Her mom loved the idea, told her she normally went grocery shopping on Fridays, but suggested they do it together Saturday morning. Truth be told, Madeline wasn’t thrilled about taking her mother out grocery shopping, but agreed to it anyway – it was a small price to pay for the opportunity to be out of the house with Tommy all day.

“Oh, it’s a text from Scott. My girlfriend and I are playing a little joke on him today.”

“Oh?” Mom said, without a glance in Maddy’s direction. Her attention remained focused in the cupboard as she packed away some canned goods. “How’s that?”

Madeline didn’t want to tell her Mom the truth: that she had convinced her best friend Shelly, a sexy, sultry bombshell of a woman, to spend the day alone at her house and try to seduce her husband. No, Madeline didn’t want to tell Mom that! It would also require explaining why Maddy was going to such lengths. She’d have to explain how young, single mothers – and even a few married ones! – were always fawning over her husband at the Little League field where Scotty coached, taking pictures of him and posting them on their Facebook pages. That, of course, would lead into old arguments the two of them had years ago when Maddy first started dating Scott (“I’m not sure that man is right for you, Madeline. He looks as if he might have a wayward eye.”).

Maddy had dismissed those earlier comments, because Mother had never liked any of her past boyfriends. The disparaging comments about her husband had even continued a few years into their marriage (“How are things between you and Scotty? It sure sounds like he spends a lot of late evenings at the office, from what you tell me. Are you sure there is no hanky-panky going on there?”).

Her mother’s words were the source of many a Mother-Daughter heated argument: Scott was a good man. He was focusing on his career, moving up in the company, getting promoted and doing extremely well. Madeline did not begrudge him the occasional late night at the office. Her mother’s comments had mostly quieted after the birth of their son, Thomas, 10 years ago.

“Is this your neighbor friend Shelly that we’re talking about? That attractive blonde gal? Playing a joke on Scott? What are you two up to?”

Madeline’s mother was now putting produce, fruit and meats in the refrigerator. Even though she was pretending to be detached and uninterested, Madeline could tell her mother was very much hoping for some condemning news about her husband Scott – anything that would justify her earlier criticisms about the man.

“Nothing really, Mom. It’s just that I think he’s going to have a rather uncomfortable day.”

Madeline left tecavüz porno it at that, returning attention to her phone.

Maddy: Unh, duh. If she’s going swimming, of course she’d be wearing a swimsuit.

Scott: IT’S A FRENCH BIKINI!! She is parading around the house wearing hardly anything at all.

Maddy: Scott Ouellette, you listen to me. That’s my best friend! I expect you to treat her as a welcome guest at our house!

Scott: Honey – I’m just not sure it’s a good idea to let her stay here if you’re not here.

Maddy: WHY? Worried you can’t control your urges around another pretty woman?

Scott: Honey, stop. That’s not what I meant.

Maddy: What did you mean?

Scott: I have chores and there is no one here to entertain her.

Maddy: YOU entertain her. Your chores can wait. Or, let her be. She can entertain herself. She’ll probably just sit by the pool all day.

Maddy: But it would be nice if you could at least spend a little time with her, talk with her, keep her company since I’m not there.





Madeline’s phone made bleeps and bloops with every message sent and received.

“You kids and your cell phones,” Maddy’s mom shook her head disapprovingly.

“Sorry, mom, that’s rude of me,” Madeline smiled, then put her phone down.

Madeline knew the swimming suit that Scott had mentioned in the text. In fact, she had selected it when she and Shelly had been out shopping last year. At the time, Shelly had been planning a vacation trip with her husband, Bill. She had confessed to Madeline that she wanted something that would really light his fire. The suit Madeline selected was a sexy little thing: a red, thong bikini bottom and a matching red top. All together, it left nothing to the imagination. When Shelly modeled the suit to Madeline in the department store dressing room, the modest red triangles of the bikini top barely contained Shelly’s massive 36DD chest. Meanwhile, the thong bottoms gave a generous view of her wonderfully, round buttocks. Shelly had told Madeline that the suit might be a little TOO revealing.

“If you’re looking to light someone’s fire, Shelly, this suit is perfect,” Madeline told her friend.

Earlier this week, when Madeline had been scheming the best way for Shelly to beguile her husband, she insisted that Shelly wear this specific swimsuit. She could just imagine Shelly strutting around her house now with that tiniest of swimsuits clinging to her sexy curves. It must be driving Scott nuts!

Madeline paused to wonder: was she being unfair to Scott? Afterall, Shelly was a stunningly attractive woman, full of poise and self-confidence. She was between jobs right now, and Madeline had suggested she take up modeling – she was THAT good-looking. Shelly waived those compliments off dismissively. Her husband Bill made enough money that her being unemployed wasn’t an issue for them, and she liked being out of the job pool, for now.

Bill. If there was a man who her mother might accuse of hanky-panky, it was Bill. He was constantly working late nights and traveling on business, leaving poor Shelly alone at home. Because of this, Madeline always went out of her way to invite Shelly to anything she was doing. They did a fair amount of girls’ night out, shopping, clubbing, you name it.

This past Tuesday, Madeline had invited Shelly to her son’s afternoon ballgame at the Little League field. It was there that they had both watched several women approach and cotton all over Madeline’s husband. That’s Madeline hit a tipping point. Abruptly, without fully thinking it through, Madeline asked her sexy, model-material, best friend to seduce her husband, or try to. Of course, Madeline didn’t want Shelly to REALLY do anything with her husband… just tease him, come on really strong, and find out if Scott might be the type of guy who would cheat on her. After years of doubts, probably instilled in her by Madeline’s own mother, Madeline just had to know!

Shelly hadn’t said yes right away. In fact, Madeline felt it took some time to be convince her friend to do it. Finally, she had relented, telling Maddy she would try. They were such good friends, Madeline wasn’t at all worried that Shelly might betray her trust. They had been through so much together in the short three years they had been friends. Madeline trusted Shelly implicitly.

“What can I do to help, Mom?” Madeline asked, putting her phone down, and getting up to help her mom with the last of the groceries.

“Did you put on a little weight, sweety?” her mother asked innocently.

“Really, Mom? Really?!?” Madeline huffed, crossed her arms on her chest, and glared at her mother. “This is why you don’t see me visiting all that often, even though we only live 40 minutes away.”

“Now Madeline, I didn’t mean anything by it. You’re a very pretty girl, and Scott is a lucky man.”

Madeline scowled, but her mom was no longer paying her any travesti porno attention. She was now folding up the plastic grocery bags and putting them in a drawer to be reused later.

Maddy looked down at her body. She realized she was angry, not so much by what her mother said, but because it was true. She had put on a few pounds. In fact, she was up 25 pounds from this time last year and was now pushing close to 180 pounds! And although Madeline liked what that had done to her bust (she’d gone up two bra sizes – even Scott had complimented her on that), it had also filled in a lot of other places, too. Madeline had never weighed this much, not since she had been pregnant with Tommy.

Madeline swiveled her hips, looking at her buttocks and legs. Her mom was right, she was still attractive: shapely, if not just a little thick. She still had a nice figure, large boobs, a curvy waist, a big butt, and long legs. She just needed to start exercising again, before “thick” turned into “plump”, and “plump” turned into “fat”. She really had to re-up her gym membership and get back to a daily workout routine. Like Shelly. That girl was a fitness nut, always eating healthy and never missing her morning workout. It paid off for her, too. Shelly was gorgeous: slim, tone, busty, and firm in all the right places. Her blonde, blue-eyed genes, helped a lot, too, as did her tall, slender physique. When the pair went out clubbing, all heads turned to Shelly. Madeline got attention, too, but she felt it was always secondary to the looks her best friend was getting.

“Yeah,” Madeline said quietly to herself. “I’ll re-up my gym membership and lose some pounds.”

Her mom came over and pinched her cheeks. “That’s my girl.”

“Well, handsome,” Shelly said, coming down from upstairs, and pausing in the kitchen entryway. “How did it go?”

Scott looked up, and his heart stopped. Shelly stood there wearing nothing but a tiny, impossibly small, red bikini. Scott didn’t understand how it could even contain those voluptuous curves. Shelly’s tits were so large, and the flimsy, little bikini top didn’t seem sufficient to support them. Yet they didn’t sag in the least; they simply seemed to defy gravity.

Shelly was fresh from the shower. Indeed, they both had showered together in the upstairs master bathroom, after an incredibly satisfying fuck in Scott and Madelin’s marital bed.

Yep. Scott had fucked his wife’s best friend! He’d done that even after Shelly confessed that she had been sent to his house, by his own wife, to seduce him. She even showed him proof, with texts from his wife to Shelly, still captured on her cell phone. His wife was trying to bait and trap Scott, to see if he would cheat on her. But Shelly had also told Scott that she wasn’t planning on telling Madeline her seduction had succeeded. No, Shelly confided that she’d much rather play out some long-term fantasies with Scott. That required Madeline trusting of Shelly, while also jealous, apprehensive, but not fully convinced that her husband Scott was a cheater.


“Hmm, oh, umm… wow! You look amazing.”

Shelly’s eyes lit up and her smiled brightened the room. Upstairs, they had almost turned a brief 10-minute shower into a much longer, much steamier encounter… but Shelly was on a timeline. She had kicked Scott out of the shower stall, even as his dick was starting to grow hard in her hand.

“You go make the bed,” she had told him. “Make sure the headboard didn’t damage the wall. Put all the pillows back and clean up the room real good, we won’t be back up here.”

She paused, then added, “At least not today.”

Shelly had laughed, then continued, “I’m going to blow dry my hair, re-apply my makeup-“

Scott was reaching for her naked, soapy body, and she swatted his hands away.

“Ah ah ahhh! Scoot. Go on. Make the bed. Then go send the text messages we talked about. You know, after you fucked my brains out, in there.”

Shelly had hooked her thumb back toward the adjacent master bedroom. The twinkle in her eyes and smile on her face were sinfully wicked. They had talked about the text messages Scott was to send – that was a talk they had after fucking each other senseless for the better part of an hour.

Anyway, according to Shelly’s plan for the day, he was to text Maddy, tell her Shelly had arrived and express how uncomfortable he was to be alone with her. That she was flaunting herself at him while wearing a skimpy, little bikini.

“Ha, an hour ago,” Scott confessed, reaching for a towel, “I really was uncomfortable. Shelly Adams, you are one sexy bitch. Even in baggy sweatpants and a t-shirt.”

“Ha, good!” Shelly had laughed. “Channel those uncomfortable feelings, lover boy. Make it real!”

Scott didn’t know why Shelly had to dry her hair or put on makeup. In fact, he didn’t understand why he couldn’t simply drag her back to the bed, or maybe just take her here, on the bathroom vanity. But, Shelly clearly tumblr porno had a plan in mind, and he felt best to continue following her lead. This seductive woman was as devious as she was wanton.

He certainly wasn’t complaining now as she stood here before him in the kitchen. She was all scrubbed clean and smelling power-fresh. Her face was radiant, and her whole body positively glowed. And in that bikini, there was very little of her tantalizing body that was hidden from his eyes.

Shelly noticed the look in Scott’s eyes as he gazed upon her. She leaned against the entryway, turning slightly away from him. She was showing off her backside and the amazing roundness of her luscious, smooth ass.

Scott’s eyes walked up her body, starting at her feet. She wasn’t wearing the sneakers she had arrived in. No, she had picked out a pair of shoes from his wife’s closet. He recognized the black, strappy dress sandals with the 6-inch tall heels. He sometimes worried when his wife wore them clubbing because to him they screamed, “Knock me over and fuck me hard!” They weren’t the type of thing one might wear with a bikini. On Shelly, however, the combo was flawless.

His eyes moved up the long, slender curves of her calves and thighs. The thong bikini she wore did not hide, but rather accented the twin, fleshy globes of her ass. Shelly’s body was fit and tone. Scott knew from personal experience that this only came from regular hours at the gym each week. The girl clearly worked out hard.

Shelly turned toward him, delighting in his appreciative gaze. She raised one arm high, then the other, turning her head demurely to the side. This exposed the fullness of her curves to his admiring stare. He again glimpsed the impossibly firm curve of her bust line. The suit did not cover the side view much, and with her arms raised and crossed over her head, he couldn’t help but notice how prominently her breasts lifted from her chest, curving gently upward and then ended with the jutting, hard points of Shelly’s nipples. They were hard little nubs, poking visibly at the front of Shelly’s bikini top. Yes, her arousal was clearly evident, even as his loins began to stir. The sight of those massive breasts contained in that oh-so-tiny bikini top, and the way her bottom protruded in the opposite direction… holy shit!

She was wearing more makeup now than when she had arrived. She’d taken great care in putting herself together upstairs. Her eyes were now more darkly shadowed, and her eyelash mascara had been applied long, lush, and thick. Together, they made her giant, sky-blue eyes pop! Her lips were candy-apple red, a most naughty shade under the best of circumstances. They matched her swimsuit perfectly.

Madeline had once told him that she thought Shelly could be a Cover-Girl model. Scott now readily agreed with that assessment. She was heart-meltingly beautiful. Scott wanted nothing more than to close the distance between them, push her back against the wall, hold both her hands over her head, and simply ravish her. He actually took one step toward her.

She turned toward him, her blue eyes flashing. She lifted one finger and wagged it back and forth. The look said, “Not yet.”

“What did she say?” Shelly asked, walking toward him. In those high-heeled sandals, her steps were shorter, purposeful. Everything else – her stature, her hip sway, her curves – appeared larger. She didn’t walk toward him so much as she strutted.

To Scott’s dismay, she was also now unfurling a decorative, white shawl about her shoulders. Scott wanted Shelly to be shedding the few articles of clothing she wore, not putting new garments on. But he sensed intuitively from the way she walked and the way her hard, little nipples were bulging at the bikini top, it wouldn’t be long before both their clothes were dropping to the floor. He decided to play along.

“She said I was overreacting and that I should entertain you,” Scott replied.

Shelly stepped right in front of him, putting her arms around his neck.

“Oh, Scotty,” Shelly spoke huskily, her eyes searching his, their lips inches apart. “I am beyond entertained. You are an amazing host.”

His arms slid around her waist as their lips touched. Lightly at first, a soft dance, and then, as she stepped fully into his embrace, their kiss became… more: more passion, more desire, more lust, more intense.

Scott started to pull back the shawl that Shelly had just wrapped about her shoulders. At first, he could feel Shelly surrendering, melting into him, but then she placed her hand upon his chest, tugged the shawl back in place with her other hand and pulled herself away.

“No, wait,” she said breathlessly, breaking from his embrace. “Not yet.”

Scott’s expression was that of a pouting child whose favorite toy had just been snatched away.. So comical was his hurt expression that Shelly laughed out loud.

“Oh honey, believe me, I want this. More than you-“

“I doubt that.” Scott denied flatly.

Shelly laughed again.

“First things first! Go pour us a couple of lemonades… it’s hot!”

Shelly fanned herself with her hand, while her other hand reached for her cell phone. Scott had brought it down while cleaning the bedroom, and placed it on the kitchen table.

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