Jill and I Ch. 04-05

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This story is loosely based on a true story provided me by a Lit reader. He told me to do with the information what I wanted and to write a story about it. It’s a romance and I will provide it in five parts.

Main Cast
Dennis, 25 years old, 5′ 11″, 175 lbs, brown hair, blue eyes.
Jill, 30 years old, 5′ 7″, 120 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes.
Gina, 30 years old, 5’6″, 140 pounds, auburn hair, green eyes, Jill’s best friend.
Denise, 25 years old, 5’1″, 105 pounds, brown hair, brown eyes, Dennis’ friend and works with Dennis.
Mike, 27 years old, 5’10”, 190 pounds, black hair, brown eyes, Denise’s boyfriend.
Jeff, 33 years old, 6′, 190 lbs, brown hair, brown eyes, Dennis’ brother.


She pulled my arm that was over her in tight, pulling me close. She whispered so that I could barely hear her. “Promise me you won’t think bad of me.”

“About what?” Now she was scaring me.

“My past.”

“I promise.”

She turned her head toward mine. “I want you to promise that you will hear me out and understand about my past. No matter what, okay?”

“I promise that I will pay attention and listen to the most intriguing and beautiful woman I know and I will try to understand about your past.” I reiterated what she said and tried to make her understand that I was willing to listen with an open mind, but I was wondering what the hell this was about and how bad it was.

“Thank you.”

She seemed to relax a little and we lay there not talking for a while. I was really becoming concerned about her past now that she had made it so dramatic. What the fuck was in her past that had her so scared? Was I going to be able to uphold that promise? Had she been a drug addict, robbed banks, been a prostitute? What the hell had this strong, beautiful woman acting so scared and vulnerable? I was going to have to wait for her to tell me, but the vulnerability and desire for me to hold her was making me more attracted to her.


Chapter 4. Things Look Good.

September 30th, 2011

I slept well and only woke up when Jill tried to crawl out from under my arm from where I was still spooned up against her with my arm over her. She stood up and I slowly opened my eyes. She didn’t notice and I watched her in the morning light as she walked into the bathroom naked. She was a vision. What the hell was it that drew me to her so much? I had been with beautiful women before and my last girlfriend was known to be gorgeous. But this woman had something that completely intrigued me. Maybe it was all the suspense about her past and what she was holding back. Maybe it was the way she protected it and seemed so sure I was going to think badly of her and walk away. It made her seem vulnerable, almost childlike, and made me wonder if I was just trying to be protective of her. Or maybe sometimes, things actually happen like they describe in literature and sappy movies and love at first sight actually exists. Whatever it was, I was happy lying there in her bed.

I must have dozed off because suddenly I heard her walk back into the room and she had just gotten out of the shower, a towel on her head and her robe on. She saw me looking and grinned. I caught a good glimpse of her naked form under the robe and I wanted to see more.

“Sorry if I woke you.” She was at least civil this morning. Certainly better than the last time when she threw me out right after we had sex.

“No problem. What time is it?”

“It’s 6:30. What time do you normally get up for work? Don’t forget that it’s Friday.”

“Oh, yeah. Something was keeping all the blood from my brain last night and this morning, so I forgot.” I gave her a teasing grin. “I usually get up about this time. I try to get there by 7:30.”

She was smiling and seemed more relaxed than she had in a while. “Okay. Do you have time for breakfast?”

“I think I can stay for breakfast and be a little late this morning.”

“Good.” She flashed me her ass as she walked out the door. “I make a mean omelet.”

I grinned as I got up and yelled after her. “Is that all that’s on the menu?” A side of thighs might be good this morning!

I didn’t hear an answer and followed her downstairs, putting only my pants on.

When I got there she was rummaging around in the refrigerator and was ready to give me her answer. “Yes, that’s all that’s on the menu. I have to be at work in an hour. Help me chop some things up and let’s get this going.”

I demonstrated my prowess with a large knife, not knowing if she found it impressive or not, but I managed to chop up some onions, green and red peppers, and some ham without adding any fingers or blood and we made a quick omelet. She added some shredded cheese and it turned out to be awesome. We ate it pretty fast and both added some Tabasco. After breakfast she looked at me. “Can you clean up the dishes so that I can get out of here? I have an early meeting.”

I grinned. “Sure. I guess it’s the maid’s day off?”

She naughty america porno chuckled. “Yeah, I gave my staff the day off so that they wouldn’t be frightened by the oddball in my bed last night.” She walked over to me and kissed me lightly, but hugged me tightly.

I grinned as she came over, but during the hug I leaned over and whispered in her ear. “I promise.”

She knew what I meant and she hugged me tighter for a second and then pulled back. I could see her searching my face for something and then she smiled. “Okay, got to go. Let yourself out and we’ll see you at work – lover.” She added that last word over her shoulder as she headed toward the stairs and I loved the way she said it.

I smiled and was very pleased with myself as I rinsed off the dishes and loaded the dishwasher. It was probably the only time I smiled and felt good when I was doing dishes. I went back up to her bedroom and she was in the bathroom putting on her eye makeup. She was leaning over the vanity looking into a small, round mirror that seemed to provide magnification for seeing your face up close when putting on the day’s war paint. I watched a little, staring first at her glorious ass, highlighted by the way her tight, silky looking panties stretched over it. I took in her legs, then her small waist and finally up over her bra covered chest in the mirror. I lingered some more over the spot where the tattoo had been removed. I wondered about that and what it all meant. We generally called them “tramp stamps”, but I knew all kinds of women now had them. She finally caught me looking.

“Hey, no fair looking when I don’t know you’re around. That’s peeping.” She said it playfully, so I knew she wasn’t really mad.

“You are a vision in bra and panties. I couldn’t help myself.”

She smiled. “Get home and get ready for work you slacker.”

“Slacker? Me? Watching you definitely reduces the ‘slack’ in my pants.”

She grinned. “Wow, maybe you should be a stand-up comedian – NOT. Now get out of here. I’ll be self conscious if you stand there and watch and I won’t be able to put my eye makeup on right. Get!”

Ah, there was the strong woman I remembered. “Okay, gotta run.” I scampered back into her bedroom, put on my shoes and shirt and rushed back to my apartment. I got showered and dressed in about 15 minutes, but still didn’t get to work until almost 8. That was late for me.

I had only been sitting there for about 20 minutes and had just finished saying good morning to Denise when Jill came into my cube. She was dressed down for Friday and was wearing a very tight pair of jeans and a blouse with the company logo on it. She reached into her purse and pulled out my wallet. She glanced around, checking to see if anybody was around, but Denise was the only one besides me who had come in for work yet and she had just left to get some coffee. Jill leaned over and whispered. “You must have dropped this out of your pants last night. I found it slightly kicked under my bed when I went to get my shoes.” She pressed my wallet in to my hand. Shit! I thought I just left it on my own nightstand when I couldn’t find it at work.

I took my wallet and as she turned, Denise was standing there in her cube, stirring her coffee. Jill glanced at her and I saw some non-verbal exchange occur based on what I saw on Denise’s face. She had a questioning look, then it went to a kind of understanding, and finally a grin as Jill made some motion that I couldn’t see. Jill turned to me, grinning as well, and then left. I looked over at Denise.

Denise was still grinning and looked around. She came over to my cube. She held up her fist, looking for what I figured was a fist bump. I bumped it and her smile became almost wolfish. “Way to go, maestro.”

“What?” I tried to act innocent toward what she was implying but she seemed to know just from that exchange.

She leaned over so that nobody could hear her, although most of the other cubes were empty. “Well, I was trying to figure out what was going on, but when Jill turned and saw me and you were sitting there with your wallet in your hand, I knew something was up. Then Jill winked at me and made a motion like to be quiet. It was obvious then that you two hooked up.” I must have been blushing a little, because she leaned over further. “You’re cute when you blush.”

“Denise, please, don’t….”

She put her finger on my lips. “Mum’s the word, loverboy. You know I can keep a secret.”

I stared into her eyes as she winked and smiled. Man, what a morning!

I dove into work on some new packages and procedures for our databases and was trying to concentrate, but in my head I could see images of Jill. There was the way she looked when she came into my cube with that little grin; there was that view I had this morning of her bending over the vanity, her panties stretched tight over that beautiful ass; there was the vision I had of her preparing breakfast in her short robe, glimpses of her ass nubiles porno coming into view when she swiveled too fast; and finally, there was last night. I could still see the emotions playing across her face as we made love. She was right, that was not just fucking. We were really into each other at that moment and were mentally in tune. It was definitely making love.

I did manage to make it through the day and was preparing to go home when I got an email. It was typical Jill, terse and succinct. “My house, 7pm, bring weekend bag.” My heart leapt and my dick twitched. Holy shit! She had let Denise know that we had had sex and now wanted me to spend the weekend. Things were looking up.

I managed to make it through the rest of the day and prepared to get to Jill’s townhouse. I packed a bag quickly with two changes of clothes, one fairly nice, and just enough toiletries for a couple of days and then made my way over there. When I rang the bell, Jill answered and beckoned me to enter. She was still in her work clothes. As soon as I got into the living room and set my bag down she jumped into my arms and gave me a big kiss. I was a little surprised, but did not utter a protest.

She finally relented and put her feet down and backed up from me. “I’m glad you could come.”

I grinned at her. “Did I have a choice?”

“Well, you always have a choice.”

I put my chin in my hand and tapped on the side of my cheek like I was thinking hard. “Let me see… gorgeous woman… great sex… tremendous blowjobs… free breakfasts… hmmmm… I think it took me like 10 nanoseconds to make up my mind.”

She chuckled at that and moved close, looking up into my eyes. “Tremendous blowjobs?”

I hunted for more adjectives. “Stupendous? Unbelievable? Earth-shattering? Mind-boggling?”

She started laughing. “Okay, okay, I get the picture. You like my mouth.”

I shook my head back and forth indicating no and put my arms around her waist, pulling her in close. “No, Jill, I fucking love your mouth.”

“You mean you love fucking my mouth.”

Damn! When she wanted to this woman could talk dirty. “Well, now that you mention it, either way sounds good to me.” She just kept smiling so I released her. “So what’s on the agenda for the weekend? It’s supposed to rain most of this weekend since fall is finally arriving. Anything special on your mind?”

She grinned. “Yes. I was thinking that we’d order in a lot and see what we could find to do inside? What do you think?”

“Are you sure you’re not part guy? I know I’ve seen you naked, but that statement sure sounded like something a guy would say.”

She laughed and took my hand. “C’mon. Let’s work up an appetite while I show you again that I’m not a guy.”

Oh, yes. This was going to work out great.

Jill led me into her bedroom. She led me over to the bed, pushed me down on it, stood in front of me and stripped. She didn’t waste any time or draw it out to stimulate me. She just took off her clothes and threw them over the small chair she had against the wall. She was naked in about 5 seconds and I just sat there and watched. When she was done she looked at me and grinned. “Now, let’s get you naked, too.” And she did. She pulled me up and quickly removed all my clothes. When I was also naked, my dick already starting to show signs of an erection, Jill moved around me and lay back on the bed. “I think you owe me some oral attention, don’t you?”

Wow! What a horny girl! Was she always like this? Did I suddenly awaken something in her? Did I bring it out? Whatever it was, I was having sex and the most beautiful sight in the world to a man’s libido was there in front of me, live and in person. A naked woman was laying there, resting back on her elbows, her beautiful face smiling and challenging me, her breasts so perfect, her legs spread and showing me her gorgeous, wet, and now completely shaved pussy. “I certainly do owe you a little something.” I crawled up over her and kissed her first, it was soft and wet, but deepened as we could feel each other’s body heat and my dick made contact with her thigh. I then started moving down, kissing and sucking on her neck, eliciting soft moans from her. I moved to her breasts and licked around the nipples until finally nipping lightly at them and sucking on them. The moans got louder. Jill was now lying flat, allowing me to explore her. I continued to do so, kissing my way past her belly button, which got a little giggle out of her as it apparently tickled her to have that done. I finally settled on my belly between her legs. I kissed her left thigh and up over her pubic mound to her right one. I kissed and sucked on the right thigh and I could feel her impatience as she reached down to grab my head. I stared at the delicious treat she was offering and I dove in. I licked from the bottom to the top of her slit, dragging my tongue slowly over where her clit was hiding. I ate her slowly and enjoyed every second. She finally gave indications that she olgun porno was getting close so I concentrated on her clit with the flat of my tongue, I rubbed her g-spot with my fingers, and I hummed. When she came, she thrashed under me, jerking and twitching until she finally let go of my head and relaxed her legs. She flopped back and I stopped.

I crawled up next to her and kissed her on the mouth. She opened her eyes. “Honey, you can do that any time you like.”

“Thanks. I plan on making it part of my regular workout routine.”

She chuckled. “I could really get used to that. You are pretty damn good with that tongue. And the humming – well, I gotta tell you that that was fantastic.” About that time her stomach growled. “I think we need to eat now.” She looked down at my hard, throbbing cock. “Can you manage to hang on until we have some pizza?”

I smiled and gave her a peck. “Sure. But if we are ordering, we have a little time.”

She shook her head and gave me a line that I think I heard in a movie. “Men! Always acting on behalf of their penis.”

I frowned and ribbed her. “Look who’s talking? The only thing we’ve ever really done together is have sex. I’ve never come to your townhouse without us having sex within about 10 minutes. You make most of us ‘guys’ look slow.”

I think she actually blushed at that. “Anyway, let’s order some pizza.” Nice change of subject, Jill!

She rolled off the bed and put on a big fluffy robe. I noticed that it wasn’t the short one she wore last week when we were making breakfast.

When the pizza arrived, we ate in front of the TV, once again naked, watching an old movie. I looked over at her a few times when she was engrossed in the movie and she looked so beautiful sitting there, focused on the movie, the lighting from the images on the screen playing over her nude form. I didn’t want this to end and I was finding myself more and more drawn to her. When the movie ended, I decided it was time for some answers.

I pushed her forward and crawled behind her and sat. I pulled her back against me and held her there, enjoying the closeness and the light smell of her perfume. “Please tell me more about yourself, Jill.”

She hesitated slightly, her body stiffening for a few seconds. Then she relaxed against me again and told me a few things.

“I was born in Kansas City. My mother was named Jean Reilly and my father was Jack Mathewson. We lived in a small one-story house until I was four. That’s when my father was killed in a car accident. My mother couldn’t keep up with the house payments so we moved into a trailer park. I hated it. My mother worked at a small restaurant bartending some nights and waitressing otherwise. She would bring her dates home some times and I didn’t like it because they never seemed to measure up to my father. When I was 10, she remarried a guy who was a truck driver and we lived relatively peaceably for about 4 years. Then one day he disappeared and my mother said he ran off with a young single woman with no children. I didn’t know for sure. When I was 16, she brought home another guy to live with us, but he spent too much time watching me, so when my girlfriend Gina offered me her basement to stay in and finish high school, I jumped at the chance. I started working in the evenings at a Wendy’s and finished school when I was 18. I worked odd jobs until I decided that I was smarter than that and wanted to go to school. I went to a small junior college in Kansas City and then when I saved up enough money and could afford it, I moved to Illinois and attended SIU in Edwardsville. After graduation I got a job here and I’ve been here for 6 years now. I was promoted to the project manager of my small project about 3 months before you arrived. So, that’s it.”

It was a little bit sad, but I wanted to know more. “Your father is buried out in Kansas City?”

“Yes. It’s on the south side of Kansas City, Missouri. I buried my mother there, too.”

“Oh. You didn’t tell me about that. How did that happen?”

She sat there quietly for a few minutes. Then she snuggled into me and I could feel that she wanted to be held. “She got AIDS.”

I sat there, trying to take that in. I had never known anyone with AIDS. “How?”

“After I left, I would see her partying at the place next to where she worked. I think she started hooking and got it from a john. She only had it a short while and it ate her up quickly.”

I thought about that for a few minutes. It was a heart-breaking story and I held her tighter and tried to provide some comfort. I pulled her face to mine and there were tears slowly moving down her face. I pulled her around and kissed them away, trying to ease the pain. I felt so strongly about her just then, that I didn’t want to let her go. She then buried her face in my neck and let out a few muffled sobs. My life was very pedestrian in comparison.

I pulled her face up and took it in my hands. I wiped the tears up with my thumbs and gave her a quick kiss. “I’m so sorry.”

“Hey, it’s not your fault and it was a long time ago. I just don’t tell anyone.”


She stared right into my eyes. “I haven’t told anyone in the 6 years since I’ve been at this job. I also haven’t had a relationship in those 6 years.”

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