It Stays in Vegas

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The following story is based on actual events.

The flight from JFK to Vegas was more than five hours. First-class seating compensated for the long flight. Jenny ordered a martini, put on her headphones, and fell asleep to the sounds of smooth jazz. She woke up just in time to see the Vegas lights from 2000 feet above the city. Jenny was a seasoned traveler, but she was very excited about visiting Vegas for the first time.

With her luggage in tow, Jenny headed for the cab stand. As soon as the electronic doors opened, a wave of dry heat blasted her in the face. It was like standing in front of a pizza oven. It had been cool and rainy in New York for the past week; the heat felt great! The attendant blew his whistle and in seconds she was inside the cool air conditioning of a cab.

“I’m staying at the Bellagio,” said Jenny.

“Your first time in Vegas?” asked the cabbie with a thick Pakistani accent.

Jenny knew not to be naïve. “No, I grew up in Pahrump. But this is a business trip. I’m exhausted; can you turn on the radio?”

“Okay, the Strip is pretty quiet tonight. We should be there in 10 or 15 minutes,” he said in a disappointed tone. He’d only earn $20 on this ride.


She followed the Bellman to the 36th floor. He opened the door to an exquisite suite and asked “Your first time in Vegas?”

The office manager had made the reservations and Jenny was pleased to see that the financial crisis had not arrived at her firm. “Yes, this is my first time in Vegas.”

He put her bags down and showed her around the suite. The living area was beautifully appointed with rich dark furniture, contrasted with a modern purple and green motif. There was a bar, with a not-so-mini fridge, and a 50 inch flat panel TV concealed in an entertainment center armoire. There was a powder room off the marble foyer. The bedroom had a California King Bed, an overstuffed couch, a desk and two wingback chairs. There were His and Hers bathrooms, Hers appointed with a whirlpool tub, and a tastefully decorated well-lit makeup area; The His bathroom featured an oversized glass surround shower with steam jets, a 12 inch rain can showerhead, and a teak bench.

“Don’t hesitate to call the concierge with any need,” said the Bellman. “I trust that you will enjoy your stay with us.”

Jenny handed him a $20 bill and sat on the couch and was in awe of the view. Her room overlooked the fountains along Las Vegas Blvd. The Eiffel Tower of Paris Las Vegas was to her right. She could see the Venetian Hotel and beyond to her left. She’d seen a thousand pictures of the night-lit Strip, but she found it even more impressive in person.

She closed her eyes and was asleep within minutes.


An hour later, Jenny woke up and padded to the shower in the His bathroom. She was dying to remove the day’s travel. She stripped and stood in front of the full wall mirror, and modestly admired herself. Her shoulder-length brown hair framed classic features. Few noticed the intensity of her deep blue eyes. They were often too focused on her large boobs and tight ass. She turned and looked at her profile. “They are slightly out of place,” she said to herself. “But I wouldn’t want it any other way.” She tweaked her nipples, giggled, and closed the shower door.

Jenny dressed appropriately for Vegas: a tightfitting red dress, matching red thong panties, no bra and a pair of black heels. She selected her Rolex watch, gold herringbone necklace, and a diamond cocktail ring. She counted out $1000 and put it in her small clutch. She was ready for the night!

She took the elevator to the casino level and decided that the Piano Bar was an excellent place to plan her evening. She ordered a Cosmopolitan and contemplated her next move. She’d been thinking about this trip for quite a while and anticipated sert porno a wild time. The sights and sounds of the casino made her horny as hell and she was in the mood for some meaningless Vegas sex.

Jenny was always being picked up but tonight she decided to do the picking. She could easily find some party guy who’d fuck her silly, but she hadn’t had a threesome in quite a while. And why not – this was Vegas after all! But should it be with two guys, two girls, or a couple. Her mind wandered to the last time she faced this dilemma: A few months ago she hooked up with a couple of guys at a bar in the Village. It was a good time, but it turned out they were into each other more than they were into her. Last year, she picked up two college girls. It was a lot of fun; pussies and tits, and a lot of cool toys.

She stared into her glass and felt her who-who heating up, the dampness seeping into her thong. Just then, a cute couple holding hands walked by. They looked slightly buzzed and were heading for the video poker machines. “Why not,” said Jenny aloud.

They were in their mid-20s. The guy was wearing a pair of tightfitting jeans. His lean athletic body complemented his girlfriend’s perfectly round ass. They were sitting at the $5 video poker machines. Jenny finished her drink and made her way there. There was an empty seat at their bank of machines. Jenny fed five $100 bills into the Game King, and pressed the “DEAL” button. On her third try, she got a full house and let out a loud “Woo-Hoo.”

The girl turned to her left and said “What did you hit?”

“Jacks over eights for $240,” said Jenny.

“$240? How much are you playing per hand? My full house only paid $45,” said the hottie.

“$25 per hand. I’ve never been to Vegas before, how much are you supposed to play per spin?”

“I don’t know. This is our first time in Las Vegas. But $25 per hand sounds like a lot. Aren’t you worried you’ll lose your money?”

“Not really, this is also my first time in Vegas. I got here a few hours ago, cleaned up and came down for some action. My name is Jenny.”

Kristen took a minute to survey her neighbor. She was a gorgeous twenty something, decked out in a sexy outfit and was wearing nice jewelry. No wonder she wasn’t concerned with losing her money.

“I’m Kristin, and this is Steve. We arrived yesterday. We’re having a blast. Vegas is like New York City, they are the cities that never sleep.”

“Are you guys from New York?”

Steve looked up from his video poker machine. Kristin was friendly and would strike up a conversation with anyone. But when he saw to whom Kristin was speaking, he stopped playing poker and joined the conversation. “We’re originally from Minneapolis, but have lived in the City since finishing graduate school.”

Steve played it cool, but couldn’t look away. He discreetly drank Jenny in. Steve was practiced in the art of admiring fine women and knew not to stare at her massive tits. Instead he focused his attention on her deep blue eyes and said, “How about you? Your first time here?”

“Yes, I’m in town for the week on business.”

“Honey, I could use another drink. Flag down the cocktail waitress,” said Kristin.

Steve got the waitress’s attention and ordered two vodka martinis. “Kristin, what would your new friends like?”

“I’ll also have a martini,” said Jenny to the waitress. She reached in front of Kristin to shake Steve’s hand and said “Hi… I’m Jenny.” Her tits were spilling out of her dress.

“Nice to meet you,” said Steve in a halting hesitating way. “God, I love Vegas,” whispered Steve to himself.

Steve reluctantly returned to his poker game and after several button pushes hit the jackpot. “Holy shit,” said Steve. He had upped his bet to $10 per hand. Four Deuces paid $2000. He couldn’t believe sex mex porno his luck; hot women, and now big money. It couldn’t get any better.

Steve ordered three more vodka martinis. Steve had a good buzz and knew Kristin couldn’t handle her liquor and had to be pretty hammered by now. When Kristin was drunk, she was up for almost anything. He couldn’t wait to get her back to the room and try a few of those things he’d been fantasizing about.


Jenny and Kristin were no longer interested in playing video poker. They’d been engrossed in a conversation about an art exhibit at the Guggenheim.

“Excuse me,” said Jenny, “I’ll be right back, I’ve got to find the ladies room.”

“Me too,” slurred Kristin. “Steve… Baby… We’ll be right back. We’re going to go find the little girl’s room.”

They skipped away, holding hands like best friends. Steve admired their asses as they bounced off. His imagination ran wild and his pecker swelled.

He spotted the girls returning and he couldn’t help noticing how freaking hot they looked. Kristin’s tight body and perky tits always turned him on. But Jenny’s oversized breasts and killer ass could turn on a monk.

“Steve, honey, Jenny invited us up to her suite for a nightcap. What’d you say? Her company booked her a kick-ass room. I’m dying to see it.”

“Sure,” said Steve eagerly. “I’d love to.”

They stumbled to the elevator, laughing and joking, being loud, and doing all the things you’re supposed to do while in Las Vegas.


Jenny opened the door to her suite and gave Kristin and Steve the same 50 cent tour the bellman had given her.

“Wow, I love it,” said Steve.

“This makes our room look pedestrian, doesn’t it,” said Kristin to Steve.

He nodded in agreement and plunked down on the couch. “Are you planning anything cool while you’re here?” said Steve to Jenny.

Jenny was at the bar adding little bottles of vodka and a splash of cranberry to each of three glasses. “Yes, I’m taking a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon tomorrow. It takes off around 2 PM and arrives back in Vegas at sunset. The pilot cruises up and down the Strip. I’m really looking forward to it.”

“Sounds like quite a Las Vegas experience,” said Steve.

Turning to Kristin, Jenny said, “How about you guys. Are you planning anything special?”

Kristin said, “The helicopter ride sounds fun, but I was hoping for a ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ kind of experience. You know. The kind Steve and I can relive and enjoying thinking about for years to come.”

“Yeah?” said Jenny seductively. “What did you have in mind?”

“I don’t know,” said Kristin shyly and tentatively. “Maybe a girly show, the kind that gets you hot and heavy.”

Steve downed his drank in one gulp and smiled. “I’m up for that.”

“Wow, you guys are crazy. I love it. Stay right here, I’ll be back in a minute,” said Jenny heading for the bedroom. “Steve, turn on some music and fix us another drink.”

Steve and Kristin looked at each other, each raising their eyebrows. They exchanged silent nods as if to say “I’m okay with this, are you, of course you are. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

A few minutes later Jenny appeared in the doorway between the bedroom and living room wearing a sexy black lacy teddy that barely contained her massive mounds. Her garter belt and stockings and tiny thong were like cherries on a hot fudge sundae – they left you drooling and wanting to dig in.

Jenny started swaying to the music, closed her eyes, shook her hair and danced to the rhythm in a sexy and seductive way. She slowly moved toward the couch and extended her hand to Kristin as if asking for a dance. Kristin looked at Steve and he eagerly encouraged her. The musky scent of the two sexed up women wafted stranded teens porno through the air. Steve’s cock was straining against his jeans.

Kristin stood up and put her arms on Jenny’s shoulders and joined her slow dance. Jenny was the first to act and slowly moved her lips towards Kristin. They joined in a deep passionate kiss, exchanging tongues. Kristin had never kissed a woman like this and she couldn’t believe how soft and tender it was. Her face was flush, her nipples were rock hard, and her pussy was soaking wet.

Jenny continued with the lead and slowly unbuttoned Kristin’s blouse. She was mesmerized and in that moment decided to let Jenny do whatever she wanted. Jenny bent down and affectionately and playfully kissed Kristin’s left nipple.

“Oh, that feels sooo good,” moaned Kristin.

They continued their dancing and gyrating. Steve unbuttoned his jeans to reduce the strain. Jenny looked over at him and nodded approvingly. He unzipped his fly and his erection sprang free.

Jenny was fully in control and slowly turned and headed to the bedroom. She had grabbed Kristin’s hand and was guiding her toward the bed. Steve followed and was eager to join but thought he’d first like to enjoy the show. He sat on the bedroom couch, slid off his jeans and unbuttoned his Oxford.

Jenny lay on the bed, undid her garter, and slowly removed each stocking. She untied her teddy allowing her big beautiful titties the freedom they craved.

Kristin was hypnotized and said in a husky, distant voice “I would love … to … suck your boobs. I haven’t played with a girl since my high school friend and I fooled around at a slumber party.” Kristin could not believe her directness.

Jenny didn’t say anything, but her unspoken message was clear: get your ass over here and ravish me. Kristin moved in to and hungrily nibbled and sucked. Jenny loved initiating a newbie. Kristin was an excellent student and instinctively moved her right hand to Jenny’s pussy. She gently pushed aside her panties and probed with her middle finger. Jenny’s juices were flowing and she wanted more.

Steve was stroking his cock watching his wife make love to this beautiful woman. He’d won a small jackpot on the casino floor and now he’d struck the mother lode.

Jenny finished removing her teddy, and lay with her back against the headboard and her legs parted. Her perfectly shaven cunt was glistening and needed Kristin’s mouth sucking her clit. Kristin understood Jenny’s desire and was glad to oblige. She’d never gone down on a woman before but knew what to expect, and knew what to do. She hungrily lapped Jenny’s slit and circled her clit with her tongue. Jenny was massaging her tits and pulling on her nipples. She was in heaven.

Kristin was doing all the work but she was also having a lot of fun. This new experience of fucking a woman was titillating and she was fully aroused. She worked two fingers into Jenny and continued tonguing her nub. She knew Steve must be going insane. He’d always fantasized about this.

Steve was indeed living his fantasy. Kristin’s ass was in the air begging for Steve’s cock. Kristin heard Steve moving toward her and she subconsciously spread her legs. She knew Steve had a perfect angle at her hungry pussy. They were a well-practiced couple and Steve gently grabbed Kristin’s hips and patiently worked his throbbing cock into his wife.

Steve picked up the pace. Kristin felt his head swelling, his cock pulsing and his load releasing. She reached between her legs and worked her clit in sweeping circular motions. Jenny moved her left hand to her cunt, working three fingers in and out while simultaneously and feverishly rubbing her clit. Kristin bit her bottom lip and stared into Jenny’s longing eyes.

“Oh God, oh God, oh… God… I’m cuming,” screamed Kristin. “Fuck me baby, oh yeah, oh yeah.” Kristin’s cuming was contagious. Jenny sang the same mantra, “I’m cuming too!!”

Kristin collapsed into Jenny’s arms and they kissed in a deep satisfying and gratifying way. It was the best sex any of them had ever had.

Vegas baby, Vegas!

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