In The Woods

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Imagine this…

Our Wrangler bounces to a stop under the spreading branches of a stately sycamore along the banks of the stream we have been following. Almost five miles back we left the forest service road to follow this old logging trail. The trail ahead has been blocked by a very old landslide. “End of the road?” you ask with a smile as I look at you, soliciting your comments. “We’ll just leave it here?” I ask, setting the emergency brake firmly. “As good a place as any…high enough from the water…the tree looks healthy enough” you reply as an experienced eye evaluates our parking place. Nodding my head in agreement, I swing my legs out of the driver’s seat and stand on the grassy bank, stretching. The sun is still climbing and has yet to reach half it’s zenith. The mountain air here is so crisp and clear you can almost drink it. You come up behind me and slip your arms around me gently, resting your chin on my shoulder. “It is so beautiful up here” you whisper in my ear. “Mmmmm” is my only response as my hands cover yours.

Fifteen minutes later, we have replaced the top on the jeep and shouldered our backpacks. The remains of the logging road veer from the stream a little ways ahead and the trailhead is yet beyond that. I watch your thighs and hips from behind as you climb over the landslide, admiring the smooth motions of your sleek muscles. We walk silently…observantly…up the overgrown road. The mountain wildlife scatters about us with our approach only to resettle a safe distance away, watching these invaders of their domain. They can’t know we love their home as much as they do. A couple miles further, the broad white paint on the side of the old elm marks the trail head and we pause. A small rest here then we adjust our straps and tighten our boots before ascending the trail. Farther and higher and steeper, the trail winds along the mountain slope, snaking back and forth up the steep ascents. Deer are everywhere here in this undisturbed country. Wild turkeys break cover at our approach and fly noisily over the ridgeline. A young red fox darts up the hill in a flash of gold and rust. And ahead of me, quietly, almost reverently, my dark haired beauty drinks all of this in.

Four hours later, we have made camp on a small rounded ridgeline. A rocky mountain brook nearby falls from a limestone shelf and plunges into a deep pool it has taken eons to carve. Around us, tall Douglas pines mix with the aspen to shelter us from wind and sun. This will be home for a few days so we take the time to make it comfortable. I build a clothes rack near the pool yet far enough from the spray to allow drying to occur and rig a bear line from which we will suspend our food. You carefully prepare our ground bed with soft twigs and pine needles, covered by swathes of thick moss. By late afternoon, all is well in hand and I begin our meal. Our conversation is light and carefree, the world of worries and concerns is a mile below us. After dinner, you do the dishes in the stream while I refill our water bottles. The water is crystal clear and ice cold.

Now that all the chores are done, I take my evening clothes and a towel and return to the pool to wash up. In the background, I can hear your soft voice softly singing something whose words I can’t quite make out. Quickly shedding my clothes stranded teens porno and laying the towel atop them, I plunge into the freezing water. My adrenaline skyrockets in response and I wash and rinse quickly, very anxious to get out. I hear your laughter from the fire as I shiver and gasp. It only takes a few minutes to accomplish the necessity and I climb out to dry off. I can see the sun setting over your head and the smile on your face as you watch me towel my body dry and warm. “It is very cold” I explain and you just smile “You poor baby!”

Redressed now, I return to the campsite and you walk to the pool, kissing my blue lips as you pass. Enlarging the fire to regain my warmth, I look up to see your nude figure stepping from your shorts. Your beautifully tanned skin, soft full curves, and crowning glory of long thick tresses catches my heart in my chest and makes my loins tighten. I am still watching you as you step carefully into the crystal water. Gracefully, without a gasp or shiver, as if your body welcomes its icy embrace. Quickly, I stuff our hiking clothes in the bear bag and walk to the rig to secure it. As I return to the fire, I am struck again with awe as you rise majestically from the water, one hand holding your hair above the pool, the other light splashing the last of the soap from you. As you stand, you let your hair fall and step from the pool, walking to me. The setting sun and flickering firelight cast an ephemerally bronze light upon you as you approach me with smooth easy strides and a devilish smile on your lips. I reach for your towel and envelop you in it as you reach the fire, only now realizing how complete the illusion you cast was. You are freezing!! I rub the towel over you vigorously and guide you to stand near the fire.

Soon you are dry enough and the towel falls, though my hands continue to caress and touch you. The fire warms your front as my close presence behind you and my warm flowing hands do the rest. Your hands reach over your head and grasp me, pulling my lips to your neck. I obey readily, kissing your skin, tasting you as my hands sweep up and cup your full breasts. I bite gently as my fingers and thumbs fondle your swelling nipples. Your ass presses against my groin as you arch your back at my touch. Slowly, I descend to my knees behind you…licking…touching…kissing…caressing…biting. My face slides against your smooth ass as my hands urge you to spread your legs. Lowering my face even further, I continue…kissing…teasing…licking…till my tongue begins to caress your wet folds. Gently, yet insistently, my tongue slips along each lip, teasing it, unfolding it…up and down…both sides…opening your soft tender place like a flower blossoming to the sun. I can feel your knees trembling now and I guide you to the ground beside me, to sit on the discarded towel.

We kiss now…tenderly…at first…before the hunger builds…the passion rising in our hearts translating into feverish and trembling kisses…our lips caressing…tasting…becoming one organ shared between us. Hurriedly we both shed my shirt, your fingers exploring my chest hair as I shift to remove my pants. As they drop, you pull me close, kissing my belly…nuzzling down to my groin. You push me to my back and grasp my swollen member, student sex parties porno lightly stroking its length. With a cascade of firelit highlights in your hair, your head drops and you engulf me with your warm sucking mouth. I can feel every pull…every touch of your tongue. You suck me with smooth wet motions, quietly at first but then more noisily as your intensity increases. I can tell what you want by the ferocity of your tongue and mouth and hand and I begin to tremble. The swelling in my balls increases and I release it. My hips buck forward as I cry out into the darkening night and the first thick stream of hot white cum explodes in your mouth. My cry becomes a strangled groan as stream after stream shoots deep into your softly, hungrily sucking mouth. You keep sucking as my load diminishes and my breath returns, my body still convulsing at your command…you still swallowing the essence we have shared. You lift your face finally, your lips wet and swollen, slick from my cum and we kiss again. Tasting me on your lips.

Now I take over and guide you to your back, kneeling between your legs. My eyes gaze upon your naked beauty as you slowly stretch in the firelight. Your skin reflects the flames with gold and bronze highlights across your shoulder, your belly, your breasts. Your eyes search my face… finding mine, smiling so very sweetly. My eyes drop to the beckoning wetness between your thighs and I lick my lips. There is such heat emanating from you there…soft…dark heat. I savor it’s glow. I lower my mouth to you now, to your private treasure. Not yet touching…just near…you can feel my breath upon your soft pubic hair as I exhale softly. I lower myself further and brush my face against those soft ringlets. My mouth opens…my tongue searches, finding the first fold of your very wet pussy. I taste you…delicately. My tongue slowly travels down the length…slowly licking…tracing it with my tongue…tasting you. My hand steals in and gently probes at your pussy’s sweet hole. As I lick…up…and down… the folds of your delicious labia, a finger traces the outer rim of your vagina…slipping in…and out…and in… and around. Over and over again as I keep licking and licking you.

Lifting my chin, my tongue climbs higher…finding the pearl of your clitoris as it stands exposed to my attention. Touching…barely…then harder…before my tongue starts to draw slow easy circles around your button. I look up and see you watching me. I keep my eyes locked on your face as I lick faster and harder…my fingers dipping into your vagina deeper now. I lower my lips and suck your clit into my mouth and gently pull at it. My tongue swirls around and over it as it lies trapped between my sucking lips. I suck and lick harder and faster…my finger drive in faster and deeper. You hips begin to thrust up to meet me, shoving your pussy into my hungry mouth. I reach up your side to find your swollen breasts. Caressing them as I suck your clit deeper into my mouth. My fingers and thumb find your nipple and squeeze it…twisting it…pulling it. I whisper that I want you to come into my mouth.

I keep sucking your clit and licking it…releasing it… flicking the tip of my tongue across it…sucking it again. My fingers fucking you smoothly…timing submissive cuckolds their thrusts with the movement of your hips…your movements become more and more frantic…driving your clit into my mouth and your pussy back onto my thrusting fingers as I twist and torment your nipples. I taste a flood of honeyed nectar spill into my mouth from your clit. A moan begins deep in your belly…I can feel the vibration thru your clit before I hear it…and grows in tone and volume until it escapes as a gasping scream and you frantically drive your throbbing pussy against my sucking and licking lips and tongue. My left hand leaves your breasts to hold you down and I continue to suck on your clit and drive my fingers deep within you. Your come spills into my mouth and I drink it…tasting you…swallowing you. As your movements become less frantic…I remove my mouth from your wetness and lift it to you. We kiss hungrily, your lips and tongue devouring every trace of your juice from my lips. And as we kiss, while your pussy is still pulsing, I drive up inside you! Your eyes blink open wide in shock and then narrow in sexual thrill as my burning hard shaft splits you wide. I soften our kiss and hold still…feeling you convulse around me.

Then, as you calm down a little, I begin to thrust my hips slowly…gently…slipping my length into your wetness. I lift myself up on my arms and looked down at your so beautiful face, your eyes closed…feeling my movements inside of you. I watch you intently, picking up speed…driving in further and faster and harder, until I am pumping deep into your pussy. I begin to drive my raging erection into your wetness over and over again. Harder and faster. Deeper and stronger. And deeper. And harder. And faster. My balls slap against your ass as the tempo reaches it’s peak and the head of my cock pounds into the deepest parts of you. Your eyes close and then mine as I concentrate entirely upon pleasing you. On maintaining this bonding, this connection with you. So hard…so fast…so deep…so hot. Your eyes open and your lips beckon me. I drop into your arms and our lips instantly…liquidly…melt together.

I lower my face further, to bring your tender nipples to my mouth. Gently at first, I suck one into my mouth and lick it with my tongue before moving to the other. Sucking…licking… laving…again and again. I can feel my balls tightening into hard rocks and my cock swelling ever larger and harder. I look down and see the thick engorged rod of my cock pumping into your hungry pussy while your fingers begin to rub your clit frantically. You look at me with eyes wild with lust as my balls signal their impending release. Your movements are becoming more and more frantic and wild and I know that you know. Our eyes are locked together…our souls fused into one. I whisper “Come for me, sweetheart. Come now and I will, too. I’m ready now, lover. Come with me, baby, come on. Come on my cock!. I want you to…you know I do…I’m waiting on you, little one!”

You cry out and start to buck wildly as my cock pounds deep inside you. Still staring into my eyes, the muscles of your sweet pussy grip my cock with inhuman strength as you begin to convulse…my exploding cock releases its first stream deep inside you. Your orgasm merges with mine, sweeping us away, our groans animal-like in our mutual release…my balls emptying themselves in long jets into your searing flesh. As the throes of our mutual orgasm fade, I slowly, weakly, descend into your arms and collapse there…in your loving embrace. Each heart conforming to the rhythm of the other…together…one flesh…one spirit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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