I’ll Be Around Ch. 01

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Jack and Jill grow and make it out like minks.

In the Wheatfield’s house in suburban San Francisco, USA, year 1967, there lived a Swedish exchange student named Jill Olson. She’s 19, extremely beautiful that back in her country someone said that her natural beauty could make a blind man see again. But though most of the teenagers at that time were gravitated to that hippie culture, she for one didn’t seem to go for it for she disliked mind-bending drugs but liked spontaneity, The Beatles, The Doors, the companion of guys, modern thinking, and sexual freedom. Most of all she wanted to become a psychologist.

For the past two weeks eversince school started in Golden Gate College, Jill was having a crush on a lad next to the Wheatfield’s house. His name was Jack Meoff, a college student majoring in Business Administration in the same school. Though he smoked pot occasionally he was not deep into the ‘hippie’ thing either. He was just merely staying in the fringes watching those barefooted, braless hippie girls wearing flowers in their hair, and beads along with their folksy clothes. He had only been once in one of their rallies listening to their chants crying out for world peace. What he disliked about them is their seemingly vague and senseless direction.

Jack had the kind of naturally dark curly hair that girls would love to run their fingers through. It didn’t hurt one bit that he was also tall, charming in a way and had a lean athletic built. Jill was dying to meet him. Every morning she would peer out the window to spy on him. She once had waved at him when his glance met hers and both knew that their attraction was hot. They both entertained the thought that they would hook up with each other one way or another, sooner or later.

One Sunday morning, Jill saw him from her window talking to his father outside their four-car garage. His dad was asking him to clean his cherished 1953 Buick Roadster 8.

Earlier, Jill saw Jack’s mom left and now his father was leaving too. That meant Jack would be left in the house.

The Wheatfields, Mary, and Joseph together with their two little daughters had gone to visit Mary’s parents and so she was left alone with just the maid named Concordia.

Just when she left the window, Jack glanced up and missed seeing her. Suddenly Jill popped into his mind and pushed Nicole Sinclair away from his thoughts. Nicole was a law student from another school that Jack was dating. He’d be seeing her that afternoon and that made him feel good. He thought of his plans about her as he walked into the garage and drove out the bean gray Buick o the gravel drive.

Jill took a shower and glanced at her naked body in the mirror. Her curves delighted her as she applied lotion to moisturize her almost bronzed-like skin. Pulling on her Rudi Gernreich lingerie, she thought no man alive could look into those delightful curves and not have a solid hard on.

Wearing casual body-hugging shorts and top, she scurried downstairs and talked to Concordia telling her that she’d like to meet the young Meoff next door. Though she was undeniably sexy, Jill still carried that wholesome girl next door image that most guys were crazy about. Concordia wowed at her and predicted Jack would fall head over heels for her. Jill loved compliments and patted Concordia affectionately on the back. She knew how to flirt with guys especially if she so desired. Since high school she’s been with a number of guys and went to as far as almost going all the way. She maintained that ‘almost thing’ but now she wanna get laid real good. No more ‘almost’ but all the way for her sake.

After her little chitchat with Concordia, she gulped her orange juice and set off to the garden. She climbed a tree and sat on a sturdy branch that overlooked well to the Meoffs’ house.

Jack was going about to clean the car as Jill settled in a striking pose leaning against the trunk.

She watched Jack got inside the car and switched on the radio. The perky rock ditty “I Think We’re Alone Now” by Tommy James & The Shondells came on and what a jive music it was for the occasion.

Jack was wearing a sleeveless multihued shirtjack with cut off denim jeans and Vanguard slip-ons and Jill thought he’s cute. She waited till she was full of confidence and began to intone her presence.

“Morning handsome neighbor!”

He shot a wild unbelieving look when he turned his glance at the stunning figure perched on the tree branch. He recalled Hedy Lamarr in that seductive scene from Cecil B. de Mille’s film Samson And Delilah, a scene that had been ingrained in his mind since childhood.

“Beautiful morning it is angel!” Jack answered bewitchingly.

“Mind if I lend a helping hand? I looove washing cars,” Jill spoke in her foreign accent, smoothing her palms over her limbs.

“Well, well, well, am I dreamin’ or what?”

“I don’t think so. You’re vertical and gloriously awake.” She smiled fiendishly.

“Did it hurt?” Jack said, dramatizing concern on his face.

“I’m sorry?”

“I said did it hurt you falling from above?”

Jill rolled her eyes. “Oh I got that…” she chuckled. “Nooo…I didn’t fall from twitter porno above. I’m just an earthling, like you,” she smiled knowing he was flirting.

“Thought you’re an angel taking me off to paradise?” he said teasingly.

“I will, if you’ll just help me come down so I can properly introduce myself to you,” Jill replied in her sexy best.

“Sure thing, pretty one,” he said striding to the fence. Jill climbed off the branch and stepped on the top of the fence wall.

“Ok, jump to me and I’ll catch you,” he said.

Jill squealed as she jumped onto his stretched arms sliding her fresh floral-scented body against his hard body. Jack couldn’t believe his luck. He was stunned for a second as he gazed at her emerald-eye beauty. The sensation of her enticing body sliding down against his body woke his dick from slumberland. He thought that he’d preserve the clothes he’s wearing because they touched her body.

“Jack Meoff is the name,” he gasped.

“Jill Olson. Am I pleased to meet you!” She said cheerfully and they shook hands. “Back home I washed cars to save some money for my school.”

“Pretty cool,” he said breaking into his charming grin as he led her to the gravel-paved path where the car was parked.

Jack who had been reading Playboy Magazine since he was 12 saw through Jill a centerfold material.

“Well, as you Americans would say, ‘Op to it, now. We can’t waste the ‘ole bloody day, can we?” Jill snapped him off his trance.

“That’s Irish American I suppose,” he said.

“Oh, I just heard that phrase on TV,” she chuckled sweetly. The music from the radio blasted with another hit tune called “You Got What It takes,” by the DC 5. Indeed she got what it takes to set his soul on fire.

“All right, I’ll bubble bath the car and you hose it,” she said as she wrung a sponge over a pale of soap and water mix.

“Sure,” he said and moved instantly.

“What did you do last summer?” She asked gazing at him intently.

“Well, I spent my time in a beach in my mother’s little hometown on the Delaware shore and worked there at a bike rental shop,” he replied.

“Guess we all work during summer, don’t we?”

“Yeah, earning and learning something at the same time,” he said also grinning.

“Yeah, you got it,” she said turning her sight on the car’s windshield.

“You have baking soda? There are some dried bugs that we have to remove first.”

“Baking Soda, good idea. I’ll get it,” he said and scurried to the garage.

As she rubbed off the bugs on the windshield, Jack eyeballed the gentle curve of her backbone, firm round ass, and shapely legs courtesy of her skimpy shorts. His imagination ran wild.

Jack was relaxed with their conversation. They cultivated silly between-you-and-me conversation, private teases, which easily established rapport between them. Jill’s mother is English so she could speak comfortably with the language and Jack dug her accent. He was natural as a bee buzzing on a flower and she was ready for his sting.

Nicole entered Jack’s mind but only for a little while. Jack was more absorbed with Jill’s cheerful and carefree attitude.

Standing on the front bumper Jill’s rump was arched as her 5’5” frame was bent forward sweeping the hood. Jack imagined her ass bare and he was like nibbling her thighs up and owee…his vivid imagination could bring him into a fit of seizure if he hadn’t had a good grip of himself.

“How’s my cleaning?” she asked.


At last the Buick was cleaned and Jack walked Jill into the garden and out to the elliptical swimming pool. Jill sat on the mosaic tiled, center bench that looked to the pool.

“I’ll make you a banana split, would you like that?” Jack offered.

“Would you? Gee I love that. Thanks,” she gushed.

“Good, relax and enjoy the sun. I’ll be back in a jiffy,” he said and hurried to the house, delighted.

“Yeah, the weather is beautiful,” she said glancing skyward and down on the inviting pool.

When Jack came back, his jaw dropped. Jill was stripped to the scantiest bikinis he ever saw leaving nothing to imagination. Suddenly he turned like Jell-O and his knee joints became rubbery and the banana split fell off his hands clattering on the pavement.

“Oww!” Jill cringed suppressing a laugh. “Jack I must have startled you…I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…ah I got carried away by the pool and the warmth of the sun and I….” Her voice broke off as she was seized by a fit of the giggles.

“I’ve never been so clumsy,” he laughed. “I’ll just make another one.”

“Oh no. Don’t be too in a hurry. Mind if I take a dip first in your pool?” she asked sweeping her auburn mane to the back to make a pony tail. The itty-bitty white bikinis contrasted amazingly her sun-drenched skin.

“Be my guest,” he managed to speak after regaining his composure.

Jill dove into the pool gracefully, barely disturbing the water. Jack walked by the deck and switched on the transistor radio perched on another bench. He turned on the dial and found The Zombies dishing out ‘Time Of The Season.” Its gasping beat jived with xhamster porno the breathtaking sight of Jill swimming lap after lap in her awesome miniscule patches of coverings. “Wow, this is history in the making in the life of Jack Meoff,” Jack sighed at the thought.

“Jill, I’m just gonna get some towels,” he said and ran back to the house. When he returned his shirt was off and was wearing a sling shot brief that pronounced his impressive bulge and matched her miniscule bikini. He carried a couple of towels and a dark terry robe, which he all placed on the bench. Then he sat Buddha fashion on the center bench and feasted his eyes on the most wonderful view that ever graced their swimming pool. He wondered what would his parents think if they were here.

On the side of Jill, it was her turn for her jaw to drop at the sight of his sexy body, slim and perfect muscles without the benefit of gym workout, and with the dream ‘bulge’ that she always ogled on guys.

Later she rose from the water, shook her hair, and started wading towards the pool steps.

Jack remembered Ursula Andress in Dr. No emerging out of the sea. Her swimsuit clung like second skin on her incredible body. Wet and wild! But Jill’s bikinis were much tinier and so revealing as she pulled them up and emphasized the pouty flesh between her legs.

Jill ambled towards him and if he’s father could only see her he would have succumbed to a heart attack. She sat between his legs and wiggled against him. “Oh God, this is cool!” He thought.

Jack edged off one leg to accommodate her and cloaked her the terry almost hugging her and rubbing the material against her body to dry. After a while she shrugged off the terry and asked Jack to give her a shoulder massage to which he willingly obliged.

Jack kneaded her shoulder muscles and dropped unsolicited kisses over them as his hands ran along her arms and down the top of her thighs. Jill felt good to be held, to be desired by somebody that she wanted too. She placed her hands on each of his spread thighs and stroked them up. It was the hottest signal for Jack to explore her body. Her face turned to him and his lips caught hers. They kissed like it was the most natural thing to do. Innocent kisses, tender and loving, lingering light and soft and then wet and wild when their tongues met. His hands began to explore and work their way up to feel her fulsome breasts. Her nipples poked hard through her thin bra and his fingers had to check them out. His unbelievable luck was the understatement of the year. The feel of her exciting breasts caused his cock to rocket to the moon.

Jill shadowed his frisky hands by stroking his thighs and as she pivoted to the right to seek his lips again, her right hand slid across his straining bulge. “Oops sorry,” she whispered. Jack blushed and she smiled understandingly. Jack felt his hard-on grew like a baseball bat.

“Hush baby,” he murmured and cuddled her closer. He drew his lips to her and this time he kissed her as if he was trying to steal her breath. The Monkees’ “Daydream Believer’ was playing over the tiny radio and Jack thought that if Jill was a dream, he wouldn’t want to wake up yet. When she broke off the kiss to breathe, Jack spoke, “We’re lucky to have this place all by ourselves.”

“Like it’s meant to be huh?” she said coyly.

“Hmm, yeah,” he said smiling.

“Now what?” Jill asked in a daring tone while half-closing her eyes.

“I’d like to go all the way,” he croaked. Jill was in no position to refuse. She liked what had been happening. This was the hottest petting session both had been into on account of the fact that they were alone by themselves.

Not to be outdone, Jill rained Jack with ardent kisses leaning him backward to the bench. As she was all over him and going down at him, Jack undid her top at her back and when it came off he reached under and squeezed those delicious balls of bare flesh. Both of them gasped, Jill at his squeezing her breasts and Jack at her palming and kissing his bulge.

Jack leaned forward and bent his head to capture her nipples in his lips and when he did so they were immediately sucked and her back arched. After squirting off the stiffy nipples from his mouth, his lips slid up the column of her neck, chin, and then on her lips again. Jill’s hands caressed and stroked his head and cheeks as their lips tangled in frenzy. When his lips shifted back to her valley of cleavage, his right hand slid between her opened legs, reached her bottom and culminated cupping her pussy. Jill was on fire moaning considerably as his middle finger insinuated along the cleft of her pussy through the bikini. ‘Girl You’ll Be A Woman Soon,’ a Neil Diamond hit playing on the radio jived well to Jill’s inclination.

The pressure of his touching and kissing lolled Jill down on the cushion, hands resting above her head, palms up. Feeling so seduced at the ways she looked, he rolled on top of her and pressed his longing desire over her soft mound, grinding, gyrating and even humping a little simulating a fuck. He continued kissing her irresistible lips while fondling her B52 bomber shaped breast. xnnx porno She stroked the back of his head as it leaned in to her breasts sucking anew at her nipples. I’ve never touched breasts like these before. He thought privately. They gave him the hardest hard on in his life.

Jack paused to examine every contour and slope of her body and she was a smoldering, hot babe burning him with lust. Thanks to her pouty lips, deep stare that Jack was so seduced. He peppered kisses on her body making a labyrinth of tracks down to her concave belly and up a bit to the soft mound between her legs. His hand smoothed over the mound feeling that special touch of the nylon blended fabric against the pubic hair underneath. Jill was stiffened with joy when Jack pushed aside the crotch of her panties. A riot of her silky, luxuriant dark pubic hair greeted him. Tenderly he caressed it like a furry pet with his fingers, fluffing and giving volume to the poor sensual curls that were crushed by her bikini. He played with her curls and fell instantly in love with her pussy. He buried his nose into the dense hair and caught the moisture of her arousal. Jill gasped as his tongue located the furrow of her most secret places.

At last Jack had pulled her bikini past her thighs and legs and off her feet. Her hips had lifted off in the process revealing her triangular bush that arced like a dome between her pressing legs. Jack crouched towards her and parted her raised legs and dive-bombed onto her muff. He ate her out like a man starving to food never missing any part of that succulent pussy, so fresh and so juicy. Goose bumps rose upon her sensitive skin and she burned with a wild forbidden yearning she couldn’t describe.

His finger joined the fray and probed the source of her juicy arousal. She grasped her breasts to regulate the high-voltage sensation that surged up within her. Sex is so much fun when you have the right partner and also as you grow older, sexy and beautiful, she uttered privately in her thoughts.

Jill’s emotion skittered out of control, her head thrashing left, and right and babbles of moans escaped her mouth as Jack licked and lapped her up voraciously.

Jack had seen pussies in strip club but this one had of course the closest view. He never did this to the call girl he’d taken once before let anyone of some hippie girls he had before. He knew Jill was very different and wanted to see more of her so she spread her cunt lips and saw the wet way to her heaven. Her girly juice was streaming down from her vulva to her bottom. Jack firmed up his long tongue and wriggled it into the shiny pink vulva and swayed inside touching the walls and everything else that he could feel there. When he slowly pulled out his tongue he had scooped more than a spoonful of juice that eventually drenched his face. He stretched her skin further upward and her clit came out of its hiding. It was like a pink pearl giving him the notion now that he was engaged in pearl diving. He remembered that before he was circumcised at the age of 12, the head of his cock was too sensitive to touch and so he regarded her clit as more like the same and so he ran carefully the tip of his tongue just around it avoiding direct contact. He restored the foreskin of her clit and just mouthed over it, his tongue rolling and massaging along its hardness inside his mouth. He did just a little pressure of sucking and squirting it off in several repetitions until he saw her weeping in bliss, face contorted and moaning incessantly.

“Feels good, doesn’t it?” Jack said and she made a slurred yeah answer like she was about to cry. “Please go on,” she rasped, “I like you’re tongue in there.”

“Jill, you’re so delicious, I could do this on and on,” he muttered in between devouring her drooling flesh that bucked against his face. Jack had to press a hand on her belly so he could drill her to the ground with his tormenting tongue. He sipped at her pussy as if he was extracting sweet juice from a sugar cane the only difference was the indescribable taste of her arousal to figure out how the whole thing tasted. But definitely unforgettable and glorious. Her hips squirmed and just when she thought she would climax, he would ease off, then begin again, making her pleasure go on forever, until she could stand no more.

“Jack, you are tormenting me. Put your cock inside me,” she whimpered.

“Sure baby, I gotta fuck you now or I’ll go insane, “ he said stepping quickly out of his trunks. Jill took a second to admire Jack’s hard chest and abs and wielding his huge cock to plunder her virgin pussy.

Up on the bench, he pushed her legs against her body and entered her jerking several times until he was all inside her. He stroked his cock into her like a knife slicing through a papaya. She watched his thickness jerked slowly inside, each thrust digging up wave upon wave of mixed pleasure and pain. Jack shut his eyes tightly as he felt that delicious, warm, velvety tightness gripped his cock as it finally got buried deep inside her. The pleasure mounted as he began his long thrusts and her legs wrapped around his waist tightly. When Jack started quickening his thrusts, his right hand scooped the back of her neck lifting her head so she could see his livid member going smoothly in and out of her, no barrier. Jill gasped with delight as she could see as well and feel the prominent veins of his malehood sliding into her and the friction was mind-boggling.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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