Kelly’s Sins

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The bar was crowded and smoky. The sound of the jazz band playing softly added to the ambiance of it. It was dim and quiet, with just a few older and very handsome men sitting at the bar.

Kelly’s clit tingled, the delicate skin sending out sharp little buzzes of desire as she surveyed the scene. It was perfect, not too many guys, and not too few. Only a couple of women in sight. The perfect hunting ground for a night’s pleasure.

Her heart hammered hard in her chest as she stepped up to the bar to see her reflection in the mirror behind it. Her blonde hair was down and loose, curling just a little around her shoulders. She had her smoky eye game down pat. Her lipstick was a bright splash of scarlet on her wide mouth. The dress, a cleverly draped thing of jade green, revealed both her toned shoulders and the deep curve and high thrust of her perky tits.

Perfect. She looked absolutely perfect she thought as the bartender gave her a long once over and then ambled over. “What can I get you darling?”

Darling. How sweet. It’s already starting. Her pussy tingled again and she deliberately leaned against the bar letting the skirt crawl up the back of her thighs just a bit. “Whiskey and soda please. Light ice. Lemon.” She let her thick lashes fall to her cheeks as she spoke and ten popped them back up in a move she had practiced soften in her mirror it came off as wholly natural. She also left her lips open, letting her gleaming white teeth show in a small smile. “Thank you.”

He nodded, an answering smile cracking his mouth. He turned to put the drink together. The man closest to her gave her a covert inspection in the mirror, making sure not to turn his head while he did so. He wasn’t fooling her, she knew very well when she was being checked out thank you very much.

The drink slid across the bar. The man who had been checking her out said, “Put that on my tab, would you?”

He spun the chair he was sitting in just a bit and tilted his glass, filled with amber liquid, in her direction. “If you don’t mind.”

“I don’t.” She let her red-tipped fingers linger on the sides of the chilled glass. “I’m Becky.” She lied.

“Tom. Nice to meet you.” he gave her another once over, not even trying to hide it that time. “I’m curious. What brings a girl like you into a place like this?”

Trite, but okay. She sipped her drink then ran her tongue over her lips, drawing his attention to her mouth. “Oh it looked nice from the front.”

His left eyebrow tilted up slightly. “It is nice. But you look like you might like a club better.”

She let her body lean against his, let the smell of her perfume drift over to him from her war skin. She saw his eyes widen and his lower body shift a bit, all telltale signs that she had just turned him on. “Are you saying you don’t think I belong here?”

Tom studied her face. He was about thirty-five, in good shape, and under the jacket he had on a crisp white shirt and very tight tie.

The typical upper management type. He came in there because it was quiet and not known as pickup spot for sex. One glance down at the ring on his hand told her the rest. He was married and that was also why he was there. The other women that were in there wore suits, they too were clearly in their way home after a hard day in some miserable little cubicle or windowless office.

Tom sipped his drink and then set it down on the bar. “I’m just surprised.”

“I like surprising people.” Her smile was coy. His was too. She sipped her drink a little longer, still rooted in next to his chair but she was beginning to get the feeling that Tom was not going to bite the bait. Maybe he was worried she was a plant, someone sent in by a jealous wife, or a wife looking to get proof so she could get a bigger settlement check.

It happened.

Becky said, “Well, it’s nice to meet you.”

He taped the bar with one finger. The bartender came over with the check and Tom signed it. “You too Becky. Maybe buca escort I’ll see you around.”

He was gone, leaving her slightly flummoxed but not discouraged. This happened sometimes. Guys were often scared off by the prospect of her.

She ordered a second drink. It came and she took it, sashaying away from the bar and toward the small raised dais the band was playing on. She let her eyes rake over them. The one was younger than the others, and really ht. he was jamming away on his guitar, wringing melodies from it and she let her hips sway in time to the beat. The guitarist looked at her, smiled and kept playing.

Her ass moved right and left, the silk of the dress cupping her pert cheeks and taut waist.

The guitarist was watching her now and pretty intently. She tossed back a swallow of her drink and turned to see a man with a head full of chestnut colored hair coming toward her. She smiled at him. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself.” He didn’t bother trying to be polite. His look was direct and frank, it ran over her body with real relish. “How are you doing?”

“Good, you?”

“Better now. You look like you want to dance.”

“I’d love to dance.” Her smile was inviting. Her lashes hit her cheeks and swept upward again. She ran her tongue over her red lips and then took another swallow of the drink. “I’m all yours.”

His smile was wolf-like. He took the drink from her hand and set it on a small table and then gathered her into his arms. He was nicely built and there was a definite bulge in his slacks, one that poked and prodded at her belly and made a slim band of heat rise and rush into her cheeks. He clutched her closer still. The band played on, some slow thing that made her partner feel even bolder because his hand traveled down the hard knobs of her spine and rest just above her full ass cheeks. He murmured, “Maybe you want to get out of here.”

“Sorry,” she disentangled herself with real and practiced ease. “I can’t. I’m waiting on somebody.”

The few patrons all had their eyes pinned on them and he knew it. If it had not been for that he would have protested. She could see that he wanted to protest but he did not dare. He likely worked with a few of the people in that small and tired bar. He said,

“Maybe next time.”

“Maybe, thanks for the dance.”

He nodded. Becky reached for her glass and tossed off the last of its contents as she watched him walk away. Her body felt moist and ready and she knew that her nipples were pressing urgently against the bodice of her dress. She took a deep breath and turned toward the small hallway that led to a set of bathrooms just as the band announced a break and stopped playing.

The hallway was dim and very quiet. The bathroom door marked for women opened under her hand. She stepped inside to see it was a plain little rectangle of space, no sofa or chairs anywhere, just a short counter with two sinks and a single stall behind a door on the opposite wall.

She took a deep breath and checked out her reflection again. The door opened. She stood still, not moving as the guitar player entered. He was hotter up close. His hair, a sort white-blond, was slightly damp from his having been under the stage lights and his white shirt was slightly crumpled over his toned body. The sleeves had been rolled up to reveal tanned wrists and the dark sacks were a little creased from the guitar body rubbing against them.

Becky said, “I think you’re in the wrong bathroom.”

He lifted a hand and brought it down on the knob. The lock made a distinct little click. “I don’t think I am. I think you came in here to wait for me.”

She watched him approach her in the mirror. Her heart was beating like a drum and her pussy went damp and then damper still. Her nipples strained and tautened against her dress and she swallowed hard as he stopped right behind her, his eyes going to her backside, the ass so clearly outlined by the two halves of buca escort bayan her tight dress.

She said, “Why would you think that?”

“Because you look like a woman who wants to get fucked.”He was whispering as she had. Becky’s pulse picked up and raced, its beat tattooing against the delicate flesh of her wrist and throat.

She swallowed again. She could barely breathe, she was that excited but a little cool tendril of fear worked its way up her body as his hands pressed against the sides of her body, sliding down the silk fro her waist to her flanks and pausing there. She wriggled a bit and turned to face him. His dark blue eyes studied her face as intently as the eyes of the men inside the bar had. She said, “I do?”

“You do,” he confirmed. “You look just like a woman who has got a wet pussy all ready for a hot dick.”

Jesus, she was going to come and without him even touching her! She wriggled a bit, squeezing her legs together. She breathed out, “Is that right?”

“It’s all the way right and I have ten minutes. You’re in luck.”

She frowned. Her legs parted a bit and she whispered, “That does not sound like enough time.”

“You have no idea what I can do in that amount of time.”

Oh boy. This was getting away from her and fast. She took a step backward. Her ass cheeks bumped against the counter. His hands shot out and lifted her onto it. His right hand traveled up the inside of her thigh. A wicked grin split his lips. “You did not even wear panties, what a bad girl you are.”

Desire soaked her inner walls, made them flutter open and closed. She muttered, “I hate panties.”

“I see.” His fingers stroked over her soaked flesh, parting her outer lips and them moving upward to find her clit. Her body arced upward as he stroked that tender and throbbing nub, making her core clench and her legs tremble.

She gulped out, “I just came for a drink.”

He murmured, “me too.”

His hands shoved her skirt up higher. Her ass lifted a bit and then her skirt was up to her waist. He bent his head and his tongue licked along the wet seam of her pussy, sending heat staggering through her body. Her fingers clutched at his hair and she grunted but eh hushed her with one quick breath.

Becky wriggled again, taking her ass to the edge of the counter and spreading her legs so that he could really get in there and eat her pussy.

He obliged her, his tongue slid along her cunt until he found her clit and then he rubbed it with his tongue, stroking back and forth along that flesh while his fingers drove deep inside her tight walls. She could smell the scent of her juices on the still air of the bathroom and her head tipped back, her hair draping across her skin as pleasure raced and gathered in her body.

“You taste so sweet,” he murmured against her aching flesh. His fingers went knuckle deep into her and then withdrew. He thrust them into her again, making her have to stifle a low grunt. Her fingers tangled deeper into his short and coarse hair. She muttered,

“Keep eating my pussy. It gets sweeter.”

He chuckled. His warm breath met her soaked skin and added a new layer of sensation into the mix. Her legs came up and she managed to get the heels of her shoes onto the counter while pushing her body outward yet again, giving him a better angle of penetration and access to her mound.

Her body began to shudder. His tongue was hitting all the right spots and he hooked his fingers around and expertly found her G spot, rubbing that flesh with real pressure as his tongue moved harder against her clit.

Becky’s eyes closed. Sweat broke out along her brow. Her ass jiggled and jerked. She wanted to be fucked so badly she could barely breathe. All she could do was hold onto his hair as the orgasm exploded from her dripping inner walls and sent gushes of heated, silky oils into his mouth and onto his face. His fingers kept massaging her G spot, milking her for escort buca every luscious, salty-sweet drop.

He came up. His hand went to his slacks. His cock sprang free as soon as the zipper went down. She stared at his cock with greedy eyes and he patted her cheek softly as she reached down between their bodies and fisted his cock, letting her fingers stroke over the steely flesh under the satiny skin. His veins pulsed and throbbed as she spread her legs slightly wider, allowing his entry into her body.

His cock was hard and big, so big it stretched her open. Her pussy let out another pulse of sticky juices, coating his enormous dick and making him shiver a little. His hand went to her hair and he yanked her face forward so that he could drill his tongue into her throat. Her body reacted with a hard and sharp jerk. He muttered, “come on, fuck it. Time’s ticking by. You want to come on this cock, fuck it.”

Oh sweet Jesus! Her body shuddered again and her pussy clamped down on his prick, cradling and milking it as he slid out of her body again with a wet pop and then jammed his heated flesh back into her wet hole.

He kept going, fucking her so hard she was breathless. Her heel slipped off the counter and she hooked her leg around him, letting her body angle downward toward the counter. Her nipples chafed at the dress’ silk, making her groan and her hands rise to her breasts. She rubbed at them furiously then dropped one hand to her clit. It was still wet and erect and she rubbed at it too, her body humping against his, hard and fast as he fucked her.

She started to come again. Her lips sucked at his prick, taking him deep inside her body and then she was spurting thick splashes of sticky clear liquid from her hot core.

He grunted and then he went stiff. His whole body quivered and he gave one last hard thrust with his hips. His hot creamy seed splashed into her walls, splattering them with his come. His body sagged against hers, making her head hit the wall with a slight thump that sent a short burst of pain into her skull. He uttered, “oops.”

She giggled. “It’s okay. You better get back out there and play.”

He gave his hips a playful twist. “I think I like it better right here. This place is fucking lame. The band is fucking lame. Tell me again why I took this gig?”

Becky grinned, “Because we need rent money?”

He chuckled. “Yeah that. Ugh.”

He pulled out of her body, leaving a sticky trail of his come on her inner thighs. “How’s work?”

“Boring as shit.” She hopped off the counter and grabbed for a handful of paper towels. “Being a human mannequin for a posh dress store only sounds fun. I know, I know, we have to pay the rent.”

He asked, “Are you still on break?”

She grinned at him and fished two mints from between her breasts where she’d hidden the earlier. She unwrapped one and popped it into her mouth then took the towels she had set in the sink to dampen up and began to wipe at her crotch. “I had an hour.

I have to get back though.”

He took the mint she preferred and began to unwrap it. “It does sound boring. Maybe tomorrow night I’ll come over there and pretend to be a customer.”

She said, “I bought one drink but that guy bought the first.”

“I’ll tell Mark the other is mine. I get two a night.” He grinned at her. “Hey Beck?”

She paused in her advance toward the door. “Yeah?”

“Maybe you should find a way to keep that dress.”

She looked down and giggled. “It costs two grand. I can’t even afford to steal it.”

Then she was gone, sweeping out of the bathroom and the bar and back up the sidewalk. She had only a few minutes left on her break and she needed to get into her panties and onto the sales floor.

As she went she found herself wondering what the woman who would eventually buy that dress would say if she knew all the things the ‘mannequin’ had done it.

The store was still and quiet. It was late and the only shoppers were mostly older and tired, just window shoppers. Becky dashed to the back room, opened her locker and took out her panties and put them on. She smoothed the dress, checked her lipstick in the mirror and put a smile on her face.

Work sucked. But the breaks were fun.

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