I’m Done Chatting

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We have been chatting for a while; exchanging pics, flirting, getting dirty and telling each other that someday it would be great to do all those things we have been talking about in the emails. So, one weekend my wife decides to go out of town and tells me she will be gone for a few days visiting her parents. “Have a good time while I’m gone”, she says, “but stay out of trouble!” My only thought is getting my thick cock sucked by you; giving you every inch of my dick in every fuck hole that you offer to me.

I send you an email and ask for your address. You tell me that you can’t have company now but that you would love to meet me later at a bar downtown that you know very well. I agree. When I arrive at the bar a few hours later I see you sitting with some friends; “how the fuck is this going to work?” I ask myself. Surely you will need to find a way to excuse yourself from your friends; we have discussed how our relationship will always remain completely secret, your friends can’t know about me.

I sit down at the bar, struggling to decide what to do next. Have you noticed me yet? Are you planning to expose me to your friends?! Just as I am about to slam my beer and walk out, I realize you are standing next to me. You order a round for your table and ask the bartender to use the phone in the xvideos porno office. You explain, “I left my cell at home tonight, you wouldn’t mind if I used the office phone privately for a few minutes?” He replies almost without notice, “Sure, take as much time as you need sweetheart” Before you walk away you reach down and give my thigh a slight squeeze.

I wait a moment before following you down the hall. I watch you as you enter the office, glancing back at me with a quick smile. I look around. Everyone is having too good of a time to notice me walking down the hall. I turn the corner and walk into the office. Waiting for me, you shut the door and lock the deadbolt. My dick is already starting to grow.

You turn around and lift your skirt; you slowly slide your panties down as you bend over to reveal your round ass and slick, shaven pussy. I reach for it and you move away. You spin around, drop to your knees in front of my growing dick and grab my cock through my jeans, squeezing the shaft. Licking your lips, you unzip my jeans and reach into my briefs to pull out my cock. It’s definitely hard, but when it enters your warm mouth it swells even more.

Your tongue circles around the tip of my cock as you stroke the thick shaft. You start to suck on my balls and then yerli porno lick my cock at the base and slowly move up the shaft until you take the whole thing in your mouth again. Stroking and sucking, my cock is throbbing now and you know it. You climb up on the desk and reach behind to lift your skirt and spread your ass apart. “Put it in my tight fuck holes!” you order me.

I can’t help but start sucking on your wet pussy from behind. I lick your asshole and bury my tongue deep inside your cunt and ass. I hold you by your thighs so you can’t pull away as I continue to fuck your pussy with my tongue. Your pussy is dripping wet and I start to work your asshole again. I slowly insert one finger, then two. I work on that tight asshole while rubbing your clit with my other hand. You start to shake, you beg for my cock as you reach your first orgasm.

Fuck me, fuck me hard!, yelling now and turning me on even more. I stuff my cock inside your slick pussy while I grab your hips and pull you tight against me. I hold my cock inside you so you can feel it throbbing. “Fuck me now!”, you yell. A command that I will happily obey. I pull out my cock and thrust back inside you so hard that I almost lose my grip on your hips, again, again. Faster and harder with each pump, I can feel my pleasure youjizz porno reaching the point of climax so I pull out and grind my dick against your asshole.

Your tight asshole is still loosened up from my fingers and your juices are glistening on my cock. I slowly push the head of my cock against your fuck hole until it opens for me and I bury my dick, balls deep. You moan and I deliberately pull out very slowly. I push in again and start to slowly move my hips, in and out. Keeping up this tempo until I can’t take it anymore, I begin to groan, “AWW FUCK! I’M GONNA CUM!”

“Fill me up baby.” you say out of exhaustion. “I already came again, I’m ready for your hot load in my ass…”

I push deep inside you and release. AHHHHH…. I pull out my cock and you whirl around to take it in your mouth. Working my cock over until you have milked me completely dry. You stand up, grab your panties off the floor and use then to wipe yourself off. Surprisingly, you put them in the desk drawer, a surprise for the bartender I suppose. As I pull up my jeans you grab my cock and kiss me on the neck. “Thank you”, you whisper in my ear.

You walk out to your friends; I walk out to my car.

Two days later I receive an email from you with an attached video file:

Hello my favorite fuck buddy,

Thanks for the great fuck the other night. My husband never knew a thing; he was too busy mixing drinks to notice that I was getting my ass filled with your fat cock in his office. I managed to get the security cam video before he watched it.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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