In the Foxes’ Den

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Donna was getting married the following Saturday.

Brad’s buddies had organized a stag party for the prospective groom so Stephanie thought it only fair to have a Does’ party for Donna and her friends.

As Donna’s maid-of-honor Steph figured it was her job to arrange Donna’s last fling before settling down to married life. Steph wanted to make it a night she would remember the rest of her life.

The Foxes’ Den was a notorious downtown strip club catering to the female genre. Every night is would be packed with wild females who had come to let down the hair.

After a few drinks a bunch of females was much worse than their male counterparts, actually wanting to participate in the acts.

The management turned a blind eye when girls from the audience joined the male stripper on stage and had a turn sucking his huge erection to the cheers of her friends.

It was Steph’s hope of seeing Donna with a big, black cock in her!

Steph did not know how her friend would react at a strip show. Donna had always been kind of reserved, quietly shrinking into the background at parties and get-togethers.

Donna was likely still a virgin and whenever sex was discussed she would suddenly become silent.

Donna dressed modestly, tee shirts and blue jeans or an unadventurous dress with a high neckline and a low hemline. Steph knew her only hope was to get Donna drunk!

Steph choose the Tuesday night before the wedding. She knew that early in the week the club would not be busy and they would more or less have the place to themselves.

Ten girls made it to the Foxes’ Den that night. All the way from forty-six-year old Gwen Dawson down to nineteen-year-old Dee Whitney. Dee was legally too young to drink but the doorman let her through without I.D.

They arrived in the middle of a set. A well-built dark hair guy was just removing his briefs as we were shown to our table.

They were seated and ordered our drinks staring at his ten inch hard cock waving at us.

It was a barrel of laughs with the girls yelling out more lewd comments than any man was capable of.

Steph looked over to where Donna was sitting and she seemed to be enjoying grup sex porno the show.

Donna seemed fascinated with how openly the dancer exhibited his cock to the audience. He strutted like a peacock brandishing his erection as if it were a splendid specimen of masculinity.

Steph knew in her mind she was fitting that cock into her mouth and God forbid her pristine pussy.

The dancer finished his act by letting a few horny drunken females come onto the platform and slip his cock into their mouths.

Cameras flashed recording their indiscretions for posterity.

The girls were all laughing and joking while they waited for the next performer.

Stephanie slipped unnoticed over to where a hunk of a black guy was sitting enjoying a drink.

“Are you a dancer?” she boldly asked him.

He advised her he was and he was going on next.

Pointing out Donna she explained to him that she was about to be married and asked if he would he give her a show to remember when he did his act.

The black guy smiled knowing what Steph meant and assured me Donna would long remember this night.

She returned to her seat and waited for the music to begin.

The music started and the big black buck mounted the stage and began his routine. He started in a brilliant scarlet silk matador’s outfit but was soon down to a well-filled red jock.

When he tugged the jock down all the girls’ eyes popped out, out sprang the biggest black cock that they had only seen in their dreams

He began wielding about eleven inches of prime Alabama blacksnake around in their faces daring them to approach it. Then he walked closer to where Donna was seated and gestured for her to put it in her mouth.

Donna shrank back in terror as the huge black monster came closer.

“Go for it Donna!” someone yelled.

Soon there was a chorus of her friends urging her to accept the challenge.

With the false courage of a few drink s Donna stood amongst the cheers and walked towards the enormous cock. Dropping to her knees she took the thick shaft in her hand.

It was an amazing sight, Donna’s slender white fingers wrapped around latina fuck tour porno the glistening ebony cock.

She stared at its large bulbous head for a moment and then opened her mouth very wide. Her hand guided the black cock into her head.

Cautiously her mouth closed sealing her red lips around the dark shaft.

Steph couldn’t believe her eyes for the timid Donna had the huge black monster in her mouth and was beginning to suck it!

The shy young bride-to-be was sucking a cock in front of her friends, a black cock!

“Go Donna go.” They started chanting as she slid the cock further into her mouth between her pursed lips.

About five inches of the huge cock was in her mouth, we could see its enormous head bulging out under her cheek, the girl was a natural born cocksucker.

It was easy to see by the vigor Donna was cramming the cock down her throat she was enjoying her new found pursuit. Inch by inch the huge cock disappeared into her head, she was deep throating it!

Before their eyes Donna accomplished the impossible, all ten inches of cock were in her mouth as her lower lip touched his balls. A resounding round of cheers rang out in applause of her feat.

The dancer could not control himself and released his load of sperm into the unsuspecting white girl’s throat. Suddenly Donna felt a gusher of thick gooey slime sliding down her gullet. The salty taste of brine quickly permeated her mouth assaulting her taste buds and filling her nostrils with the dancer’s musk. Donna did what any good girl would Donna swallowed and licked his cockhead clean!

“Fuck him!” someone called out.

Donna had not finished surprising them. She stood and begins unfastening her jeans. While they watched in disbelief she tugged her blue jeans down over her hips letting them fall around her ankles.

Her Nikes step out of the pile of denim and she is standing in her cotton top and a pair of pink panties. Her slender legs are long and shapely and so white beside the dancer’s.

Without hesitation her thumbs hook under the elastic waistband of the skimpy panties and begin to peel them down over her hips.

Donna’s lezbiyen porno pussy was as smooth as a baby’s bum, no doubt freshly waxed for her upcoming nuptials. Her puffy labia formed a tight clam about to become the target of the huge black intruder that had just violated her mouth.

Standing naked from the waist down Donna too a defiant stance with her feet apart, directly in front of the dancer.

Would he be able to take what she offered?

The black man’s big hand s cupped Donna’s bare buttocks and pulled her to him. With one hand on his shoulder and the other guiding his cock to her entrance their bodies came together.

The look on Donna’s face displayed he had found his mark and filled her soon-to-be-married cunt with over a pound of black cock.

He lifted Donna by her buttocks and she wrapped those long legs around his waist.

They watched the big black cock sliding in and out of Donna’s hole as the black bull considerately turned her wide open ass towards them. Donna was sliding up and down of the long shiny cock taking it inside of her on his plunges up to his balls.

Donna supported herself on the body of her lover clenching him in the grip of her legs and her hands on his broad shoulders.

The dancer lifted the bottom of her cotton top revealing she wore no bra beneath. His big black hands cupped her creamy white mounds as he fondled her breasts.

Steph wondered if in her excitement Donna remember she had a loaded black cock touching the door of her baby oven.

Steph knew when he shot his load into her which would be any minute now her ovaries would be drenched with his cum. How would she explain a black baby to her new husband?

Donna moaned and they could see the white cum leaking from her pussy around the big black piston stretching her hole.

Donna had raised the bar for the rest of the girls. After her outstanding performance with the black dancer the other girls decided to join in and make it an interactive evening.

Young Dee Whitney rode the next performer’s cock and Gwen Dawson even ended up on her knees gobbling a beautiful cock with the nicest mushroom head she had ever had in her mouth.

Donna was a radiant bride walking down the aisle on her big day. In her gorgeous white silk gown and the organ music playing as she approached her waiting groom.

Steph couldn’t get the image of that slick black cock sliding in and out of Donna’s pussy out of her head!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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