Knockout Ch. 01-04

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I’ve had this story idea sitting around for literally years, waiting for me to start writing again. The pandemic gave me the time so I got to work and am finally ready to publish. Simultaneously I was working with Sam of Sams_Island (another imprint of the Island Chain) on a Corona story that it published. I decided to check out the Similar Stories to “Corona Exposure” and came upon “The Journey” by rgjohn. Imagine my surprise when I started reading “The Journey” only to find it featured a married couple named Tim and Janice; the same names as the couple in “Knockout”! Coincidence? As I read further into “Journey” I realized I have read it before sometime in the long past. A great story, written well and perhaps it stuck in my subconscious? Well, I’ve decided to stick with Tim and Janice; you can consider it an homage to rgjohn.


An imprint of Island Chain Publishing

### ### ###


Pick a Spot

As Tim pulled into his driveway, he saw their lawn boy, Jerome, packing up his gear, having just finished with their yard.

‘Lawn boy?!’ Tim laughed to himself. ‘Need to start calling him, Yard Man.’ He remembered the scrawny kid who’d shown up one summer day offering to do their yard work. He’d looked so young that Tim had thought he was 11 or 12, only to find out he was close to 14 and would be starting high school in the fall. Now Jerome was 18 and just weeks away from graduating. Over those four years he’d sprouted a good eight inches and now stood 5′ 11″, as tall as Tim. He’d also gotten into football and weightlifting and weighed a solid 175. He was naturally lanky and had had trouble putting on even that much weight, but it was good enough to be a 2-way starter at his small school, playing wide receiver on offense and cornerback on the D.

He was also a smart, articulate kid, with a great sense of humor and had become much closer to the Stanleys than just the teen who cut their grass. They’d had him and his parents over for barbecues and holiday parties and had been regular attendees at Crowley High football games during Jerome’s Junior and Senior seasons.

So, it was with a happy smile that he greeted the young man after parking his car. “Jerome, really glad I caught you,” he said.

“Hey, Mr. Stanley,” the teen answered. “What’s up?”

“Man, I told you to drop that Mr. Stanley stuff when you turned 18.”

“My mom says, ‘You never outgrow good manners’,” the boy said, smiling.

“That may be true, but I’m only ten years older than you. And if you don’t care about making me feel older than I am, I’d hope you’d think about Janice. I see her checking herself for gray hairs every time you call her Mrs. Stanley.”

Jerome laughed and said, “All right, I’ll try; for Mrs. Stanley’s, I mean, Janice’s sake.”

“Speaking of Janice,” Tim said, looking around. “Have you seen her recently?”

“You just missed her by five minutes,” Jerome answered. “But she said she was only walking down to Thompson’s for something she needed for dinner, so she should be back soon.”

“That’s okay, I wanted to talk to you alone,” replied Tim in a conspiratorial tone. “I need your help with something.”

“Well,” Jerome half-laughed, taking on a deep, old codger voice. “It’s always nice when you young people remember and respect your elders’ experience.”

“Actually, it’s the other way around,” Tim answered with a laugh of his own. “This is an old guy needing some young advice. You see, our wedding anniversary is coming up and I have an idea I think Janice will really like; I want to take her dancing.”

“So, what’s the problem?” asked Jerome. “You guys dance pretty good. Hell, kids at school are still talking about how I blew their minds when I got out there and two-stepped like a cowboy at the spring dance; a dance you guys taught me.”

“Well, that’s the thing,” said Tim. “I can do a fair two-step and even hold my own with pop hits, but I have something else in mind. You remember that iPod playlist you put together for Janice’s birthday?”

“Sure, that was no big deal,” Jerome said.

“Oh yes it was,” Tim replied. “She loves it. That’s what she listens to when she works out now, and Hell, I swear I’ve seen her dancing to it even when she’s gardening.” Jerome laughed.

“I shit you not,” said Tim. “Down on her knees, pulling up weeds from the vegetable bed, and rockin’ side to side in rhythm to one of the tracks you gave her.”

On the outside, Jerome laughed again, but inside he twitched with a mental image: Mrs. Stanley in those Daisy Duke cutoffs she wore while gardening, down on her knees, with her fine, fine ass swinging side to side.

“I just know she’d love to go out dancing at a club where those songs are played,” continued Tim. “But I don’t know where those clubs are. I’m hoping you do.”

Jerome shook himself out of his reverie. “Well, to be honest, I took a lot güvenilir bahis of that playlist straight from the DJ at ‘The Bounce,’ it’s the hottest club in the city. I did weave in some extra Old School and Motown, ’cause I know Mrs…er, Janice, likes that, but most of it was stuff I heard at ‘The Bounce.'”

“Oh,” he added hurriedly. “Please keep that to yourself okay? I really don’t want to have to explain to my folks about sneaking into a 21-and-over dance club.”

“No problem,” Tim promised with a smile. “Your secret’s safe with me. As long as mine is safe with you. I want this to be a surprise for Janice. So, this ‘Bounce’ place is good for music; what’s the atmosphere like?”

Jerome pulled up short. “Um, actually,” he said, looking at Tim with his blond hair and pale blue eyes, “I think Janice would be very welcome there, but you might feel a bit…um…uncomfortable?”

“Uh huh. Uncomfortable,” the older man mused. “And perhaps unwanted?” he added.

“I’m afraid so,” Jerome admitted sadly.

“So,” Tim mused, “I’d already figured I’d have to let a few other guys dance with Janice, since I’m not really up to speed on those particular moves, but I’d really rather not have to wait for her out in the car the whole night.”

“Yeah, that would not be good,” said Jerome. “Hey, wait a minute, there is another place that I think will work. There’s a place my folks have enjoyed when they do retro nights, but on Fridays and Saturdays it’s a younger crowd. They’re better at checking IDs there, so I haven’t been in myself, but I’ve seen their playlists posted on their website and I think Janice would really dig them. Plus, to be blunt, I think white dudes can go in without getting their asses kicked.”

“Good music and I won’t get my ass kicked; sounds like my kind of place,” Tim laughed. “So, where is this cultural mecca?”

Jerome gave him the name and location and the two young men parted ways. Pushing his lawnmower down the sidewalk, Jerome thought about cutting open the crotch of Janice’s cut-offs while she kneeled in the garden and slipping his hard cock into her tight pussy. Heading into the house, Tim thought about his wife twerking naked against his cock in their hotel room after a night of hot dancing.

Over the next few days Tim checked out the club Jerome had suggested on the Web and found that it did indeed seem to be a place where dance was the focus. The photos on its site showed a mix of people of different races, mostly early 20’s through upper 30’s, nicely dressed. It was on the other side of the city, close to the airport, which explained why Tim hadn’t come across it previously. The airport proximity also meant he could find them a nice hotel and restaurants nearby, so they could have an exotic weekend without really having to go far from home.

“Chick Flicks and Thai Work Every Time”

Two weeks before their anniversary, Janice had had to stay an hour and a half late on Friday to put the finishing touches on an important presentation for Monday. Tim responded to her text about the delay with his own note saying he’d pick up some Thai for dinner and that she should give him a heads up when she was leaving. She replied with three Emoji’s: a thumb’s up, a kissy face and a big heart.

When she came in the front door, Janice saw that he’d set up the take out on the living room coffee table. As she put down her purse and briefcase, Tim came out of the kitchen with a bottle of wine and two glasses. “Hi, baby,” he said with a big smile.

“Hi, yourself,” she answered. “This smells great and I am so hungry. Mark hit me with a bunch of changes for Monday’s presentation at 11 o’clock and I had to make due with peanut butter crackers and a Coke from the vending machine for lunch.”

Tim spoke as he uncorked the wine and filled their glasses. “Well, we do have some peanuts in at least one of these dishes, but I’m afraid you’ll have to make due with Merlot instead of cola.” He held out a glass to her.

“Make due?” she laughed. “This is just what I need to wash the PowerPoint from my brain.” She leaned in for a kiss as she took her glass. “This is why I love you.”

She took a sip and hummed her approval. Looking at the food spread, she asked, “So, why in here instead of the dining room?”

He picked up a remote control from the table and turned on the flatscreen. She saw that he had one of her favorite RomComs cued up and ready to play. “I know it’s been a busy week,” he said, “so I thought a chick flick would be just the thing to help you unwind.”

She kissed him again. “Will you marry me?” she asked.

“I think I will,” he answered, clinking his glass against hers and going in for a longer, warmer kiss.

The meal was good, the movie’s jokes were still funny, and the Merlot had them feeling both mellow and sensuous. After they’d finished eating, Tim maneuvered his wife to lay on her side on the sofa, with her türkçe bahis legs across his lap to watch the rest of the film. He spent the next several minutes massaging her feet.

“When did you learn Reflexology?” she moaned happily.

“Googled it,” he said nonchalantly. “This should help you digest your dinner.” He pressed tightly with his thumb on the outer edge of one sole, near the heel. He walked the thumb up toward her toes for an inch or so before going straight across the sole, switching thumbs, and continuing in the same line across her other foot, before turning back down toward the other heel.

She half-laughed, “I can’t tell if you’re making this shit up or not, but don’t stop.”

Tim said nothing, but gently pulled up on each toe in turn and rotated them slowly in each direction. Then his hands moved to hold up each entire foot in turn and do some more rotation at the ankles.

“Hmm,” purred Janice as Tim extended his massage up and over her calves. Janice hadn’t changed from her work clothes and so still had on her hose. Rubbing her skin and muscles through the slippery nylon material was surprisingly arousing to both of them.

Janice used a standing desk at work, so her calves could be pretty tight by the end of the day and she really appreciated the way he dug into the muscle to break loose the knots. At her knees he took each kneecap in his fingers and manipulated them lightly to be sure they were properly aligned. On the insides of her knees, he gently stroked with the backs of his fingernails.

He kept up the gentle stroking as he moved on to her thighs; a rasping sound coming from the nylons as he dragged his fingernails backward from knee to hip and then scratched them back down again. A woman’s natural fear of a snag in her hose registered in her subconscious, but was quickly subsumed by a deeper desire for him to shred the damn things so he could touch her skin directly. Suddenly he laughed.

Janice’s eyes flew open and she was confused for a moment. Gradually it came to her that she had drifted away into the pleasure of his massage, but Tim was still watching the movie, her movie, and had laughed at one of her favorite scenes, which she had missed. ‘Who cares?’ she thought dreamily and let her attention go back to his wonderful hands.

Tim moved on to deeper prodding of her thighs, as he’d done with her calf muscles. She was still lying on her side, one leg on top of the other, so he couldn’t get the best angles, but he was still doing damn good. Her quads were squeezed and shaken and probed. His thumbs dug into the centers of her hamstrings and flared out. Her stream of soft grunts and groans let him know he was hitting the right spots.

He’d already reached under her knee-length skirt to work on her thighs, but now he reached even farther in the back and began working on her glutes. The skirt was a conservative wool blend and the material was bunching up awkwardly. Tim paused his massage and undid the button and zipper at the rear of the skirt. He pulled it down along Janice’s legs, with his wife raising up where needed to help. Tim took advantage of the lift to shift his own butt a few inches to the right to get closer to her waist.

He tossed the skirt away and his hands returned to her top thigh; one hand in front, the other in back, just above the knee. He walked his hands upward, fingertips gripping and digging in as they crawled their way. When they got to where the leg joined the hip they didn’t stop. The rear hand kept up its walk across her left ass cheek, the fingertips still digging into the muscle. The front hand moved into her crotch and made a fist. He couldn’t reach her with the flats of his fingers, so he used their backs and knuckles to press and twist, moving in gentle circles around her pubis.

His ass hand worked up and down, cheek to cheek, getting slightly more aggressive, but restrained by the pantyhose over a pair of white panties. His pussy hand began nipping at her cunt and firmly grabbing her whole crotch.

Janice’s grunts and groans had evolved to whimpers and moans. She shifted her legs and ass as best she could to give him better access. Then she stopped and said, “I’m suddenly thinking of another situation where panty hose desperately got in the way.”

“And where was that?” he asked, one thumb rubbing circles over her clit, the other over her asshole.

Her eyes opened and she gave him the devilish grin that came over her face when she was feeling horny. Especially when she was tipsy and horny. “Behind the green door!” she declared.

Enter the Movie

“Behind the Green Door,” he agreed.

Without speaking, they rose to their feet, embraced, and kissed each other deeply before walking towards the back of the house.

Janice stepped into the bathroom, while Tim went to their bedroom and loaded the Marilyn Chambers’ classic into the DVD player on the dresser. Tim güvenilir bahis siteleri then swapped places with his wife in the bathroom to perform his own quick ablutions. She had shed the bothersome pantyhose and he ran a hand across her now bare hip and ass as they passed.

While he was giving his face a once-over with his shaver, Janice topped up their wine glasses with the rest of the Merlot. She put one on each of their nightstands before slipping into bed and pulling the top sheet up over her lower body, leaving her heavenly tits out for his viewing pleasure.

He soon joined her and piled up his pillows to better view the screen mounted on the wall opposite from the bed. He pressed the appropriate buttons on the remote control, laid it down and took up his glass of wine. She did the same and they clinked glasses. “What are we toasting to?” she asked. “To good fucking,” he answered. She smiled naughtily, clinked his glass again and took a healthy swallow of the dark red liquid.

It was a film they’d watched many times together over the years, in fact it was probably the first porno they’d watched together. Janice still preferred these films from the “Golden Age” of porn because they tried to be actual movies, with some humor and some kind of story; however fantastic. Not the straight-to-the-fucking flicks of today, with pierced, tattooed, and fake-tittied pros who often failed to pull off the illusion that they were into the action for their own pleasure.

That Green Door fat chick fighting her way out of her pantyhose so she can get fucked may not have been traditionally appealing, but she did add to the aura of real people feeling really horny and doing something about it.

The young married couple sipped their wine as Marilyn’s “Gloria” character was snatched from the street and hustled behind the infamous green door. Their free hands stroked across their partner’s skin as they watched the experienced ‘ravished woman’ and her Sapphic sisters massage and orally manipulate the scared and confused (and wordless) abductee into “curious expectation.”

Then the drums started and Janice’s favorite (or second favorite, Tim wasn’t sure) part began. As the dark-skinned man with the bone necklace moved between “Gloria’s” legs, Tim put down his wine glass and took up the same position with Jan. The headboard of their bed was partially mirrored, so he could still see the monitor in the reflection and sucked on his wife’s pussy just as the black stud went after the “Victim’s”.

Tim went slowly, gently exploring and opening her labia with his tongue and lips; sucking them into his mouth and nibbling on them. His tongue strayed just below her vagina, lathering the sensitive perineum, before moving back up the length of her pussy.

When he saw in the reflection that the black guy in the white cutout pants was slipping his cock into the woman’s pussy, Tim stayed where he was. Now he finally started paying attention to Janice’s clit as she watched the abducted woman take her first ever black cock. His wife’s pussy was really starting to flow now and he knew from experience that it was probably as much from the action on the screen as from his tongue, but that didn’t bother him. He just lapped up the sweet syrup, spit it across her anus, dug his tongue into her cunt to get more and washed that around her swelling clit. As Gloria/Marilyn struggled between saying no to her rape and saying yes to the passion of having a black cock in her pussy, Tim tightened his focus on Janice’s clit.

The timing was perfect. The beat of the drums increased, “the victim” returned the African’s kisses, his strokes into her white cunt sped up, her head began flopping side to side, and Gloria and Janice hit their climaxes at the same time; the woman on the bed gasping even louder than the woman on the screen.

Gently, Tim lapped up the sweet juice flowing from his wife’s pussy as she slowly came down from her orgasm. ‘Her first orgasm,’ he thought; because Green Door was usually good for two from Janice.

While they lowered the ring apparatus from the ceiling in the movie, Tim crawled up his wife’s body and pressed his sloppy mouth against her panting one, kissing her passionately and letting her taste her own slut juice. Without a word he guided her up onto her hands and knees, facing the screen so Janice could see the attendants placing the ravished woman onto another hard cock as Tim pushed into her from behind.

As Gloria woke up to the fact that she actually had four cocks to please and to please herself with, Tim took up the coconut oil they kept bedside for lubricant and got some onto the fingers of both hands. One slippery thumb went to his woman’s asshole, the other hand reached around her hip to manipulate her clit.

The newly awakened movie slut took a white cock in each hand and a black cock in her mouth, while her live audience started playing more passionately with each other on the club sofas. On the bed, Tim gently circled Janice’s rosebud with increasing pressure, while squeezing and rolling her clit in its hood between thumb and forefinger. His cock went slowly, but deeply, striving to keep from exploding too early; it all felt so good.

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