Jane Goes to Scotland Ch. 01

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I’d been invited to a New Year’s event by some university friends: “We’re borrowing a cottage on the Isle of Skye for the week. Please come, Jane… Ben’s going to be there.”

“You mean big Ben with the hands?” I chuckled back down the phone.

“The same. I just know you could ring his bell. Oh please come – you’ll be the only other girl and I could do with some company. I know we can both keep up with the boys stomping around in the hills but, you know, you’d make it a perfect balance.”

“How would I get there? Where exactly is it?” I asked tentatively.

“We’re already in Fort William with Phil’s family, so you’d have to get the train or drive. Tell you what, if you hire a decent sized car, we throw our stuff in and drive over to Skye together. Then we can all chip in. Solution?” Sarah enthused.

“OK, count me in. Ping me over your address and I’ll keep you posted.” I’d never been to Skye and the picture I had in my mind was snow-topped mountains, fresh air and candle lit dinners round an open fire … and sleep. I needed sleep… and silence for a few days from my job in Manchester. Yes – sleep, silence and maybe sex – in no particular order.

I set off a couple of days after Christmas, having picked up a car and loaded it with a few clothing essentials. It was already late afternoon, but I figured the roads would be quieter and driving through the night didn’t bother me. As I passed the border with Scotland some hours later, I noticed a warning light on the dash. I had no idea what it meant so I pulled off the main road to stop and investigate – I was getting pretty sleepy anyway. I thought if I could find a local garage they might be able to do whatever was needed, but the small, darkened villages I passed through were too small or all closed up. Since the flickering red light was now constant and the console display had lit up with some extra information, I pulled over onto the forecourt of a deserted filling station.

The car spluttered to halt, leaving me in darkness apart from the display, which seemed to have lost the plot, with random annotations and graphics flashing up. I needed some air before I attempted anything, but found the door was locked.

“Dammit, bloody computers,” I cursed and reached across to the glovebox to find the handbook. That was locked too, which was odd, because I’d put my phone and purse in there. “Waat? I don’t believe this!”

Perhaps the display had a guide? I started scrolling through the menu of ‘media/car/engine/system/fuel looking for a help section, when the screen flashed up an icon and the words “Power source located” that showed a phone.

[ Source accepted/transferring ] the screen announced and arrows suggested the car was discharging my phone.

“Oh no, you don’t!” I shouted, panicking that my only lifeline was being taken away. I frantically tried the glovebox again: it needed the ignition key. Meanwhile the arrows continued to march out of the phone icon into czech gangbang porno the car one. In the dark I tried to Braille read where the key hole was, dropped the keys, cursed, and finally turned the key in the stupid plastic lock and turned and turned, but nothing was happening: it wasn’t unlocking.

[ Transfer complete ]

“Oh fuck it,” I wailed, with tears of frustration stinging my eyes. “Who ever heard of a car doing this? Stupid fucking car!”

I looked the display again:

[ Input required ]

“Whaddya mean, input required?” I began randomly pressing the control buttons to no avail. It was a ridiculous thought, but maybe the tiny charge from my phone might have reset something or other? I swung myself back into the driver’s seat and turned the key in the ignition. Nothing.

[ Ignition disabled.

Input required.

User Help: electrical faults. The vehicle is designed to accept charge from any source via

Standard Engine RP101

Multi-point Trailer point ( if fitted )

USB 2.0 ( limited function mode only )

Other sources ( where accepted ) ]

“Come on Jane, only one thing to do is wait it out till the morning”, I said aloud to myself. After all, at least I was safe enough locked in the car and I had everything I needed: something to nibble on, water and a sleeping bag.

I reached into the rear seat and dragged over my rucksack. I pulled out my washbag and gave my face a wipe over to freshen up. Searching by feel, I thought I found the toothpaste, but it turned out to be my vibrator. ‘A lot of use that’ll be,’ I thought. ‘It has USB, but there’s no charge left on it either.’

Having resigned myself to a night in the passenger seat, I tried to make myself comfortable, pulling my sleeping bag over me and tucking it around as best I could to stop the cold. I could see stars in the inky blackness outside above the dark outline of the buildings and thought about my friends who would be expecting me in the morning. I knew they wouldn’t worry straight away: after all, what could go wrong? Being kidnapped by a hire car wouldn’t feature on their list, so with a smile of irony I closed my eyes.

[ Response delay

Input needed ]

[ Source requirement: other sources / sub menu]

I frowned sleepily, pressing the menu key

[ kinetic / biomechanical / biological / human_process: USB only ( limited function mode ) ]

‘Bio what?’

[ Menu More ]

A series of diagrams were revealed – what looked like a treadmill, a rowing machine, a bicycle and a torch. Was that a torch?

I touched the icon

[ Vag heat/ex interface? Search? ]

Unbelieving, I touched again

[ Human process option / vaginal heat exchange / function override / caution ]

‘That’s not a torch is it?’ I smiled.

[ USB rechargeable vaginal device / item found / user restore option ]

‘Are you reading my mind now?’

[ Press czech harem porno enter to proceed / backspace to return ]

My finger wavered over the screen: Enter

[ Remove covering – insert device – insert cable to multimedia socket – USB 1.0/2.0 compatible ]

I reached into my washbag, not quite believing what I was seeing. Oh well, I was warm and it would pass the time. I plugged the cable into the multimedia socket.

[ Proceed as instructed: Remove covering – insert device – insert cable to multimedia socket ]

‘All right, all right. Fussy aren’t you?’

[ Observe protocol – proceed as instructed ]

I had already kicked off my shoes, so I wriggled out of my Ronhills, feeling the seat fabric rough against my bare legs. I took the dildo in my hands to warm it up a little and for a moment, could see the reflections of stars in its smooth metallic dome as I inserted the cable into its socket. I gave its head a little peck of affection: my dildo and I were very intimate with each other.

[ Remove lower covering ]

‘What knickers as well?’

[ Remove lower covering ]

‘Ok, Ok. Not that I can see it makes any difference,’ I muttered, and slide them down, one hand at a time as I lifted up my ass.

I scooted forward in the seat to put my feet on the dash and the downey sleeping bag slipped between my open thighs. I licked a couple of fingers and cradled my sex, with pressure from the palm of my hand, I let a finger glide slowly through my labia. I jumped a little as it found my clit, but let it slide oh-so-slowly back. I could feel the blood filling my lips, making them swell into my palm and the beginnings of wetness encompassed my exploring finger.

[ Insert device ]

I took the dildo and did as I was told, feeling the smooth pressure on my labia as I pressed it into my body. I reached forward and after a couple of tries, plugged the USB cable into the car socket.

[ Enabled… ]

At that moment, I felt a clunk from under the seat and something mechanical sprang up between my thighs, pushing them further apart. A sharp electric shock on my hand, made me snatch it away from between my legs, but I felt a further pressure inside me. I tried to look down under the sleeping bag but could only see the red neon on my dildo disappearing from sight as something pushed it into me.

[ Calibrating

Please wait.. ]

I tried to sit up but I was too awkwardly splayed and my thighs held fast. The pressure eased a little and then I left the dildo being withdrawn in a series of jerks until it was almost out of me.

[ Calibration complete

Hard drive enabling

Please wait …]

On the display a schematic appeared with an anatomical diagram, complete with a poised dildo.

[ Device coupling

human interface compliancy test complete

charging …]

With that, the dildo lurched back into me, making me gasp, but instead of czech sharking porno a mechanical thrust, it began to vibrate and swirl. It’s heat, my heat, began to radiate from that spot as it moved inside me. I turned my face upward and with tight shut eyes, realised I had to submit to the sensations my sex was forcing on me. I began to recognise a rhythm to the thrusts and began to push back in time with my hips. I looked at the display to see a blinking icon of a red battery that was beginning to change to amber.

As the movement intensified, I could feel my bottom becoming wet underneath me, making the skin chafe on the seat fabric, as the device continued to shake and twirl inside me.

[ Input sequence 2 ]

With that I felt something new between my legs as a warm, rubbery tip touched the hood of my clitoris.

‘Oh!’ I cried. ‘What the fuuu …’

The missing consonant hung in the air as the tip squashed to envelop my clit and began to vibrate with a slow hum.

[ Please wait… ]

The battery icon had turned daffodil yellow. This assault was overwhelming me.

‘I don’t think I can wait… any… longer!’ The metal arms on my thighs pressed harder on my thighs pulling me further forward, forcing the dildo to plunge deeper still and I found it difficult to breath except in a ragged cry. In my head I could see the sparkling of red and black that began to flow over my body with the heat of orgasm. My body turned liquid as its waves crashed through me, breaking with a fizz of electricity that burst all the way from my sex to my brain.

[ Cycle complete

System reset in progress

Cannot stop

Out of fuel

Do you need anything? ]

My head was still dizzy and thick with a fog of sleep.

“You alright, love? Ye canna park here.”

A light in my eyes made me squint.

“I need to open up ma workshop, miss.”

“Just a minute, just a minute,” I shouted back in a panic through the closed window. I fumbled for the window control and pressed ‘down’ and the car filled with the chill of fresh air. I pulled the sleeping bag away and with relief, realised that my legs were decently covered by my Ronhills.

“I had some trouble with the car, so I pulled over. I’m sorry it’s a hire car, so I’m not sure how it all works. I was hoping you could look at it.”

I pressed the button to the glove box and it popped open, spilling out my purse and the phone, dangling by its cable.

“Well that’s better – at least we can hear each other. So miss, you’ve had a wee spot of bother with the car, is that right?” The mechanic leaned into the car, filling the window with greasy overalls and long black hair.

“Yes, but it’s all computer chips and technology – can you deal with that?”

The man laughed, his teeth bright white against a three-day old beard.

“Now, don’t you worry about a thing, love. I’ll soon have you on your way,” He reached in with a huge maw to pat my hand reassuringly. I recoiled and pulling my hand away, saw it now had a large black handprint over the fingers. “Aye, pop yourself out of the car and I’ll soon sort you out.”

He turned to walk towards garage and added over his shoulder, “So long as you can pay in cash…”

‘Oh boy…’

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