John and His Mother-in-law

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“Why don’t you like her?”

“What do you mean?”

She shook her head, and then she gave me a look that could strip paint. But why? She had told me that her Mother was coming to stay with us, and all I had said was, “For how long?” I might be in the right, but I knew that if we were to argue about it, no matter who was to come out on top, I would be sleeping in the spare room tonight. And I didn’t want that to happen.

While smiling, and in a conciliatory tone, I said, “I was only asking. And I do like your Mother.”

That did the trick. All her anger had now gone.

“Just for a few days, possibly a week.”

“Good, that will be nice.”

And I meant it. If it was up to me, she would be living with us all the time. A lot of men have a difficult relationship with their Mother-in-law, but not me. From the first time that I met her, we had got on like a house on fire. That was four years ago. I have now been married to Becky, her Daughter, for nearly two years.

Being honest, I would have to admit that I am attracted to her, and unless I am mistaken, she feels the same way about me. However, nothing has ever happened between us, except for some mild flirting. But when we are together, my heart does beat faster.

Becky is twenty three, the same age as me, and her Mother, Jill, is twenty years older. And, I must say, without any fear of contradiction, that the Daughter is a stunner. So why does the Mother get my attention? Let me explain.

Her eyes are blue, the bluest that you have ever seen. Her nose could have been chiselled by Michelangelo. It’s perfect. And it would take you a long time to find lips that were fuller, and a mouth more inviting, than hers. If, for some reason, all that doesn’t excite you, then her smile surely will. That’s assuming that you have looked at her face. You might still be admiring her body. And what a body it is. She has large breasts, and a bottom that you can’t take your eyes off. Both are made prominent, by her exceptionally narrow waist.

So how does Becky compare with her mother? Very well, and she has the advantage of being twenty years younger.

Her eyes are blue, almost as bright as her Mother’s. Regarding noses, it’s a draw. She has her Mother’s nose. However, her lips are smaller, but you wouldn’t refuse a kiss from them. She also has impressive curves, but her Mother is at least a cup size bigger.

I’m lucky to have the Daughter, but in an ideal world, I would have the Mother as well!

It was Friday evening when she arrived.

After greeting me with a tight hug, that squashed her big breasts against my chest, she said, “Be a darling, and unpack the car.”

While I did that, Jill went into the kitchen with Becky. As soon as I had finished, I joined them.

“How’s Tom?”

If looks could kill, then I would now be dead, and the murderer would be Becky. And my Mother-in-law was about to cry.

In a calm voice, but with clenched teeth, Becky said, “Mother is no longer with him.”

So, inadvertently, I had put my foot in it.

“Sorry Jill, I didn’t know.”

That got a weak smile from her, and thankfully, nothing more was said about it. Shortly after, I left the kitchen to go upstairs, so that they could have time alone to talk about it.

So that was why she was here now, but I was surprised that they had split up. They had been together for almost two years, and to me, they seemed to be the perfect couple. However, you never really know what goes on in private, behind closed doors.

When it was time to eat, we were back to normal. There was no mention of Tom, but it was the elephant in the room. I wanted to know more, but I wasn’t stupid enough to ask. That could wait until later on, when Jill wasn’t there.

It was almost midnight before we went to bed, but I wasn’t ready to sleep. My balls were full, and I wanted sex, but did Becky? When I reached for her, she pushed me away, but without any real conviction. So it was a yes!

“Is that all you think about?”

I tried to look offended, and then I said, with a straight face, “No, for me, sex isn’t very important.”

“Really? So you won’t mind sleeping in the spare room?”

And it looked as if she meant it. I was trying to be funny, but had it backfired on me? Then, to my relief, she laughed. This time, when I reached for her, she didn’t push me away.

I was now on her big tits. We had kissed, but only briefly, because I wanted her nipple in my mouth.

“Suck harder.”

When I did, she gave a low moan, that seemed to come from deep inside her. There were lots of things that I loved about her. She was genuinely a nice person, and when we eventually had children, I instinctively knew that she would be a good Mother. But what I loved the most about her, was how much she liked to be fucked. This wasn’t a woman that opened her legs for her Husband, because it was her duty, she did it because she wanted to. And she was going to enjoy it, but if she didn’t, then I would get the blame. So no pressure!

We fuck often. canlı bahis Sometimes it’s slow and tender, but it can also be fast and furious. Tomorrow, because it was Saturday and so we could sleep in late, we were taking our time. I had now switched nipples several times, and I still hadn’t been anywhere near her juicy pussy, and she hadn’t touched my throbbing cock. At times like this, I wait for her to take the initiative. I didn’t have to wait long.

“I need to be fingered, and if you aren’t going to do it, then I’ll do it myself.”

That was Becky. When she wants something, she wants it now. Often, when I am slow to react, she gets annoyed. However, this wasn’t her asking me to do a difficult or unpleasant chore, so seconds after she had spoken, I was inside her.

“Fuck me with them.”

When I moved the two fingers, that were knuckle deep in her pussy, she purred. Then, when I moved them faster, she started moaning. Soon, she would want more. I like going down on her, but once she gets worked up, she is eager for my cock. If my head was going to get between her legs, then it would have to be now, before she gets too excited.

“Can I lick your pussy?”

“No, I’m enjoying this,” then, after moaning loudly, she added, “Don’t spoil it.”

The warning wasn’t necessary. I have learnt, a long time ago, that when we were having sex, it’s best to do as I’m told.

She was now highly aroused. Every time my fingers went in deep, she grunted. When I added another finger, to make it three, it almost made her come. I needed to be careful. She was strictly a one climax woman. If she climaxed now, there would be no fucking, and the best that I could hope to get from her, would be a hand job. And worse, she might just roll over and go to sleep, leaving me to deal with my throbbing cock.

I had now eased off. My fingers were still inside her very wet pussy, and I was still moving them, but a lot slower than before. And her clit was now only getting an occasional rub. It was enough to keep her excited, but not enough to make her boil over.

When, without me having to ask, she started stroking my cock, I knew that she was ready.

“Can I fuck you?”

“If you don’t, I’ll divorce you!”

That sent a surge of excitement through my body. Is there anything more erotic, than a woman that is desperate to be fucked?

My cock was now at her opening. As I pushed it in, she gasped.

“Fuck, I love your big cock.”

“And I love your juicy pussy.”

It was all true. My cock was indeed big. It was almost eight inches, near enough to say that it was, to anybody who was interested to know. And it was thick. I’ve seen much bigger ones, when I’ve been watching porn, but only occasionally have they matched me for girth. That, together with Becky’s tight pussy, was a winning combination.

As usual, I started slowly. We have literally fucked hundreds of times before, but it still takes her a while to loosen up. Our first time was a disaster. Frustratingly, for both of us, I couldn’t get it in. It was too painful for her. A week later, we succeeded. After that, she couldn’t get enough of it. I like to think that she married me because of my rugged good looks, high intelligence, and charming personality. But it might just be because of my big cock!

I had now upped the pace. She was on her back, with me on top of her. I had her legs high, almost over her shoulders, and I was ploughing into her. Every stroke was a deep one, ending with my balls slapping against her. When that happened, she moaned, and I grunted. Sex doesn’t get any better than this. However, fucking the Mother, rather than the Daughter, might prove me wrong. But sadly, that was never going to happen.

She was now making a lot of noise. Jill was in the next room. Was she listening to us? She must be, and she would have her hand between her legs, fingering herself, and at the same time, she would be rubbing her clit. The thought of that was spurring me on. I was now determined to make Becky moan louder, and then to give her a screaming orgasm. I might not be able to fuck her Mother, but I could put on a show for her.

The stroke that made her come, was brutal. It might even have been my best one ever.

After giving an almighty groan, she shouted out, “Fuck, my pussy is in it!”

It was so loud, that there was no way that her Mother hadn’t heard it. If she hadn’t already climaxed, then she would now be frantically trying to catch-up.

She was now writhing about. Her orgasms were always long, and this was no exception. I still needed more time, just a few seconds. I got there as she was coming down from her high. As I started to spurt, I thought of my Mother-in-law, trying to imagine how good it would feel, to empty my balls into her sweet pussy.

As soon as she had recovered, I asked her why her Mother and Tom had split up. She said that it was complicated, and that she would tell me tomorrow. I wanted to know now, but it was late, and she was tired, so there was no point in pushing her for an answer. It would bahis siteleri just irritate her, and it might even lead to an argument. The sex had been good, and it would be silly to spoil it, over something that could wait until later.

Five minutes later, she was asleep. It wouldn’t be long before I was as well, but first, I needed the bathroom.

When it happened, I don’t know who was more surprised, me or her. As I was passing Jill’s room, the door had opened, and she had walked into me. Surprisingly, she hadn’t shrieked, or even screamed. Instinctively, I reached out, and held her in my arms. Her large breasts were now squashed against my bare chest. Fortunately, I had put my boxers on before leaving the bedroom.

“It’s too late for dancing.”

Not a great line, but it was enough to make her giggle. And when she did, I felt my cock twitch. We were still in a tight embrace, and if we didn’t separate now, my cock would continue to grow, and she would notice it. After releasing her, I took a step back. But that didn’t solve the problem. In fact, it made it worse, because I could now see her clearly.

She was wearing a nightie, but it was so small, that she might as well have been naked. I have seen her in bikinis that have covered more of her large tits than this nightie. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples were only just covered. However, I could see them poking out. They were impressively large, a lot bigger than Becky’s. And there was no sign of a pantie line.

“You go first.”

I just nodded, because I wasn’t sure that I could speak. As she walked to the bathroom, I watched her bottom wobble. I had lusted over women before, wanting them in my bed, but not like this. I now wanted her so much, that it was almost painful. But I needed to be careful. Had she noticed the bulge in my boxers? I hoped not. That would be embarrassing. And it could have been worse. If we had stayed close together for longer, I don’t think that I would have been able to stop myself from putting my hand up her nightie, so that I could get to her naked pussy.

She wasn’t in the bathroom for long, but it was enough time for me to compose myself, and to get my cock under control. As she passed me, we didn’t speak, but I got a smile from her that was so radiant, that it made my pulse race.

When I got back to the bedroom, Becky was snoring loudly. I gave her a little nudge, and she moved. It didn’t stop the noise, but it reduced it, making it bearable. It was late, and I should be tired. I had been, but meeting my Mother-in-law on the landing, had revived me. And now, she was all that I could think about. It was another hour before I managed to get to sleep.

We woke at eight, but neither of us were eager to get up. We both had well-paid jobs, but they were stressful, and we often had to work late. The weekend was our time to relax, to chill out.

“So what happened with your Mother and Tom?”

“Their relationship had run its course. It was as simple as that.”

Last night, she had told me that it was complicated, but I wasn’t going to mention that.

“At first it was passionate, but over time, it fizzled out.”

“For both of them?”

She now looked hesitant, and I thought that she wasn’t going to answer me, but eventually she did.

“No, just Tom. At first, she thought that he was having an affair. But he wasn’t. She’s upset that it’s ended, but she knows that it’s for the best. One day she will find another man that will make her happy.”

And I will be envious of that lucky man. What I couldn’t understand though, was Tom. After only two years, Jill had stopped exciting him. He must be mad!

At eleven, we all had brunch together. Becky and her Mother made it, while I read the newspaper.

“Do you ever use it?”

I looked at Becky, she was as confused as I was, so I asked Jill, “What do you mean?”

“The Hot Tub.”

Becky muttered, “A waste of money.”

I ignored her, and I also didn’t point out, that it had been her idea to buy it.

“We did at first, but not for the last six months.”

“Actually, it’s eight months.”

Looking at Becky, in a sarcastic tone, I said, “Thanks for correcting me.”

“You’re welcome.”

“Do you mind if I use it?”

That surprised me. We got it a year ago, and this was the first time that she had shown any interest in it.

“Please do, but it will need cleaning.”

Becky had said it, but there was no way that she would be doing it. They were now both looking at me, waiting for me to volunteer.

After giving an exaggerated sigh, to make it look as if it was a Herculean task that they wanted me to do, I said, “Do I have to?”

That got a resounding yes, from both of them.

As a reward for agreeing to do it, Jill said that she would cook the evening meal, and that it would be something special. However, she wouldn’t tell me what it was, it was going to be a surprise.

I left it until three o’clock before starting. That was a big mistake. I didn’t have enough of the cleaning bahis şirketleri fluid, so I had to go out and buy some more. Then, it took me a lot longer than expected to clean it. When I had finished, it was almost seven. Becky and Jill then inspected it, to make sure that I had done a good job. Becky just said it looked OK, but her Mother was a lot more enthusiastic. When she saw it, her eyes lit up. She was like a child that had been given a new toy.

“Thanks John, I’ll use it tomorrow,”

Fifteen minutes later, the meal was ready. And it was a first for me. Lobster Thermidor.

It was delicious. Jill had bought the lobster from our local fishmonger, while I had been cleaning the Hot Tub.

After eating the last mouthful, I said, “If I clean out the garage tomorrow, can we have this again?”

That made both of them laugh.

We stayed up late again, but this time, when we got into bed, we didn’t make love. We had drunk too much red wine, and we were tired. All we wanted to do, was to sleep.

I woke at nine. After showering, I went downstairs. I joined Jill in the kitchen.

“I’ve already eaten, but do you want me to make you something?”

“Please. Is coffee and toast OK?”

“After cleaning the Hot Tub for me, you can have anything you want.”

In a suggestive tone, I said, “Anything?”

After placing her hands on her hips, she gave me a stern look. I thought that she would find it funny, but it looked as if I had gone too far, and that I had offended her. I needed to apologize, but before I could, she spoke again.

“Are you flirting with me?”

I was going to say no, but there wasn’t any anger in her voice, so I changed my mind.

While making eye contact, I said, “Yes,” then, after a slight hesitation, I boldly added, “Do you have a problem with that?”

Her expression didn’t change, she was still looking serious. Then after averting her eyes, she said, in a low voice, “No.”

She then got to work, making my breakfast, in her usual efficient way. My heart was now racing, and my cock was swelling. It wasn’t just that she had said no, it was how she had acted while she was saying it. I might be reading too much into it, but to me, she had just told me that she wanted more between us, than just flirting.

It was cool in the morning, but in the afternoon, the sun came out. It was what my Mother-in-law had been waiting for.

“At last, some decent weather. I’m going into the Hot Tub. Would you like to join me?”

I thought she was joking, but when I looked at her face, I realized that she was being serious.

“Sorry, I can’t. I’m going shopping with Becky.”

She was disappointed, and she didn’t try to hide it.

“I’ll have to take a rain check.”

That got a smile from her, but it was forced. She hadn’t asked out of politeness, she wanted me in the Hot Tub, and I wanted that as well. However, there was no way I could get out of going with Becky. There was no point in even asking, because the answer would be no.

Shortly after, Jill was back, and she was smiling. And this time it was genuine.

“Becky has said yes.”

It was obvious what she was referring to, but how had she managed it? She had got Becky to agree to go shopping on her own, while I relaxed in the Hot Tub with her. I was impressed. She should be a diplomat.

“It might be better if we wait a while.”

Then she was gone, leaving me to think about her parting words. Even though she hadn’t said it, it was clear to me, that we would only be going into the Hot Tub when Becky was out shopping.

Half an hour later, Becky shouted, “I’m leaving now,” and then I heard the front door close. As expected, shortly after, Jill joined me in the living room.

“We can go into the Hot Tub now.”

I could hear the excitement in her voice.

“Yes, and I bet that I can get there before you.”

It was now a race, and as she hurried up the stairs, so that she could get changed, I was close behind her.

She got to the Hot Tub seconds before I did, and that amused her. Normally, I don’t like to lose, but this time I didn’t care. I was too busy being mesmerized by what she was wearing. On Becky, it would be daring, on her, a woman twenty years older, it was outrageous. I had to check that I wasn’t drooling, and that my tongue wasn’t hanging out. The top was small, only just covering her prominent nipples, and it was straining under the weight of her heavy breasts. If she was to make a sudden movement, then her tits would surely spill out. Her top had raised my blood pressure, but the bottom part might give me a heart attack. It wasn’t much more than a thong. I could now understand why she had wanted to wait until her Daughter was out. There was only one reason why you wear a costume like this, and that was to show your body off. If Becky was here, she would know that her Mother was wearing it for me.

“I’m glad that you like what I’m wearing.”

Then she chuckled. She had caught me staring. I just nodded, because I wasn’t sure that I was able to speak.

I then quickly got in. I had to, my swimming shorts were showing an impressive bulge. So far, we had only flirted. I wasn’t sure how she would react, if she was to see how excited I was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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