Invitation to Room 304

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Over the past three months, I have developed a relationship with a woman on line. We have become very close, many times sharing our sexual fantasies with each other. Cheryl and I are both married but our sex lives at home are non-existent. We have shared our frustrations many times and always talked about meeting for sex.

One morning I received an invitation from Cheryl via email…. Meet me at the Hilton hotel in Las Vegas on Friday night….room 304 at 9pm!

I was shocked at first as we have never actually planned on meeting but the secrecy and thought of meeting was a big turn on for me. I planned the trip to Vegas around some business plans and waited eagerly for the day to arrive! Every day that week I received an email from Cheryl – two days to go – One day to go building up the sexual tension even more. Finally Friday arrived.

I flew in to Vegas in the afternoon and checked in to the hotel. I took a shower – freshened up for my long awaited encounter. There was a pounding in my chest as I thought of what I would do to her. I had visions of sucking her pussy – exploring her body with my fingers stroking her clit…the sexual energy building up in side me was intense. I pulled out my very hard dick and grabbed hold of the shaft. As I thought of sucking her breast, I moved my hand up and down…. slowly. My thoughts ran all over her body as I moved a little faster. I thought of licking her ass, her clit, fucking her hard, telling her I was going to fuck her cunt, I moved faster and faster. I felt a swelling in my balls as pre cum oozed from my cock. I kissed her deeply in my thoughts liseli porno and sucked on her tongue. I felt the build up move to my cock as I shot my load. I spasmed, my heart pounding a lot faster now, and sat down to catch my breath. This was going to be a very exciting night! A night to remember!

It was 9 o-clock time for the party to begin! I made my way to the elevator and went down to the third floor. The anticipation was amazing filling up my chest making my chest swell. I found room 304 and knocked.

“Come in” she shouted “Its open”. I grinned and entered the room.

She was lying, spread out on the bed on the bed. She had a beautiful body, flat stomach, well trimmed, her round firm breast bulging out of the black satin bra, a crotchless pair of black satin panties just about covered her mound, and the garter belt and stockings covered her long sensual legs.

“Hi” “I’ve been waiting for you!”

“I’ll bet you have!” I replied ” I’ve been waiting for you too!”

We made small talk for a while as I took of my shirt. She smiled as she saw my toned body. I moved to her feet and began to massage them. I slowly moved around the bed running a hand up her leg as I moved. I climbed on the bed and caressed her body, taking in all what I have desired for so long. She caressed my chest and lightly, teasingly pinched my nipple. I bent down to kiss her mouth. Our first kiss. We passionately kissed – 3 months of held up emotions. We frantically explored each other with our tongues. I sucked on her tongue just as I had imagined earlier. I felt a swelling in my pants as meet suck and fuck porno I slowly started getting hard; I moved down to her breasts and sucked hard on her nipples. The stood to attention and she groaned at the sensation. I pinched her nipples lightly as I traced my tongue around her neck. She pushed her head into the pillow giving me more access to her neck. Her head lifted, I sucked on her still caressing her breasts. She grabbed my head….

“I want you to suck my pussy” she whispered in my ear. My cock got ten times harder, as she pushed my head down to her crotch. I pulled the panties aside and pushed my tongue as far as I could go inside her. She arched at my touch as my tongue explored her pussy. I moved to her clit and gave a couple of long licks up and down the sides, flicking the lips occasionally creating sexual waves all through her body. She moaned in anticipation of my tongue. She got up pulled of my pants, and moved onto her hands and knees.

“SUCK ME MORE” she shouted “SUCK ME TILL I CUM” I went to work on her cunt. I had never really been verbal before, but I wanted to scream now!

“I’M GOING TO SUCK YOU- THEN FUCK YOUR CUNT LIKE YOUV”E NEVE BEEN FUCKED BEFORE”. I shouted, surprised at the words coming out of my mouth. I moved my tongue to her ass and licked around her hole.

“Ooooh” she cried “I’ve never been licked there before – do it more!” I pushed my tongue into her ass as she pushed herself towards me. I moved on the bed wanting her to take me in her mouth. I climbed under her, my cock now directly under her face. mobil porno She went down like crazy, sucking me like I’ve never been sucked before! I continued on her clit pulling it into my mouth. I heard muffled groans as she had my dick in her mouth. I popped out of her mouth and she moved to my balls taking them deep into her mouth. I groaned with delight as she caressed them with her tongue. She moved her tongue to my ass and licked my hole. I pushed my tongue as far as I could go inside her pussy enjoying the sensation on my ass.

“I’M GOING TO FUCK YOU!” she shouted, kneeling up and turning around. With her back to me, she grabbed my shaft and positioned it above her pussy. She turned her head to watch me as she slowly lowered herself on to me. I gasped as so was tight. I slipped in easily as she was so wet, and felt her pussy muscles clamp around my cock. I watched as her ass moved up and down on my cock. She bent a little giving me a full view of her ass hole. I licked my finger and teased her hole while she rode me. Her hands now on the wall for support, she rode me faster I felt myself ready to come and I pushed my finger into her ass. She cried out “IM GOING TO CUM” as she jumped up and down on my cock. She went frantic, bouncing, arching her back, she couldn’t get enough.

“AARRRGHHH” I cried out as I felt myself explode inside her. She screamed again as she came. She quickly lifted herself of me and put her pussy in my face.

“SUCK me while I cum” she managed to say as she was panting. I sucked on her clit as she came in my mouth. I loved the taste of her and lapped up all I could, hearing her moans as she enjoyed her orgasm. I felt her tongue on my dick as she licked off all my cum. She swallowed!

She moved over and lay next to me. We kissed sharing each other sex.

“WOW!” she exclaimed – we are going to have fun tonight.

I couldn’t have agreed more!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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