In Repairs

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B sat in her kitchen staring at the broken AC unit lounging in her sun filled window. A bead of sweat slowly fell down her cleavage. She wiped it away with a brush of her manicured finger tips and ruffled through the phone book in front of her. Having the AC broken on the hottest day of summer just wouldn’t do.

She gazed across the yellow pages, looking for one of the repair companies to jump out at her. A friendly handsome face stared at her from below bold lettering stating ‘PAULS HVAC REPAIR’. “You’ll do,” she thought as she dialed the number and arranged for an appointment ASAP.

B glanced outside at the thermometer and saw it was almost 85 degrees. She was all ready in her smallest sundress and the heat was still unbearable. She went to the fridge and took out an ice cube. She rubbed it lazily over her chest and around to the back of her neck. She enjoyed the cool wetness as the water melted on her hot skin and ran down her back and breasts.

A knock at the door startled B from her pleasurable cool down and she stepped lightly through the living room and to the front door. When she opened it she saw Paul. Standing six feet tall, he filled the doorway with his impressively masculine body. “Hello, ma’am. Do I have the right house? I’m the AC guy,” Paul said in his deep, quiet voice.

“You certainly do,” B responded with a smile, “and you’re much more handsome in person. Paul’s sunbronzed skin blushed slightly at her compliment. B spun around and lead Paul to the kitchen with a wave. If he happened to be looking he might have just been able to see the bottom of B’s red panties as the edge of her sundress swished around her thighs.

” I might just give you a tip for being so easy to look at,” B exclaimed when they reached the kitchen. She approached the AC unit and made a show of turning it off and on to no avail. “See? Broken.” she said with a pout.

Suddenly B could feel Paul’s gentle breath by her ear, “Well I’ll fix that for you ma’am, no worries.” B was trapped between Paul’s hard chest and the AC unit. She started to wonder if she couldn’t turn this into a game. Embarrassed by her bold thought she made a move to step to the side. She felt Pauls strong hands on her hips as he anticipated her move. Guiding her to the side he said with a laugh, “I can’t get much work done with you standing between me and this thing.”

Paul turned to the unit and began taking it out of the window, “Ma’am, I need you to head outside and undo the screws holding this in so I can pull it out. “

B didn’t notice Pauls gaze falling over her slim legs as she turned to go outside. He caught a glimpse of those red panties and grinned a little. Was she trying to seduce him?

B set the ladder against the side of the house and climbed up to unfasten the AC unit. Seeing Paul through the window and catching his eye she smiled and climbed one rung up the ladder more than she probably had to, perching over the unit and likely giving him a nice view. “Just like this?” B asked. “Looks great,” Paul replied while barely looking away from her milky white thighs. He thought he saw a small wet spot on her panties and his cock stirred in his jeans.

He pulled the unit inside and set it on the floor. B was still on the ladder, basking in the sun. “I’m just going to come in through the window instead of walking all the way around the house,” she stated, “Give me a hand, would you?”

Paul took her small hand in his as B slowly swung her legs into the large window. “All good?” he asked as she came to sit, thighs slightly apart. “I think I’m good here,” she said with a smile. Paul patted her thigh and let his fingers trail down to her knee before turning and kneeling to fix the unit.

B sat patiently watching the muscles of his back ripple through his thin t shirt as Paul worked away. She ran her hands over her thighs and through her hair as she sighed lightly, exaggerating her displeasure with the heat. ” I think I could watch you work all day,” she said, the Southern lilt to her voice taking on a flirtatious tone.

Paul looked over his shoulder and winked at her, his green eyes sparkling. “Oh, you won’t have to ma’am,” he said as he flicked the unit on full blast. The cold air rushed past him, lifting B’s short skirt and blowing her hair back.

She smiled as the cool air rushed over her hot skin. “Well then, I guess you’re going to have fake angels porno to help me out of this window.”

Paul rose from the floor. He positioned himself slightly between B’s open thighs. “I’m always willing to lend a hand.”

B made sure her knees and thighs brushed against Pauls hips as he approached her. She looked up to meet his eyes and squeezed her thighs tighter to him. She let her hands rest on his hard chest, lightly caressing him with her fingers. “Such a gentleman,” she said, her voice betraying her slight shyness at having seduced this stranger.

Paul, now sure of B’s intentions, slid his hands up her smooth thighs and stepped in closer. He bent his lips to her ear and started nibbling and kissing his way to her neck. He could feel her breath catch as he bit lightly over the hollow, enjoying the smell of her skin. He moved his lips lightly over her jaw before putting them just over her pillow soft lips. “I thought you couldn’t stand this heat,” he whispered before crushing his lips into hers.

B couldn’t believe this was happening. His mouth on hers felt incredible. She hungrily moved with him, pulling his tongue into her mouth and nipping his full bottom lip with her teeth. She moaned against him and as they pressed closer together she could feel his stiffening cock against her wet panties.

Paul put his hands under B’s round ass and lifted her body tightly to him. B grabbed wildly back at him, leaving no space between them. Paul stroked his hand through her long brown hair and pulled her back slightly. “Which way to the bedroom, darlin’?”

“Upstairs,” was all B could say before his mouth was covering hers again. The kisses continued as he carried her up the stairs. He moved on to her neck, biting and licking, then down to her cleavage. Paul spotted a bedroom and they burst through the half open door.

B’s head was thrown back in passion as Paul held her tight to his erection, his mouth moving over the top of her neck line. He could see the lace of a red bra peeking out, just hiding the slightly darker skin around her nipple. Her legs were wrapped tightly around him, “I want more,” she moaned.

Paul set B on her feet and continued kissing her mouth, gently and passionately. His fingertips tickled the bottom of her ass as he brought the hem of the small sundress up and over her head. “Perfect,” he said as he looked down on her amazing body. Large, round breasts turned into a small waist followed by a flare of hips and slim, curvy legs.

“Not fair,” said B as she slid her hands under his t shirt and over his chest. She pushed the soft fabric up his body kissing and nipping along her way. She stepped back and surveyed his beautiful tanned skin. The small amount of hair on his chest felt so nice under her fingertips. He was large compared to her small frame and the thought of him covering her sent a ripple of expectant pleasure down her spine. She continued kissing as she undid his belt and let his pants drop to his ankles. He stepped out and pushed her closer to the edge of the bed.

Soon the back of B’s knees were against the bed and there was nowhere left to go. Paul gave her a final push and admired her stretched out body on the bed. Her breasts were rising and falling slowly in that red lacy bra and he could see a wet spot in the middle of her red matching panties.

B could feel Pauls gaze on her panties and pulled her legs together, suddenly embarrassed at just how excited she was to have sex with a stranger. Paul ran his hand down her thigh and pulled her calf up his chest. He pulled her small shoe gently from her foot and she sighed as he began lightly kissing her toes and ankle. She playfully pushed his shoulder with her other foot and he caught that one, too, pulling off the shoe and licking the tip of his tongue up the sole of her ticklish foot. She giggled and smiled, letting one leg fall to the bed as he continued torturing her with slow kisses up her leg. B reached out her soft foot to feel Pauls now very apparent hard on. She stroked it gently through the fabric of his boxers as Pauls wet kisses made their way to her thigh.

As Paul got closer to B’s red panties he could smell her sweetness and it was all he could do to stick to his game and stop his trail of kisses right at her panty line. He let a finger brush against her wet spot and heard her gasp as he fake cop porno skipped to her other thigh and finished the circle. Her foot on his cock had him stiffening even more. He leaned himself over B and gave her a passionate kiss. He lingered over her collarbone and started licking and nipping her breasts through her bra. He could feel her nipples stiffen as she squirmed under his mouth.

The feeling of almost having Pauls mouth on her nipples was too much for B and she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. She needed more. She put her fingers in his hair roughly and pulled his head back just enough to pull her bra off and toss it to the floor. “Oh, yes,” she sighed as she felt his wet mouth close on her hard, small nipple. His biting and licking was sending her over the edge, her back arching with pleasure. B used her foot to push Pauls boxers down his legs. She reached between their bodies so she could feel his need.

Paul let B’s hand slip around his hard cock and feel the bead of liquid all ready forming at the tip. The smell of her wet pussy was a distraction all it’s own and he needed to taste her. He moved down her stomach, biting her sides , and licking down her hips. He took a thigh in his hand and pushed it to the side. Paul licked his tongue just to the side of her panties and a small whimper escaped B’s lips. ” Please, Paul,” she whispered. Paul didn’t comply. He let his breath linger over her silky panties, taking in her scent and watching the wetness spread. He trailed his nose up the middle of her panties softly, enjoying. B’s back arched at this slight touch.

B was delirious wanting Pauls mouth on her hot sex. She pushed her hands through his hair, trying to gently pull him in. His teasing was driving her insane and a ball of excitement was forming in her stomach. His fingers trailed over her thighs and she felt his lips ever so lightly place a kiss right over her sensitive clit. “Mmm, she let out, pushing into his mouth.

Paul began lightly licking B’s wet panties. First just over her clit, then longer, slower licks. She tasted so good and he sucked her clit through the red, silky panties, intentionally driving her crazy. If she was going to seduce him, he was going to make her beg for it. Paul laid his tongue flat against B’s pussy and wrapped his mouth around, covering the crotch of her panties. She humped at his mouth lightly, “Please, Paul, please.”

B reached her fingers down her stomach. After pushing Pauls head back slightly she let two fingers slide under the crotch of her soaked panties. She slid them against the hot skin, lifting the fabric and giving Paul a view of her wet pussy lips. She brought her fingers back to her mouth and sucked her juices off one by one, staring at Paul as if to say, it tastes so good, I dare you to try it.

Paul couldn’t resist. He reached behind B and pulled her panties down her legs, throwing them at her playfully. He kissed slowly up her thigh, a finger lightly rubbing the outside of B’s slick pussy lips. When Pauls mouth was over B’s dripping pussy he could hear her breath speed up expectantly. He lowered his mouth and licked her clit lightly. Paul moved his finger to rub gently over B’s tight ass, making her squirm with pleasure. His licks grew more intense, lapping the full length of her outer lips before using his tongue to plunge between them and lick her wet pussy from ass to clit, over and over again. He put another finger against her slick opening and slowly pushed it inside. Her pussy was so tight. It made Pauls cock twitch at the thought of being inside.

B arched her back against Pauls tongue as he plunged one and then two fingers inside her, teasing her by tickling her sensitive g spot, then pulling them all the way out, only to plunge back in. She could feel his mouth bringing her close to orgasm and her whole body began to tingle with it.

Paul could feel B’s orgasm begin to rise as her hot pussy clenched at his fingers and her cries of pleasure became less controlled. He had to teach her a lesson, so he stopped suddenly, crawling up her body , letting his hard cock rest against the entrance to her waiting pussy.

“What are you doing!” B exclaimed, her orgasm waiting again to be brought to the surface. She kissed him hard and roughly pushed him on his back. She pinned his arms to his side and held them with her knees as she straddled his fake hospital porno chest. She was facing his cock and it was magnificent, so hard and just waiting to fill her. She reached out and put a finger in the glistening pre cum. B turned her body and let Paul see her lick the liquid from her finger tip. Her wet panties were still lying on the bed and she started teasing Paul with the silky fabric, dragging them over his face, then around to his chest and down his stomach. She wrapped them around his hard cock and stroked up and down. In a playful mood she lightly tapped her pussy against Pauls mouth. His cock jumped with pleasure. She leaned closer to his cock and brought her pussy quickly down on his face again. This time Pauls tongue was waiting to taste her and she felt a rush of fresh wetness slide lazily down her thigh. His cock jumped again and she caught it in her wet mouth. She licked up and down his thick shaft, down to his balls and felt them tighten as she sucked each one gently into her mouth. “Mmm, she heard Paul moan. Soon she was slowly taking all of his cock in her mouth, sucking hungrily and enjoying his moans.

Paul wriggled his arms free as B moved her mouth up and down his hard cock. He could feel the tip almost in the back of her throat and the pleasure was mounting.

B’s pussy was dripping wet over Pauls face and he reached his hands around her ass. He could feel B’s moan of pleasure as she hummed on his cock. He slid two fingers inside and pulled her pussy lips to his mouth. He let her hump his mouth and tongue while she drenched his dick with her saliva. He put a finger against her ass and pushed lightly, making her feel just the pressure and heightening her pleasure. Paul could feel his balls tightening and his cock felt like it might explode at any second. He put his hands around B’s waist and threw her on her back towards the pillows.

B landed lightly in the pillows and enjoyed the slight roughness he used. He was over her instantly, bending his mouth to hers and kissing her gently. She could smell herself on his lips and tongue and they spent time slowly enjoying the taste of each other mingled together. B could feel Pauls wet erection against her stomach as they kissed passionately and she wriggled her way up his body until it slid against her pussy. She let her head fall back in the pillows as Paul groaned in pleasure. ” I want you inside me,” she whispered in his ear.

Paul took B’s hands and pushed them above her head as he sat up slightly, pushing the tip of his cock gently against B’s tight pussy. He saw her head fall back and let just the head enter. She was so wet and tight he could barely keep himself from thrusting all the way in. He pulled out. B raised her hips toward him, she wanted it, badly, and he wanted to give it to her. He pulled her thighs against him and entered her again, pushing in slowly inch by inch until he was almost fully inside her. He pulled out again slowly as her pussy clenched and tightened around him. He used his thumb to gently stroke her wet clit and she let her legs fall open and wrapped them around his back. Paul pulled his shaft all the way out again and then plunged it all the way in, letting his balls smack against B’s round ass. He let out a groan as her whole pussy enveloped him.

B could feel Pauls cock filling her pussy. She squeezed and clenched around him, grabbing him tight with her legs. The feeling of his thumb on her clit was bringing her close to orgasm again. She thrust her pussy against his dick, matching his and soon they were caught in a hard rhythm. Their moans filled her bedroom as their rising orgasms came to the surface. Paul leaned over and sucked B’s nipple hard into his mouth, thrusting into her tight wetness. It was all too much for B and she dug her nails into his back as a huge orgasm caused her body to shake against his.

Pauls continued thrusting kept B’s orgasm ripping though her body. Her clenching and flooding pussy was drawing out his orgasm too and he growled, “Where do you want me to come!”

“Come inside me!” B gasped and felt his hot come inside her as he ground himself against her slick pussy. Her own wetness and semen was dripping out and onto her legs, down her ass, making a large wet spot on the sheets. She felt Paul shudder and he collapsed on her heaving breasts.

“Oh my god,” Paul gasped as he rolled to the side, pulling B to his chest.

“Are you charging me overtime for this?” B asked playfully, the glow of her orgasm wafting over her, her hands running though Pauls short chest hair.

Paul kissed B’s cheek and then her mouth, pulled back and smiled, “Darlin’, we’ll set up an arrangement.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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