Jennifer and Harry Pt. 04

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Jennifer was totally spent after a whirlwind day filled with travel, sex and finally, connecting with her lover. She slept until noon following her first night with Harry. She might have slept the day away had it not been for the sound of the front door and keys jingling against the countertop. She startled, and was a bit disoriented as she tried to figure out where she was and what had gone on. Looking around the room, she noticed the clutter, the unfamiliar feel of the bed sheets and the sounds of someone in the kitchen. She quickly regrouped, and oriented to the fact that she was in Harry’s bedroom. Feeling very anxious that he was not there with her, she ran her fingers through her hair, wrapped herself in a blanket, and ventured out into the kitchen.

Harry was preparing a breakfast tray for her. He apparently had bathed and dressed while she was sleeping, only to shortly return to the flat with two lattes and a pair of raisin scones. He also picked up a basket of juicy strawberries from the produce store down the street. He was in the process of slicing them when Jennifer wandered into the kitchen. Harry was struck by how sexy she looked with her hair rumpled. He reached for the whip cream in the ice box and arranged the breakfast tray. She coyly asked, “Oh my! What did I do to deserve this?”

“Its a little celebration of our first night together,” he explained. They sat in the kitchen around a small dinette set, and talked easily about the bright sunny day that awaited them. Harry wondered what she would be doing on a Saturday afternoon back in the States.

“I would probably be finishing up the morning chores and thinking about what to prepare for lunch. Tom would likely be out fussing in the yard, while the girls planned their afternoon at the mall.”

Harry smiled in amazement of typical suburban American life. As they sipped coffee and munched on scones, he suggested they go to one of his favorite lunch spots for a bottle of wine, a light meal and conversation. She thought to herself, “Conversation? … With a man? In the middle of the day??? What a concept!”

She explained that life with Tom had become very predictable and passionless. “We tend to do the same things week in and week out. We have a good life, but I obviously need more. I need the passion. As you can see, once I get going, there is no limit to what I am willing to do sexually. Tom fucks me in the same position, and at predictable times, about twice per week. Most of the time, I walk around thinking how badly I need more than what he has to offer. ”

Harry was determined to give her a different experience on her visit with him. After finishing breakfast, he offered to run a bath for her in preparation for their late afternoon treat. She could barely believe what she was hearing, but did not hesitate to take him up on his offer. As he walked away from the dinette, she eyed his beefy ass and was getting slightly aroused by the sight of him walking out of the kitchen to prepare her bath. She was struck by the broadness of his shoulders, and was taken by how she could see the outline of his triceps through his long sleeve tee shirt.

In short order, Harry called her into the bathroom. “Jen, my love, your bath is ready,” he called out. Entering the smallish bathroom, she couldn’t look at the toilet without blushing. Harry noticed her bashfulness, smiled a knowing smile, and said, “That was quite an experience in here last night, don’t you think?” Jennifer bowed her head sheepishly and looked up at him with her big brown eyes. She dropped the blanket that covered her naked body and cautiously eased into the warm water.

Harry sat on the toilet, gazing at her lean body. She was very self conscious; her nipples puckered upon entering the perfectly warm water. Harry offered to wash her hair gently wetting and lathering her scalp. She took great pleasure in the gentle scalp massage he gave her as he washed and rinsed her hair. Excusing himself, he put some music on for her. She listened to what she immediately identified as Luciano Pavarotti singing “La Traviata.” It was one of the few opera’s that Jennifer knew well and loved.

When she emerged from the bath, Harry hugged her and revealed that Italian opera brings out a very romantic side of him. She wondered what to wear for the afternoon meal. As she rummaged through her luggage, Harry suggested that they “play the part” of two Italian lovers on holiday. He announced, “I think I’ll wear my Italian leather boots, tight jeans, a white mock turtle neck, and my leather blazer.” With his freshly shaved head and his ruggedly handsome face, she imagined that he would look deliciously sexy. Her thoughts were a bit hazy and so she could not recall if she packed female agent porno anything that would compliment his outfit. Clearing her head, she recalled that she packed her black loafers, and her nice fitting jeans (the ones without the hole in the knee). She pulled out her silky white button down blouse, and thought that maybe she would wear it with the top few button undone, and bare breasted. She wanted her smallish brown nipples to tantalizingly peek at Harry while they dined. It was warm enough to skip a jacket, and with that, they headed off into the light of the afternoon sun.

The day was warm and sunny, perfect for the treat that awaited them. They took the double decker bus to a section of London that had many restaurants, pubs, movie theaters and boutiques. She felt amazingly sexy as she walked smartly down the London streets. With her dark sunglasses, stylish loafers, tapered jeans and silky white top hugging her breasts, she imagined that she looked a bit like a model or a movie star.

Harry escorted her into a restaurant familiar to him whereupon her senses were immediately infused with the aroma of garlic, basil, and strong cheeses. An older waiter with salt and pepper hair and a heavy Italian accent quickly greeted them, seating them in a romantic corner of the restaurant. He beamed at Jennifer, pushed her chair in for her, and gave Harry a wink as he offered to take their drink order. “What was that all about?” she asked.

“Oh, Its Michael’s way of acknowledging to me that you are the most beautiful woman in the room.” She blushed as she tried to inhibit the corners of her mouth from revealing the huge grin now threatening to take over her otherwise calm demeanor. Harry ordered a crisp Pinot Grigio that tantalized her senses and cleansed her pallet unlike anything she had experienced before. Crusty bread and cool lightly salted butter passed between them as they talked easily about her life in the States and her love of gardening. She inquired about Harry’s love of opera. They talked for what seemed like hours.

As time passed, Jennifer decided that this really should be her main meal of the day. She ordered seafood pasta that was simply out of this world! Fresh muscles, clams, squid, succulent shrimp in a tomato based sauce bathed her palette. Harry enjoyed a large bowl of Linguini with clam sauce, his favorite. He suggested they share an order of crème brulee for desert.

Harry offered to take her window shopping along the busy London streets. Leaving the restaurant, she hung on his arm, giggled like a school girl, marveled at the eccentric looking clothing stores and was dazzled by what seemed like endless jewelry stores. As they passed one particular jewelry store, she stopped in her tracks, in awe of a prominently displayed diamond ankle bracelet. The small shiny stones sparkled brilliantly, and the silver settings were a perfect compliment to this stunning piece of art. Her attraction to it was not missed by Harry.

Harry suggested they stop at a little café for cappuccino. Shortly after they were seated, Jennifer shyly declared, “Harry, I have to pee…,” and then in a teasing way told him, “… and no, you can’t watch! ” They both laughed as she excused herself.

When she returned, the table was empty except for a note. It read, “Jen, I think I left my credit card at the restaurant, I’ll be back shortly.” She waited patiently, albeit anxiously, until he arrived a short time later, smiling and waving his card in delight that it was not lost.

It was going on 7:30 p.m. and her senses were filled with garlic, crème brulee, wine and caffeine. It was also getting a bit chilly for her. Jennifer suggested, “Lets go back to the your place. I noticed you have a large collection of DVD’s. Maybe we’ll curl up on the couch and watch a movie?” They caught the bus back to his place, holding hands and gazing longingly at each other.

As Harry selected a movie for them to watch, Jennifer excused herself, hell bent on putting her newly purchased Victoria’s Secret lingerie into action. She quickly went into the bedroom and emerged in a very sexy black silky garment that hugged her breasts perfectly and flattered her figure. Harry licked his lips and rubbed his crotch as she walked into the room. The movie was barely five minutes old before she felt Harry’s hands teasing her nipples as he curled himself around her body.

He declared, “Jennifer, I so want to make love to you at this moment.” She stood up silently, grabbed his hand and led him into the bedroom. Jennifer sprawled on the bed as Harry removed his clothing. She was treated to the sight of his triceps flexing as he removed his boots and jeans, his abs tightening as he female fake taxi porno pulled his shirt over his head, and to his semi erect cock that was begging to be sucked. Jennifer rubbed her hands over her silk covered breasts and ran her hand down her crotch to discover the moisture that betrayed her longing for this man.

She remained sprawled on her back, with hands over her head as he pressed his firm naked body on top of hers. He reached up to restrain her hands over her head. While pressing her hands firmly against the mattress, he explored her mouth with his. She was swept away in the passion and intensity of the moment. She opened her mouth and legs, hungrily allowing him to explore her mouth and inviting him to enter her. She liked the feeling of him overpowering her. He nibbled her neck. She could feel him pressing his body against hers, and images of the romantic day they just had together flashed through her mind. She had never been with a man who was so attentive to her. It occurred to her that he never talked about himself, but rather, was apparently fascinated with her interests and her life. She relished the feeling of being with a man who may actually love her in the way she needed to be loved.

Jennifer enjoyed the sensation of his mouth hungrily exploring her neck and making his way to her nipples. She found herself wanting to totally give herself to him. She begged him to allow her to sit up so she could remove her negligee. Sitting up in bed, Jennifer put her hands above her head in a sign of total surrender while he removed the only thing coming between them at the moment. He pushed her back down, restraining her hands once again over her head. Harry licked the underside of her breast, licked light traces up to, but stopping short of, her aching nipple. He released his grip on her hands, but she kept them over her head. He pressed her breasts together and put both nipples in his mouth, sucking them simultaneously. She could feel his rock hard erection pressing against her, and instinctively, she opened her legs wider. She whimpered in desperation, “Fuck me, Harry.”

Upon mounting her, she wrapped her legs around him, wrapped her arms around his neck, and held on for dear life. “Oh my god! “she shuttered, as he penetrated her deeply. With her feet wrapped around his waist, she pulled him towards her, nonverbally begging for him to violate her at will.

Harry entangled his fingers in her hair, while continuing to gently, slowly, but deliberately slide in and out of her. Jennifer’s arms remained wrapped around his neck and her legs wrapped around his body. He began thrusting himself deeper into her. She panted, “Oh my god Harry, pound the shit out of me!” Harry was driving her insane with desire and he knew it. He continued to thrust himself into slowly and deliberately, taking long strokes, lifting his cock to the outer boundaries of her pussy, and then slowly penetrating her. She whimpered and bit his shoulder while digging her nails into his back. She could feel him pulling her hair and soon felt the mounting tension deep within her. She felt the friction of his cock against her vaginal walls and positioned herself until she could feel her clit rubbing hungrily against the base of his luscious cock. She shuttered as a violent tremor deep within her took hold. One intense orgasmic wave after another seemed to possess her body. Soon she felt his cock getting even fuller inside of her. The moans of his pleasure were quickly followed by a rush of hot fluid bathing the depths of her soul.

He collapsed on top of her as she eased her grip on his back, and lowered her legs off his body. He remained inside of her while nuzzling her neck and kissing her with a passion that made her feel like they were one.

She drifted off to sleep for a few hours. At 2 a.m., she woke up to find him sleeping soundly next to her. She sat, staring at him with the London moon providing enough light in the room to be able to see his beautiful face at rest. Suddenly, she felt something strange on her ankle, and as she reached down to see what it was, she was astounded to feel what she imagined was an ankle bracelet. She silently exclaimed, “What the fuck? Holy shit, oh my god!”

She quietly got out of bed, rushed into the living room to discover that around her ankle was the diamond bracelet that she had been so enamored with earlier in the day. She reviewed their time together and figured that his story about leaving his credit card in the restaurant was an excuse for him to run back to the jewelry store to purchase these lovely gems for her. She was speechless. She never received anything as beautiful as this from anyone in her life. Jennifer paced the room, fuck in traffic confused and ecstatic at the same time.

Not knowing what else to do, she re-entered the bedroom and gently pulled the covers back to reveal Harry’s body, vulnerable and exposed. She gently licked his penis, wrapping her mouth around his flaccid cock. She tugged on his shaft as the head of his cock began to come to life. He moaned with sleepy pleasure as she gently grasped his balls and took one in her mouth. She ran her tongue in a circular motion around the testicle that was now firmly in her grip. He sleepily reached down to run his fingers through her hair as his cock rose to the occasion and ached to be sucked. She moved her head up and down his shaft, creating a powerful suction that glued her lips and mouth to his now throbbing dick. Jennifer focused on the head of his cock, flicking her tongue along his swollen gland as she stroked his thick cock with her hand. She found herself jerking faster and tighter while licking the head of his cock furiously. With what seemed to her like an iron grip, she slowly slid her hand up and down his well moistened shaft until she could feel it tensing up. She plunged his cock deep into her mouth as he released his load for a second time. She felt nourished by him. As he lay there, exhausted, she whispered, “Thank you for the lovely bracelet.”

Harry explained, “Jennifer, I want you to keep that as a symbol of my love for you, as a representation of the bond that we shared this weekend.” She smiled widely, rolled her eyes, grabbed her hair in delight, and could not believe what she just heard.

With the light of day came time for her to quickly pack her bags and head for Heathrow Airport. Harry reluctantly called for a taxi to pick her up at the flat. She hurriedly packed her things and was in tears as she declared her love for Harry. She so wanted to stay longer. Harry, tearful as well, told her that he loved her and that he would make arrangements to come to the States to see her as soon as possible. With that, she turned and left.

The flight home was uneventful. She slept the entire time, as if in denial of her return to her world. Her husband, Tom, scheduled a limo to pick her up at the airport. The driver brought her home in short order, and she was overjoyed to see her girls. She explained to them that grandmother was doing well and sent her love. Tom was happy to see her and uncharacteristically prepared a light dinner for her to enjoy. She opened the crock on the stove to see a green bean casserole and recognized the smelled meat loaf in the oven. She snickered to herself as she recalled the sensuous lunch she had with Harry the afternoon before.

Tom asked about the diamond bracelet that she now sported. Jennifer explained that grandmother gave it to her as a gift, as she no longer had any use for it. She explained that grandmother wanted her to enjoy wearing it on the condition that she passes it on to one of her daughters when she no longer had use for it.

That night, Tom was aching to make love to his wife. She was sore and sexually spent after the intense weekend with Harry, but she dared not refuse Tom for fear of arousing his suspicions about the trip. Jennifer reluctantly allowed him to mount her knowing that it would not take long for him to cum. She also knew from experience that he would be satisfied with fucking her in the absence of much involvement on her part. Sure enough, within a short time, she could feel him tensing up and depositing his semen into her. She had done her wifely duty, explained that she was tired from her trip, turned over and went to sleep.

The next morning, she felt empty and dead inside. She reluctantly got up to perform her usual chores. The thought of not being near Harry was killing her. She imagined him being in the house, playing with her girls and being an attentive husband. It took her most of the day to reorient to her surroundings, and indeed, to her life.

She had to find a way to put her London experience into perspective, to package the encounter in a way that allowed her to function day to day. Towards evening, she convinced herself that it was just a wild weekend. She replayed the act of exhibitionism she put on for the limo driver, she recalled the hot lesbian sex in the airplane bathroom, and recalled the boldness she felt at unleashing her sexuality for the first time in her life. She smiled and basked in the glory of her own sexuality, while simultaneously blocking out fantasies of spending her life with the handsome bartender from London.

As she prepared the washer for a load of clothes, she performed her usual ritual of checking the pockets of the pants. When she reached into the jeans with the hole in the knee, she stumbled upon the business card of the handsome limo driver. She recalled the look in his eye as he handed her the card with his cell phone number on it. At that moment, she re-experienced the power of her sexuality and smiled with a devilish twinkle in her eye.

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