It’s All Up in the Air

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My name is Marie and as I pushed the drinks cart up the aisle, stopping to take orders, I had one hand on my lower back, trying to ease the tension that was knotted there. So far it had been a long flight due to our being short a flight attendant and no sleep the night before. I love my job, but not being able to sleep in my own bed was something I missed. These overnighters away from home played havoc on my body and all I thought of was sinking into a bubble bath when I got there while mindlessly filling the drink orders. Catching myself in my reverie I focused on who was in front of me.

There was a very proper British gentleman (I know because when I greeted the passengers, he spoke in wondrous tones) awaiting my attention. His hair was short, beautiful eyes, a serious mien and he had on a very nice suit in navy blue that covered a well-toned body. He appeared distracted by the laptop in front of him and requested a whiskey neat without looking up from the screen. That voice shot through my weary body, calling attention to slumberous parts that had not been awakened in a long time. I must have let out a soft sound of disappointment at not being noticed. Suddenly, the full force of his piercing gaze was on me. I saw him mouth the words ‘Thank You’ but I was transported elsewhere by those deeply buried hums undulating through my body. I glanced away to the passenger on his left and took that order and quickly filled it. Those short seconds had unsettled me. I had never had that reaction before to anyone on a flight, and certainly not with just a few words or a glance. Now, instead of focusing on that bubble bath, I was entertaining wicked thoughts about the passenger in seat 11A.

“Marie, get your mind back on your job’ I silently castigated myself. ‘He didn’t even really notice you! You are long overdue for exorcising some sexual tension, but this is neither the time nor the place.’ With those thoughts now running through my mind, I was back on track and finished up those drink orders in a hurry. I had impulsively decided that I would sneak into the lavatory to take care of that building ache that was still unrelieved. With the in-flight movie well underway and the passengers happily sipping their assorted drinks I knew I would not be missed for a few minutes. I signaled to my flight partner, Grace that I would be back in a few minutes. She haphazardly nodded in my direction before hurrying off to answer a passenger’s request.

My thighs rubbed together as I walked, the thigh highs adding an extra element to my already frustrated state. I quickly moved to the rear of the plane, noting with some relief that the plane was not overly full and the last two rows were empty. I reached for the door handle and opened it without thought. I was in such a rush. Startled eyes met mine, as my British passenger was washing his hands. He must have sneaked past me while I was storing the drinks cart.

‘So sorry, I didn’t realize anyone was in here.’ I mumbled as my cheeks heated and flushed.

‘No, entirely my fault, I didn’t realize I had not latched the door properly.’

‘Please continue. I will check the next lav.’ I quickly turned to the other door, this time seeing the occupied sign. Now what to do? I did not want to turn around and face the man I had had those fantasy thoughts about. With my body having all sorts of strange quiverings, I continued to face that other door, hoping he would just walk away and let me suffer my embarrassment in silence. I am not that lucky or so I thought.

Warm breath caressed the back of my neck and a voice whispered into my ear ‘I have finished my ablutions. You may now use the lavatory.’ I breathed a sigh, whether of relief, frustration or longing I will never know for sure. I turned around to find his gaze once ankara escort again on mine. I indicated with a wave of my hand for him to go on. He did a most unexpected, but not unwelcome thing that took my breath away! He pulled us both into that tiny lav and this time, firmly turned the lock. I must have given him a silent acknowledgement because he thrust his hands in my hair and pulled me into a long kiss. The breath left my body and I kissed him back for all I was worth. Lips parting, tongues meeting without hesitation.

With a kiss, I knew I could deny this man nothing. My panties, already wet prior to this became even wetter. My back to the small sink resting against it, I could feel him stir against me and harden. He pulled back for a second and rested his forehead on mine.

‘We are really going to do this, aren’t we?’ he said with a twinkle in his eye. ‘If so, let me properly introduce myself. My name is Steve, yours is Marie and this is going to be deliciously sinful.’ Wow… my heart was tripping out of control with that voice of his and what his lower body was doing to mine, with nothing more than pressing into me and that sweet kiss. I reached around with both hands to grab onto his ass, kneading it in my hands and pulling him impossibly closer still.

‘It is going to be my pleasure to meet you Steve. And did you read my mind earlier?’

‘I read that your eyes were burning into mine and that short skirt of yours had me thinking of this. Watching you move away from me, swaying in time with your hips, had me wondering what you were hiding under it.’

‘Oh’ I said in an inane way, ‘I hadn’t realized.’ In my head I was smacking my forehead. I sounded like a gauche 12 year old. Pulling myself mentally together, I reminded myself that I was a grown woman and I wanted this as I had not wanted anything in a long time.

Realizing that my verbal skills were not up to par, I pulled his mouth back to mine, swirling my tongue around his and tangling with it. One of Steve’s hands was playing with the thigh high, sliding his finger around the top. To gain some additional leverage, I raised that leg to wrap around his hip and to rest on the back of the toilet, my skirt hiking up around my waist. Having this closer contact still had certainly opened me to his ministrations. Now my wet panties were making their mark on the front of his trousers, it was a damn good thing he was in navy blue. Focus Marie!

My fingers were busy loosening the buttons on his shirt. My hands spreading across his chest to mold there. Steve was inching closer to my sweet spot, which was doing a damn good job of begging on its own. My leg wrapped even tighter around Steve, drawing him in. My fingers working his belt now. Just then the plane hit a pocket of turbulence, bumping our groins together. Wow, I had never thought before that that motion was exactly like sex. Steve’s hand was now on the upper part of thigh on the inside, inches away from where I ached. His tongue now dueling with mine, he moved into my mouth, totally dominating me there and reinforcing what he would be doing with his cock soon enough. Deeper shivers skittered across my mind and flesh. I was mindless to everything but him. My fingers continuing their journey, I unzipped him and pushed the fly away and down off his hips, moving my leg for a moment to allow this to happen. The feel of his warm skin against my leg was my undoing. I came then and there. I hadn’t realized I was that overwrought. Feeling my initial release convulsing against his briefs had Steve chuckling quietly.

‘Well done my pet, but we are by no means close to finishing.’ Silently I was thanking God and doing a happy dance in my head. Bursts of colors like the 4th of July fireworks were shooting off and the noise as intense. escort ankara My enthusiasm must have communicated itself to Steve, for he chuckled again. With renewed vigor, I pulled him closer as the last throes of my first passion gushed against his briefs. I was sopping wet and by extension, so was Steve.

My fingers brushed against the fabric of his briefs, finding the shape of his bulge encased there. He was long, he was hard and he was ready. And my hand was drenched. Taking some of that liquid I quickly smeared my fingers until they were thoroughly coated. And I moved under his waistband to grab him for the first time. My fingers slippery against his hard cock, teasing, tempting as he got harder with that little pressure and juice. I was not the only one excited. Steve groaned into my mouth, indicating that he was pleased. Grasping him more firmly in my hand, I stroked him up and down, my thumb brushing against his tip. I felt his drop of precum there. Mischievously pulling my mouth away for a second, I brought my thumb up to my lips and spread it over them like lipstick. Then, still watching Steve, my tongue laid siege until that drop disappeared into my mouth. Steve grinned and said ‘I hope you enjoyed the taste, more where that comes from, no pun intended.’

I was delighted, not only with my experience so far, but with the intelligence that radiated from him. Returning my hand to stroking his cock, my motions were more than a little frenzied this time. Having had a taste only made my mouth water for more. Steve in the meantime, had gone on a little adventure of his own. He ran a finger along the edge of my panties, catching moisture there. Returning the favor, he brought that finger up to his mouth and did the sexiest thing with that finger that I had ever seen. Not only did he lap at that finger and mime fellatio, he also braced his other hand behind my head to draw me close as well, both of us now greedily sucking at that finger. Mouths once more enmeshed.

My hands moving to his waistband to draw his briefs down, his hands gripping my panties so hard, he ripped them off my body! ‘So sorry’ he murmured, but he didn’t sound sorry and I certainly wasn’t. My pussy convulsed again and dripped juices even more. Steve bunched them into his hand and slid them into his pocket. Feeling him with both hands, stroking with one and cupping his balls with the other, I started to get impatient. Small wonder, as Steve got his hand truly wet and moved three fingers inside of me, stretching me out. I was so excited I came all over those fingers again. So far, he had made me cum twice, but who was counting? My hips rocked forward and back riding his fingers for all they were worth. Fluids gushing uncontrollably, my head thrown back against the mirror, exposing my throat. Steve leaned in to nip at my neck, keeping his fingers deep, watching the ecstasy I was experiencing. Quivering softly around his fingers now, pulsing, and throbbing.

I looked Steve straight in the eye and said ‘Fuck me hard please,’ in a breathless yet firm voice. My words caused Steve to take a hard breath and with me guiding him, he stroked hard into my pussy. Bracing my hands behind me now, one leg still wrapped around his waist, giving as much as I was getting. My hips rocking back and forth, my pussy so wet and slick that Steve was able to thrust deep. That motion was incredible, my ass planted against that stainless steel sink watching Steve fuck me now. My breath caught in my throat at the sensations and his hard cock, helpless to stop him, not that I was going to. I fucked him for all he was worth. Each pass and stroke quickly reestablishing tension. I could feel my internal muscles starting to contract around him. Squeezing him as he thrust, pressure building.

‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa’ ankara escort bayan my voice carried beyond this small enclosure, but I was past caring. Pulsating around him, cumming all over his cock had Steve letting out his own loud yell. I was so tight by now, drinking every drop of what Steve had. Copious amounts of hot cum flooded my already drenched pussy. It felt never ending and it felt so incredibly satisfying. With a last plunge, Steve rested his forehead once again against mine. Trying to catch out breaths, we soon had a rhythm going with that! Calming down together was fabulous. After awhile, Steve lifted his head from mine and smiled at me, a very genuine, very full smile.

He made a motion to indicate that we should clean ourselves off. I had a better idea. Raising my face to his, I stated that I wanted to clean him off personally. Switching positions with Steve leaning against the sink, I sat on the toilet. Bringing my face close to his still engorged penis, I happily started sucking and licking him all over. My warm tongue and mouth bathed him, looking for nooks and crannies, not wanting to miss anywhere. Tasting both of us, had me excited as well. My mouth was working overtime, Steve’s fingers playing with my hair, brushing strands away from my face. Pulling me closer, encouraging me to take more of him in my mouth. My mouth starting to contract around him as my pussy had. So deep, his tip brushing my uvula repeatedly, my fingers playing gently with his balls. Steve making unintelligible noises that were music to my ears. Soon, feeling his muscles start to quiver and dance even more in my mouth, I expectantly waited for his second cumming.

Steve sunk his fingers even more ferociously into my hair and I was sucking for all I was worth. Suddenly, he erupted into my mouth, hot cum hitting the back of my throat and sliding down. Over and over, endlessly. Me taking every last drop he had to offer gladly.

Keeping my lips wrapped around him and deep into my mouth. I was having the time of my life. Leaning back, looking up at Steve, I knew that my expression matched his in satisfaction. And I had saved the airlines a few pennies by cleaning him myself.

‘I am so glad I decided to wash up before landing. This is certainly a wonderful way to end a flight. My compliments Marie on the extra service!’ Since the twinkle was back in his eye, I knew he was being facetious. I didn’t mind. He had performed phenomenally and this was better than what I had originally planned to do.

‘Thank you Steve. You were a wonderful traveling companion and a model passenger.’ I winked at him and grinned. ‘Now, I must really fix myself to go back to the rest of those pesky passengers.’

Steve fastened his clothing, swept a hand to encompass my cheek, bringing me to my feet again and brushed a soft kiss against my lips. ‘Thank you again.’ And he left to return to his seat. I composed myself as best I could and returned to the rest of my flight duties. My thighs rubbing together once again as I moved through the cabin sans underwear. Grace frowned over at my extended absence, but didn’t say anything. The landing was smooth and we pulled up to the terminal with no problems. Soon enough, time for the passengers to disembark the plane.

As the line filtered past, I could see Steve moving forward. As I went to acknowledge him and say good-bye, pleasure to have you aboard, enjoy your trip, you know flight attendant speak; he unexpectedly pressed something into my hand. Keep smiling; I said to myself, you can’t do anything about this at the moment. I was impatient, but waited like a good girl for the rest of the passengers to exit. Once that was accomplished and I had finished the balance of my responsibilities, I opened up that napkin. On it, in very neat script it said ‘Call, if you are interested.’ And below that his cell number and name.

I grinned and thought I just might at that. I was missing a pair of panties. And miraculously, my back pain had disappeared!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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