I Want You to Watch…

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I couldn’t stop thinking about you last night…although that’s no different than any other night. I don’t know how much longer I can do this. Pleasure myself wishing it was you. Praying that the next time it will be. I want you to see what you do to me, and feel how wet you make me. Last night I pretended you were watching me…maybe from outside of the window, or from across the room. Maybe watching from the foot of the bed or laying right beside me…This is what I did.

It was ten. I know because I looked. I told myself I wasn’t going to let myself cum until 1045. I had a candle lit on my night stand and my window was wide open so I could hear the rain falling outside. I threw a towel on the bed knowing 45 minutes would probably be a lot of lube. I crawled in bed naked, laying on my back…

I watched the candle light on the ceiling wishing you were there with me. I closed my eyes and I could smell you on my pillows. The shirt of yours that you gave me was tucked in by my neck.

I ran my right hand across my stomach and slowly up toward my left tit. It fit perfectly in my hand and I squeezed it and moaned. I pinched my nipple and quickly took my other tit in my other hand and did the same, wishing it was your illegal bahis hands on me.

I could hear the candle crackling and could feel the glow of it on my face. I bent my knees and slowly opened my legs as wide as I could, knowing you would love seeing me that way.

My right hand grabbed the lube and flipping the cap with my thumb, I squeezed the bottle. Fuck it felt so good. Running down over my clit, heating up as it went down further. I didn’t stop until I could feel it running down over my ass.

I put my left hand up over my head and after putting the bottle down at my side, I ran my fingers down my stomach, barely slid two of them over my clit, and let them slip inside of me. I remembered what it felt like to have your fingers inside of me as I slowly moved my fingers in and out of my slick pussy.

I peeked at the clock. Only 10:15. I didn’t think I would make it at the rate I was going. So I slid my fingers out and slowly ran them down further to my ass. Fuck it felt so good. My finger slid right inside. Just up to the first knuckle, in and out…so easily. I knew I’d have to take it slow if I wanted to go the full time, and use both of my vibrators.

With my left hand, I grabbed my left knee and illegal bahis siteleri pulled it toward my chest, so I could reach better. I continued tracing circles around my asshole with my finger and slowly sliding it in again. After a few minutes, I was able to slip two fingers into my ass. It felt so fucking good.

I rolled to my left side and put my right knee high up on a pillow, exposing my ass and pussy again. If you were behind me, watching, would you be slowly stroking your cock? I grabbed more lube and squeezed out more onto my right hand and I reached behind and filled my ass crack with it. Twenty more minues…I could do it.

I slowly slid my middle and ring finger into my asshole as the lube heated up hotter and hotter. In this position my fingers easily slid all the way in and back out again. I moaned wishing to God it was your fingers inside of me. It felt so amazing. Just slowly in, and then all the way back out again, for several minutes.

I decided I was ready for my first vibrator. I grabbed my smaller one and teased my pussy with it from behind. I was so fucking swollen and just begging to be filled. I turned it on low and slowly pushed it inside of my pussy. All the way in until it disappeared. canlı bahis siteleri It stayed in place, and I could feel it vibrating deep inside of me.

I grabbed my other vibrator and gently touched my asshole with it. My ass automatically backed up to meet it, and the tip pushed inside. I groaned and bit down on the sleeve of your shirt. I wanted so bad for you to be behind me, for you to be the one filling me. I slowly pulled the tip out and pushed it in again a little bit further. I waited a few seconds letting my body adjust and I slowly pushed the rest of it in. I groaned against your sleeve again as I slowly pulled it completely out and slowly pushed it all the way in again. Over and over and over. I checked the clock. 10:40. Time for the big finish.

I began moving the vibrator in my ass in and out…faster and faster wanting you to pound your cock into me. I reached between my legs with my other and and slowly pulled out the vibrator in my pussy and turned it all the way up and shoved it back in. I slammed the vibrator into my ass one last time while I just barely touched my clit. I was saying your name over and over frantically as I came so fucking hard, my whole body convulsing around both vibrators. I grabbed the nearest pillow and stifled my screams into it. The clock read 10:45. After the aftershocks of my orgasm subsided, I cleaned up, blew out the candle and fell asleep cuddled with your shirt. Next time you will be there to hear me say your name…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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