It Was Her Morning

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My wife laid in bed, snuggled into the sheets and pillows like every other morning. Although this morning was her morning. The baby was spending a few days with her brother across town, so this was the first night in a long time sleep was uninterrupted. I woke up first and did my morning ritual. Bathroom, shower, breakfast, took the dog out…the usual list checked off.

I walked back into the room and she was sprawled out, taking over the area I just recently slept in. Seeing the rises in the sheet where her breasts were got me thinking, how could I make this day start so well, she would be happy all day? I knew what I could do. Start her day with a rocking orgasm she would remember all day!

My wife is a beautiful 5 foot 2 Greek woman. Long brown wavy hair, 36C breasts, and a sexy neck I just can’t keep my lips off of. She doesn’t mean to, but she embodies sex to me. When we are together, all I want to do is squeeze her breasts and kiss her lips…when full full on sex isn’t an option of course. She’s my perfect woman.

As I re-entered the room, the door creaked a little and she shuffled beneath the covers. I walked over to her side and placed a hand on her hip. With a soft sigh she gave me a smile with a moan. She always loved being touched lightly. I ran my hand down the length of her thigh as she gave me vocal approval.

“Good morning love,” I said softly taking a seat beside her.

“Hi baby,” she softly answered back. “Sleep well?”

“I did. How about you?”

“Wonderful,” she assured me. “I feel so relaxed.”

“Good,” I replied and I started rubbing her thigh again. Caressing the top of it as I moved from her waist down to her knee and back.

“That feels good.”

I took my other hand and began to move it back and forth across her upper stomach, just barely teasing the bottom of her breasts as I passed. She closed her eyes and moaned again, moving her body into a position that gave me better access to my rubbing areas. I kept rubbing her thigh, but now began including her chest in between her boobs in my passes.

Her nipples were starting to harden up, so I knew she was loving it. I moved my upper thigh motions to the inner thigh…passing less than an inch from her magic spot. She always loved the light tease. She opened her eyes and looked right into mine with love. She was the type that could say more with a look than a thousand words.

I leaned in and kissed her lips gently. She began to radiate the passion I had loved to see. I kissed her lips, then the side of her face. I kissed her neck, then her collarbone which tickles her a little…but brings a smile to her face every time. I cupped her left breast and grazed my lips where it began to rise. In my hand, I could feel her nipple push. My tongue began to run slow circles around it, outlining her round areola.

I gave her sucking kisses; surrounding her nipple completely with my lips, then sucking as I pulled my lips straight off it. Meanwhile down below, my other hand began searching her pussy. With a finger, I traced the outline of her lips…stopping at he clit for a little extra attention. She had reached up and taken control of my head with her hands, rubbing one hand street blowjobs porno across the top, and the other placed on the back of my head.

With my now free hand, I reached down and unbuttoned my boxers…letting my semi-hard dick out for air. She always tells me how much she loves my dick…in those words. I was the longest and thickest she’d ever had. I measure 8 1/2 inches in length, and as thick as the core of a roll of toilet paper.

With a finger, I ran circles around her clit…straying only momentarily to poke inside her for lubrication. I was determined to make this morning all about her. Continuing the duo of my soft nipple kisses and finger stimulation, I climbed on the bed; one knee between her legs and the other on her side. My penis hung down, teasing the inside of her thigh. I thicken up before lengthening when I get hard.

She reached down and grabbed my hand from between her legs, and sucked my finger…tasting herself with an ‘mmmm’. That’s usually her sign to me that she’s wet enough. After releasing my finger, I squeezed both her breasts, taking turns kissing and sucking each nipple. She reached down and tugged on my thickness, almost pulling the extra inches out.

Then she stuck two fingers inside herself and lubed me up with a grin. She had such magic hands…even though I have a strong upward curve, she glides up and down my shaft like I’m as straight as a pole. With a new tug, she positioned the head of my dick just outside her lips, peeking it just inside to moisten me up. With another tug, she was pulling me in. I obliged her and push forward, gently inserting 4 inches back and forth across her G-spot.

“Oooh,” she moaned, cutting a breath short.

I kept passing the G-spot with every slow thrust, her matching a moan with every pass. Before long, she was reaching down, grabbing ahold of my exposed shaft trying to pull more in. She was soaking wet, so I knew this would be no problem. I increased my thrusting speed and depth a little more with each thrust until I was fucking her deep.

Every inch in and only halfway out with each thrust. Only the thickness of my shaft was touching her G-spot now, but he feeling up my big dick filling her with each thrust was building her orgasm fast. Her breathing and moaning was becoming erratic, her eyes closed and head to the side.

“Oh yeah,” she moaned, “don’t stop, just like that!”

Our bodies rocked in motion, only the slam of my crotch moved her. All 8 plus inches of me was buried with every thrust. She reached up and twisted her nipples. I loved watching her squeeze and play with her breasts during sex. She massaged and pressed her boobs as fast as she could as she neared climax.

Her breath stopped for only a second as her head rose from the pillow, and her hands slammed into the sheets.

“Ahh, ahh,” she squealed, rushing her head back into pillow. Her hands clenched up bunches in the sheets and I greatly increased my thrusts. She pulled up the sheets she had grabbed and buried her face in them, muffling her moans as I pumped her orgasm to the moon. She kept moaning and moaning with every thrust. For a good 15 seconds we kept pace.

“Oh student sex parties porno god! Fuck! Fuuuuck… Oh yeah,” she trumpets. Once her reactions lost pace with my thrusts, I slowed. She pulled the sheets covering her face away. Her head sat sank into the pillow, her hair frazzled and partially covering the smile she glowed for me, “Mmmmm…” was all she could say as she stared up at me, her breasts gently swaying in rhythm with my slow thrusts.

I leaned down and kissed her, she was so gorgeous. She kissed my cheek, lightly touching my ear lobes.

“Lay down,” she whispered in my ear.

I sat back up, pulling myself out of her with a small hum from her as I exited. Once my dick was clear, she wrapped her hand around it and slowly stroked as we switched spots. She straddled my upper thighs and began pumping my shaft. Not about to let her finish me off, I pulled her down on me. Our bodies laid together, I kissed her neck with soft licks. I slid my knees between her legs and moved her waist over my still full erection.

I thrust myself up a bit, pushing my head back inside her. I pushed her body back, allowing myself deeper inside her. She sat up and began to sway her body back and forth. I pushed her further down until I was completely inside her. She rode me slowly, reaching up and running her fingers through her hair.

Abruptly, she stopped with an, “Ow!”

“You ok?” I asked.

“Yeah, your dick is longer than usual this morning babe,” she chuckled.

“I wonder why,” I joked.

“Oh, shut up!” she laughed as she resumed her rocking. She realized I was admiring her, and started massaging her breasts. They rise and bulged with every squeeze, a sight I could only stare and drool at. I’m a total tit man, I love them…I think about them all day, every day.

She rocked and moaned as my inches moved around inside her. Faster and faster she rode me, until she collapsed forward; her hands flat against my chest, her head leaned forward…eyes closed in an orgasmic trance. Her nails dug into my chest as she exhaled to match her inside muscles unclench.

“Listen to my little kitten purr!” I laughed.

“Mmmmmmm,” she hummed as she opened her eyes and looked down at me. “Rowwrr!”

“So cute,” I replied with puckered lips as she came down for another kiss. I was till fully inside her, the head of my dick resting on her back wall.

She sat up as she dragged her claws gently down my stomach. “Right here,” she pointed at her stomach, just above her belly button, “That’s where you are,” she said as she bit her lip in a smile.

“You like that, huh?” I answered.

“Oh yeah,” she replied in a slow groan through her bit lip smile. She ran her hands back up my stomach, past my chest and leaned in for another kiss, letting me halfway out.

“Turn over on your back,” I requested.

“On top of you?”

“Yes, lay on your back, on me.”

She did as told and was now resting her butt on my waist. My dick slid by her pussy lips as I reached down to guide it in. She moaned a little as it entered; and a little more as I pushed her down to let it in further. Then I pulled her submissive cuckolds porno back down to my chest and massaged her tits, giving her nipples light squeezes as I gripped.

She turned her head sideways to meet my lips and rocked as we kissed. The underside of my curve was tantalizing her G-spot and before long, she was breathing heavy again. I call her ‘my little orgasm machine’. Once she gets anywhere near one, she turns into a crazed animal until she’s collapsed on the bed…dizzy and satisfied. She rocked back and forth; between the interior stimulation, and me squeezing her tits, she was lost in orgasm land yet again.

“Mmm, mmm, yeah, mmm, oh, mmm,” was all I heard as she rocked herself off again. She calmed herself and laid there. Arms dropped to the side, allowing me all the boob squeezes and neck kisses I could have. I softly rubbed her tits as she chuckled in delight.

“Wonderful,” she sighed. After a short rest time, she spoke up, “now its your turn.”

“My turn, huh?” I said with a smile.

“Yep, your turn.”

She leaned up and forward into reverse cowgirl position. With me still inside her, she lifted up a little, exposing about 4 inches of my shaft. Making an ‘ok’ ring around my base, she moved up and down until I was fully hard again.

“Just lay back and enjoy the show,” she cooed.

She leaned forward, and slowly ran her pussy up and down the top half of my dick. It felt so good, as she was basically jacking me off with her pussy. I pushed my head back into the pillow and did as I was told. The world disappeared, except for what felt like getting a blow job from a deep and warm mouth.

I opened my eyes and looked down. Her ass was jumping up and down on my waist like it was a trampoline. My pole acting like a guide stick. I was building fast. By instinct, I thrust up a little as she came down.

“Ouch!” she said as she stopped and turned her head towards me. “Don’t do that…too big,” she squeezed out between her winded breaths.

I let my waist back down and she continued. Pumping up and down, up and down. I was reaching the point of no return; between the tightness of her insides and the expectation of feeling, it wouldn’t be long.

“Tell me when,” she said as she kept bouncing away.

I began to moan in rhythm with her motions and my dick stiffened up. She reacted quickly and pulled up and off of me, her butt landing just above my belt line. She reached down, took hold of my shaft and pumped it franticly. In one body spasm, my stiffness let up and I shot all over her. Over and over about 6 times, cum shot from my dick as she hammered it. It flew across her tits, streamed down her tummy and some at the base of her neck. She soaked herself down with my hose and seemed to be loving it.

When I was done shooting, she slid her ass up my chest and sucked my dick slowly…cleaning it off. She knows I love how that feels, being sucked after cumming. It sent sensations down my legs and to my arms. She continued running her lips up and down for a good minute until my shaft flopped limp to the side. She slid back to my waist, our bodies separated like a sticky mess.

“Thank you baby,” she slapped my thigh like someone patting your back after a job well done.

“Thank YOU!” I answered back.

“Next time, I wake YOU up like this,” she said as she jumped off the bed onto the floor. “Shower time, care to join me?”

“Yep, be in there in a sec,” I rose from the bed as I heard the water turn on.

What a good start to this morning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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