Just What I Needed Ch. 04

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I felt myself nodding off to the blue light of the television and the soothing feeling of Jen suckling on my cock. It’s always my favorite way to fall asleep. There’s nothing I like better than lying in bed naked, skin exposed to the soft sheet, no blankets, just exposed and comfortable. The soft body of a woman next to me, feeling the rhythmic gentle sucking on my cock and knowing she’s right where she belongs is always so relaxing. Falling asleep with that mixed feeling of total comfort and complete control is what a man like me deserves.

I awoke the next morning feeling completely rested and ready to take on the world. After giving myself a few minutes to take in the morning, I realized Jen had not moved an inch in the night. Good girl. Not only was she sleeping with her head against my stomach, but the head of my cock was still secure between her lips.

I quietly reached my arms out to stretch out the morning kinks and as I relaxed I felt the gentle flick of her tongue against my half erect cock. Jen, realizing I was awake, raised her hand to cup my balls and released my cock from the warmth of her mouth.

“Did you sleep well?” She asked as she rose to situate herself between my open legs. She glanced up at me with a smile before dropping her head down to begin licking my balls.

“Never better, I haven’t slept that well in a long time.” I smiled back at her and began to run my fingers through her hair. She looked good down there. She looked happy, satisfied, and comfortable between my legs. ‘Good,’ I thought to myself, I’d like to see her get very comfortable being between my legs.

My cock began to harden as she continued licking my balls, giving them a morning tongue bath. I could tell this wasn’t necessarily about getting me off, it was simply Jen doing what she loved to do. And I was perfectly happy to oblige her. I clasped my hands behind my head and let her work, alternating between watching her eyes peek up above my hardening cock, and closing my eyes to just lay back and enjoy.

Nothing else was said for a while. Jen continued tonguing my balls, licking gently, taking each one in her mouth to roll it around her tongue, lapping at the spot between my sac and my inner thigh, taking pleasure in the smell and taste.

Finally, Jen had gotten her fill and began kissing her way up my cock, stomach, and chest, she laid her head on my shoulder.

“Is there anything I can do for you?” She asked. It sounded good to hear her say that. It proved the point that the oral cleansing she had just performed was very much for her benefit.

“Oh, there are plenty of things you can do for me, but right now, why don’t you hop in the shower and I’ll put some coffee on for us?” I replied.

Jen sat up and smiled. “Sounds perfect. And, by the way, I like my coffee strong, like I like my men.” And with that, she winked, knelt down and kissed my cock before walking into the bathroom to take a shower. I watched her, mesmerized. I had to admit, I love exuding this kind of power over a woman like her, she was truly a knockout. Her hips swayed without trying. Her lips were plump and red. And her hair was messy without being obvious as to what she had been doing all night.

Finally shaking myself from my hypnosis, I stood up from the bed, pulled on my briefs from the night before and headed to the kitchen to make the coffee. I checked my e-mail on my phone as I waited for the coffee to brew. As it was finishing I walked over to the refrigerator to grab milk for the coffee when Jen came in wearing just a towel and one on her head with her hair wrapped in it. The towel on her body was dangerously small, skimming just below her pussy and not nearly covering her ass. Not that it really matters, I thought. She’ll be naked all the time in this house if I get my way.

“Good shower?” I asked as I turned to pour the coffee.

Jen came up behind me and rubbed her hands gently female agent porno across the muscles of my back. “Very, I’m all squeaky clean!” she said as she wrapped her arms around my waist to run her hand over the bulge in my underwear while I poured.

I turned with a raised eyebrow and a lopsided grin. “I doubt that,” I said as I handed her a cup. “I think I’ll go take my shower now. Feel free to lounge wherever. I won’t be long.”

“Can I make you breakfast?” she asked as she sat down at the kitchen table.

“Damn! You are a good woman.” I walked over to her where she sat to run my index finger along her cheek. “Of course you can. I usually just have cold cereal, but feel free to raid the fridge. I’m not sure what all’s in there.”

“Awesome, I’ll fix you a feast! A big strong man like you deserves much better than cold cereal.” She leaned in and kissed the bulge of my briefs before standing up and heading over to the refrigerator.

I stopped at the door before heading upstairs. “By the way, the laundry is in the hallway closet if you don’t want to cook in the towel.”

I took my time in the shower, enjoying the warm water soothing my body and thinking about how perfect this girl seemed to be. Almost too perfect. I’m not one to “jump into” anything, but damn she was doing everything right so far. I just hoped it continued. At the very least, she’s getting treated to something special just by being with me for the weekend, if nothing else! Not wanting to think too far ahead, I dropped the thought of things going further and focused on how much fun this weekend was turning out to be.

I dried myself off as I walked into the bedroom, put on a fresh pair of underwear and headed back down to the kitchen. Jen was just finishing up as I walked in. She had clearly gotten the message and had discarded the towel to cook breakfast completely naked. Good girl.

“Smells delicious.” I said as I peeked over her shoulder while she finished up.

“I hope you like it. Have a seat, I’m almost done.”

I sat down at the kitchen table and waited to be served. Jen brought a plate over and sat it in front of me. Bacon, eggs, toast, and fruit. Perfect. I smiled and looked up at her. “Thanks for this, it looks great. Is this breakfast for one or what? Where’s yours?”

At that, Jen bit the corner of her lip in a mixed gesture of innocence and eroticism and dropped to her knees. I was pretty sure I knew where this was heading, but I didn’t say another word and simply started in on my breakfast. As I took my first delicious bite, I watched out of the corner of my eye as Jen crawled under the table and in between my legs.

A sip of coffee and I felt her lips begin to kiss my balls through the fabric of my briefs. Another few bites and she began licking all over my heavy bulge. My cock began to stiffen as I enjoyed one of the best breakfasts of my life and I let Jen enjoy hers. I could feel the precum was leaking from my cock and soon, I felt Jen’s lips press against my cock to suck the warm liquid that had soaked through my briefs.

Halfway through my meal and my cock was rock hard, having crept across the top of my leg, it was straining against the fabric for release. Jen just continued her tongue bath as though we started every morning this way–Jen fixes breakfast, and to thank her, I let her service my cock.

Finally, I finished my food and leaned back in my chair to look down at Jen. She was staring back intently and kissing the length of my shaft. “That was the best meal I’ve had in a while,” I said as I rubbed my stomach for effect. Damn she looked good down there, She just looked at home, and my legs accommodated her perfectly, like she had her personal little nook right there.

Jen had shown her willingness to serve, now I wanted to see if she really knew her place. I reached down to rub her head into my crotch, female fake taxi porno using some force. “Now that I’m all full and satisfied, I’m gonna let you suck my cock and feed you your breakfast. How does that sound?”

Jen, not able to move, spoke into my crotch, “Thank you, I would love that!”

Grasping a handful of her hair, I pulled her head off my massive bulge just far enough to pull the waistband of my briefs under my balls. My cock leaped out and nearly smacked her in the face. “Enjoy.” I said, knowingly. Jen took to my cock with an oral assault as though the cum I was about to feed her would be her last meal. She was working my thick shaft with her tongue in hurricane mode. Her lips wrapped firmly around it, allowing just enough spit through to keep them wet. Sliding up and down my rod, she was moaning and gagging, and slurping.

I wanted to really let her enjoy my cock, so in a combined effort to hold off my climax and see how far down she could take me, I grabbed the back of her head with both hands and pushed hard. She gagged pretty hard at first so I let up a little. I held her head in place for a while to inspect her work.

“Not bad, Jen, you got about five and a half inches in that mouth of yours. How’s that big cock feel stretching your jaw and pressing against the back of your throat? You like that don’t you?” She responded with a low groan and a gentle nod of the head.

“You’re doing well, but that’s three and a half inches you’re leaving unserviced. That’s a lot of cock not getting any attention isn’t it?”

She nodded her head again.

“We’ll have to work on that won’t we?”

Another nod, eyes glancing up at me. A look of guilt and concern in her eyes. I clasped my hand around the base of my cock, wiggling it in her mouth and causing her to gag again, but never letting up the pressure I was placing on the back of her head with my other hand.

“You don’t want to disappoint this cock do you?”

A desperate moan while shaking her head.

“I didn’t think so. Just remember, my cock matters more than you do. Learn to respect it because you need it more than it needs you. Now keep sucking like a good little girl and I’ll feed you breakfast.”

Again, I leaned back in the chair and clasped my hands behind my head to let Jen continue her service. With gusto, she continued to work my cock over and pretty soon, I felt the warm surges working their way up from the depths of my groin. Without notice to her, I began shooting a huge load of cum directly into her mouth. With each spurt, Jen sucked and licked gently, keeping her lips tight around my cock. Finally, I relaxed as my orgasm subsided. Jen continued to gently suck the last drops as my erection slowly subsided. I reached down and rubbed the back of her head. “Good girl, make sure you get every drop.”

Finally, having given her as much cum as I could expel, Jen released my spent cock from her mouth and gave my balls several sweet kisses before looking up at me gratefully. “Thank you, that was just what I wanted.”

“You’re welcome. I’m always happy to feed you.” I replied as I placed my heavy cock back inside my briefs and stood from the table.

“Mmm, it was delicious.” She said, enthusiastically. ” I could get used to that. I can’t imagine a better way to start the day than with a load of your cum straight from the source.”

“Well, that’s an interesting thought, maybe we should revisit that idea. Listen, I’m gonna grab another cup of coffee and take the dog outside for a bit. There’s a bathrobe upstairs in the closet. Why don’t you grab it and join me on the back porch?” With that, Jen headed upstairs, and I called for Diesel. As usual, he came running at the sound of my voice. Golden retrievers really are man’s best friend.

I’m lucky enough to live in a pretty secluded area so it’s not unusual for me to hang glory hole secrets porno out on my porch in my underwear. I’m more comfortable that way anyway; get to catch a few rays, and when someone does happen to wander by, what the hell do I have to be ashamed of?

I took a seat in one of the adirondack chairs I had built a few years back and laid back with my feet crossed on one of the tables closeby. Diesel immediately ran out into the yard smelling and searching and generally satisfying his curiosities. Soon, Jen joined me on the porch and headed toward the other chair. I looked up at her and shook my head as I patted my thigh. Jen got the message and crawled onto my lap, curling up against my chest and resting her head on my shoulder. She began rubbing my pecs with her hand and twirling my chest hair softly with her fingers. She was tall, she fit perfectly on my lap, snuggled in a little ball like a girl on her daddy’s lap. It felt right.

Finally, she spoke first:

“It’s so quiet and relaxing here. It’ll be hard to leave. It’s been really wonderful being here with you.”

“You make it sound like you’ll never be back. You don’t have to leave anytime soon,” I told her as I brushed my fingers along her arm.

“Well I can’t leave now anyway, you’ve got me hostage here and my car is still at the bar,” she said sarcastically.

“Ah, so I do. Well maybe I’ll just keep you here. You’ll be my hostage. My personal, cock sucking hostage. I could definitely live with that.” I replied, only half-joking.

“Hmm, maybe being held hostage isn’t such a bad thing after all. Staying here to be your little cock sucker sounds way better to me than going back into the real world.” Now I wasn’t sure if it was a joke anymore. She sounded in a dream-like state.

I perked up a little. “You actually mean that, don’t you?”

“Of course I do. Why wouldn’t I want that?”

“Well, I agree. There’s nothing better than that. Allowing you to be my personal cock sucker would be great for me and you. I think you’d be able to give me the treatment I deserve, and I’ve got everything you need right here,” I reached down to grab my bulging package for emphasis, “just what you need to make you happy. I guess I just had myself convinced that maybe you were too perfect. Maybe you were just playing along for fun. But you really mean it.” My voice was somewhere between excited and thoughtful. I was processing the fact that this woman really is as perfect as she seemed all along.

“I absolutely mean every word of it. I can’t imagine anything more satisfying in life than living to please you. Nothing could make me happier than that. You’re everything I want. You’re a real man, with a hard body, and hairy chest, and big muscles from real work, and tough skin from being in the sun, and strong hands, and that cock. That cock is the cock of a real man. That cock exudes power and strength. That cock demands attention and respect. Your cock makes me want to forget everything else and live only for it. I might finish college, have a great job, beautiful apartment and awesome friends. None of that would make me as happy as I was ten minutes ago in the safe place between your legs. Even now, I just finished sucking on it for almost an hour and I can barely stand to sit here so close to you and not at least touch it.”

It was like she had stolen the thoughts from my own head. I looked deeply into her eyes searching for something. I wasn’t sure what. Finally I grabbed her hand that was still grazing my chest and placed it on my package. Leaving my hand on top of hers for a few moments I said, “you’re absolutely right. All of what you said. This cock should be the most important thing in your life now, and as long as you’re near me, you should always be showing it the respect it deserves. Even if we’re just chatting like this. At the very least, you should be holding it, stroking it, just to feel that comfort it can give you and the power it has over you.” And with that, I removed my hand from on top of hers, and leaned back to continue sipping my coffee.

While Diesel continued playing in the yard, Jen and I watched him and chatted for a while on the porch. Her hand stayed, glued to my manhood like that for the rest of that morning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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