I Wrecked it!

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I was cruising along in the passing lane in 5th gear, my new z06 Corvette purring nicely at 2000 RPM, headed home.

Bob Segar’s “Turn the Page” rolled out of the Bose speakers.

It was a nice dry day, traffic was light on the 4 lane highway. I was coming up on a big truck in the right hand lane, laboring along at about 50 up the shallow grade.

I spotted the older 4 X 4 pickup coming up fast in the right hand lane, too fast! It hit me that the guy driving had a cell phone glued to his ear, head laid over sideways to the right as he approached the truck from behind.

Momentarily distracted, I missed the white van that dove out across both lanes into the center divider lane, then right out in front of me.

No place to go, I was forced to plant the brakes, instinctively slamming the gearshift into 4th as I slowed rapidly.

The driver of the 4 X 4, realizing at the last second that he was going to hit the Semi, swerved into my lane!

His left front fender nailed my right rear, turning me into the truck. I whipped the wheel to the left to soften the contact, watched in slow motion as the entire right front of my new Vette seemed to explode.

The car snapped back to the left, clipped the van which also turned into the truck. Suddenly I could see the undercarriage of the van as it rolled and I went partially under it. My windshield blew out, my foot was still hard on the brakes, no other options left to me. Everything went black.

The next thing I knew was feeling cold and wet, I opened my eyes to a stranger holding my head up, we were chest deep in water. I realized that I had ended up in the drainage ditch that runs alongside the stretch of highway.

“I gotcha, buddy! Just hang on” he said. I glanced around, realizing I was laying on my left side, still in the car. Water covered me clear up to the side of my head. There was a terrible racket, suddenly light as they cut the car apart to get me out.

The only thing that crossed my mind was “God! Don’t cut my car apart!” Then I passed out again.

I came to with lights in my face, it seemed like there was at least 20 people all gathered around. It hit me that I was in a hospital. I found out later that I had missed the Helicopter ride.

As I became more aware of my surroundings, I spotted my wife Lee’s smiling face. She was holding my right hand gently, telling me I was OK.

All in all, I came out of it pretty well, left wrist broken, right arm broken, a face full of glass chips, wrenched back, and a nicely güvenilir bahis mangled left foot. Other than lumps from head to toe and half the teeth of my upper denture shattered, that was it. I also felt a roughness and swelling in my tongue, realized that it was stitches.

I spent the day in intensive as they waited to see if I had any internal injuries, which I didn’t.

By the next day, I was sitting up in bed, feeling fairly well, all things considered. There was a heavy cast on my left wrist, and a full one on my right arm. My left foot was bleeding still, and the nurse came in to change the bandages. I didn’t say much, a bit bashful since I had no dentures in my mouth. I glanced at her, she was about 45, maybe 20 pounds extra, fairly heavy glasses on her nose. “Hi, I’m Janet” she said, as she went about her work.

Then she checked the IV still stuck in me, flushed it, and checked the bottle alongside the bed. “You haven’t urinated yet”, she said.

I hadn’t even realized it was hooked up, I reached down and felt the tubing with the fingertips of my left hand.

“No, I guess not.” I answered.

“Be right back,” she told me as she left the room.

She returned with a catheter, I groaned in realization of what she was going to do.

Janet slipped on some latex gloves, pulled the sheet back and grasped my penis, rolling the foreskin back. She inserted the catheter, and I felt the relief as the urine drained from me. Then she slipped her fingers under my scrotum and rubbed, draining the last from me. This almost instantly had the effect of causing my cock to twitch and start to erect.

She looked at me with a big smile, “All better!” and left the room.

The rest of the evening was uneventful, although they did come in and wake me up every hour to check vitals. Lee came in the next morning with my dentures, nicely fixed. That made me feel a lot better as I slipped them in my mouth.

She told me the rest of what I didn’t know. It seems the semi’s rear wheels had gone completely over the hood my Z06, just ahead of the windshield. That had bounced me into and under the van, which had rolled and I had spun around and off the road, coming to rest on my side in the drainage ditch which had 2 feet of water in it. Another driver following along behind had climbed in through the smashed windshield and held my head above water for nearly an hour as rescue cut me out of the car. I would have drowned but for that.

I made a mental note to look him up when I got out.

That türkçe bahis evening, Janet came back on shift. I smiled as she came in, feeling more secure with teeth in my face. She changed my bandage, pleased that the bleeding had stopped.

Then she checked the bottle, just a dribble in it. “Well, you get it again!” she said with a grin.

She slipped on the gloves again, pulled my sheets aside, and grasped me. I couldn’t help it, I started to erect almost instantly. She hesitated, sitting there on a stool with my penis in my hand, then she smiled and said, “Looks like you are feeling better!”

I didn’t know whether to blush or grin, settling for the latter. Then she looked up at me, and grasped my shaft with one hand while she slowly rolled my foreskin back with the other. I realized she was taking her sweet time about it, too!

“This is easier when it’s firm!” she said, as she slipped the catheter in again. I felt the drainage begin, then her fingertips went under my scrotum as she massaged the remmants out of me. I noticed she took an overly long time with that, too.

“You have about 45 minutes to stop that!” I wisecracked, getting a giggle from her as she finished up.

Another day went by, and here was Janet again for the evening shift. I had been trying to hold back during the day with little success, Janet checked the bottle, it was half full. She emptied it, then unhooked the bottle. “Looks like you won’t be needing this now,” she said, setting another bottle on the stand by the bed.

“Oh. well, I was starting to look forward to it!” I told her. She smiled, then said, “Well, maybe I better check!”

Then she slipped on those gloves again, I was already getting stiff in anticipation. She reached out and grasped me firmly, held me for a second, then reached over with her other hand and rolled my foreskin back again. I looked right at her, she was staring at me, a mixed expression on her face.

“I can’t take that too long!” I warned her. “She answered, “Yes, I see your testicles are very tight!”

She glanced at the cast on my left hand, then the one on my right arm. “You can’t…” she let the rest trail off..

Quickly she got up and pulled the curtains around, then came back to me. “Do you mind if I assist you with this?” she asked.

“No, that is fine!” I managed. She looked up at me with a grin, then flushed, I swear!

She reached out and took me in her hands, letting them slide up and down on me. I felt the waves of pleasure waft over me. Then she placed güvenilir bahis siteleri her palms on each side of the head of my cock, and rolled her hands back and forth.

My first burst surprised her, it hit her on the chin. She quickly grabbed a soft towel and put over me, using the other hand to drain me as she squeezed.

“There you go!” she said with a smile, then looking down, she said, “You are still hard!”

“Yes.” I said. “Well, let’s fix that!” she said with a giggle, reaching out to grasp me again.

The 2nd time lasted lots longer, finally I felt the building and had a huge eruption. Janet cleaned me up, smiled and left on her rounds.

I slept like a baby that night, no one woke me up. The next morning, Janet came in with another nurse. She introduced her as Sylvia. “I am off for two days, Sylvia will take care of you!” she said with a smile. Then Janet left.

I looked at Sylvia, cute, about 30, hair up in a neat bun, slim and trim. She went about the business of changing the bandages on my foot, then she emptied the bottle I had set beside the bed.

I watched as she slipped on a fresh set of gloves, then she flashed a huge smile at me! “I guess I need to check and see if everything is all right”, her voice going slightly husky as she said that.

I smiled as she pulled the covers aside, I was already ready to go! “Wow!”, she said. “Janet wasn’t kidding!”

Her hands reached out to grasp me, I was watching her looking at me with slitted eyes. “God, it’s getting even bigger!” Sylvia exclaimed as she pumped me. Then she leaned forwards, opened her mouth and slid her lips down over me.

“This is even better!” I thought, As I soon exploded in her mouth.

She licked me clean, amazing, she was totally into it. Finally I thanked her, she grinned and said, “No, thank you, I love to do that!”

I was just starting to think I could stay here in the Hospital and be happy, but a few days later, the Doctor came in and told me I was being released.

I almost said “Darn”, but I managed to hold my tongue. I made another mental note to send the Nurses a huge bouquet, and maybe a few of my business cards from my massage therapy practice.

I grinned when the doctor gave me an appointment with Janet to have the casts removed in a few weeks.

My wife Lee picked me up that afternoon, and drove me out to the house. As we pulled up to the garage, she hit the button on the overhead doors.

There in the garage sat a brand new Torch red z06 Corvette. I looked at it in surprise, Lee smiled at me. “Insurance!” was all she said.

I gave her a hug, as best as I could do with the casts still on, could hardly wait to get Lee into the house, it was time for a bit more than a hand or blow job…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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