Keeping a Promise Ch. 02

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Beth licked her lips and smiled up at Mikey. Her whole body tingled and her pussy buzzed with excitement. It had been a very long time since she’d had a man and as she knelt between Mikey’s legs, she was feeling somewhat fulfilled.

“Did you enjoy that” Mikey asked stretching his legs out in front of Beth.

Beth watched as his thigh muscles rippled in front of her face. She ran her hands up from Mikey’s knees to his limp dick, lowering her head down so that her lips brushed lightly over the knob. Mikey breathed in through his teeth as Beth sucked the head of Mikey’s cock into her mouth.

Even in it’s limp stage, Mikey’s cock was still a mouthful. Beth pushed Mikey cock all the way down her throat until her nose was firmly planted in Mikey’s pubic hair.

“Oh god girl you must of been the cocksucking champ in your school”

“Only if you knew” Beth thought to herself as she pumped Mikey’s cock in and out of her mouth.

Beth was horny again and wanted Mikey’s cock hard again so she could fill her yearning pussy with his manhood. She reached down and felt her hot pussy, it was dripping wet, a mixture of Mikey’s cum and her own pussy juices. It felt wonderful and as she bobbed her head up and down on Mikey’s cock, she slipped two fingers inside her pussy and slowly finger fucked herself.

“Are you fucking herself with your finger aren’t you” Mikey asked leaning forward to see what Beth was doing with herself.


“Don’t talk with your mouth full, it’s impolite”

Beth’s sucking was doing it’s work and Mikey’s cock was growing larger and longer in her mouth. Beth reached under Mikey’s cock and gently squeezed his balls. They were heavy as she gently weighed them in her hand.

“Probaly needs to be emptied again and I know where he wants to empty it” Beth thought to herself as she plunged Mikey’s cock down her throat again.

“Let me watch you finger fuck herself” Mikey said leaning back against the couch.

Mikey always loved to watch woman please themselves, especially when he wasn’t ready to plunge his cock back into their pussy again. Mikey wanted to desperately watch Beth finger fuck that sweet tight pussy of hers. He knew that if she wanted another fuck, he wasn’t going to last.

Beth released Mikey’s cock from her mouth, it made a plopping sound as it popped out of her mouth.

“You want me to finger fuck my pussy in front of you, you want to see me cum, don’t you” Beth asked laying back onto the floor and spreading her legs wide.


“Wank yourself off and cum with me if you want izmir escort bayan me to finger fuck myself”

Mikey had played this game many times before with all the other woman he had fucked, they always wanted him to jerk off and spray his cum all over their bodies.

Mikey wrapped his hand around his now fully stiff cock and knelt bewteen Beth’s legs and began to stroke his hand up and down the shaft of his cock as he watched Beth slipped her fingers deep into her pussy.

Beth was excited, this was the first time she’d had someone watch her as she finger fucked her hot pussy. As she plunged her fingers in and out of the beautiful folds of her pussy lips, she lifted her ass off the floor and spread her ass cheeks wide open with her other hand so she could show Mikey how hot and wet her pussy was.

Mikey remembered Beth’s promises and eyed her asshole with hunger. He had never fuck a woman up the ass and watching Beth’s little rosey bud showed that she had never had anal sex before either.

“This is going to be good, a virgin and she was all mine, if she was true to her word then he would stay with this one” Mikey thought to himself, keeping in time with Beth’s fingering.

Beth’s eyes were glued to Mikey’s hand as it glided up back and forth along the length of his cock. She looked up into his face and noticed that he eyes were glued to her pussy or were they. Beth slid one of her fingers out of her pussy and slowly pressed it against her asshole. She noticed how Mikey’s eyes widen as she slowly pushed it past the opening, slipping her finger into her ass right up to the knuckle.

“So he wants to fuck my ass does he” Beth thought to herself as she pumped her fingers in and out of her pussy and ass.

This was too much for Beth and for Mikey, both were moaning and groaning as they neared their orgasms together. Mikey quicken his stroking as Beth pumped her fingers in and out, hoping desperately that they were going to cum together. This was the first time she had done this and it was exciting, maybe too exciting.

“I’m going to cum…….. are you cumming too…… .tell me your cumming……. .please Mikey……. cum with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” Beth pleaded.

“Yes…. I’m cumming Beth……… I’m cumminggggggggggggggggggggggg” Mikey replied.

Before Mikey had a chance to spray his cum all over Beth’s naked body. Beth was up like a shot, clamping her mouth around Mikey knob.

“OH GOD YES” Mikey cried, unleashing the hot load of cum from his cock, straight down Beth’s throat.

Beth grabbed his balls and squeezed as load escort izmir after load of Mikey’s sweet hot cum shot into her mouth, swallowing as fast as she could to keep up with the flow, this time swallowing every drop.

“Was that good babe, did you enjoy that” Beth asked as she sucked what was left of Mikey’s cum into her mouth.

“Oh yes, Oh yes”

“Good, then you’ll enjoy what coming up next then” Beth said straddling Mikey’s hips and sliding his semi-rigid cock into her hot pussy.

“And what is that” Mikey replied thrusting his hips upwards to bury his cock deep into Beth’s pussy.

“That’s a surprised but first off, carry me to bed, I’m exhausted” Beth said holding onto Mikey’s kneck as he put his strong arms under her legs and lifted her up.

Beth felt Mikey’s cock push hard against the back of her pussy, sending tingly sensations shoot up her spine and the thought of her giving up her virgin ass up to this guy, made her even more hornier than before.

“What was that for” Mikey asked when Beth kissed him deeply, driving her tongue into his mouth.

“Part of the surprise” Beth whispered as Mikey carried her down to her room.

Beth spread her legs wide when Mikey laid Beth on the bed and gently pumped his cock in and out of Beth’s pussy.

“More Mikey more” Beth whispered as she felt Mikey’s cock begin to stiffen again inside her pussy.

It felt as if his cock had actually gotten bigger and longer as Mikey began to really pump his cock in and out of Beth’s pussy.

“Oh god Mikey…….fuck me…….fuck my pussy…….make me cum baby………oh christ sake fuck me good” Beth moaned as she held onto Mikey’s kneck.

“Do you want me to fuck you all day long” Mikey asked thrusting harder into Beth’s pussy.

“Yes…..fuck my pussy all day baby”

“Can I fuck your ass too” Mikey asked stopping when Beth stared at him.

There was a small period of silence between the two as they looked into each others eyes.

“Yes, I keep my promises, will you keep yours” Beth answered rocking her body back and forth under his, keeping Mikey’s cock hard as it slid in and out of her hungry pussy.

“Then I’ll keep mine and every promise I’ll make”

“Then fuck me then” Beth said letting Mikey pull his cock out of her pussy to turn her over onto her stomach.

Beth was a little scared, this was her first time trying anal sex, she didnt know how it would feel, she was tense, she was going to have a man shove his cock up her back passage and sure enough, cum inside her, she knew men dont pull out when their cumming.

Beth izmir escort giggled when she felt Mikey’s finger slide from her clit, through her pussy lips and moaned when she felt two fingers slipped easily into her hot dripping pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm” Beth moaned as Mikey’s finger pumped faster and faster in and out of her pussy.

“OH GOD MIKEY YOUR MAKING ME CUM” Beth cried out, pushing herself up onto her hands, stretching her legs out as wide as she could as her pussy tighten around Mikey’s fingers.

Just when she was enjoying her mind shattering orgasm, she felt Mikey place the tip of his cock right outside the opening to her asshole. Beth pushed upwards with her hips, slipping the head past the opening where mikey held it there.

“Do it Mikey, push it in, push it right in”

“Are you sure “

“Yes, do it Mikey, fuck my ass”

Mikey slid his cock deeper into Beth’s ass, making Beth moan deeply, burying her head into her pillow and crying out as Mikey push it further.

“Stop, oh please stop”

“Just relax babe just relax”

“Yes dear”

Mikey started to pump his cock in and out of Beth’s ass, sinking his cock deeper into Beth’s anal passge until he had his balls squeezed hard against Beth’s swollen pussy.

“Ooooooohhhhhhhhhh Mikey fuck me, please” Beth moaned as Mikey started to pump his cock in and out of Beth’s ass.

Mikey held onto Beth’s hips as he fucked Beth’s ass, speeding up the pace as Beth moaned and wailed. Mikey pumped harder and faster, sliding his cock out so that only the tip of his cock was inside her anal passage before ramming it back inside Beth’s asshole.

“OH GOD MIKEY FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD BABY, FUCK MY ASS, OH GOD FUCK ME” Beth screamed ramming her ass onto Mikey’s cock as her orgasm ripped through her body.

“I’m cumming too Beth……. I’m……. cumming…… .toooooooo……. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh…… yyyyyyeeeeesss….. bbbbbbaaaaaabbbbbbyyyyyyy” Mikey moaned blowing his load of cum deep inside Beth’s asshole.



Jeff and Sharon came home around three in the morning to the sound of their mother moaning and screaming. The first thought they had was that their mother was in trouble. They both scrambled down the hallway to their mother’s room, crashing through the door. They both were stopped in their tracks to one hell of a sight that greeted them.

There was their mother, her legs spread wide open, a guy kissing her kneck as he squeezed and massaged her breasts, both of them were moaning softly as the guy slowly pumped his cock in and out of their mother’s ass.

“Good god mum, talk about keeping your promise” Sharon said eyeing the massage cock buried in her mother ass.

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