Improving The Grade

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The second piece I ever wrote, a long time ago. Once again I apologise for the god awful grammer and anything else. Have fun.

All characters are assumed to be at least 18 or over.


It’s a hot summers day, and Ellie nervously stands outside of the door of the science lab. She tries to adjust her uniform as best as she can. Because of the heat she’d opted for a tight fitting blouse which the first few buttons where undone, and a black skirt that covered her ass but left her thighs exposed. Mr Rogers always made Ellie a bit flustered. He was smart and attractive, and sometimes to her horror, she had problems controlling herself around him. Whenever she was having one of those days she was always deeply embarrassed that he might find out.

Ellie knocks on the door and walks into the lab. Mr Rogers looks up from his desk and calls out to her. ‘Ah Ellie, come over here. We need to talk.’ She walks over to his desk and stands in front of it. She looks around for chair, but can’t seem to see one in reach and is forced to stand. ‘Is everything ok sir?’

He looks up into her eyes. ‘No Ellie it’s not. I have your coursework here.’ ehe pushes the coursework over towards her. ‘It’s really poor. I expected more from you.’ Ellie looks at the letter attached to her coursework. In a big red pen it reads E. ‘But sir! I did everything that I needed to do!’

He shakes his head. ‘Obviously not.’

‘But sir! I need a good grade!’

‘Well there are steps we can take to improve it’ Mr Rogers stands up and moves round to Ellie’s side of the desk. ‘What are you willing to do?’

‘Anything sir.’

He walks to the back of the room and locks the door. A wave of apprehension washes over Ellie. She hears him walk over behind him. ‘Really Miss Lipton? I don’t know. Can you take it?’ Ellie doesn’t say anything. She just nods. She feels Mr Rogers breath on her neck. ‘Pass me that ruler then Ellie.’

She bends over the desk to pick up the ruler, her skirt dangerously high. Suddenly her face is being pushed into the desk by his strong arms. She lets out a little scream as her head hits the desk. She feels his smart black trousers being pushed up against her ass, and within those trousers a mighty cock being pushed up against her ass cheeks. With his other strong hand he holds her wrists together. ‘Ok Ellie, this is how it’s going to work. Your going to be my naughty innocent school girl Ellie. And I’m going to fuck you. You understand czech first video porno slut?’ He starts to thrust his hips into her ass sending her body into the wooden desk. His cock feels so big. He pulls her head off the desk by her hair. ‘You understand Ellie?’ She tries to protest, but is punished by having her face being pushed back into the desk. She hated too admit it, but her teacher was seriously turning her on. He pulls her head back off the desk again. ‘So. Do we have a deal Ellie?

Ellie nods. ‘Yes sir.’

‘Good girl. Now keep your body pressed up against the desk and spread your legs.’ Mr Rogers bends over her and grabs a 30cm metal ruler. He steps away from her for second. ‘I said spread them Ellie!’

He uses the ruler to hit both of her thighs forcing her legs apart. Next he lifts up her skirt with one deft move. ‘Oh Ellie. Wearing a thong to school? You must be punished.’ He rubs the cold metal ruler over both her exposed ass cheeks, making Ellie shudder. She tenses for the first hit on her ass, but she still let’s out a little cry when Mr Rogers hits her. He spanks each ass in cheek in turn and slowly Ellie’s cries turn into moans of pleasure.

‘Oh your enjoying this you slut?’ Mr Rogers grabs her by her waist and spins her around, and forces his tongue down her throat. ‘Oh god’ Ellie thinks, ‘Im kissing my science teacher. I’m letting him abuse me.’ She feels her cum trickle down her leg. ‘I love this’

Next she feels Mr Rogers hands on her shoulders, forcing her to the ground. She doesn’t resist him. ‘Ok next bitch, I’m going to fuck that mouth of yours. Too long have you answered me back. Open wide Ellie.’

Ellie opens wide, then gasps as she sees the size of Mr Rogers cock. ‘Oh sir! I can’t take that!’ ‘You will Ellie.’ And with that he grabs hold of some of her hair and drives her head onto his hard cock.

Ellie gags and chokes and his cock fills every space in her mouth. She doesn’t get a chance to breath, and she can feel tears form in her eyes. He grunts as he thrusts his shaft into her mouth before withdrawing it completely. He watches her gag and cough as she tries to regain her breath. Something overtakes her mind, and she eyes up sirs cock with a new mind set. She wants it back in her mouth and now!

She launches herself across onto him on her knees, but he stops her with a strong hand and grips her hair. ‘Oh now you want my big cock?’ She strains against his hand, sticking czech game porno her tongue out to try and touch his cock. ‘Ellie, look at you slut. You love your teachers cock. How does that make you feel?’

‘Amazing sir!’

He appears to think, and he does do he slaps his cock up against her face. She tries to twist her head around to meet his cock. ‘Take off your thong and give it to me Ellie. Then grab that test tube off the rack.’ Confused yet excited she strips off her thong and hands it to him. He chucks onto his desk and just waits, gently stroking his big cock. She quickly grabs the test tube and holds it in her hands. ‘What do you want me to do sir?’

‘Suck the test tube first to make it nice and wet.’ Ellie slides the test tube in and out of her mouth. She moans gently as she does so. It feels good to having something back in her mouth. ‘Now slide that into your pussy you slut!’

Ellie looks surprised for only a second. Then she lifts up her skirt to reveal her tight pussy. Then she slides the test tube into her and starts to fuck herself in front of Mr Rogers. She moans loudly as she does so. ‘On your knees slut. I think ill fuck that face again.’

Ellie falls to her knees, still fucking her pussy with the test tube. She roughly gets pushed onto his cock. But this time, she gets double pleasure from the test tube deep inside her. His balls slap against her face as his shaft goes deeper into her. She drives the test tube deeper into her to. She doesn’t want this to end, she loves the abuse and the dirty ideas of her older teacher.

Next Mr Rogers took his cock out of her mouth and slapped both her cheeks. ‘Look up into my eyes Ellie, look at at me as you fuck yourself.’ Ellie groans and looks up from her kneeling position. She sees his cock, hard and soaked in pre cum and her spit. ‘Now stand up.’

She stands up, still forcing the test tube into her. ‘What now sir?’ He takes hold of the hand forcing the test tube into her and pulls it out. She lets out a gasp, and he waves the test tube in front of her face. ‘Suck this. Taste yourself.’ He holds the test tube out in front of her and near her mouth. God was she really going to do this? It was one thing to fuck herself, but another to actually taste herself.

Mr Rogers sees her struggle to decide, and decides to urge her on. ‘Do it Ellie. Maybe if you do it, I can fuck you with this.’ He wraps a hand around his cock and gently moves it back and forth. If there’s czech gangbang porno one thing Ellie wanted right now, it would be to be fucked by her science teacher. She slides the test tube into her mouth and licks up her juices on it. Shes surprised at the taste of herself, and pushes it in further. Then suddenly Mr Rogers grabs her from her waist and lifts her up onto the desk, dropping her with a slam. He hoists up her skirt and beats her pussy with his hard cock. ‘You want to be fucked Ellie? Ready to become a real slut?’ She throws the test tube away and it smashes into the floor. ‘Yes sir! Fuck me now!’

‘Its going to rough. Can you handle that?’ His cock still beats against her pussy, and all she wants is it in her.

‘Just fuck me sir!’

Mr Rogers pulls her legs around him and forces his cock into her. It hurts Ellie, as it stretches her pussy to fit it in. She grips his arms and digs her nails into him. Next he’s fucking her, her high pitch cries mixed with his low grunts. His cock pierces deep into her, stretching her tight hole. He rams hard and fast into her, her whole body jumping each time he thrusts. They stay fucking hard on the desk for a few minutes, then Mr Rogers starts to speak ‘You know what Ellie? This isn’t hard enough.’

He grabs her and pulls her up off the desk and carries her over to the door, his hard cock still in her. Ellie still moans and groans as she is carried across. Next she is dropped onto the floor in front of him, her ass hitting the cold ground with a slap. ‘Get up slut. I still need to fuck you.’

Ellie stands up, only to be forcibly slammed into the door face first. Her mouth gets pushed up into the glass on the door, leaving a trail of spit on the glass. Next she feels his cock stretching her tight pussy again. He grabs her hair and pulls her face of the glass. ‘Im going to ruin that pretty face you whore.’ Every time he rams into her with his hard cock, he rams her face into the glass. Ellie has never been so abused in her life and she’s enjoying every second of it.

‘Im going to cummmm sir!’ Ellie cries. He picks up his fucking and just pushes her face against the glass permanently, rather than just smashing her face into it. Next thing Ellie cums, and her pussy tightens even more around Mr Rogers big cock. He grunts in surprise. He doesn’t stop fucking her though, not until he’s drained his balls of cum deep in her. Then he drops her to the floor. ‘Clean my cock whore.’ Ellie does as she is told, and starts to suck. He places a hand on her head and gently thrusts into her mouth.’Ok Ellie. From now on you are my whore. You must never wear anything under that skirt of yours in my lessons. You will be fucked by me when I want. Do you agree?’ He takes his cock out of her mouth so she can reply.

‘Yes Mr Rogers’

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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