Jeremy’s Journal: Ode to an Ex

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I’m going to just come out and say it. I miss you. I really do I miss you. I don’t miss your crazy ways or your moodiness. I don’t miss your bouts of anger and vindictiveness. I don’t miss your logic or thought process. I don’t miss our conversations or your taste in anything. Come to think of it the only I really miss is your body and our incredible sex life. I miss how our bodies just seemed made for each other and how well we were able to connect sexually. Our sexual chemistry I guess is what I miss about you.

I miss you answering your door naked or with just a towel on whenever I came over. I miss holding your naked body against me. I miss looking at you walk around naked and getting you naked. I always enjoyed stripping your clothes off of you and it was amazing to have you do the same to me. I miss the way you would unbuckle my belt and zip down my pants (I never knew how sexy of a sound that could be) I miss your take charge attitude sexually. I miss you modeling high heels for me naked and always being honest with how horny you felt and your sexual expression.

I miss your tits. I loved everything about them. The size, latin sex tapes porno the shape, the symmetry, the nipples everything about them. I always loved taking your bra off and the warmth, the scent and feel of your breasts against my face. I miss sucking on your nipples and feeling them harden in my mouth. I miss you rubbing your tits in my face and feeding them to me. I miss sucking your nipples so much. I miss kissing your breasts and leaving little marks on them. I loved the way you went topless around the house proud of your love bites. I miss fondling your tits in public and sucking them when we thought no one was around. I miss fucking your tits and you licking and sucking the tip of my cock when it came close to your lips.

I miss your ass. I loved grabbing and squeezing your perfect ass. I miss watching you slide your underwear down and over your ass as you wiggled it in my face. I miss licking your tailbone and fingering your pussy at the same time. I miss you asking me to massage your back because then I could pull your pants down and massage your ass and eventually play with your wet pussy. lezbiyen porno I miss pulling the back of your pants down in public and rubbing my cock between your butt cheeks. I miss smacking your ass. I miss watching your ass as you walked away from me whether you had clothes on or off. You had such a fine ass and I miss it.

I miss your pussy most of all. Your heavenly, wonderful, glorious pussy. I miss everything about it. Shaved unshaved it didn’t matter to me. I loved the look, the scent and the taste of it. I miss using my fingers to open you up, I miss playing with your g-spot and making you cum. I miss licking your hot wet cunt after taking a shower. I miss eating your deliciously clean shaved pussy. I miss how you opened your legs wide for me to kiss and lick you. I miss sucking your clit and finger fucking you to an orgasm. I miss rubbing the tip of my dick up and down your slit and having you suck your own wetness off it. I miss how swollen your pussy would get when you were turned on and how it stifled me when you sat on my face. I always loved how puffy and sensitive it got and when you were clkse how you would liseli porno put your body weight on my mouth cutting off my air supply. I miss the “death by pussy” moments. I miss how amazing and great our 69’s were. my cock was made for your mouth and your pussy was made for mine.

I miss how warm and homely your pussy felt. Your pussy loved my dick it honestly felt like it was hugging my cock tightly and didn’t want to let go. I miss you doing your kegels when my cock was inside you and how you would suck my cock after your came on me. I miss rubbing the tip of my cock against your pussy and cumming in your panties. I really do miss your beautiful and inviting pussy. I enjoyed hiw pliable and flexable you were during sex, no position was ever do hard or difficult for you. I miss and my cock misses being inside you.

I miss your handjobs and blowjobs, I miss how hot we were for each other. How we would always fondle each other in public because we were so hot for one another. I miss getting blowjobs from you while I was driving or at the movies. I miss you swallowing my cum in public change rooms. I miss sex on deserted or lonely roads during the day or night. I just miss our sexual chemistry. I miss your creative sexual genius and I am so sorry that we are not together. If it were possible I have no doubt I would have but only for the sex and nothing else. What can I say? I really miss your body.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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