Italian Adventure Pt. 03

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They were both finding Italy extraordinary in so many ways. The beautiful scenery of course, the lush countryside, and coastal roads were often breathtaking. The small towns with the open air markets and the most delicious food she is sure she ever tasted in her life. Of course, all her senses were heightened on this adventure. Connecting with one’s one body and with another so intimately seems to elicit a love of life in general and glimpses into pure unadulterated joy.

Their time together was easy, they shared a wicked sense of humor, sharing lots of laughter together is somewhat of an aphrodisiac. After a particularly funny observation or story one tells and they laugh until they have tears in their eyes results in her looking at him with a smoldering expression and wanting to swallow his cock while he sucks her pussy then a good old fashioned fucking as soon as his cock recovers.

They spent a few days in Naples and she suggested going north first to Florence then on to Bologna to spend a few days. She was planning a surprise for him with something she knew he would love. On the morning of what she had planned, she said, “Hey babe, there’s a special place I want to take you to today, but I don’t want to tell you where we’re going. I want to surprise you.”

He smiled and said, “Sure, baby. Wherever you go, I shall follow.”

She sighed and kissed him long and slow. They exchanged a passionate kiss that they both had come to love. Tongues dancing, caressing their bodies as they held each other close, while their lips locked until they needed to come up for air. She refrained from getting on her knees and sucking his cock right then, everything about him aroused her. Sure, she was divorced horny, but it was more than that. His authentic kindness and genuinely warm hearted spirit was captivating and a pleasure to be around. She was grateful for their friendship, even when one or both wanted to move on from whatever this affair was, she trusted they would remain friends.

“Okay, hot stuff, let’s go. I arranged for a car to take us.” He smiled, “Hmm, I wonder what it could be?”

She thought for sure he would know based on the town they were in, Bologna, but he didn’t seem to let on.

They turned on to Via Antonio Cavelieri Ducati and she looked at him as she saw his eyes light up as he saw the murals of the Ducati motorcycles on the sides of the building. One of the murals of sarıyer escort a bright yellow Ducati that read “Scrambler Ducati” across the top and across the bottom “The Land of Joy.”

“We’re going to see Ducatis?” he asked, his smile wide in a boyish charm, like it was Christmas morning and his most favorite wish was about to be granted.

“We’re going to the Ducati museum.” she responded, her smile as wide. She was too afraid to ride on a bike herself, but she understood the appeal. The freedom and the luxury of being one with something that goes so fast.

“Wow, this is awesome. Thank you, baby.” he said.

“You are so very welcome. After this, we have one more surprise.” she said.

“What? This is more than enough and wonderful.” he responded.

One of the docents moved through the museum with them answering questions and pointing out the history of the Ducati bikes and the Ducati family. The Ducati family itself hasn’t owned the company since 1950, but it is the seed they planted, with frankly a great name for a motorcycle that resulted in the famous racing bikes of today, now owned by Audi.

After they finished their tour, she then took him to the Ducati dealership to test ride one of the bikes. She had arranged it beforehand so he could take anyone he wanted out for as long as he liked. She was going to find a cafe and write or read a book.

“Magda, I want you to come with me. You can ride on the back.” he said.

“That’s sweet, Matt. But I’m terrified of motorcycles. Seriously. I wouldn’t want to freak out.” she told him.

He looked at her steadily. “What if I didn’t go too fast and we stopped often. I really want you to ride with me, especially here, in Italy.”

She took a moment to respond looking at him. Up until this point, she had pushed past so many inhibitions, fears and anxieties. Why would she hold on to this one? If she was going to try riding a bike, Matt seemed the best opportunity and the most exciting.

She took a deep breath, “Okay, I’ll try it, but be warned, I really am a scaredy cat.”

He chuckled, “Okay, kitten. I’ll be sure to remember that.”

He chose the Ducati Scrambler for them to take for a ride. They had clearance to take it for the day.

She decided not to overthink the ride and trust him and immerse herself in the experience.

They were fitted esenyurt escort for helmets and before she knew it, they were ready.

Before he mounted the bike, he took her hands in his and offered her both encouragement and instructions.

“You can do this, it’s going to be fun. When we turn, you have to lean gently with me, keep your arms around my waist and breath through any fear or anxiety you have. If at any point, you get nervous, just speak into the helmet, they come with a radio system, and I’ll find a safe spot to pull over to rest.” he said.

“Okay.” she said, trying not to sound nervous.

Before they put their helmets on, he leaned down to give her a kiss, soft and sweet.

“Thank you, Magda. This is incredible.”

“I’m so happy you like your surprise.” she whispered.

She heard the salesman clear his throat and they giggled as they broke apart to put on their helmets.

He mounted the bike first then she followed, leaning forward and wrapping her arms tightly around him.

He started the bike and rode out of the lot and toward a country route the salesman had suggested where they could have open roads for miles.

The first ten minutes of the ride, she could not help being tense, but she eventually eased into the flow of the ride and once she did, it became a different experience.

She heard Matt ask “How are you doing.” through the radio in their helmets.

“Doing great,” she was able to say honestly.

What she hadn’t anticipated was the erotic feeling of the ride. The hum of the bike between her legs, her body so close with her lover’s, her chest at his back and her arms around him. She let herself go and enjoy the wind, the roads and the breathtaking scenery.

She didn’t know how long they road before she realized Matt was taking them off the beaten path to a secluded spot. One thing that was great about motorcycles, was they could go places that cars can’t.

He stopped the bike and they both dismounted. They took off their helmets and put them on the bike as they took a walk to stretch their legs.

“How did you like the ride?” he asked.

“I was nervous at first, but once I let go, I loved it. I actually found it a bit erotic.” she said.

She started giggling, “I’m a bit horny at the moment, I must confess. Actually, I’m a lot horny.”

They both laughed at her wanton admission. “I seem avrupa yakası escort to have no shame,” she said while laughing.

“It is not shameful to be horny,” he responded. When they both stopped laughing, the air seemed to change and they looked at each other with lust in their eyes.

She swallowed and moved closer to him and leaned up for a kiss as he leaned down to meet her. With her arms around his neck and his arms around her waist they melded their mouths and tongues in a deep and passionate exchange.

When they came up for air, they both seemed to have the same thought as they looked around them to see if they were truly alone.

“Do we dare?” he asked.

“Oh we dare, for damn sure.” she answered in her most Jersey accent.

Before he could respond, she got on her knees and unzipped his pants and slowly pulled out his cock. She took the tip into her mouth and swirled her tongue around before moving her head to take as much of him as she could. She felt his hand on her head and in her hair as she sucked and licked him. At one point as she was picking up speed, he stopped her. “Baby, I want to fuck you.” he said.

She nodded. He got on his knees to meet her and she pulled down her pants and panties and got on all fours. Even in heat, she tried to think practically about where they were. Doggie style would be the best position for where they were at the moment. She looked back at him after she got into position and saw him move behind her and take hold of her hips. In one thrust, he pushed his entire cock inside her soaked pussy and started to pound. She gasped and pushed back at him meeting each of his thrusts. The thrill of the ride and the fact that at any moment they could get caught added to the heat and intensity. She felt him move one of his hands under her to stroke her clit and she was so inflamed, it took what seemed seconds for her to start to cum. She moaned deeply as she didn’t want to cry out for fear of attracting any attention. She felt her pussy pulsate and milk his cock. She felt his balls slap against her as he picked up his pace, he too was unable to prolong the excitement and his orgasm. As her orgasm began to subside, she felt his cock pulse inside her and release his warm cum. She heard him moan, as he came hard. He pushed into her as his cock pulsed and throbbed, until he was spent. They collapsed on the grass, panting heavily.

“Holy fuck, that was hot.” she said.

“Sure was, baby.” he replied.

After a few moments, they realized they made a bit of a mess. They cleaned up as best they could and returned to the motorcycle to ride back.

On the ride, she felt more content than she had in a very long time, grateful for this adventure of a lifetime.

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