Julia’s Virginity

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(Copyright 2001. All rights reserved).

* * *

I followed Hanna into the barn that was being used for the end of year party. It was hot in there. The music was loud. People were jostling at the bar for drinks, and the air hung heavy with the smoke from a hundred cigarettes.

A tall, black guy I knew slightly from a couple of years ahead of me was standing in front of me with a glass of beer in either hand.

“Hey, Terence,” I said meekly.

“Do ya want a drink?” He asked, handing me a glass without waiting for a reply.

The beer was warm but I took a sip anyway.

“Dance?” He asked, almost snatching the glass from my hand and parading me around the edge of the dance area as if to declare that I was with him.

We danced. Drank some beer and danced again.

It was hot. I felt sticky with sweat. I could smell my perfume working overtime.

A slow number came on. I was too warm to feel like being close to another’s body. But, before I could suggest we sit it out, his arms were around my back pulling me tight against him. One of his hands was firmly in place between my shoulder blades, holding me in place, while his other moved slowly down my spine to the waistband of my tight white jeans.

“You’re great.” He said into my hair as he led me with his body to the most densely packed part of the dance floor.

I closed my eyes, and my hips moved in time with the music. My pubic mound moving against his groin. No, not his groin. Something else instead.

Something that was growing between us.

I tried to pull back, but his hand was now on one of my ass cheeks. I could feel his fingers searching for a way between my ass cheeks. An access that was denied to them by the tightness of my jeans.

I gasped as I felt the full hardness of his cock against my belly. My whole body was tingling. It was so hard. So big.

“We’re going out to the car.” I heard a voice say.

I looked up. Hanna was standing anime porno next to me wrapped in the arms of Terence’s friend Alex. A white boy from the senior year. There was a far away look in her eyes and a smile around the edges of her mouth. I thought, how odd. A white girl with a black best friend goes to a party and ends up with a black boy while her friend hooks up with his white friend.

Alex had spoken.

“Did you bring some?” Terence asked, grinding his cock slowly against me.

“Yeah.” Alex replied, taking Hanna by the hand and leading her towards the exit.

“Come on.” He said, taking my hand. “We’ve got a joint.”

I hesitated, unsure of what I wanted to do.

“Don’t worry. You’ll be fine.” He said, reassuringly.

I needed some air. It was so hot. I didn’t protest or resist further as we followed the others.

The cool night air hit me like a cold shower as we walked from the barn. His arm was around my back, underneath my arm, with his fingers resting against the side of my breast.

I should have pushed him away, but suddenly we were at the car. Hanna was already in the back seat with Alex, so we sat in the front. I heard the click of a lighter, and a hand rolled cigarette was passed forward. He drew deeply on it then passed it to me. I looked into the back and saw Hanna smiling, holding one of Alex’s hands to her breast. Terence drew again on the cigarette and held it to my lips for me to take my turn. I sucked in deep and coughed. He held it to my lips still, so I took another hit. I coughed again, but not as hard. I smiled as Terence dragged on the joint once more and passed it back for Hanna and Alex to finish.

I felt so relaxed. He placed his arm around me and placed his lips against mine. Pushing with his tongue, I let my lips open, and his tongue filled my mouth.

I could feel his hands on my breasts as I struggled for breath. His fingers were on the buttons of my blouse.

I asyalı porno shivered slightly as the cool night air touched my nipples as he eased my arms through the sleeves. He looked down at them then lowered his head and sucked one into his mouth.

I threw back my head, conscious for the first time of the sounds coming from the rear of the car. I turned my head and looked as his mouth moved to my other nipple, and his fingers fumbled with the button and zip on my jeans.

Hanna was lying on her back making the same sounds she made when we’d made out together, but this time instead of me causing the moans by rubbing her clit with my fingers, it was from Alex thrusting himself in and out of her pussy. I heard the gasp she made when she was about to come. I wanted to watch longer; but Terence’s hands were pulling so roughly at my jeans and panties I felt sure he was going to tear them, so I lifted my ass from the seat to help him.

I still didn’t know what I wanted as he pushed hard on the back of my seat lowering me back with it. I felt frightened and excited. I could smell Hanna’s pussy juices. I turned my head and saw them both sitting side by side on the back seat looking down at me.

“Can I feel you first?” I asked as I stalled for time trying to get my thoughts in order.

“Sure, baby.” He said, moving across to my seat and pulling his hard cock free from his trousers. I gingerly rubbed my finger up and down the length of his shaft.

“That’s right, baby.” He said, placing a hand behind my head and pulling it towards his cock.

I swallowed hard and licked my lips. This was it. Hanna said all boys want this. I worked his foreskin back and forth, then brushed the head of his cock with my lips.

“Yeah.” I heard him say breathlessly.

I breathed in the smell of his cock for a moment then opening my mouth wide I took its head inside. I moved my head up and down each time taking more of his cock inside.

Terence babes porno caught his breath and said to the night,

“God this bitch can sure suck cock.”

I felt inside his trousers for his balls and cupped them gently in my hand as I continued to move my head.

“Yeah.” He gasped. “You’re fucking great.”

Suddenly his hands were lifting my head from his cock.

“That’s enough.” He said, brushing some strands of hair from my forehead.

“Better stop now or you’ll be drinking more than beer tonight.”

“The beer did me fine.” I replied, sucking in a lung full of air.

“Lie down.” He said, guiding me onto the seat.

I grunted out loud as he loomed above me and I felt the head of his cock against my pussy.

He pushed hard against me and I cried out.

“Be gentle with her.” Hanna said. “She’s still a virgin.”

He pulled back, then pushed again. I almost screamed in pain, then started crying.

“Let her finish sucking you off.” Hanna said to him as he told me to be quiet and pushed into me again.

I could feel my pussy being stretched wide to take him.

“No. I wanna fuck.” He said, working an inch of cock inside me.

“You can fuck me if you want.” Hanna offered. “She’s not ready, and you’re hurting her.”

“Okay.” He said.

I felt his cock pulling from me.

“No.” I said, holding him tight. “I want you to finish.”

“Are you sure?” Hanna asked, concern in her voice.

“Yeah.” I replied. “Don’t worry if I cry.”

The last part was to him as he pushed against me again. He pushed hard, pulled back and pushed again. I cried out as something gave inside me and he was in. It hurt so much but felt so good. He was so far inside me. Then I could feel his cock jerking. Heard him gasping for breath.

He pulled out. I could feel something wet running down the cheeks of my ass and onto the seat. He looked down at my still wide open legs and pussy.

“We had better get something to clean this up.” He said and the two boys climbed from the car leaving me alone with Hanna.

“Are you feeling alright?” Hanna asked.

“Fine.” I replied, and I did. “But, it wasn’t such a good idea to wear white jeans tonight.”

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