Jon and Shelly

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Quiet little house sat on the corner. It was clean and well maintained outside, but a small older home. She checked the address and this was it. Not what she expected, but when she turned the corner she saw his large, blue suv in the driveway. She was so anxious. Like a teenager sneaking out of her parents’ house at night would be. She knew she shouldn’t be there, but she had grown so tired of sex with her husband. She needed this. She pulled in and paused to think.

She started to leave. Put the keys back in the ignition, then he called her name. He was close to 50. Getting a lil gray. Thick in his chest and shoulders. That boyhood physique she remembered was gone. Replaced by the body of a middle aged man with a lil too much weight on him. She walked up to him. So much had changed. He’s taller, older, few wrinkles. Has a goatee and lines in his forehead. But when she got close she looked in his eyes.

Oh. The eyes had not changed. Same mix of green, blue, and brown as he always had. Bright and shiny. Looking in his eyes it felt like they were 25 years younger. So innocent and young.

He welcomed her with a firm hug. Wrapping his arms around her and letting his hands fall low on her side. He picked her up in an embrace and carried her in the door, kicking it closed behind him.

He sat her down. She was still searching his face and tingling from his touch as he let her slip away. Sliding his right hand across her ass that she’d squeezed into a tight pair of jeans.

He leaned down and smelled here neck and hair. Letting his nose and lips touch her cheek and neck as he did. He grasped her face with his hand and kissed her. It was electric. She moved in and pressed against him. He pulled her body tight with his right arm. He lowered his head to her neck and kissed / bit it which made her moan.

Moan. She hadn’t moaned while her husband had been inside her for years. But just holding her close and biting her neck made her moan. Her nipples were so hard it hurt. Her vagina instantly became the wettest it had been in years. Her clit was erect and throbbing. The tight jeans pressing tight against her crotch was noticeable now. She could feel the her silk panties getting wet as she became hyper sensitive to anything touching her down there.

He grabbed both ass cheeks. One in each hand. Picked her up and sat her on the arm of a couch. They fell on the couch. Him between her legs slowly pressing against her and releasing. He stopped and looked at her. “I can’t believe it’s been 25 years. It feels like yesterday I was sneaking you out of your bedroom windows terrified your dad would kill me!”

Jon stood up and helped Shelly to her feet. “Sorry for the overly friendly welcome, but I teen porno was so nervous I sorta lost control. You’re so beautiful. I can’t believe a woman as hot as you let me kiss her!”

Shelly was vacationing with her family. Her husband had the kids for a few hours while she went to the spa. A total lie because she was using that as cover to meet her high school flame at a vacation rental he owned at the beach.

Shelly looked 10 years younger than her 44 years. She was tanned dark and in great shape. Her long brown and hair and brown eyes were the same as he remembered. She even smelled the same.

“Jon, you are amazing. Just your touch makes me happy. And you are so handsome and strong. I’m happy I came!”

Jon picked her up and carried her to the back bedroom. He stripped her down to her panties and undressed himself. They laid on the bed kissing as he pulsates against her. She felt herself getting hotter. She was really moaning. OMG. She was going to cum in her panties. Jon put his hand on her wet crotch. Pressing into her vagina through her black, silk panties with his middle finger, he felt how wet she was. “I think you should take those off!” Shelly quickly pulled them off and tossed them on the floor.

Jon laid his head on her arm and shoulder. Kissing her as she lie flat on her back. He slid his middle finger between her wet pussy lips and moved it side to side to open them fully. Rubbing her outside made her jerk with pleasure. He slowly slid his finger down her slit and curled it so it slipped inside her. He fingered her quickly. His hand making a smacking sound each time he pushed in. Jon slid his head down and took her left nipple into his mouth. He sucked it in and nibbled on it. She was so hot. She wanted his dick in her, but wanted to give him time for foreplay. Jon slid a second finger in her then lowered his mouth to the underside of her breast. He opened wide and bit her breast hard all the while finger fucking her as fast as he could. That was all it took. Shelly called his name loud and clinched down her muscles as she came. She spasmed 4 or 5 times. Jerking her body. Then relaxed and her entire body loosed.

Jon pulled his fingers out and sucked on them. “You taste so good. I always remembered you tasting different. I thought it was because I was a kid. But you really do.”

“That’s a little gross. But thanks.”

“Now lay there and let me show you what I’ve learned in the past 25 years.”

Shelly was happy to lie there tingling from her orgasm. Jon slid down, picked up her right leg and slid under it. He pushed her left leg aside and went right to work.

Shelly had a large clit. Bigger than any Jon has seen. He spread her vagina open with his travesti pornp fingers and stuck his tongue in her clit. He wiggles it until it was inside and then vibrated it. He puckered his lips and sucked her clit in his mouth. He sucked in and pushed out like he was giving her a blowjob. His tongue would part her clit each time he sucked her in and apply pressure as he pushed her out. It was so stimulating. Shelly has never had a man freely take her clit in his mouth. Jon had her right leg held under his left arm and was pushing her left leg open with his left hand. He reached under the edge of the bed for something. He pulled out a long, white, slender candlestick. He rubbed the wide end against her vagina a few times and slid it inside her. Jon grasped the candlestick the way a man would grasp his penis to masturbate. He left about 5 inches extend out from had into Shelly’s pussy. Sucking her off he began fucking her with the candlestick. Hard and fast. His fist pounding into her each time he went in. He bit her clit and pulled up, stretching it to its limit. Shelly shook and moaned, but couldn’t cum. Jon’s hand moved faster. Faster. The pleasure was intense. Shelly’s left leg shook uncontrollable.

“Please don’t stop! Please!”

He continued to fuck her, his hand getting tired and his arm cramping. But he couldn’t stop. Shelly tossed herself around. Moaned and rocked he hips. Jon’s arm was burning with exhaustion. He used his left hand to spread her clit wide. He attacked it with his tongue. Licking up and down quickly with maximum pressure. Still ramming her in and out.

“Jon. Jon. There. Oh oh oh. Joooooon”

Shelly’s body spasmed out another orgasm. She shook almost violently. Jon dropped her legs and stood up. Before she knew it Jon pulled her off the bed and rolled her over.

“On your knees.”

Shelly kneeled on the edge of the bed and bent over lying on her face. Facing Jon was this hot, pink pussy. Lips wide open and her large clit hanging down. He put his left hand on her back, grabbed his dick with his right hand, rubbed it up and down her twice, then plunged in her.

“You have to leave in 30 minutes. I’ll try to hurry.”

“OMG. You’ve been doing me for 90 minutes. Seems like only a little while!”

Jon began rocking his hips. Holding her sides, he stroked in and out. Her Pussy was hot. So hot it felt different. Even when her fluid ran down on his balls they tingled with heat. Suddenly his penis was so sensitive. It felt so good being in her.

He grabbed her sides and began pulling her back and forth in time with his thrusts. His dick felt so good in her. It was thicker than her husbands. He touched the back of her pussy with his hardest thrusts. tricky masseur

Shelly started squeezing her vagina around him. The pressure was more than Jon could take. He rammed into her quickly until he grunted hard and changed to slow deep strokes. Pumping her full of cum. His first wad was so warm it made Shelly buck with pleasure. As he slowed she reached back at his legs. “Don’t stop. Don’t stop.”

Jon stroked in and out. Slow out but plugging hard in her. He grabbed her long hair as pulled it toward him with both hands as he speared her deep and hard. He focused on her ass to keep his dick hard. Tending his muscles to make it lift up and down.

“Play with yourself.” Jon gasped short of breath. He was soaking wet with sweat.

She slid her hand between her leg to rub herself hard. That’s all it took. She bucked hard against him. Jon pressed forward as she fucked his dick while rubbing herself. She shook, he thighs spasmed and she fell forward off his dick and face down.

“Are you sure you can’t stay another hour?” John asked panting.

“Oh no. My husband will get suspicious. I need to change. Can you get my bag from my car?”

Jon took her key and retrieved the bag. He was not happy with the short stay. But he understood. When he returned Shelly was in the shower. He undressed and slipped in behind her. “Best 25 year reunion in history.” he whispered to her.

Shelly faced him, pulled him close and kissed him deeply. She pulled away and looked up into his eyes. “I’ve loved you my whole life. Now I’ve built this cage that I’ve trapped myself in with marriage, bills, and children. If I ever get out of this cage, all I’ll want is you. Until then, this is all we can be.”

They kissed for a long minute. He dried her off, kissing her body as he did. She got dressed and packed her clothes away. Jon stood there in a robe.

“I need one more thing before I go.”

“What, baby?”

“I want to see your dick. It’s bigger than it was in high school.”

Jon laughed, “Yes it is.”

He opened his robe. She dropped to her knees and examined it. Looked at it. Felt it. “It really is bigger.” Then took it in her mouth. She grabbed his ass with each hand and swallowed him. Sucking him into her throat and swallowing pulled on the end of his penis. She pulled it out then stood.

“Sorry I don’t have time to finish that. Next time I do that first!”

“I can’t wait. And Shelly. I always have and will love you.”

He watched her walk out the door. They both had tears run down their cheeks. After she backed out of the drive, he sat down on the porch with a beer. He drank it in 4 drinks. Then went inside. Lying on his counter was her black silk panties. Folded neatly. He picked them up and breathed her smell in. His phone rang, he answered and on the other line he heard, “Daddy, when are you coming home. I miss you.”

“I will be there in an hour buddy. I’m leaving the beach house now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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