Kelsey’s Birthday Bath

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So this story arose from a chat with a good friend, thanks Lil Red for everything.!

My girlfriend of some 5 years had a major birthday coming up, so after some research and planning and financial transfers, I set up what was to be an answer to a fantasy she had revealed to me after a hard day of drinking and incredible sex.

Sex with Kelsey was never boring, in fact we had broken so many boundaries that sex with any other woman held little interest to me. So as I made the plans, I was very turned on myself and often found myself day dreaming with my average sized cock in my hand.

She could tell I was planning something big, but I fended off her attempts at good natured bribery, blackmail, and bluster with utter success, unless you count the two weeks without sex! I allowed her to know the date of the event, so that morning she pushed me out of the house, not letting me even see her before her shower.

My day was long and full of worthless meetings, the occasional interrogative text from Kelsey keeping me on my toes and my underwear tight. My commute was a blur and my BMW was in the garage before I knew I was home.

Kelsey met me at the door with a robe over her tall, lean figure. I wasn’t fooled, her hair was perfect, her makeup as if it wasn’t there, and her toenails gleamed with a new coat of polish.

“Give me ten minutes babe” I smiled as I ran to the bedroom. “The Uber will be here in 15 minutes!” I shouted as I pulled off my work clothes and put on my best silk pants and silk button down, a nicely cut sport coat and comfortable loafers finished my look.

I came down the stairs just as the black Uber pulled up out front. Kelsey laughed and made me exit first, enabling me to get to the Tahoe and open the door. Glancing back it was as if the world held its breath, Kelsey turned from locking the front door wearing the shortest black little dress I had ever seen. Her dark red hair was coiffed perfectly above her bare neck and shoulders, the dress open to reveal the curves of her perfect full breasts, her arms bare other than a black wrap over her left forearm. Her tan legs perfect as she strode in matching black high heels up to the car.

Her eyes laughing as she knew she was a knockout in a tight dress, having pulled out all of the stops, possibly as revenge, possibly just because she could pull off wearing a potato sack and make traffic stall.

We sipped champagne in the car as we drove into town, the conversation light as we both danced around the evening to come. I was relieved when her hand grabbed mine as we pulled into downtown.

She was surprised when the driver passed her favorite French restaurant and stopped another half block down. The front of the establishment was bland yet clean.

The door swung open as we got out of the car, a large black man smiled, “Hood Party of two, right on time” ushering us inside ankara escort bayanlar without much furor. “You must be Red, or is that Kelsey” he said to my girlfriend, taking her hand in his larger hands.

He kept her hand and lead us down a dark corridor which opened into a small amphitheater with about a dozen plush leather lazyboys double the usual size set just outside a low stage with a curtain about 5 feet back.

The man pointed out the self serve bar, a cupboard with an array of questionable legal substances and a tray of various food with a covered steam bath keeping snacks hot. Seating Kelsey close to the stage before he turned to me, his hand out, I slipped as him a tip as he left, his knowing wink made my stomach clench as we both knew what was coming. The door closed silently behind him, leaving my girlfriend and I alone for the first time in an hour.

“What is all this, a private show?” Kelsey asked as I handed her a vodka gimlet.

Taking a bite of a hor d’oeuvres from our shared plate. “Well that is part of it, a private show that might just fulfill a fantasy ” I replied.

We snacked and drank and even smoked a fragrant joint before the lights dimmed twice. I joined Kelsey with a fresh drink just as the lights dimmed completely and two spotlights began to circle the stage.

Some sort of dance music began and the curtain pulled apart showing five buff men.

With unfeigned exuberance the men began to dance, their clothes flying off until each was in a poorly fitting thong, their maleness clearly evident.

‘Oh my God baby” Kelsey laughed, “you hired me strippers, that is a new one ” her eyes wide as she drank her drink as the men danced. She had time for one more gimlet before three of the 5 men were naked, sporting some of the longest male members i had ever seen.

The two men still in their thongs came down, taking Kelsey by the hand and leading her to the stage. Her eyes bright with drink, smoke, and mildly hidden desire, she went willingly enough.

By the time they got her to the stage, a wide loveseat had been moved out to the center under the lights. The men settled my girlfriend down and continued their strip show, letting her reach and touch as she deemed fit until all 5 men were nude and their members jutted from their ground.

I was feeling no pain myself by this time and was surprised to find Kelsey was standing up now, all 5 men dancing around and with her. A flurry of hands and laughs and catcalls occurred as her dress slid easily to the floor.

Her high heels clicking on the stage as my girlfriend continued to dance with the well hung dancers, my own pants tenting at the display. Kelsey’s body now only sporting her “fun” panties, a strappy black thong-like pair that she wore when she wanted me to know she was in the mood!

Now was really the hard part, the part where Kelsey’s fantasy ankara esmer escortlar really kicked in, one that I had spent weeks planning as well as two months pay.

Her secret fantasy that she had whispered to me as we ground our bodies together was for men, several men, to ravage her body and coat her with their cum. Just admitting it to me made her entire body convulse with lust, I had no choice but to flood her with my own creamy load.

As the 5 men and my girlfriend danced and kissed and tangled together, I fought my own fears and desires, giving her this opened me up as well as her.

A moaning gasp brought me from my reverie, Kelsey was bent over the love seat now. One dancer was feeding his impressive length into her mouth, another was gripping her hips as his thick shaft slammed into her pussy, her thong just pulled to the side. Her hands were stroking two other hard poles, her desire to be the center of attention was complete as the fifth was filming it all, a password that only Kelsey and I would know, would give us access to watch at our later leisure.

As the group shifted around, using Kelsey as much as she was using them, I had never seen her nipples so hard, a flush over her entire body!

The cameraman waved at me as his fellow dancers spit roasted my girlfriend of 5 years, her obvious orgasms spurring the men on.

“Your contract said you would be in on this” he reminded me. As I looked, indeed the men all seemed ready for the final bit of the event!

The men pulled from Kelsey’s mouth and swollen mons, and with care they helped her to her knees. As she looked at the five endowed men, I was relieved as she accepted me as a sixth hard cock.

“Yes… mm God yess” she plead, her hands immediately grabbing and wanking the two closest shafts. Four other cocks were being stroked, yes, I had stripped naked and stood above my sexy girlfriend, my shaft pulsing in my hand!

With an appreciable moan, the man in her left hand roared and shot a load across Kelsey’s nose and cheek. As he added to the frosty drizzle, Kelsey’s mouth opened with poorly hidden glee to catch a first lob of the man on my rights orgasm across her red tongue.

At that point I lost track as the 5 strippers unloaded their heavy balls onto my lovely girlfriend’s face, head, arms and back.

Each cry of pleasure that accompanied a spurt of cum made Kelsey shiver with desire. At last it was me alone, the five men slowly disappearing off stage.

My sexy and independent girlfriend looked up at me, her beautiful face and red hair a white mess of flowing white goo. Her next words made me cum like I had never cum before. “Please, give me more?”

I jerked feverishly as she put her hands on my thighs and opened her mouth wide, seconds later I erupted, the two weeks without sex evident as I splashed one rope of sperm after sincan grup yapan escortlar another across my girlfriends face and chest.

Each spurt made her giggle more and more. As I milked my last drops, she began to smear the glaze of cum into her mouth slowly, her eyes locked on mine, each gulp of her throat was followed by a moan she had never blessed me with in all our years together.

When she reached a hand up, I grasped it and helped her to her feet. As we turned I nearly jumped out of my skin as the men stood there with smiles and reviving cocks.

“She”s been such a good sport, we want to give her a good hot shower ” the apparent spokesman said, I could see the other 4 men smiling and stroking themselves in anticipation.

“Only if you cum too” Kelsey said to me after a moments thought.

“Lead on ” I said as my heart pounded, tonight wasn’t over yet!

The men lead us into the group shower behind the stage, and soon the 7 of us were crowded beneath some amazing shower heads. Kelsey was the center of attention, it seemed a pair of hands were on every inch of her body, the collected cum rinsed from her hair and skin.

Sandwiched between two men, I was certain their cocks were giving her a thorough DP, her mouth hard on the man’s face in front of her, the other man sucking the back of her neck as they leisurely fucked her in a steamy tandem. Her cries of lust were loud until the talented dancers gave their own grunts as they filled her up, only to have two more men step up.

By the time I was face to face with Kelsey, her eyes were lust crazed and she inserted my hard length into her cum-lubed pussy. So wet and squishy I could ram up into her with ease even as the fifth dancer claimed her ass, I soon added my orgasm to the mix, holding her up as the man finished and slid from her bum with a sad groan.

I held her to me then, letting the water sooth her back and shoulders, her firm breasts against my chest comfortably.

“Take me home Robb” she said at last.

Drying her off was a singular pleasure, seeing how puffy her labia were as well as how red and stretched her puckered star was kept my own package interested despite myself.

She slid on her dress, her panties long since lost and ruined, before she and I walked to the door, the smiling black man held it open for us.

“It was our pleasure to host you both, if the miss likes, the team would love to have a repeat performance, possibly as part of a show, the compensation is generous. No answer is needed now as I have your contact information ” he said to me and guided us to a waiting taxi.

Kelsey seemed dazed, but when her hand found my hard shaft by accident, she surprised me and the taxi driver by blowing me all the way home. She took great pleasure in showing the driver and I the last thick white goo on her tongue before she got out of the car. I tipped him generously and lead her into the house.

As we laid in bed nearly comatose, my girlfriend took my hand, “Thank you baby for the gift, I loved every minute of it”. At which she snuggled up to my shoulder and fell asleep. My mind began thinking about what to get her for Christmas!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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